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Found 35 results

  1. The cards: Seems like it's possible to play a few variants of this warband, ranging from a more elite grave guard to a mass of skeletons. While I'm personally leaning towards a healthy mix, I can't but imagine what can be done with Vanhel's and a blob of warriors. Another interesting point is Necrotic Siphon. I might not have fully grasped the whole wild dice mechanic, but getting a fairly high triple doesn't seem that rare. Having guaranteed damage should let you play more conservative in that combat phase, even if it's just 3-4. Obviously, the ressurrect can be very situational, but bringing back a grave guard with 2h-weapon next to a juicy target might outshine the Siphon. Really looking forward to trying these guys out. Worried about the low speed, but I feel it might be manageable with some creative ability shenanigans.
  2. The Great Task of Ralazhar Deathsworn Nagash had led the emissaries of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer to believe that he would join them in their assault upon the fortress of Gothizzar, the All-gate that guarded the Endgate. Nagash knew that the arcway leading from the Allpoints to Shyish must be shuttered, but he did not aid the Stormcast Eternals. Such an alliance did not suit the Great Necromancer; after all, Nagash still did not consider his long-standing grudge against Sigmar for the wrongs done to him repaid. From his throne of bones, he watched the Stormcast Eternals die at Gothizzar. When he was ready, Nagash’s assault upon that fortress would not fail. -Excerpt from the Freeguilder General’s Handbook, a history of the Age of Chaos Shyish, some days following the battle of Gothizzar during the Age of Chaos. What utter Heresy, Ralazahr thought as he left the Sanctum of his Master. An order of Blood Knights had defied the Supreme One to save a band of the Thief-King’s Stormcast at the battle of Gothizzar. He had never understood why anyone would not bow their heads in subservience to the glory of the Supreme One in the first place. But for the Order of Allurah, favoured servants who had fought in the Supreme One’s Grand Host for centuries, to defy their Master was a Heresy almost beyond belief. Still, Ralazahr smiled to himself as he walked out of the Black Tower. His place was not to dwell on such matters, his place was to see the Supreme One’s will be done. Currently that meant claiming the Vampires’ souls for their just punishment. And as one of the foremost Dark Acolytes to the Legion of Sacrament that would be precisely what he’d do. ~ Hello everyone and welcome to my painting log! I have been painting and modelling on and off over the last 15 years. I have been in love with all things vampiric and undead since the ancient days of the world-that-was. However, over those years I have never managed to complete a full army 😅 So, after switching to a new job I now have the money and time to start building not one but two armies! In this blog I will keep everyone posted about my progress and the developing lore for the armies. Starting with Ralazhar Deathsworn's Undead Horde. Ralazhar is one of Arkhan's most zealous Dark Acolytes, a devoted servant of Nagash and a powerful Master Necromancer. He has been tasked with reclaiming the souls of the Order of Allurah, a band of Blood Knights led by Geneva Isidora. Once favoured knights of Nagash, they believe that the only way to resist the tide of Chaos is to unite the living and the dead under one banner as equals, not slaves. Of course no blogpost would be complete without miniatures, so here are a group of fallen Warrior Priests. Once, these priests fought valiantly to destroy necromancers and other evildoers. Now, they serve as Ralazhar's Hexwraith trackers. More pictures behind the spoilers bar.
  3. Hello all! So, to help keep myself motivated, i thought i'd start a plog.. Also, i may pick up some handy tips! Some of my work thus far.. Skeles and their dog.. Vampire Lord..
  4. "I've seen your fall, I've witnessed your courage... Standing firm in front of the gates of Hammeral against the tide of the Great Enemy, while the lackeys of Sigmar the Thief retreat behind their wall of lies and broken promises. But I hear more... I felt your cry of Wrath at the death of your men to protect undeserving human, I felt the flame in your soul at the outrage of defeat. Your soul shall not be wasted for the melancholy of the weak godlings of your race. You shall be reborn immortal, your comrades never to fall again, you will be my last act of vengeance upon who dares to oppose me, my testament of cinders and scorched earth to the mortals of the realm. Go now Master of the Black Flame, Lord of Shattered Pride, go my Mortarch of wrath" So... Some explanation : In our last narrative campaign I was playing an order draconis list, in the last game I got defeated by a tzeentch army in front of the gate of Hammeral but the tzeentch list got decimated nearly to the last man. In our new campaign I was asked to play death faction, and I thought to bring back Lord Fierion and his dragon from their last defeat playing a Legion of blood army, so I start to convert an undead elf army starting obviously with the Lord himself :D. This miniature is still wip, the dragon will remain as it is but I still have to add a few things to the rider, after him I will start with the blood knight. Hope u enjoy
  5. Since the releasing of the model of the Shipppwreck for the Idoneth deepkin I desired to bring it to my army and modify it to realize a lot of different projects. I describe some of such projects hereThen I'e started working on it. And I have to divide the projects in different parts that I'll post time by time cause otherways it would a bit too big in one shot (and it requires time to do the project too^^ The first part is related about the frontal part of the shipwreck. It's about magnetizing in the way to rpepare it for the crew and other options that I'll bring on the shipwreck too. And also to change the icon of the ship itself. All such works are better studied and done pefore to glue together the shipwreck, cause it's easier to manipulate and create the setting. Eventually I'd suggest you to use something like Patafix or tempoarasy fixing so to have a sight step by step of your advancing in the magnetizing. About the ship icon I used a refined version of what I've done with the Wight king on Chalicotherium that you can find in this forum itself. So here now it's the video about the first part of such project, I hope you enjoy it^^
  6. I’m new to age of Sigmar and was looking at Nagash’s wars roll which states that he knows all the spells of death wizards on the table, both friendly and enemy. But does Nagash forget the spell once another wizard is slain, off the table, or if using the ageless cunning ability from legion of night, would Nagash only know the spells of wizards once they have appeared?
