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Found 8 results

  1. Context: I am working on some big conversions. These conversions are giant ice trolls (Around the size of the troggoth hag/ great unclean one). Anyway, the "trolls" can run as: Great Unclean Ones, The Glotkin, Troggoth Hags, Treelords and Alarielle (In a twisted form of Sylvaneth). Where the forefront of my mind is on the cool, it would still be nice if the list was still somewhat strong. As such, the trolls would run as Treelords or Spirit of Durthu(s?) and Alarielle. List 1: Allegiance: SylvanethMortal Realm: Ghyran Glade: WinterleafLeadersAlarielle the Everqueen (600)- General- Spells: Throne of VinesBranchwraith (80)- Spells: Regrowth Branchwraith (80)- Spells: The Dwellers BelowSpirit of Durthu (300) - Artefact: Frozen KernelSpirit of Durthu (300) - Artefact: Ghyrstrike Spirit of Durthu (300)BattlelineSpite-Revenants (60)- ShadestalkerSpite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Spite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Warscroll BattalionsOutcasts (100)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsEmerald Lifeswarm (50)Malevolent Maelstrom (10) The aim of this list is to slingshot as many Trees (or trolls, in this case) into the enemy as possible and just... well kill. Spite Revenants hold objectives or flank where possible and the Branchwraiths act as supportive as possible with summons. The Emerald Lifeswarm I am not 100% on. I thought it would be good to keep my trees alive on top of Alarielle doing it as well. As for the Malevolent Maelstrom I just had 10 points to spare. In which case I could drop both endless spells for Geminid. List 2: Allegiance: SylvanethMortal Realm: Ghyran Glade: WinterleafLeadersAlarielle the Everqueen (600)- General- Spells: Throne of VinesBranchwraith (80)- Spells: Regrowth Branchwraith (80)- Spells: The Dwellers BelowSpirit of Durthu (300) - Artefact: Frozen KernelSpirit of Durthu (300) - Artefact: GhyrstrikeBattlelineSpite-Revenants (60)- ShadestalkerSpite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Spite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Spite-Revenants (60)- ShadestalkerSpite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Spite-Revenants (60)- Shadestalker Warscroll BattalionsOutcasts (100)Outcasts (100)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsChronomantic Cogs (80) Same gameplan, just with more battleline available and one less tree. The Chronomantic Cogs aid in keeping the trees as mobile as possible since their weak point is them being so slow. Now, I have never played Sylvaneth. I do not know what is a good battleline, what is a bad battleline and what the general game plan of Sylvaneth is. Hence why I am here to ask for help. The minimum requirments is Alarielle and two other big things. The max being Alarielle and three other big things. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. “Ghyran, Realm of Life, home to the children of Alarielle, cries out in pain. Our once great glades wither under the march of the dead, a blight spreading outwards from the Ancient One’s host with each new moon. At the same time, life abundant seethes in the wake of the Foetid Fellows, the Bilespreader come again to his favourite playground. Our rangers rush to intercept both forces, prayers to the Goddess spilling from their lips even as they fall to the blades of their foes. Still they fight, dancing side-by-side with the dryads and the sylphs, their lives buying just enough time for the rest of the Emerald Eyrie to assemble. Soon, our clarion call will ring through the trees. The cycle of nature is broken. Balance must be restored.” * She emerged from between the trees and her light was like the coming of spring on a cold winter’s morning. Far below, the forest was a patchwork of withered glades and walking dead, but she had only eyes for the abomination sailing towards her on ragged wings and the entourage of monsters flapping in its wake. Here was the architect of the forest’s plight, the one for whom the puppets swarming below staggered and danced. Its unnatural presence rolled across her, a shadow over her soul, and then it crashed into the Green Finger. Rock crumbled. The mountainside shook. The delicate weave of life magic in which she hung rippled, sending shivers down her arms, and for one dizzying moment, she felt the nature of the creature and its blasphemous mount like poison through her veins. The once noble wyrm swung its head to regard her through eyes like amethystine marbles. Staring into them, she saw nothing. Then she was amongst it, the winds become pale flames under her touch, a prayer to the Goddess on her lips as she cast back the fell bats and turned her hands on the soulless monster in the saddle. Once more, the winds lurched. Though she couldn’t hear the creature over the gale, she could see its lips moving, and where her pale fire leapt, bolts of amethyst sprang forth to meet it. The monster’s gaze burned into her until she could not resist it. Her ears filled with the screams of the dying, her hair with the wordless roar of the wind. And the unblinking eyes that stared back at her from that long-dead face did so with the detached curiosity of a mortal about to pin and dissect a butterfly. Read more about Tale of Instahammer
  3. In the Idoneth Deepkin reveal video, it was confirmed that Teclis was narativing. He was talking partly about the destruction of the world and it could be implied that the pain from the Deepkin failure and witnessing the destruction of the World-That-Was caused him to cast them away. Does anyone else think if the characters remember the World-That-Was and how it could affect future lore? I was wondering if Alarielle can remember (or would remember) being the Everqueen of the High Elves or if Teclis and Tyrion remember the invasions of Ulthuan that the now Malerion lead with Morathi. This could change how the characters view each other, especially among the aelves whom know each other very well. I would expect, though they are in the same alliance, if they still look over their back to see what the other is plotting.
