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  1. I think this feeling of fragile troops can partly explained by the use of Teclis. Your troops are not that expensive and have average/good saves (4+) with easy access to very good saves (3+ save, -1/2 to hit and 5++ teclis save). But by using Teclis u got 660 points less troops. This leads to a smaller army.
  2. All of you that calls for flamers to change they are maybe the most obvious glasscannon in the game. The die to whatever, even goblin shooting. Horrors are good but got nerfed hard with a points raise. The big problem is ignoring battleshock on any DD. And the cheap summoner. Other than that tzeentch is fine. They are not even close to the dominance of DoK (at its prime), obr and slaanesh. Its not that hard to create an anti tz list. Even BoCor goblins could do it. CoS and fyreslayers also.
  3. Well the charge need to just gently touch the opposing unit at an edge. They wont do that many wounds if only 1-2 minis could fight. Its totally enough to hold them for 2 turns.
  4. Or even better, hitting them with pendulum from another wizard and then casting spells with them from the now extended range. This could even mean that units of 20 pinks will hit the Battlefield.
  5. I almost always use DD early on for castings and getting +1 for the rest of the battle seems tempting. Also dont forget the herald of tzeentch who can cast spells with 3 Dice once per game.
  6. A gaunt summoner i tzeencth summoning 10 pinks Free (!)
  7. I would just pick out the weaker heroes and then the keeper with shooting. Bestigors get diverted or charged in the flank.
  8. I understand that we have to wait for points but the statement that you cannot judge an army by realise is plain wrong. When I read the slaanesh rules I saw the problems instantly and the same goes for warclans ironjaw spam or FEC gristlegore. I dont understand why people still claims that you need to play them to say it. Any somewhat experienced player will draw the conclusions at eyesight from the tome alone. The sky aint falling but Im worried about power creep. Soon the we will reach the sky and the need for a total reboot will increase. The basic troops need to cost like 180 for 10 and i doubt they will cost more thank 140.
  9. Can a Pink horrors unit that gets replenished by d6 models after rolling a 1 on the battleshock go over their starting numbers? I have always played it as a "no" but Darren recently did just that at the London GT. Consensus?
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/23/faction-focus-cities-of-sigmargw-homepage-post-4/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=AoS&utm_content=aosfreecities230919
  11. Some new info up on Facebook about Anvilguard.
  12. Now back to tzeencth! What do you think of Changehost vs the top armies? I feel we got the edge vs FEC and skaven but would struggle vs DoK? Fyreslayers then? We would dominate Most battleplans due to mobility.
  13. Tiers are an interesting concept but far from flawless. Some factions are really good against some other factions making them top tier if those other factions are common in the meta. Some factions are hard to play for the beginner but potentially potent in the hands of a good player while other factions are strong almost regardless of the player. Take Tzeentch for example, despite the small boost in ghb19, the army is often not considered top tier. But due to good Magic def/of with high mortal wound output and good antihoard spells it can challenge FEC and Skaven but at the same time being very fragile means you need to act carefully (needing some skill). The opposite example would be FEC: An army thats hard to fail with as long as you choose the right subfaction. If above is at least somewhat true that makes tiering harder.
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