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  1. Thats problebly a better version of the list , I need to collect 10 more pink horrors. Cogs costs80 now and even if i summon I dont think that I want to charge that much.
  2. I will play with list changehost this weekend: LoC, changeling, gaunt summoner, blue scribes. 2x10 pink horrors, 10 blue horrors, 2x10 brimstone, 3 flamers, 10 acolytes Pendulum, geminidis, Purple sun Changehost 3 drops and a nasty combo. Opinions?
  3. True, its a lot harder against deatharmies but possible. On the other side of the cake its ridiculus against skaven. But thats not half of your games. Most demon armies got mortals mixed in and tzeencth have beastbirds. With up to 8 screams at minus 2-8 in bravery even bravery 10 needs to worry
  4. My 2000p list remember, work in progress: Reikenor Necromancer 2x Banshee Dreadblade, general, wraithbow Mercenary: Abhorrant Archregent 40 skeletons 20 Dreadshcytes 2x5 wolves 10 bladeghasts Mercenaries: 3 Cryps flayers Endless spells: horrorghast, Lauchon, suffocating gravetide 1 extra cp
  5. Now when the reviews of the ghb2019 are out it time to build some lists. With the grimghasts going up in points we need to revaluate the alternatives. More skeletons instead or maybe graveguards (cheaper now). At least our heroes got cheaper excluding the necro. Are chainrasps an alternative to the now more expensive wolves?
  6. I really dislike comments like "wait for the book" and "sky is falling". We now have at least two different sources saying the same about the terrain rules. One of the reading straight from it in the video. Unfortunatly its true. Hopefully GW will come to their senses and FAQ this otherwise the community will no doubt do it. Im just chocked this slipped through playtesting.
  7. This. If they want to sell more terrain they better not restrict it. And faction terrain will sell worse.
  8. Even excludingthe gnawholes, it will be really hard to place faction terrain like loonshrine or the boats.
  9. Guerilla wargaming have posted a video om youtube where they go into detail with the ghb2019. While watching this video I specially noted some strange changes in the terrain rules. When placing faction terrain you must set it up more than 6" from the tableedge, 6" from other terrain and 3" from objectives. If other restrictions to placing exists both apply. Is this even playtested? The most obvious inconsitency would be skaven gnawholes. They MUST be placed within 6" of tableedge according to the armybook but now also HAVE to be placed outside 6" of tableedge. And what about terrain placed later in the game like nurgle and Sylvaneth threes? If this rules apply for them they surely often cant be placed. Sylvaneth an already weakfaction (New book) will be almost useless while relying in terrain to function.
  10. Yes, you could. I was thinking of adding flayers or an archregent but I couldnt get the minis with short notice.
  11. They cleaned up nicely in game one but were no gamechangers. They killed a few reapers in game 2 against LoN but bravery 10 is hard and I löst nu main caster early. In game 2 one died quick and the other killed an eel causing the rest to flee. They were more of a potential threat but a good one.
  12. Game 3: Better part of valour ws Idoneth (tidecaster, soulrender, 6 spear eels, 3 spear eels, 2x3 Shield eels, gemenidis, akhelian king) I like this matchup. The bravery 6 eels are tasty. I deployed my skeletons in a large ring (contesting 2 objectives) with reikenor, necro and reapers inside. My banshees were placed at each ride in the open as bait and to make incoming tp harder. The wolves screened the left side banshee. My opponent tookthe first turn and masscharged. On my right 3 shield eels attacked my banshee but she survived with a wound. On my left 6 speareels (from tp) and 3 shield eels charged my wolfscreen banshee and skeletons. The banshee died and so did wolves. I killed nothing in return. 3 eels gäller a charge. In my turn one I cast horrorghast with reikenor and put it next to both eel units to my left. I cast minus armour spell at the big eel unit. The rightmost banshee withdraw from the eels bit they was still locked in combat with skeletons. The reapers charged both eel units to the left. They killed twofrom the big unit and the 4 remaining ran away! One of the shield eels also died between reapers and skeletons and his remaining friends also ran. I won the priority role and the banshee screamed at the eels on the right and killed one. The other two flew later. The grimghasts killed Another eel unit and soulrender. Reikenor charged and killed the tidecaster. After his king made some carnage in turn 2-3 he was killed by reikenor blowing the candle. 19-1 to me. I placed 2nd in the tournament only one tp behind the winners (a combined fyreslayers and nurgle full tp army).
