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  1. thank all. appreciate the help. I bit the bullet and went white for the bodies and black for the shields. I haven't painted properly in ages so lets see what happens :)
  2. @Maxi99 I will probably just follow the colour scheme as attached from the box set. I really like it! Also, just about to build the Mortek Guard. Should I go for spears or swords?
  3. Hello all, I am about to embark on my first project in god knows how long and am curious as what is the best primer colour for painting bone? The Ossiarch Bone reapers looks amazing imo and I want to get them right. I will probably follow the colour scheme in the Feast of Bones box set and base coat with Morghast Bone. However, this is a new colour to me so not sure whats best to prime it with, black or white or go for a bone colour primer like what Army Painter do? Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received. TIA
  4. Matthius19


    Immense. Tip of the cap to you sir
  5. Hello All, I have decided to take the plunge again and get back into Warhammer. Soul Wars looks ideal for me to get back into after a 6/7 year hiatus to bring up the kids. I had to sell all my old stuff to fund nappies and miniature clothes but now the eldest chap is 6 and he has started to show an interest in this hobby!!! (I could not be happier), so now I have the excuse and reason I needed to indulge again in fantasy shenanigans! I will probably end up posting a large number of dumb question and probably post some pictures of the worst painted models known to man as I get to grips with painting again. But hey ho, let the fun being!! (and monthly hiding of a few hundred pounds from the Mrs
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