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  1. The Skirmish and Path to Glory campaigns are a great way to paint and play with an ever increasing group of painted guys. And it looks like you have two armies as well. If you can find other local people who are new, they can be a great way to get started. Don't be afraid of changing things around as well. The "renown" in Skirmish is just points divided number of models in the unit divided by 5. So you can play with any AoS model not just the ones with renown points listed. Also, don't be afraid to just take what you have painted for Path to Glory. While you don't want to be always choosing the strongest thing and painting that so your force will be the best, if you just paint what you think is cool and then play with that, it'll be great. The Malign Sorcery book also has some cool Skirmish and Path to Glory content.
  2. I've noticed that the toxic "competitive" players are usually not competitive at all. They have all these ideas in their heads about the way the game is and how it should be and how only people doing matched play at 2000 points are playing the real game, but then there's nothing going on with them when it comes to tournament attendance, hobbying or anything. They're just noise. They certainly don't represent anything like the majority of competitive players. At most they'll be the big fish in a very small pond and enjoy winning against new and casual players who aren't into the same competitive thing as them. The real competitive players can attune their approach to be appropriate to the game they are playing. They enjoy it when they get the opportunity to take a unit off the shelf that doesn't have a place in their tournament army. People working out their own inferiority complexes by winning games of toy soldiers or trashing how other people are approaching the game are simply not competitive players. And this isn't a "no true scottsman" fallacy. You can actually see the real competitive players with their awesomely painted armies, their passion for the background fiction and their respect for the less serious approaches to the game taken by others. Yes, people can get frustrated and their sportsmanship can slip, but the fact that good conduct is a rewarded ideal among the competitive crowd should speak volumes.
  3. Nin Win

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Renamed my city to Heldensvult. Trimmed the beard down on the hammerer's head and put that and the drakegun on a cadian body from 40k. Still needs something for his shoulders (putty filling at the very least). I think next to the other stuff in my force he's suitably short, even if the proportions are no longer so squished. I've never been a fan of GW's dorf proportions outside of the Lord of the Rings miniatures. This guy is now pretty close to those LOTR proportions for dwarves. I don't think anyone is going to have any issues accepting that as an irondrake.
  4. The major events will dictate the direction things go. And if the organizers of the events are involved in the playtesting then they already know the implications of everything. They'll set the tone and general expectation and smaller events will follow suit with the norm they set.
  5. Nin Win

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    My friend now calls his army sheetghosts instead of nighthaunt.
  6. Nin Win

    Hammerhal - Still a thing, or even still worth it?

    Well, it depends. You're free to make up your own free city and then say what realm it is from and use Hammerhal's rules as long as the paint scheme wouldn't confuse anyone (paint them up as one city and use another). Or if you paint them up in Hammerhal colours then you should probably limit yourself to Ghyran and Aqshy.
  7. Nin Win

    Hammerhal - Still a thing, or even still worth it?

    I play pretty small games but I've been doing starter set (both old and new) stormcast plus extra battlemages and war priests. I'm building my first unit of 20 Irondrakes to get the dorf side of things happening. Hammerhal itself is the easiest one to qualify for as all you need to do is not have lizards hanging around.
  8. Nin Win

    AoS 2 2000pt list: Brayherd w/ Thunderscorn allies

    I like the concept of a heavy armour beasts list. I think you're right that it's going to catch some people off guard. My beastmen are only a skirmish force of around 600 points or so. I can't really offer any insight into them at the 2000 point level. That's cool. And as well when you play in Hysh you could have transparent crystal herd stones. I think there are cheap LED crystal lamps available on amazon or ebay or whatever. Not sure about the right size though.
  9. Nin Win

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    My friend just takes screen shots of his epub3 and then annotates the image in some app or another. He then has a folder or album of images, marked up and cropped to make things as easy as possible during a game. Another friend takes the same screen shots and edits them and prints off reference cards. I would much prefer it if the epub3 would just get updated with each FAQ, but some of the changes might cause layout problems as the amount of text ends up being different.
  10. Good ideas. In the end I decided to put it as an easter egg for one of the players in the campaign. The name is the same as his first Dungeons & Dragons character from our campaign back in the day. I wonder if he'll remember it. In the future though, I'll definitely go for the world that was. What a cool thing to just have their tomb just be in one of the mortal realms. Why or how that got there being a big mystery. Certainly souls worth warring over.
  11. So has anyone come across any mentions of named personalities from the Age of Myth that are not the current pantheon of gods? I know some beasts are mentioned and Sigmar occasionally defeats some foe that can occasionally be named, but are there any you think are worth mentioning? I'm finalising the scenarios for a campaign that is a struggle for the soul of just such an ancient being. Anyone have any idea who or what would be a good candidate for the object of a quest for an ancient tomb?
  12. Nin Win

    Your themed allies discussion

    All my Order stuff is getting painted in the same scheme as Hammers of Sigmar. Less gold and more steel, but the same overall colour palette. The only exception are my wizards that need to represent their college of magic more obviously. I also am opening things up to non-AoS miniatures so I've got Warhammer Quest and Reaper miniatures involved.
  13. Nin Win

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    But it might be large enough to be worth doing. If I go onto GW's website right now, my region is sold out of the particular seraphon stuff in question. Maybe they keep more stock in the UK, but in North America, these kinds of runs on products based on FAQs or a new army book or codex making something super good happens. It's entirely possible though that there are like only tens of Engines of the Gods or Astrolith Bearers in stock rather than hundreds or thousands so it's super easy for them to be sold through, but it seems to happen again and again.
  14. Skirmish is definitely something that needs a set end point. The six games in the skirmish supplement works, but I actually think 4 or so is better. Or the game needs a stronger handicap/underdog system. We've taken to giving Ruse cards from the Open War cards or the new tables in the rulebook for every 50 point difference, a command point for every 50 point difference and the rerolls according to that table in the book (but x5 to make it points) We also stopped using renown as it's just points/5 so we just use points as it's one less step. I don't really want anything like the new Kill Team. It strikes me as a really shallow attempt to sell the new 40k terrain. Even the starter sets for each faction they are coming out with seem to be just a sprue of guys and a bunch of terrain. I'd hate to see a version of AoS skirmish that limits every faction to a couple of models and then is largely about selling people new terrain. "You can take chaos marauders or chaos marauders on horses and we've got this starter set for you that bundles 10 marauders and an Ophidian Archway for $60. Get hyped!" Had AoS Skirmish been a major departure from the core AoS rules, limited factions down to 2-4 models and then bundled everything with terrain at every opportunity, I definitely would have given it a big pass. And it was instrumental in me building larger and larger forces until I could play the full game. I'm also totally opposed to bundling needed cards with out of faction releases. Like shadespire or x-wing where people buy sets just to get a single card to use in the game. That's an absolute non starter for me. One of the only reasons I got back into warhammer with AoS was the rules were free and the warscrolls could be downloaded.
  15. Nin Win

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    I wish it would have been a matched play only restriction. It's annoying to get nice printed warscrolls in the box and two of them are wrong already when they could have just done a matched play only FAQ entry and left them alone.