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  1. I'd like to participate in this as well. For my army, I plan to use the Seraphon battleforce box I picked up last year. I made some progress in it, completing the Saurus Oldblood on foot and 6 skinks, with the rest in various stages of assembly. My goal for June is to paint the Bastiladon and Skink Starpriest. I may build the ripperdactyls as terradons but otherwise this is how I have built / will build the box.
  2. Since the government stay at home order has been lifted where I live, COVID is locally spreading at the highest rate so far. My employer is keeping our staff at work from home, so I am still in pandemic quarantine despite no official quarantine. I picked up Mollog's Mob as a fun project when the stores reopened. I havent done any other Gloomspite, but I've always wanted to paint this model. I think he turned out great and I had so much fun I ordered another Troggoth.
  3. I would love a new Warhammer Quest in AoS. My friends and I played the entire campaigns of Silver Tower and Shadows Over Hammerhal. We felt Blackstone Fortress was dry and stale and did not finish the campaign (although I loved the models). In a hypothetical return to AoS, I'd love new models like Silver Tower but would also want to see a departure from the Blackstone Fortress mechanics.
  4. I'm painting Mollogs Mob and having a lot of fun with it. I'd like an excuse to paint more Troggoths. I have never played Gitz in AoS before. What would a Troggherd list look like? I recognize this may not be competitive.
  5. I alsp wondered why he didn't have a goatee as the most "obvious" way to make him evil.
  6. @Emmetation is there a release date for the PDF of the GM screen? I'd love to get more lore bits like the adventure hooks.
  7. One of the things about a tabletop rpg is that you can modify the setting and lore as needed for your table. While it's harder for an established setting like AoS, I've changed minor details around in published RPG settings forever. The nature of the sun is something you can set for your table as you believe is correct - it's unlikely to have an impact on play and the stories you tell.
  8. My favorite series would be anything with the Hallowed Knights, especially the Steel Souls. There's a few Realmgate Wars books, as well as Plague Garden and Black Pyramid. Although each story stands alone, I'd recommend going reading from their early adventures in the Realmgate Wars. Favorite standalone novel would be Shadespire. Honorable mention for Warcry anthology. Warbeast is a popular recommendation. I liked it but did not love it.
  9. Just finished the Warcry bell tower! I tried dry brushing some additional colors into the wood to create more variation and like how it came out.
  10. Sure! The beastman was my favorite model in this set. Some gors have human-like skin tones, but I decided to do something different. That said, the actual color recipes are pretty standard. Skin is Mechanicus standard grey, nuln oil wash, dawnstone drybrush and layer. Fur is rhinox hide, agrax earthshade wash, doombull brown drybrush. Horns are zandri dust base coat, agrax earthshade wash, ushabti bone drybrush. Do the drybrush heavier towards the tips. For your army, you could try doing a blue wash instead of black on the grey. The rhinox hide + doombull has an orange/red tone that contrasts nicely with blue, but isn't overpowering.
  11. I like the description of the city and the adventure! I'm looking forward to being able to incorporate more high fantasy elements like that into the story.
  12. I think part of the reason has been that the supplement game books have more narrative freedom than the main books. Main books almost always involve armies. The smaller unit sizes in WHU or Warcry allow for more character development, individual relationships, and dynamic storytelling. They also have the freedom to portray units in a different angle than the main books (like the Stormcast).
  13. Finished Warcry the Anthology a couple days ago. Great collection of short stories! I especially liked the twists in the Devourer's Demand and the Iron Promise.
  14. I've finished several Spire Tyrants as well as some more WarCry terrain. Should have another terrain piece and hopefully some more models done this week. Looking forward to being able to play Warcry when this is all over.
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