  7. Hi all, I'm a long-time member of warseer who's been occasionally popping here for AOS news etc since the advent of the handbook. With warseer down indefinitely I created an account here so I can continue my project log, hopefully keeping me motivated. I'm also participating in the season of war on Hobby Hammer and am considering entering the painting competition on Mengel's blog. I'm returning to the game following time away wanted to give it a fair crack, so didn't want to revisit/age of sigmar-ise my old elven armies in case it brought up any hang-ups (or didn't take). I'll use this post as a compendium of what's done so far. I managed to knock out the vast majority of the army in about 2 weeks (which with the undead isn't as intensive as it sounds); as I wanted to get the odd game in for the season/handbook release. The painting is hopefully at a decent gaming standard and I'm hoping to have a solid 1000-2000 point force painted.
  8. A little background before the pictures. I collected and played WHFB for a good few years off and on, starting way back in the early 90's and then stumbling to a halt just before the End Times series. I tried a few games of AOS but never really liked it, but collecting and painting has always been my main driver so here I am. Still painting after all these years, playing the odd skirmish game like Saga or Dragon Rampant, but mostly just painting. I have a number of projects on the go, but my main focus at the moment is some Undead. I started playing Undead way back when they were still called Undead - my first army had skeletons and zombies shuffling alongside mummies and carrion, led by a Liche. So I am quite happy to throw in different genres, not tied to any particular army list or background. My first unit is an example of this - some ghouls led by a ghoul master/butcher. These are The Hobbit goblins with a few bits (handbags) trimmed off, plus an old metal Ogre Kingdoms butcher. Comments, suggestions, feedback, free gifts are all welcome.
  9. 1. Do I have to fix a broken unit coherency when respawning summonable models to a unit? 2. Is there a distance limit where I can set up new models relative to the undead hero?
  10. Alright, I'm seeing a load of threads posted on TGA and thought it would be great to consolidate our LoNight insights. I'm a long time Warhammer player, first time Death player. I'll kick the thread off with my current list. The general idea behind my army is for the Vamp Lord, her 2 Terrorgheists, and 9 Vargheists to Ambush... the bats to summon, and the skeletons and direwolves will either summon/hold objectives/challenge across the board. I'm not 100% on my artefacts. Would love feedback and ideas on what you see. Allegiance: Legion of Night Leaders Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Cursed Book - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference Units 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 20 x Skeleton Warriors (160) -Ancient Blades 9 x Vargheists (480) Behemoths Terrorgheist (300) Terrorgheist (300) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 1/6 Battlelines: 3 (3+) Behemoths: 3/4 Artillery: 0/4 I also need to expand this army out to 2,500pts for an upcoming tournament.
  11. Evening gents, I was sent to this forum by a friend. Thought i'd share my recent project, the Undead Shadespire skeletons! I am working on some 40k stuff next, but after that it will be the Knight of Shrouds!
  12. So today I had a lot of fun painting up my vampire to sit on her zombie dragon Need a good surname for her but I'm getting there. Then it'll be onto actually creating some background for my soulblight army. She's already going to have the nickname of 'the bat queen' for employing large use of her bat-like gargoyle followers (counts as fell-bat conversion, pic below) and of course regular bats (gonna have to get myself bat swarms just because they can be useful for protection) She will also have a horse mounted model that will be painted up later but I'm proud of how she's turned out. Good fun applying the blood too obviously she's just a messy eater.
