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  1. I wonder how much the new BB Season 2 is going to be? I made a guess at Β£120 on Saturday given the contents. Consensus in our group was that that was an overestimate. However, if that WC Catacombs price is correct, I can see it being that. πŸ™
  2. Indeed. It's a lovely kit. A great shame. GW could have just said to paint him to look ethereal (he's the ghost of a Necromancer) Or written the lore that the NH are dragging him around as some kind of slave-wizard as punishment for his temerity bossing other undead about!
  3. @kozokus Great job at the tournament. Thank you for the detailed write up. Some very interesting stuff there.
  4. Yeah, that Smash Down rule can take out Sylvaneth Woods, Gitz Moonshrines, etc. Pretty useful in some match ups. And even generally could be useful for denying buffs or removing debunks, I guess.
  5. Did they perhaps price them thinking that most folks won't start a Sons army, but will just add an MG to an existing army? If there are a bunch of bits, alternate parts, etc in each box it might off set the sticker shock a bit. But still...ouch.
  6. It's up! Sadly, no dice. But hey. Big stompy lads! πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Dice for the Dice God! Sprues for the Sprue Throne!
  8. (To the tune of Pump up the Jam) Stomp up and down! While ya feet are stompin' Give da gits a crumpin' Look at de oomans runnin' You get the idea.
  9. And the new Blood Bowl Season box. The Orcs in that look fantastic!
  10. Are they going to ignore bracketing for damage? Otherwise isn't offense the best defense? Edit- does at least give you a benefit if you know you will have to fight last, or after some dudes that can fight first.
  11. Dreadfleet 2.0 confirmed. Space Hulkesque boarding mini game included. πŸ˜„ Actually, that might be decent...πŸ€”
  12. There will be random 'because reasons' thrown into the book to justify it, I'm sure. Who is prettiest? Who has the best ears? That kind of thing. I am not as wowed by these new DoK models as the Underworlds WB that just released, but those models are gorgeous. Still, the Shadowstalkers and the Ironscale...melusai...i am just going to call her the Ironlady are good models. I suspect they will grow on me. πŸ™‚
  13. We won't be able to pre-order until 10th October. October still seems a long way off but it's a pretty solid indication of the release date.
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