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  1. A bit of progress on my Screaming Oak conversion (Nurgle Corrupted Treelord): I'm also experimenting with basing material for my terrain - after having tried various ways to stop MDF from warping, I stumbled across The Terrain Tutor trying out PVC Foam Board, and decided to try it out. I haven't gotten to gluing sand and stones onto it, but theoretically it shouldn't warp, since it is non absorbent, and I am pretty impressed with the weight, strength and workability so far:
  2. Great reviews - Would you mind sharing the recipe for the dais?
  3. I'm sorry if I'm being slow, but is it the same set, just two different pics? The colours look very different. If the bottom one is true to the real thing, would you mind sharing your recipe? It looks great.
  4. Thanks - after pondering about it for a bit, I'm leaning towards "screaming at the sky" as well. I'm pretty sure they would warp too - cork is very porous and not very strong. I've started work after summer vacation and The SquigTM is taking up a lot of my already sparse spare time - but last saturday I got my dirty mittens on the Warcry starter set, and over the last week I've gotten the ruins assembled - they look great, and I'm looking forward to both using them in AoS and trying out Warcry - looks like good fun.
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply. Yup, they ARE great looking, aren't they? Some people say that they don't fit into the aesthetic of AoS, but I disagree - I think they look great as sort of a ruined or abandoned ghost town. I'm going to paint them in eerie desolate tones, and combine them with some of the new Warcry ruins - I've always loved city fights, and adore beautiful Mordheim tables, so this will be very cool as a battleground. Reg. the Treelord; Thanks. Yeah, the more I'm looking at him, the more I'm convinced that the upwards screaming head is more characterful. A buddy of mine commented that it seems that he is more or less uncaring what is going on around him, he just smashes whatever is in his way, completely lost in his agony.
  6. Indeed I have. 😂 I blame an 8 weeks old baby boy and hence, very little sleep. 😉
  7. The price of printed cardstock in the numbers GW are printing is very cheap. The logistics needed to keep track of what languages the packs are in, is not. You can be pretty sure that they decided that it’s much cheaper to just put all the cards in the pack, rather than keep track of which is which. 😊
  8. The humble beginnings of a battlefield. "Okay, he's lost his marbles - he started converting terrain too?" Yup, never one to leave a model stock, I have gotten my dirty mittens on some of the old Warhammer terrain during the past year or two, and while they are great looking, I thought it would be a bit boring to have duplicates. Also, with the coming of AoS, and round bases (= no movement trays) actual interaction with the terrain (besides just marching around it) became a possibility - thus, I wanted to create more levels, and more options for positioning. Plus, I just like cutting up plastic. First up is my fortified manor - I've combined it with the Ruins of Osgiliath (LoTR kit, which I used for the others as well), and put another chapel on top of the watchtower, along with the outhouse mounted on the roof. The cliffs are pet shop cork bark (man, it reeked of pet shop - I needed to air it for a few days before actually working on it) hot glued on. Next, a watchtower - I think the wall with the iron gate is from the Garden of Morr, I got it in a bulk terrain buy. More ruins, a walkway and a creepy tunnel below the ramshackle walkway. Perhaps a tentacle peeking out is needed? My precious Skullvane Manse, bought as soon as they became available again - the only modification it'll get is the white clay I'm sculpting over the old "winged warrior skeleton stone carving thing", since I thought it looked really bad. Another watchtower ruin, again Ruins of Osgiliath and some cork bark. I need to figure out what to do for the basing though - the first watchtower is based, but it was a serious struggle to get the 3 mm MDF to stop warping. I've tried different stuff, plasticard seems to warp too from the PVA glue I'm using, and I don't really want to use 6 mm mdf - it seems to thick. Any ideas?
