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  1. Ben posted his list on Twitter. Here it is.
  2. Changed mystic shield though so there is a bit of a precedent.
  3. So what are the chances inspiring presence will be modified or dropped in the next GHB with all the bravery modifiers in Forbidden Power?
  4. I’ve got a Tzeentch if interested. PM for pics.
  5. Scenery would be consistent with the suggestion that the reveal is something for all players.
  6. Looking for some list feedback, please. Specifically debating between 2x10 for the bladegheists or 1x5 and 1x15 and whether I should track down another Darrakar for the mortality glass. Not sure I want to give up the lantern though so I can spread out summoning with Neferata. Thanks! GoS with lantern (beacon) Lord Executioner - general (aetherquartz brooch) Knight of Shrouds on Steed (pendant) Neferata 20x Grimghasts 3x Spirit hosts 3x Spirit hosts 3x Spirit hosts 10x Bladegheists 10x Bladegheists Shroudguard Execution Hoard Palisade
  7. Listening to the latest Facehammer podcast and how much mortal wound output seems to be available in the new Nurgle book got me thinking about my own list writing efforts. While I’ve been lurking here for a while, outside of skirmish campaigns I’m only just starting with matched play AoS and am curious about a couple of topics I’m hoping for some advice on: 1. How concerned should I be about mortal wound output in my lists and in the case of an Ironjawz army, is that something I should focus on when considering potential allies? 2. Is there a target wound count for a 2,000 point army list I should be aiming for? Thanks everyone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Anyone else finding the model is missing from GW’s website (I’m in Canada)? Production issues?
  9. Just joined and am starting to get into Sigmar after playing 8th on and off a few years ago.
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