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  1. Yes...yeesss....a dice made of skulls... Huge...made of skulls...totally unreadable except to the blessed few.... There could not be anything more GW! I think you're onto a winner. πŸ˜„
  2. I am hoping for suitably sized dice, too.
  3. Fingers crossed. The amount of new kits that Necron and Marines are getting is...bountiful to say the least. I don't begrudge the Necron, mind you. Been a while since they got anything new. The entire Behemat range is three to five items - if we get warscroll cards, and if we count reboxing Aleguzzlers to Mancrunchers as an 'item'. Given the two week preorder for 40K I think it would be possible to slip the Behemat stuff in there - even just to stop there being a gap in the schedule. GW shares are up by 86% over lockdown, but if they have models and books ready to go, I am sure they would love to get as much cash in as possible right now. I reckon it is possible but I won't hold my wallet...er.. I mean breath. πŸ˜‡ As to battalions or subfactions - I wonder if the former will be just part of their baked-in Allegiance Abilities. Subfactions could be a bonus for taking two or more of a particular MG, perhaps? Who knows. I never would have expected a horde discount on a unit of three models, let alone giants?!
  4. Agreed that Mancruncher is probably the more sober, deadlier version of the Aleguzzler. Aleguzzlers Anonymous.
  5. Hang in there, dude. πŸ‘ The time of the Gargants approaches!
  6. I take your point about 'entirely new factions', but I recall part of the WHC community coverage of LRL stating that there would be more releases later in the year. Now, I know that Sisters weren't entirely new, but given the very long time between even their last model update and their ascension to plastic, I think it's a reasonable comparison. Last year I bought the Sisters Army box (very similar product to the Lumineth Army box) months before the army release proper. I think GW intended a similar pattern for Lumineth but Covid has kinda messed things up. This leaves them with a potential spot to chuck out the Sons - a very small release in terms of SKUs but eagerly anticipated by many AoS players - just before 9th Edition 40k kicks off. That could see a could of months of releases. So GW might want to drop two new AoS forces to tide us over while they focus on 40k, even if one of those armies is just the army box. In fact, given recent GW it wouldn't be impossible for Sons to drop alongside either Lumineth or in the midst of the 40K Starter-then Codexes chain. I'm not saying Sons are an insignificant release, but they can go into other armies, and even as a stand alone army the number of items in the range is tiny. Part of their appeal is just how simple they are to collect. This is also based on a hunch that 9th will either drop on 25th July or go on preorder then. That's payday for a lot of UK folks. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  7. Drukhari Covens *love* improving the looks and capabilities of their clientèle...and are paid handsomely for it! Sons of Behemet Thought- I reckon we could see Sons Of Behemet drop in the 2nd or 3rd week of July. The releases are two boxes (reboxed Aleguzzler), the battle tome and hopefully some chunky dice. That's not going to be too much effort for GW to throw out the door.
  8. Could be from one of the as yet unseen DoK Warcry models. We only saw a handful of them. But I get more of a Drukhari vibe from it. Wild outlier that Ynnari are getting more models.
  9. Have you considered the upcoming Sons of Behemet? It's any army of giants with a very low model count. Also I second Ironjaws. My Stormcast are regularly outnumbered by a Maw Krusha and pig heavy build.
  10. Haha, yeah, that's what I ended up doing. πŸ‘
  11. A while back I had the idea to make an alternate Rogue Idol for my Bonesplitterz . I thought they might conjure up a boar shaped idol. Prototype pictures. Base size is correct, for reference. So think the actual model needs to be double the size.
  12. Trying to decide on a colour of warpaint.
  13. @Sception thank you for the very extensive writeup.
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