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  1. Is it just me being overly optimistic or is there a chance for a battletome update later this year given recent social media activity in the community re Nighthaunt. Base mechanics are there - just need some tweaks and more variety in units. Too much overlap in existing scrolls.
  2. Loving seeing Chumphammer killing it at LVO with the 20 blood sisters. My current list: Medusa 2x hag Knight incantor 20 blood sisters 20 blood sisters 30 sisters of slaughter 5 heart renders 5 warlocks dais
  3. Maybe if bridge doesn’t get nerfed because the movement would be nice but hard to give up Hagg nar benefits and reliability.
  4. Inspired by Chumphammer, planning to run this at LVO hagg nar Medusa (general, shadow stone, mind razor) hag queen (Blessing) hag queen (Catechism) incantor 2 x 20 blood sisters 5 blood sisters 2 x 5 doomfire (withering and debating second spell) 5 heart renders Dais Arcanum
  5. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out AoE.
  6. Nice showing! Was that out in Nanaimo? Good weekend for Canadian AoS as we had Onslaught here in Edmonton. Did having Gotrek change how you played with Morathi in terms of transformation timing?
  7. Planning for daughters at LVO as well. My Nighthaunt are too swingy. Plan is to pay the tax and run temple nest in hopes blocks of snakes can just smash through everything and Hag Nar save gets them through the activation wars.
  8. Going to have first game with purple sun in the list next week. Should be fun Reikenor - Shademist Neferata Spirit Torment w/ Midnight Tome - Soul Cage Guardian of Souls - Spectral Tether 30 Grimghast 6 Spirit Host 3 Spirit Host 20 Bladegheist Purple Sun Suffocating Gravetide Vault of Souls
  9. Ben posted his list on Twitter. Here it is.
  10. Changed mystic shield though so there is a bit of a precedent.
  11. So what are the chances inspiring presence will be modified or dropped in the next GHB with all the bravery modifiers in Forbidden Power?
  12. I’ve got a Tzeentch if interested. PM for pics.
  13. Scenery would be consistent with the suggestion that the reveal is something for all players.
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