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  1. I keep looking at the timestamps on these posts and wondering if I'm missing something. There have been several Youtube reviews of the point changes in GHB 2019, and Skaventide did not have any changes at all...for example: Are you all just throwing around point changes for 2020?
  2. With so many Spiderfang in your ranks and 50 points to spare, you might consider a Scuttletide for fun and profit. Either as an area denial or to muck things up right alongside your spiders. ..and you'll STILL have 20 points to spare 😁. A 6" move predatory spell that your (spider) troops are immune to, cast to place anywhere within 6" of a terrain feature, roll 6 dice, 5+ result in mortal wounds against units that end a move or charge within 6" of the Scuttletide...there are worse ways to spend 30 points 😉
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