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  1. @Overread if they don't scale up our Avatar and give him to us as a Huge Stompy Dude option, I shall be very disappointed.
  2. If 40k Aeldari ever get a plastic Avatar kit, GW might make it dual purpose for us, too. I feel that we are the 'aelf horde' army, skin to Drukhari.
  3. I am hesitant to give too much weight to that. Mega could very well just be used as a generic hype term.
  4. Daughters of Khaine took a subset of models from one army and added in some more bits of Greek myth to make a couple of extra units that fit the existing look while still being quite different. We might see something similar with the Sons. OTOH...we might get o e of those armies that have a distinct disparity in component races. For example, Ogors and their little green buddies. The trend with new AoS sculpts seems to be towards bolder, less generic sculpts. I would be surprised if we see new giants that are just bigger versions of the current Aleguzzler model. I think GW will want to push the envelope more. Look at the details they put into the bigger Troggoths. Big kits can end up a bit dull if they lack not just detail, but opportunities to build different variants and poses.
  5. I vastly prefer this method. I like to get good pictures and some hints of fluff, rules, etc.
  6. I note that Adepticon should have started on 25th. Given that the preview isn't until 28th I wonder if they are preparing a bit more material to pad things out for us? Also, it is of course the usual 'Sunday' slot.
  7. Hoping for something the size and bulk of 40K Knights. That would be awesome.
  8. AoS: Age of Aelves. Spin off game in which players can only play Aelves. Starter set sees De'ath Aelves vs Apocalypse Aelves. AoS...GW decides that maybe Nurgle should take a step back for the moment, a move which causes a stark divide amongst the player base. However, newly revealed Khorne Berzerkers go some way towards molifying fans. Specialist games tease Dreadfleet III* pitting Aleves against the Plague Fleets of Nurgle. *Apparently DF 2 did so poorly that most of the gaming community had suppressed any knowledge of it.
  9. @FFJump Yeah, was more an idle thought spawned from a few things mentioned in this thread. Interesting that you mention matriarchal Fyreslayer lodges. I wasn't aware of those.
  10. What if Chaos Dwarfs are matriarchal? Or at the very least have a significant proportion of female models as a contrast to the traditional 'men only' Dwarfs.
  11. Ran into an Ardboyz teleporting horde last night. Their battleline are just a lot better than ours, plus I think I was outnumbered two or three to one.
  12. Agreed. As an actual Sisters of Battle player, I automatically default to them as. In my head I refer to the Sons of Behemat as "Sons" in a similar way to "Daughters" of Khaine. Alternatively, Behemat or just BEH.
  13. I will stick with the Khinerai for now as I have the models. That leaves me with the points to take both a SQ and Hag, but only one can be on a cauldron. Tempted to make the SQ walk, because: 1. She keeps her 'fight twice' prayer. 2.Hag's Queen, and hence Witchbrew, is safer on the Caldron. Leaves me at an awkward 60pts. But I can pick up an extra CP. Still have an Artefact to hand out.
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