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  1. The followers of Khorne run blood drives with the goal of collecting "blood for the blood god". They also sign people up to be posthumous organ donors, specifically to donate "skulls for the skulls throne".
  2. I can definitely see that some pieces are from the Dominion set, but there are some pieces that do not belong to any released set. For instance, the pillars used are not from any kits that I know of.
  3. If you look in the photo for Cities of Sigmar, there looks to be new terrain (Sigmar walls and gate).
  4. I think some of the newer lore has done a very good job of balancing the high fantasy of AoS with the grim dark of Warhammer. I just finished "Black Pyramid" by Josh Reynolds. It features a sea of sand where hordes of zombies buried in the sand become a "reef" and a threat to those sailing alongside a beastman who talks to ghosts. It also has a group of Dwarves who chant the names of the fallen while manning a gun line and Freeguild mercenaries who squabble for coin. By mixing the two, you get the raw creativity found in AoS with the emotional core provided by the more human characters. Notably, it also goes out of it's way to humanize the Stormcast, who are still angelic heroes, but experience doubt, exhaustion, and have their own personality quirks.
  5. Looking at how the candles line up in the rumor photo compared the video, the order of the candles is reversed. This would imply that the rumor photo is the front (assuming we are looking at the back in the video). Or that the rumor photo is the back if we are looking at the front in the video.
  6. Hello! I'm using Contrast heavily to paint the Untamed Beasts from Warcry. I plan to do highlights and touchup with classic paints after the contrast. I'd like to varnish after the contrast is done to give me a stopping point so I can play with them while not worrying about the Contrast rubbing off. Is it possible to paint on top of the varnish (munitorium spray) using the regular citadel paints? Thank you for your help!
  7. To me, it seems like a lot of the warbands merge design motifs from multiple gods. For instance, Iron Golems use both Khorne design (red and brass) as well as Nurgle (closed helms with holes like Blightkings). Corvus Cabal have both Khorne (blood and severed body parts) as well as Tzeentch (birds). From a lore perspective they each worship unaligned Chaos through their own understanding, like the Norsca in the Old World.
  8. Nail polish remover (acetone) works great for metal minis, rubbing alcohol for plastic.
  9. Let us know how it goes! I have plenty to paint without stairs so I'm going to come back to them later this week.
  10. Thanks! I'm now considering if I just want to glue the stairs to their proper areas. I dont like the idea of setting up the terrain to have it fall down mid game
  11. So, looking at terrain cards and the link, it seems that things like the stairs move around to different buildings. Do they slot in or just rest there?
  12. The Stormcast are quite tanky, with high health and armor, and as the units include Vanguard Hunters and Raptors, have strong ranged attacks. The Stormcast also have more unit variety than Nighthaunt. The Nighthaunt have higher mobility than the Stormcast, especially with flight, and the ability to bring units back. Nighthaunt units are cheaper so it's easy to have more Nighthaunt models on the board than Stormcast, particularly if the Stormcast player picks expensive models. With this particular matchup, terrain and objective matter a lot. For terrain, I used the Azyrite Ruins and Stormvault sets as that's what I had ready, so there was not as much verticality as the box set terrain. This, combined with the Stormcast ranged weapons, significantly reduced the value of the Nighthaunt's ability to fly. The first game had an objective of killing the enemy leader - the Nighthaunt player was able to use his superior mobility and numbers to isolate my leader and keep his relatively safe. That said it was quite close - his leader only had 2 wounds left by the time mine died. The second game had "kill half the opposing team" as the objective. The Stormcast formed a gun line behind cover and kept firing / stabbing as the Nighthaunt resurrected. This particular objective definitely played to the Stormcast's strengths and they won. When using the cards, I'd recommend discussing with your opponent whether the draw makes sense. Our twist for the first game was an ability to deal damage to any model on the board. Given that the objective was to kill the enemy leader, we both hit each others leader once with this before we decided it was too powerful for this objective and agreed not to use it anymore.
  13. Played 2 games of WarCry today, using Stormcast and Nighthaunt. Lots of fun - in my opinion, better than Kill Team or Shadespire. I really appreciated how quick it was and how natural the rules were. The only issue we had while playing it was potential imbalance with the non-Chaos warbands. Both Nighthaunt and Stormcast seemed highly specialized and could be strong or weak depending on the matchup, terrain layout, and objective.
  14. I like Corvus Cabal the best, followed by Splintered Fang and Unmade. Unfortunately, I like the ones in the starter set the least - I find them a bit boring.
  15. After doing some layers + highlighting, the Contrast skinks versus the traditional ones look identical, so I think I will keep using Contrast to shave off time in the early stages. I was also able to use some of the Contrast colors to do the feather color effect. I also used Contrast on some board game miniatures (Rising Sun) as well as on a larger endless spell model. Contrast looks terrible anywhere there's a flat surface, so I would never recommend it for use on anything other than flesh, fur, fabric, or textured materials. It made a mess of the endless spell. I would also not use it on small details like belts, ropes, or weapon hafts, as it might be easier and cleaner to just use regular paint.
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