  4. Got a very simple question here; Are you allowed to have two of the same named Character on the field at once in pitched battle? For example; if I had Nagash in my army and my opponent also has Nagash in his army would we both be able to play Nagash or not?
  5. Two weeks before the Facehammer GT I decided that I could probably add Alarielle to my army list. The model is very impressive, and I basically worked on her in three separate stages - The Base, the Wardroth Beetle and Alarielle herself. Basing Alarielle For the base I followed my standard Sylvaneth basing style. I've written about it so much on this blog I imagine anyone could follow it now with ease! The first step was to glue down a nutella lid onto the so I knew where my water effects were going to go and also so I knew that they had something to be contained in. Once that was done I built up the base using the lots of playback and polyfilla. Again I left space for a channel that I made from plasticard that came out from above the rocks - this would be the starting point of my small waterfall. I also superglued on all the branches and skulls at this point and sanded it. This was all left to dry before being undercoated black and then brown over the top. Once the base was dry I could start painting it properly. Again I used a range of different browns and greys to try and vary the contrast as the base is so large. I used the traditional grey at the back and then brought more browns into it at the front. Colour was added through the very bright toadstools, and I also undercoated the pool and stream areas in a dark blue. You can see in the image above that I had done the first two resin pours as well. This took about 48 hours as the resin needs 24 hours to fully cure. Unusually I decided to go back to static grass for this base as I had a large area to cover. I then added the tufts and bushes at the end. The Waterfall is done using a combination of water effects poured out onto a non stick baking tray and left to dry. You can then peel them off and cut them to shape. I use the Woodland Scenics water effects for this and you can also use that to glue the waterfall down. The pool still needs some ripples added which I'll go back and do, but at this stage I knew I needed to get cracking on the Beetle. The Wardroth Beetle I put the Beetle together pretty quickly - Its very big, easy to assemble pieces, although if you look closely you'll see I missed off part of the wood on the top! Once built I undercoated the beetle grey and white. I used a base coat of Dark Reaper mixed with Palyd Whych Flesh to cover the model using the airbrush. I also used it to get the fade on the horns. I knew I was going to want to get green onto the model to tie in all the foliage and plants that cover the beetle sculpt so I tried to get that fade as bright as possible. I used quite a lot of dry brushing and washing on the model because of its size, and then went in and used a lot of edge highlighting to finish it off. The underside was also a very bright green so it had that kind of insectoid two tone look to it. Once this was finished it was just a fairly simple task of going round and picking out all the small details and finishing these off. Alarielle the Everqueen In contrast to the beetle Alarielle herself was an absolute pain to put together, particularly getting the wings in the correct position. I also undercoated the model White which was a really bad idea. I'd have been much better undercoating black and then using a white top coat as the model is difficult to paint in certain areas and there was a lot of white areas I struggled to get too. I started off again with the airbrush getting the wings done as I knew this would be the most annoying bit (not the most time consuming though) but it actually dry brushed up beautifully. I finished it off with glazes of yellow and way watcher green which really brightened the model up. Using lots of different green tones helps to break up such a large model nicely and I think its quite important. I then pretty much followed the Duncan video on the rest of the model. I gave her some quite scary pupil-less eyes to carry over the sylvaneth theme. The skin technique that Duncan shows in the video was very simple but remarkably effective. I just followed that step by step! I changed some of the colours from the GW video as I needed the blue of her robes to tie in with the rest of the army. I managed to finish the model off with a couple of days to spare, was really happy with it, and she was great fun to play at the tournament. I also think she helped secure a best painted nomination, although I didn't manage any awards this time. The Finished Model
  6. Baardah


    Tries to go for an inverted skin tone on my alarielle. The look I'm going for is like Galadriel in LOTR movie when she describes what she'll be like with the ring...any tips for further progress is appreciated
  7. Need advice on how to proceed with this. I've decided to try something I've never done before; inverted skin tone. Im aiming for something like galadriel in the LOTR movie when she tells frodo what she'd be like with the one ring. Like she's eminating light from within so I wonder if there is any advice on how to proceed. Do I need to paint everything in inverted colors, or is the skin enough. Maybe I need to add some osl effects on the surrounding parts...
  8. I started painting my Alarielle on Warbeetle yesterday, and Mr. Mengel put up his new painting contest link today. Hopefully the fact that I have an extra day's worth of progress won't affect my standing in the competition. So far, I have the warbeetle about 99% complete ( I paint quickly). Alarielle will probably take a day or so to finish, and then the basing will take another day or two - depending on how fast my scatter terrain ships! I sadly don't have any in-progress pics of the warbeetle, but I'll try and make this an actual log for Alarielle herself, and the basing.
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