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  1. Now back to tzeencth! What do you think of Changehost vs the top armies? I feel we got the edge vs FEC and skaven but would struggle vs DoK? Fyreslayers then? We would dominate Most battleplans due to mobility.
  2. Tiers are an interesting concept but far from flawless. Some factions are really good against some other factions making them top tier if those other factions are common in the meta. Some factions are hard to play for the beginner but potentially potent in the hands of a good player while other factions are strong almost regardless of the player. Take Tzeentch for example, despite the small boost in ghb19, the army is often not considered top tier. But due to good Magic def/of with high mortal wound output and good antihoard spells it can challenge FEC and Skaven but at the same time being very fragile means you need to act carefully (needing some skill). The opposite example would be FEC: An army thats hard to fail with as long as you choose the right subfaction. If above is at least somewhat true that makes tiering harder.
  3. Well, tell us more about your regular lists and what factions your opponents playing. I have had huge success with the army over the past 1,5 years. For now, try the Changehost.
  4. Just blues and brimstones mostly. Sometimes the rare exalted flamer but I feel that summoning a herald of some sort cant be wrong as your opponent really should aim for those heroes.
  5. No need to make a straight line between narrative and competative. I mostly play competative and at tournaments but almost every game has narrative elements. Eg: You make a joke about something unjusioal happening like roling a double six with your gobbo mage to unbind the opponents LoC 11 casting. Small pockets of narrative can loosen the tention that could build up during competative gaming and I for one liket that.
  6. Thats problebly a better version of the list , I need to collect 10 more pink horrors. Cogs costs80 now and even if i summon I dont think that I want to charge that much.
  7. I will play with list changehost this weekend: LoC, changeling, gaunt summoner, blue scribes. 2x10 pink horrors, 10 blue horrors, 2x10 brimstone, 3 flamers, 10 acolytes Pendulum, geminidis, Purple sun Changehost 3 drops and a nasty combo. Opinions?
  8. True, its a lot harder against deatharmies but possible. On the other side of the cake its ridiculus against skaven. But thats not half of your games. Most demon armies got mortals mixed in and tzeencth have beastbirds. With up to 8 screams at minus 2-8 in bravery even bravery 10 needs to worry
  9. My 2000p list remember, work in progress: Reikenor Necromancer 2x Banshee Dreadblade, general, wraithbow Mercenary: Abhorrant Archregent 40 skeletons 20 Dreadshcytes 2x5 wolves 10 bladeghasts Mercenaries: 3 Cryps flayers Endless spells: horrorghast, Lauchon, suffocating gravetide 1 extra cp
  10. Now when the reviews of the ghb2019 are out it time to build some lists. With the grimghasts going up in points we need to revaluate the alternatives. More skeletons instead or maybe graveguards (cheaper now). At least our heroes got cheaper excluding the necro. Are chainrasps an alternative to the now more expensive wolves?
  11. I really dislike comments like "wait for the book" and "sky is falling". We now have at least two different sources saying the same about the terrain rules. One of the reading straight from it in the video. Unfortunatly its true. Hopefully GW will come to their senses and FAQ this otherwise the community will no doubt do it. Im just chocked this slipped through playtesting.
  12. This. If they want to sell more terrain they better not restrict it. And faction terrain will sell worse.
  13. Even excludingthe gnawholes, it will be really hard to place faction terrain like loonshrine or the boats.
  14. Guerilla wargaming have posted a video om youtube where they go into detail with the ghb2019. While watching this video I specially noted some strange changes in the terrain rules. When placing faction terrain you must set it up more than 6" from the tableedge, 6" from other terrain and 3" from objectives. If other restrictions to placing exists both apply. Is this even playtested? The most obvious inconsitency would be skaven gnawholes. They MUST be placed within 6" of tableedge according to the armybook but now also HAVE to be placed outside 6" of tableedge. And what about terrain placed later in the game like nurgle and Sylvaneth threes? If this rules apply for them they surely often cant be placed. Sylvaneth an already weakfaction (New book) will be almost useless while relying in terrain to function.
  15. Yes, you could. I was thinking of adding flayers or an archregent but I couldnt get the minis with short notice.
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