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Found 8 results

  1. alasdair


  2. Got a brand new in box sealed Beastman Chariot, metal photo below Also the Bretonnian Character the Morgana le Fey, metal, without steed think it should be a Unicorn. UK based, DM me if interested looking for £40 £25 or so (or nearest offer) for chariot and about a £12 £5 for the Fey Enchantress
  3. As per the title, if anyone has a spare Gor lying around (or the bits needed to make one) I'm interested. Would be prepared to buy a few of them if selling a single one isn't worth your while. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dr green


    Beastmen warband for Dark age of Sigmar
  5. Hi Guys! So I have a tournament coming up on the 22nd of this month. I did previously purchase a forest goblin spider rider army, but I'm not sold on the scheme and don't really want to take something that doesn't look any good. So looking at my collection I saw that I had Galrauch and a bunch of random beastmen and thought they would do fine. Here is a shot of my WIP Galrauch (excuse the bathroom shot, was the only light in the house due to bad weather). I got inspiration for him from this artwork So with my Dragon picked I started to look at other stuff and thought rats might be cool and would probably look pretty sick next to beastmen. The tournament is using 1750 points with 2k level monsters, heroes and artillery. So I'll be taking advantage of more heroes, here is my list: Galrauch Beastlord Wargor with BSB Screaming Bell 20 clanrats with spears 20 clanrats with swords 30 Gor with double hand weapons poison wind mortar warpfire thrower 6 giant rats (had the points spare :)) 2 chaos gargants So the idea behind my poorly put together list is Galrauch flies forward and tries to kill synergistic characters with his breath attack and magic. My giants can guard objectives or attempt to weaken enemy strongholds, Skaven try and hold the backfield, Gor come in after galrauch with the beast characters and the skyre gun support to attempt to kill something. As you can see a full proof plan! I'll post updates on how terrible it went and also some paint progress pics! Stay tuned! Crispy out
  6. Crispen

    1000pt tournament

    Hey guys! So I've entered a 1000pt tournament and tried to look for some example tournament lists at that point level and can't find too much to study. Could you guys comment some example lists or some lists I might have trouble with (I suspect it will be most of them :P). My list for those that are interested: Galrauch Beastlord - Sword and brayshield, lord of war, crown of conquest Wargor Battleline 2 * 20 gor with two hand weapons and full command Others 3 plague toads Razorgor The theory behind the list is: Galrauch flies up and pops synergistic characters Beastlord moves up and supports gors while the wargor stands back a bit, as his planted standard has a 16inch range for the +1 to wound. Toads are a distraction unit as they're quite hard to kill. pig sits on a backfield objective if he can hold it or can be used to attempt assassinations on characters. I was considering replacing the pig and toads with either a Giant or a shaggoth. Not sure though. The toads do seem to be better I think... Thoughts?
  7. Bueno


  8. I wasn't planning on adding any more Gor to this army - but when I saw these 40 on sale at a super-bargain price, I couldn't resist. I normally buy second-hand models to strip/respray them, but these were surprisingly well done. Mostly base coats and a bit of wash, but all neat and well-applied. It just needed some more washing, new round bases and the details added. The last thing was the banner - freehand isn't my strength, and I think my 'gor horns' look more like a love heart. So that's 40 Gor ready to go - let's see those Anarchy & Mayhem rolls!