  13. Game 2: Duality of Death ws Legions of Nagash (Arkhan, Necromancer, Guardian of souls with mortarity glas, 20 reapers, 40 skeletons, 5 Direwolves) This was a completely different game. I was up against a much more experienced opponent and an army containing only bravery 10. It was also somewhat of a mirrormatch eith us having almost the same units. He took the first turn but failed some run roles and also didint walled the objective with his wolves. He contested no objective and onlu surged forward a bit. In my first turn both spells were stopped by Arkhan (no boat for me buuh). I run both banshees to grap the objectives (1 using a commandp). On the left side I also had a screen and on my right I had som favorable terrain to hide my banshee behind. My skeletons ran forward to try to support the banshee on the left and Reikenor charged his reapers in the left flank while my reapers charged them in the right flank. Sadly my reapers failed to do much and the same for Reikenor. My opponent went first in the second round and killed of Reikenor (dumb move to charge i know but at least they had to commit). His reapers had left mine with a magic move and the charged my dire wolf screen and Reikenor. My reapers got completely debuffed and was killed by his skeletons later but i brought them back. On the right side his skeleton also charged my undefended banshee but she survived to my turn due to her position with her back against a high wall. The rest of the battle i held on to the objective on the left but lost the one on the right. He slowly gained the upper hand in the fights but I was to far ahead in vp. After secondaries I took a narrow win 13-7. I think I killed a few reapers with the banshees but nothing more. Death is not a good matchup for us.
  14. Ok, so back for a tournament report. As i mentioned earlier i attended a 650x2 oneday doubles tournament yesterday. But my Teammate unfortunately got sick so I was left on my own (you could attend alone but with 1250x1 pts and I did). Final list: Reikenor (bravery debuff spell) Necromancer (general, - 2 bravery, wraithbow, armour debuff spell) Bansheex2 40 Skeletons (swords) 20 Grimghast reapers 5 Dire wolves Endless spells: Horrorghast, Lauchon Game 1: Starstrike ws Skaven (something like 2x3 stormfiends, clanrats, grey seer, bombardier, doomwheel, warplightning cannon) I was handed the first turn and cast lauchon in the middle of reapers. The got on the boat and after movement and charge I charged a screen and stormfiends in the flank. I killed all but the warpfire thrower. The rest of the army surged forward. In his turn his warpfire thrower killed a lot of reapers and his cannon blew itself up. In my turn I charged his other stormfiends with skeletons but killed none. My reapers died in combat and reikenor charged his bombardier and seer but killed none. Failed my spells. In his turn the bombardier blew himself up (bad luck!) but he took away a lot of skeletons with warpfire. I killed a stormfiend (and the other two ran away (-4 to bravery). His Doomwheel was able to charge my necro due to bad placement and long move/charge but he survived the charge. My opponent got the double turn and shoot my skeletons with warpfire from the surviving stormfiend. The doomwheel killed the necro. In my third turn Reikenor killed the grey seer. The banshees killed the remaining stormfiend and doomwheel. No enemies left! I controlled 2 of 3 comets since their arrival and made the secondary missions. Win 19-1 tp.
  15. Yes, only one large unit makes me a bit vunerable but I still think its better then 2-3 small ones. But as you say 40 skellies are strong at this pointlevel. I was opting for some banshees for some screams of my own but Im limited to 2 leader slots and really need reikenor to get the spells of.
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