  13. Greetings! I've been reading this forum for a while, but now decided to join you all on our path to glory! I've also been a 40k player for a long time, but now concern myself mostly with AoS as fantasy was always my favorite kind of setting, and high fantasy I like the most (apart from Middle Earth, of course, this is and always will be my love til the end of times). So now I'm finally slowly painting my lads, which are quite different as I own and buy different minis, and now I am focused on 5 armies, which I buy one by one, so to speak: Tzeentch army (I always was a stern follower of the Architect of Fates), different kinds of aelves (for now it's Scourge Privateers mostly, but not always), Gutbuster ogres, Dispossessed duardin and undead (perhaps, my favorite of all). So let's start, I hope you will enjoy my lads as well - everything is appreciated The first one is my Wight King. Very lovely model, one I wanted long before I got to WHFB. Generally I don’t like skeletons that much, but this lad was too good to pass by. He will endure centuries to come, really. Name: Guidarn the Relentless. Occupation: a long dead wight king serving as the chief lieutenant of my vampire-lord. Known facts: was a king of some human tribe in north of Shyish, namely the Frozen Dale in the Icy Cairn Mountains. He carved a kingdom for himself and became a great ruler, but after his death his sons couldn’t agree with his choice of the heir and started an infighting among themselves, which lasted till the armies of Chaos arrived in Shyish. Horde of Bloodbound warriors overran the kingdom and destroyed it, but they didn’t manage to break the wards on the king’s tomb. Which came in handy when Nepher’Amon, a soulblight vampire-lord, arrived after many centuries in these lands fleeing with remnants of his army from this very Bloodbound host. He reinforced his forces with the long dead warriors of the tribe and broke the seals of the king’s cairn. Guidarn appeared as skilled and ruthless a warrior in undeath as he was in life, and led his now undead servants in the final battle with the crazed berzerkers of the Blood God, carving a bloody path through their ranks and beheading their Bloodsecrator with a precisive blow. Eventually the Bloodbound horde was slaughtered to the last, having reinforced afterwards the ranks of the undead army of the vampire. Since that day the king fights at his side with the same efficiency and brutality as he did in his former life.
  14. Graveyard Hills, by Rob Hawkins
  15. Hello This is my first Aos, plog, or any Blog to do with AOS or Painting honestly. So we have my very fist AOS figure.... The poor Admiral... Who knew what would happen to him when He met the Infamous Captain Purplebeard... Seems he Became Part of that Dastardly Pirates Fleet.... Cursed by the very Curse he hoped to stop..... Seems like trying to Plunder Aether Gold in the Realm of Death has Consequences..... (Note that I hope other overlord players / painters post WIP here, Its perfectly cool with me. ) Stand By for the painting to begin! Thank you for looking.
  16. Graveyard Hills, by Rob Hawkins
  17. Spooky Cornfield, by Rob Hawkins
  18. Spooky Cornfield, by Rob Hawkins
  19. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  20. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  21. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  22. Hi guys! So a friend of mine dropped around today and we decided to bust out a 1200pts game. My seraphon vs his undead. I wanted to test the core of my 2k list so I took: Sunclaw starhost Sunblood - General, obsidian blade, tenacity, phoenix stone 30 saurus with spears 10 saurus with swords 10 saurus with swords Oldblood with great weapon Skink starpriest Skar-vet on carno My friend took Vampire lord - book of -1 to hit, general Necromancer 10 skeletons with swords and shields 30 skeletons with spears and shields 20 grave guard 2 morghast archai 10 zombies sitting in his summoning pool (I didnt know this in the game). We decided to play take and hold as I think this might be a scenario I'm going to struggle with. Deployment wise I placed my carno on the right hand side of the battlefield, one 10 man saurus unit screened my 30 man unit and the other 10 man saurus was deployed on the 12inch line on the far left. All my characters were deployed on the back board edge as I wasn't sure how fast my friends army was. He occasionally runs these black knight bombs that get a first turn charge and wasn't sure if he had something similar planned with this army. I was able to win the priority and went first, in hindsight I shouldn't have. I couldn't make use of the saurus march ability as that would put me in a bad position if my friend double turned me. So instead I pushed the 10 man sword unit that I deployed on the left up the flank and cast mystic shield on them and moved the carno forward. My middle battle line re-positioned themselves. In my friends turn he summoned some zombies to block my carno and moved his entire battle line forward. His skeleton unit he buffed with the vampire's command ability (+1 attack). The archai flew into the centre. I won the priority for second turn. I started by casting mystic shield on my 10 man swordman unit shielding the spearman and using inspiring presence on the spearman. I knew that next turn I was going to probably take a beating haha. Everything in my army shuffled forward a little. My saurus on the far left flank charged a 10 man skeleton unit and the carno rolled a double 1 for his charge... In combat I rolled badly and only managed to kill 3 skeletons and lost 4 saurus in return. In my friends turn he ran his zombies out of the way as much as possible and positioned his spearman unit for a charge into the carno. His wights prepared for a charge on the losing 10 man saurus unit on the left and the archai set themselves up for a charge into my 10 man screening unit. The vamp threw his