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  1. hi guys, it me again ) a take second place in local tournament (thx 4 help) list^ kill maytribe (many mamonth), ossirah but lost goblins (120 litle goblins+many heroes+ big spider and endless spell) i try to optimize list add stomp and hth potency drurtu durtu branchwraf + staff - throne branchwraf harmony arh rev 3*5 spite rev + outcast bat 6 kurnoth + sword 6 kurnoth + scyte hive what u think about art ? or maybe advice about list
  2. i think u need Spiritsong Stave + throne because Gladewyrm (30) and Spiteswarm Hive (50) not easy 7+cast.
  3. thx 4 advice ! imho kurnoth hunter top sylvaneth unit and try maximaize in list, alariel + brachwraith dryad generator i think throne need only for alariel. She have 3 casts and nice scroll spell. in 1 turn she cast throne - wood - (scroll cast/world cast/ rr1 save), second she take center or nice position and stack throne +2 +2 +2 destroy heroes or key target metamorfosice + d3 arcane bolt or world spell or cast wood. i will try this list ) or more spell
  4. guys, i try create competive list, What u think? maybe Alarielle the Everqueen very high ptice ? outcast batalion ? i fear without tree-rev, i can't play from misson
  5. good hero, phalanx nice to ) but where point cost for HoS and Crazywed ? )
  6. long raptor can be good with [double] Onslaught+1 atk : 4 dice 4-10 dmg and 20 range. MWP my band damage dealer + rr 1 for bird cry amazing My best team after 10+ fight Hunter prime Hunter hunter Shortraptor Long Raptor Bird
  7. Hi, stomrcast! think some body about SCE band? my band hunter prime - 210 Hunter -165 Long Raptor 225 2 hounds 150x2 2 birds 45x2 990 we have all marks, warcry from bird, hit and run dogs/ Discus ?)
  8. i try this list on local tournamet winterleaf sp Branch wrath(regrow)+scythe hunter mb dutru (all winteleaf wargear), arh reverant and tree-reverant rg scythe hunter not bad, second place: 2 draw (almost win)(goblins and zombeedragon), 1 minor win (nauthhaunt), 1 major (khorne). arh reverant imho not good in winterleaf, i think i'ill replace her on second brachwrath + res hunter spell or second tree-reverant
  9. I play same list, in meeting engagements. Use anvil stormhost. i think its one of best 1k list
  10. just end my favorite miniature in age of sigmar - alarielle the everqueen
  11. Guys i think about list on meeting engagement, somebody try this mode ? coningents go in game far from each other, i think Barak-Thryng better, because no need to have a distance like (opportunistic privateers) or khemist range buff 2x any advice ? )
  12. plz ) for big russian ko community ))) we all pride your 6 place ))
  13. GoddammitGary maybe repot about heat 3
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