  9. Branching Out I've started to lock down the parts on the Screaming Oak, pinning stuff into place (blu-tec somehow doesn't really stand up to the vigours of battle) and refining the pose a little - I've added some more branches on the middle of his back where it seemed a little bare, and tweaked the position of the head a little - I could use the wisdom of the mighty internet here, is this better, screaming in agony at the heavens, or is the previous version where he looked a little more down better? Also, should he have a couple of horns? Or not? The white base is because I have this strange infatuation with Warmachine beveled bases, and prefer to use them on all my miniatures. Alas, they're only made in 30, 40 and 50 mm, plus a very big one for Gargantuans, so I have to make them myself on my lathe to get the right diameter - yes, I know that the Verminlord Corrupter has an oval base. Yes, I calculated the circumference (106 mm) to have a corresponding round base (not a fan of oval bases). Yes, it is technically not legal. No, I don't care at all.
  10. Absolutely insane, brilliant and original. Great job.
  11. Haha, thanks man. You're gonna love this then. The Screaming Oak WIP Okay - I usually don't share pics this early in the process of making a conversion, since it's extremely rough and basically in the "sketch stage" - things are blutacked on, some things are only placeholders, lots of sculpting and parts missing, etc, but at this point I'm trying to get the pose and concept locked down - so keep that in mind. I felt it would be interesting to share though, since it gives a glimpse into my very messy process of making models as described in the little essay I wrote a while ago, about models and poses. That, and because I'm SOOOO excited about it! Here is the very early stages of my Screaming Oak: I'm basically trying to make a treeman zombie. While GWs Treelord model is very good, it is portraying a beautiful and nimble kind of treeman. I wanted something that looks corrupted, shambling, monstrous and really really evil. I even used the classic "bent knee zombie pose", to illustrate the point. I also wanted some really massive talons, which are made from the Shardwrack Spine terrain kit - like I said, they need lots of sculpting, but I tried to echo the "hollow" look of the talons of the Sylvaneth Spite Revenants. The legs and body also need a lot of branches and sculpting and hopefully a mouth or seven. The head is a placeholder for now - I like the tormented look, but I'm not sure if it looks too "off" from the rest of the tree aesthetic. Lots more branches and spikes needed all around, but I really really like it so far, and the "murder of crows" emphasise the forward motion further. I'm still very open to suggestions and comments, so please, fire away! His Warscroll: PS: If you haven't guessed from the Warscroll above, I'm going to play him as a Verminlord Corruptor - the warscroll is exactly the same as the VLC - I just thought it was cool and thematic to change the descriptions and abilities.
  12. Thanks a lot - I'm very fond of the cave too. Good point about the weathering - I was planning to do something to it, but I'll have to find out if it's feasible to carry first.
  13. Practical but important stuff. I haven't gotten to do much miniature stuff these past few days, but I've gotten around to doing something I've wanted for as long as I've played Warhammer - my own full size wargames table. I'm lucky to have a nice, dry and pretty large mancave in the basement of our house, all to myself: However, a 6'x4' table is pretty large - and since I use the mancave for both playing music, making miniatures and general chilling out, I don't want a gigantic permanent table in the middle of the room. So I started googling, and while I found some amazing wargaming mancaves, I didn't find what I was looking for. So, Ikea to the rescue. The first priority is of course the gaming surface itself. While many people just use some mdf for a tabletop, the problem with mdf is that it warps pretty easily over time, if unsupported - same goes for plywood. I found the solution in Ikeas catalog. *fanfare* The Linnmon table. It is made from a mdf frame, filled with a honeycomb paper pattern, which means it is very very rigid and very light (11 kg). It is 200 cm x 60 cm (roughly 6,8 feet x 2 feet) so I figured that if I put two of them together lenghtwise, I'd have a perfect table, even with about of feet of sideboard for dice, casualties, etc. The best part is that the two table surfaces can fit behind the door to the cave, so it stows away easily. As you can see, they are held together with a case lock on both sides. There is a surprising amount of torque in those little things, and they are held rock solid. They are resting on a couple of cheap sawhorses from Bauhaus (the danish equivalent to Home Depot) which gives the table a nice height (about 1 m). I always play standing up, and my back would kill me if I had to play 2-3 hours on the 60 cm tall tables many people build. It feels very solid and theres no chance of the table sliding off, thanks to some silicone antislip stickers I put on the sawhorses. Some terrain added. I really need to get around to painting the stuff I've aquired over the last few years - I've managed to scrape together quite a few of the old Warhammer buildings - they still look awesome IMO. The mat is 4 x 4 and I need to get a full size one. Man, I can't wait to try my first game on it - this really is a childhood dream come true. The other project I've been working on is a magnetic carrying case. I've been searching for a transport solution, and I'm really tired of foam. Most of my miniatures are conversions, so no standard stuff fits, and bits keep catching in the foam and breaking off. So, I decided that magnets are ideal. However, I had a hard time finding a great solution, so I decided to put my woodshop teacher skills (my day job) to use, and build one myself: It's made from pine, so it's actually quite a bit lighter than it looks, but the jury is still out on whether it's too heavy or not. I need to get hold of a good heavy duty handle for it. The shelves are steel shelves from an Ikea letterbox and the rails are simply aluminum curtain rails, that cost next to nothing. It can fit my entire (about 3000 pts) Nurgle collection in it, even the largest beasts, but like I said, I still need to test it to see if it's actually manageable to carry. As always comments, critique and ideas are much appreciated.