command ability along with cursing my carno and the necromancer gave van hels to the skeleton spearman. The saurus on the left only just managed to die, the wights only killing 5 and with the skeletons managing to cause the one wound needed to remove the remaining member. The carno surprisingly held up to the double attacks from the spearman only losing 5 wounds from about 100 attaks, in return I only managed to kill 3 skeletons due to the vampires curse and my inability to hit anything. The archai ate through 6 saurus.. Those dudes are brutal when you can't ignore their rend haha. We rolled for priority with me knowing if I lost, I'd lose the game. Luckily for me priority was on my side and I was able to secure it again. I was finally able to use the sunblood command ability! And only just! I threw it on the skeleton unit that was currently beating up my carno. I tried to cast mystic shield on the 4 saurus fighting the archai, but it failed. I moved my old blood up to try and get a charge off on the archai, it was desperate, but I needed to try and stop them from getting into the spearman. the sunblood and skink priest moved over together towards the carno and the spearman prepared themselves to charge the skeleton spearman. Charges started badly with the old blood not making it into the archai, it was so bad as this meant his re-rolls of 1 to wound buff would still be in range of the spearman. The spearman made their charge into the skeletons. In CC they managed to delete 18 of them and took 3 causalities in return. With the carno ability and battleshock the skeletons were wiped. The 4 man unit of saurus unsurprisingly got slaughtered by the archai. In my friends turn he positioned his archai and wights for a charge into the oldblood and spearman and the zombies for a charge into the carno. The necro used arcane missile to take 2 wounds off the carno putting him at 7 and the vamp used his curse thing to remove 1 attack from all the saurus spearman weapons... Which is brutal since that basically negates the 80 point battalion. Charges went off with only a small amount of wight making contact with the oldblood and spearman. The archai easily made it into the spearman centre and the zombies went into my carno. My friend activated the archai first and proceeded to delete 12 saurus. In retaliation I managed to kill one archai, bing the other to 2 wounds remaining and do nothing to his wights. He then activated the zombies who caused 2 wounds to the carno! My old blood whiffed and missed with all his attacks before being deleted by the wights, I also lost a further 10 spearman from the wights. In battle shock the saurus disappeared. We rolled for priority and my friend got the double turn. I conceded, but we played it out to see what would happen. The carno was arcane missiled off a decent 3 mortal wounds caused. The wights moved up to charge the sunblood and the archai went after my priest. My friend wanted to see what the sunblood could do and charged him, as soon as the sunblood died I would lose anyway as he was the only thing holding my objective. My friend was able to get van hels off in the hero phase on the wights (forgot to mention that). In combat he caused 7 wounds to me, luckily because I was tenacious I was holding in there and caused 6 back at him, we didn't roll for the second round of attacks from the wights and ended it there. Learning curves I came away with a few things learned. The additional wound on the Sunblood probably isn't worth it and might be better replaced with reckless. I shouldn't have been so timid and should have tried for a double turn, myself. By not doing so meant I just doomed myself to die slowly (which I did great!) Saurus old blood is really sad as far as his profile goes, but the re-rolls to 1 for all saurus within 5 inches is good. I will say though the high elf loremaster could probably kill this dude 1 on 1.. Seriously the mage has a better to hit roll haha. Sunblood command ability is super hard to use. 15 inch range is surprisingly low and when you do get to use this ability its generally only going to be for your turn as whatever you hit with it is likely to die anyway. I may need to consider making the slann my general, I'll ponder some more. All your abilities are single targets, which means you have to anticipate exactly what your opponent is going to do and if you're fighting on multiple fronts like I was, you're probably going to be overwhelmed. Saurus are great chaff, but might not work in the way I'm hoping. I planned to use them sorta like a chaff and hammer with the 10 man units slowing the enemy so the 30 man unit can obliterate them. Coming to find this might work once, but that's it... Carnosaurs look awesome, but don't seem to be very killy... at least not the skar-vet anyway. The 30 man saurus spearman unit is super hard to maneuver, the large bases are just killer for 1 wound 5+ sve models. The next games I play will be at a tournament on the 16th. After this game I had considered going over to chaos or back to my ole trusty stonehorn haha. But I think I'll just stick to Seraphon to get the army based and painted. Here is my WIP old blood: Thanks for reading. Crispen out!
  23. Hello! I hope I'm in the right place. I'm have the Isle of Blood/spire box and I'm looking to change them into some kind of Death army. I already have an idea of turning the swordmasters into Tomb/Crypt guard but I'm not sure how the regular line infantry fits in. Are there any spirit-style Battleline units or do I need to pick up some skeleton bits? Thanks, Fez
  24. Hi guys - need help achieving this sort of colour scheme? I'm quite a confident painter in terms of techniques and I really love these colour schemes (see attached pictures) but I'm unsure as to what paints to use as so far I've been using painting guides?? any tips and suggestions would be appreciated
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