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  1. I love Elves. I am obsessed by Elves in whatever game or background...but I really want to see other races get a slice of the cake instead.
  2. As my post history shows, I keep falling in and out of live with models, impulse buying armies and then mournfully selling them on. I have settled on a couple of armies. Stormcast - because I tend to play evil horde armies in 40k. So a heavily armoured, kinda elite bunch of good guys appeals. I love paladins. I like they way that their reforming is a flip on the "die well be rewarded with Valhalla or Daemonhood" schtick. Plus, i wanted a Jack of all trades army. Finally, i tended to avoid Space Marines which meant I didn't get to use all those SM 2player starter sets. DoK...because I have always loved Dark Elves. The army combines that love while drawing on themes that remind me of the old stop-motion Ray Harry Hausen movies. Plus..I have a fondness for religious nutters I fames. Which leads me to my most recent acquisition: Bonesplitterz. I love the models. Much better than the 40k orks. Just looking at their little faces makes me grin. I read their BT and rather than this killing my interest (which is what happened with Fyreslayers)., I was even more excited for the army. I am busy painting them up now in the Hope's.of actually putting a fully *painted* army into battle for the first time in AoS
  3. What is next on the purchase list? On the way I have: 1x SC! BT Forge Invocations Doomseeker Battlesmith Grimwrath Berzker Five Hgb with Axes What next? Some Auric HG for shooting? Another SC? Cheers.
  4. Can we gain anything useful by calling in our less enlightened brethren, those Ironjawz chaps?
  5. Another vote for minimagtrays. I bought a cloud of both 25mm and 32mm to test them with my DoK and Sylvaneth. On the one hand I can hold the base upside down and they won't fall off. On the other, they can be pushed around on the cloud when you pile in or reform. Smooth to push across the table (I was worried about damaging the club's gaming mats) I am planning to go to magnets for transport as I am already fed up with damage to Hedonites, Sylvaneth et al. So will be magnetizing my models anyway. I can see it taking an hour or two to prep models of you aren't going that route, but then you don't have to paint these...so probably it evens out. I will be getting more of these as soon as they have enough magnets back in stock. They aren't cheap but the quality and all round usefulness makes them a great buy, IMO.
  6. Is there a Facebook group for Bonesplitterz?
  7. This is fab! Any other models you could share, please?
  8. Okay, I appreciate the heads up. I won't pick anything else up for now. At the moment the ladz are more of a side project to build and paint as a break from other stuff. Thank you.
  9. Sketching out my first list... Savage Big Boss (Gen) Wurrgog Prophet Wardokk Savage BB Manics x5 Savage Orruk Morboyz x30 Savage BB x5 Savage Big Stabbas x2 How does that sound as an entry point slash leaning tool?
  10. Okay. What would be a good starting list at 1kpts then?
  11. Interested in Bonespitterz because the models are so cool. The boars are particularly cute. What would a starting shopping list be? Around the 1kpts range. Not looking to go to tournaments but local group has a mix of fluffy through to competitive players. Thank you.
  12. Maybe that's what the dice do? Rather than just being the usual fancy dice, I mean. Similar to the current 'scenery effects' dice but they would let us target existing terrain with effects that either harms the enemy or buffs us. Pure speculation but the symbols on the dice make me wonder if they were even meant to be read as numbers. 😁
  13. I could see that being the case if Wyldwoods stay - they pretty much are Endless Spells already.
  14. I think the fact that the rest of our army got exploding hits more than compensates for the Daemonettes revision. I mean, if I understand correctly, all of our models now get that ability...Fiends, chariots, KoS...😮
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