  14. They’re from the Tyranid Haruspex - it used to be a really bad build rulewise, so every nid player I know gave me some of those parts. 😂
  15. In the songs of the Sylvaneth, one Treelord Ancient is never mentioned. Not because he wasn’t a great hero. Not because he wasn’t fiercely loyal to Alarielle. But because the mere thought of what happened to him is to painful to stand for the Sylvaneth. The Treelord Sternbark was one of the great old Ancients. He was rumoured to have been the ancestor of many a treeling and fought in the great wars in Ghyran against the rotbringers of Nurgle. In battle, he was faced against the gargantuan beast mount of the Witch King of Cankerwall, and fell. As much as it grieved his Wargrove, their grief turned to terror as they were forced to flee and saw the Witch Kings rotten underlings tow away Sternbarks remains - though they tried to ambush the Rotbringers, they were too few and their attempts were twarted. Great was Alarielles fury when she heard of his death, and even greater was her grief when she was told that his soulpod had not been saved. The Witch King returned Sternbarks remains to the Garden of Nurgle where he dug deep into the bark, and found the Ancients Soulpod. He toiled for seven days, incanting the terrible rites he had been gifted by the Grandfather, in order to bind the daemonic essence to the soul pod. Once he was done, the once vibrant soulpod turned a brackish green colour, and boils started erupting on the surface. A cry of anguish erupted from the Everqueen, as she felt the corruption across the realms. Satisfied with his work, the Witch King put the soul pod back into Sternbarks corpse, and implanted scores of Rotwood Maggots into the now twitching limbs and branches of the Ancient. With a flick of his wrist and a twisted invocations of words, the Ancient rose once again. As it stood upon the doorstep to his lair and gazed into the Garden, it realised what it had been and what it was now. And it screamed. It screamed in anguish at the Rotwood Maggots eating through it’s body. Moreso, it screamed because Sternbarks spirit was still alive and sentient in the soul pod, but he had no control over any of it’s limbs - that was the privilege of the daemon parasite the Witch King had bound to the soul pod. A great thunder rolled over the Garden as the Grandfather himself chuckled. Many years has passed since, and Sternbarks spirit has been utterly maimed, broken and ripped to shreds by what he has witnessed, as a passenger in his own body. The body has been twisted by the foul magics of the Garden as time has passed, and it is barely recognisable as once having been a native of Ghyran. The limbs have become twisted and gnarled, repulsive mouths have erupted across the bark, and terrible spiny growths have erupted from the body. The once glowing sigils of the Everqueen are completely overgrown, and pus, weeping sores and boils covers its surface. It shambles into battle, and as the splintered remains of Sternbarks spirit realises it is to be employed as a destroyer of life once again, insanity rolls over him and he can do nothing but scream. Thus, Sternbark is no more. The husk that remains is known to the Maggotkin as the Screaming Oak. Yup - I've started work on the Screaming Oak/Corrupted Treelord. It's going to be a big project, but I'm pretty sure I'm onto something pretty cool and creepy.
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