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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys. With the new Legions of Nagash tome i thought it was a good time to put some effort into the old army as vampire counts was always my first love ever since i started fantasy in 7th edition. So as a first step with the process into getting them all on rounds and give them the TLC required to be my pride and joy again, I decided to spend the time and make some game aid spell, ability and artifact cards similar to what Killax and others have done for the chaos factions. This not only got the undead juices flowing but gave me an excuse to read all the book properly Images are either from GW books or just plain old google images and i cant take any credit for any of the art so hope thats not an issue... (mostly MTG I think) Hope you guys find then usable/enjoyable. C&C or suggestions on art are always appreciated. Regards Dracan Edit * Added the latest version of LoN and Night haunt cards Edit * Added some card back options Edit * Added Artifacts of the real cards Legion of Nagash Spell Artifact and Command cards.pdf Night Haunt Spell Artifact and Command cards.pdf Nighthaunt backs.pdf Legion of nagash backs.pdf Realm artifacts.pdf
  2. KoalaSnok

    LoN Banner icons

    Hey guys! I'm in a fairly early stage of collecting my death army, and will soon be painting up some skeletons and grave guard. My problem is - I have no clue what to paint on my banners. I'd like to paint some fairly simple icons, that arent just more skulls. Preferably something that suits legion of night. Do you guys have any ideas? How did you paint yours?
  3. Lately I've started to test the Corpse cart as a model. I'm still not finished with my tests about such a unit, but I'm anyway seeing that few players value such a unit quite enough execpt with really specific armies, There are a lot of sinergies that it gives with zombies and dire wolves. But what I'm referring to are the itself specific abilities that it has. I have anyway to separate the two versions of the Corpse Cart; I'll start with the one that I value a little less: Corpse cart with baleful brazier. Here we have e way to decrease the ability of the enemy wizards with the Balefire fire.. Not too much, but it's range it's not little and can help to negate some spell to be casted or aid the dispelling of our own models. Malefic fumes are a bit interesting, but rarely they will be appliable cause the movement of the model itself and the range of the ability; added to it also the random it requires at the end... it's an ability that has only occasional usefulness. The version that I really value instead it's the Corpse Cart with unholy lodestone. This version directly improve the casting rolls, in some ways it's like having the Allegiance Ability "The Black Disciples" from the Legion of Sacrament but referred to all the the Death Wizards. Ok the range it's "only" 18" but it means at the end a diatere of more than 36" (you have to add also the volume of the model itself that increase the effective area covered by the ability. And then we have another ability that it's quite interesting: Locus of undeath. That even if only with 6" range let you reroll the dice for the deathly invocations, so like having a general with the command trait "Master of Death" of the Grand host of Nagash. I'm experimenting particularly the Corpse cart with unholy lodestone and taking not that I have infantry units that have the same speed around I'm finding it quite interesting. I'ts ability combined means that it vould be in range almost always to dive the bonus to cast and the reroll when necessary for the deathly invocations made by the heroas . In close combbat i's not so bad either... better than simply 10 zombies and it has enough wounds to survive random shooting. And you what do you think about such a model?^^
  4. Hey there, so I recently got myself into the system. Started off with death battleforce, which im very satisfied of by the way. Now I have opportunity to bulk buy collection for silly money. The problem Is that this collection is mostly nighthaunt. When I first decided to play AoS I chose death faction to go with Nagash, bunch of skeletons, necromancers etc. but mostly around Nagash himself. Now after that offer I really pulled my mind off the big one and appreciated simplicity of scary sheets (nighthaunts), especially Mournguls. I would like to add that me, and my friends plan on going after major events, thats why I want competetive army. My question is as follows: are Nighthaunt good enough to get a decent postion at major event? I guess you can suprise opponent by just picking this army, but what is real nighthaunt potential? I'd really appreciate some experiances shared over tournaments with Nighthaunt. Also dont hesitate and share your death army competetive experiance overall. Thanks
  5. Hi guys I am hoping to get my first game in with the new book tomorrow at the warhammer store ( if there are any opponents there ) the store prefers lower point games so I'm planning a 1200 point list. This is what I've come up with currently. Legion of Sacrament Arkhan Necromancer (Shroud of Darkness) Necromancer 5 dire wolves 5 dire wolves 6 spirit hosts Mortis engine Balewind total 1180 This is character heavy, but it increases the likelihood of spirit hosts returning. My main concern however is the lack of bodies. I was thinking of dropping a necromancer. And buffing the hosts or even dropping the Mortis and adding a cart, and more dogs to increase models. Also I'm a little torn with spells, as each spell is great for different armies I'm struggling to determine what spells I'd want in an all comers low point game. As always your suggestions would be most appreciated
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