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  1. I run them with my Blades of Khorne Forces, with Halbards a block of 25 form a wall around my Slaughter Priests and Blood Secrator. I have been known to pile on the spells and march them towards a objective to clear it. Full Block of 20 with +1 Attack, From the Blood Secrator, another from a Aspiring Death Bringer, Re-rolls to wound from the Stoker, and +2 to hit from Prayers is 80 hits on 2+... but that has started beeing my play style with Blades, Massive Buff one unit and charge it forward each turn force my opponent to deal with it before buffing another unit and launching it in as the next wave.
  2. I have had some use from him in a pick-up game, the fact he re-rolls to hit of 1 is very useful and beeing able to put it on other units is useful. That said it is limmited to a Slaves unit, but some of the best units in my list have that keyword.
  3. You can find a number of good kits to mix in with them, Spare arms from the reaver box's. Heads from the horsemen kit. And some of the non-lasgun arms from the 40k Catachen kits are also all very good. See some of my conversions below.
  4. Its not a Huge Surprise the Start Collecting box's were crazy deals, and for them to stablise the price on them 2 months before Britexit, makes sense. This year with the potential issues that the closed border could bring could be a very unsteady time for the company. I am expecting both a slow down in new models, and small price jumps like this.
  5. Minor Update time! Finished my Converted Slaughter Priest, 10 Blood Reavers with Axes and a tree for my chaos corruption table.
  6. OK. My big goal is to finish my Overlord Bastion, and then another 5 Chaos Warriors and the Darkoath Warqueen.
  7. I have decided that I need to focus my collection on just one Grand Alliance. As such my old Vampire counts Army that I started to prepare for AOS Needs to be sold off. I do have more models old metal ones from the 1990s/2000's as well that will need to find new homes one day, but for now this is the collection I have. Looking for cash. For the painted stuff around current box price, for the unfinished stuff will make a deal. (Lower for as is, or with some extra if you want me to finish painting... I will even entertain the prospect of painting other units to match the paint scheme, I enjoy the painting I am just never going to play with this army)
  8. Well it has been almost a year.... "what a year" Life happened alot and I stopped playing as much. But I have started over again! I have a number of projects on the go and I thought I would try and share a few of them here. (More updates will be attempted to happen more regularly) First up, a slighty odd Conversion, Iam working on a bloodthirster and have a number of bits spare. I decided to add one to the Chaos Giant kit, and made something much more... Terrifying. Next on the Painting Table I have a converted Slaughter priest, some Blood Reavers and a Warshrine. And then on the longer project I have started work on the parts I need for a display table.. (and battlefield scenery)
  9. I just want to say this. There is more to AOS that comp play. And outside of Comp Play Blades of Khorne remain in my book one of the best armys for fun games. They are for better or worse, much like the Orks in 40k. (though with new codex for first time in long time thats not quite true, anyway)
  10. I have seen one or two examples of changes to it. I think the big question is the legs if I can work out a trick to repose of of them I will be golden.
  11. Greetings. Has anyone had any luck or know of folk whom have been able to make any good alterations to the Bloodthirster to make them... Unique. Iam preparing to start work on one, and looking for inspiration.
  12. Good Evening all! Its been an age since I posted to this forum but I thought I would just chime in with my thoughts on Mortal Khorne in AOS 2.0. I have been having great success, but I do rely on alot of Slaves to Darkness Units... == This is the list. BloodSecrator, (Gryh-Feather Charm) SlaughterPriest x2 (One with+1 to hit, one with +1 Save) Exalted DeathBringer Asspring DeathBringer Deamon Prince (Immense Power, Axe-Anrahirs Claw) 10X blood Warriors 10x Blood Reavers 20x Chaos Warriors Halbards 40x Marauders Soul Grinder Spawn Gore Pilgrims == So the Warriors sit in a wall protecting the Priests and the Separator. The Aim of the list is not to take out the big monsters but secure objects. I have alot of tools and although I have no set plan for how buffs are dropped I have enough targets to make different parts of the army extra killy. The trick I have found is that to use blood tith to react to the battle. My only set plan is I aim to get 3 blood tithe by turn 2, so I can make a redeployment haveing a Soulgrinder Move twice, or even my Prince Fly 24.. changes the shape of the battle. So typicaly I push againt the whole table turn 1, and then turn 2 I push into a single point to secure an objective or take out a key part of the opponents force
  13. Well her shield Arm could easily hold the 'chains' to the Fleshound. I think the heads fine. A Khonenate Axe may also work. But it depends on the models Point cost and how its built. I mean with the right pair of wings it may be possible to built a kick ass alternative Valkia out of it as well!
  14. I have been running the Might Lord of Khorne a bit recently and I like him! I have been considering converting her into a Might Lord of Khorne, depending on how the kit looks.
  15. GorePilgrims rocks. Its got everything that makes mortal Blades of Khorne Rock. But its not an army by itself. Murderhost is good. And a great Army it gets better the bigger you go.
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