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  1. Just some personal thoughts on this subject: I found playing skirmish games like WarCry to be more enjoyable and far cheaper than large games of AoS. I still collect and paint AoS miniatures, but I am less likely to purchase the models necessary for a full army. Price is a significant barrier for me to building a 2000 point AoS list. I am not a tournament player but instead prefer games with friends - Warcry is better for that. Usability in multiple systems has also been a concern for me - one thing I do like about some GW products is that I can use the models for multiple games: AoS, Warcry, Underworlds, Warhammer Quest, Gorechosen, etc. I tend to avoid products that only have one use. This is a matter of personal opinion, but I think GW miniature sculpts are far better than any competitors. I've bought miniatures from several other manufacturers. They are often far cheaper than GW, but they tend to have less dynamic poses, fewer details, and particularly annoying mold lines or casting issues. I usually pick up CMON board games, who give tons of models with cool designs, but the nature of them being board game pieces often means that the final product is lower quality. Smaller miniature companies also frequently cast in metal and resin, which I do not enjoy working with as I prefer plastic models. I am willing to pay a certain premium for plastic, dynamic, high quality sculpts that GW produces. I recognized a couple of years ago that I was caught up in the hype process of GW. This is intentionally created - they market their products hard, but then do not have enough stock. This creates a rush to preorder or purchase early, especially for large bundles where there are significant savings over separate purchases. I've found it helpful to making my overall spending lower to step back from the hype and really focus on the projects I want.
  2. Thank you for sharing these! Lots of options to pick from.
  3. My thoughts on today's announcements: New Warcry: Day 1 purchase for me. I like both of these new warbands and Warcry is my favorite way to play AoS. Broken Realms: I like narrative elements and campaigns. I was a big fan of Malign Portents. I don't know if Broken Realms is for me if theres a ton of books that focus only on elves (I have no elven models.)
  4. I am working on a Gloomspite Gitz army (specifically Troggherd). I really like all the mushroom basing bits, but I am looking for more. Does anyone have any recommendations for mushroom basing bits? I saw that Green Stuff World made resin mushrooms, has anyone used those? Thank you!
  5. I first got into the hobby in 2016 after playing Total War Warhammer. In Total War, I had played the Vampire Counts, and loved them (and Mannfred) dearly. I wore down the inevitable Chaos invasion with hordes of cheap zombies raised by my vampiric necromancers. When I went to the Games Workshop store I was bewildered at this Age of Sigmar thing but went with it. It is fair to say that Mannfred and Vampire Counts helped me to start Warhammer, even though I own no Mannfred models.
  6. Great model! It's awesome to see the whoop swoosh completed.
  7. I liked it. I particularly enjoyed the setting and premise with the three Dwarven factions coming together. The roleplaying was engaging and regularly funny. That said, I was upset at your description of Khorne Bloodbound as human orcs. Orruks fight because they enjoy it. Khorne mortals fight because THEY ARE CONSUMED WITH AN UNENDING RAGE WHICH CAN ONLY BE TEMPORARILY SATIATED BY DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! But, great episode otherwise. Looking forward to episode 2.
  8. Looking forward to watching the video! I am excited to play Soulbound but have not yet done so.
  9. As somebody who paints their Stormcast as Hallowed Knights, I have to say that is a beautiful model. I like how crisp and sharp your highlights are! Only the faithful!
  10. "What's your list?" "Well, I got 3 Whoop Swooshes, 6 Whoop Whoops, and 20 Little Whoops." "Aren't they called something else?" "No."
  11. Someone bought all the Troggoths at my local GW right after the store opened up from quarantine. I suspect there's a few people whose purchasing is motivated by COVID scarcity.
  12. I'd like to participate in this as well. For my army, I plan to use the Seraphon battleforce box I picked up last year. I made some progress in it, completing the Saurus Oldblood on foot and 6 skinks, with the rest in various stages of assembly. My goal for June is to paint the Bastiladon and Skink Starpriest. I may build the ripperdactyls as terradons but otherwise this is how I have built / will build the box.
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