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  1. So, just looking to pass the time here... why do you think Soulblight as an army has got so little interest going on? Most other army threads on this forum are far bigger than this one and has a lot more buzzing. I'll venture a guess and say it's because of two things. One, the army is limited in number of choices. In total I wouldn't call it much worse than some other little factions but with only a single battleline option available it does force a certain shape to every list. The only ones sharing the same boat that I can recall are ones without even allegiance abilities, like the Phoenix Temple and Order Draconis. The Phoenix Temple thread is actually smaller than ours so I guess it could be worse... but we've already got our abilities, artefacts and stuff. It is a little sad, really. Two, and I think this is the big one... you can use the exact same models in a Legions of Nagash army and just be stronger. It does feel like a conscious handicap sometimes to go with Soulblight over LoN, especially when I consider that I already tend to use a unit or two of Dire Wolves as allies. Then again, the theme and feel of a proper Soulblight army is much stronger to me, and I've found it pretty hard to wean myself from having my Blood Knights fly. Thinking about the future of the army, I'm not convinced that Soulblight will continue as its own thing down the line. I think it'll be absorbed completely into Legions of Nagash (or Blood, specifically) but which will hopefully mean that the vampire theme and focus for the legion is strengthened. Compared to others who worry that their faction might disappear completely, we've atleast got a fallback with LoN. I am looking forward to this year's GHB, though. I hope for some points changes here and there to lighten us up a little bit.
  2. TMS

    Soulblight inbound?

    It kind of works at the moment due to how expensive Blood Knights are in points. You can draw up a pretty large number of different lists due to the high cost of battlelines and there's a bunch of different big heroes to mess around with. If things were cheap enough to have everything included all the time the limited number of options would be much worse. Not that I would have anything at all against some more stuff!
  3. I'll be interested to see what happens to Soulblight as a stand-alone faction since, even though they do have their own allegiance abilities, every one of their units are also fully part of the Legions of Nagash, with Legion of Blood already incentivizing the use of Blood Knights and Vampire Lords. I wouldn't want it to happen but I could see the faction disappearing and/or be absorbed into Legion of Blood to give it further identity from the other legions unless they're given a full army expansion of their own.
  4. I used to be really into Chaos when I was younger but eventually grew out of it, so to speak. The idea of a Chaos Lord in his huge spiky armour hooked me in completely and I couldn't think of anything cooler but I've later come to realize that having actually sold your soul to an evil god wouldn't be so hot after all. For all your power you would still be a plaything in the end. I do see the appeal of all the gods, though. Through Khorne you would have the power brute force through anything standing in your way. Imagine the things that drive you mad and the possibility of just physically breaking them and have the issues be solved. Just like that. With Tzeentch you would have the power to influence and change things far bigger than your local little world and the satisfaction of ruining whatever you dislike, even if you might not get credit for doing it. Nurgle would let you simply stop caring about anything and just go along with the ride, laughing all the way. Imagine all the things you feel obliged to do in order to fit in and the freedom to just ignore it all and not care anymore. Slaanesh would let you enjoy the highs of personal satisfaction. You're the best around and everyone knows it and shows it. Of these different types of slavery I think I would have gone for Slaanesh the most and Tzeentch the least. I enjoy being admired for the things I invest myself into and I generally dislike change unless it is necessary. But still, however big I would perceive myself to be, eventually I'd end up a chewing toy for daemons. Which is why I've come to mature and prefer another form of bondage... Undeath! Or vampirism, specifically. Power and immortality combined with that cozy melancholy of the living dead. A completely selfish drive to make yourself something else. You could argue that the case of independency for undead in Warhammer is just a bad as it is for Chaos due to Nagash but we've seen that he's at least a bit more perishable than the big four. Temporarily, at least.
  5. Thanks for weighing in! Over the past weekend we had an event where it was ruled that the "always" part trumped everything else. It only came up a little bit in one of the games, against Skaven with the vortex as predicted. I've also written to the AoS FAQ team and asked for a clarification, so let's see if that leads anywhere.
  6. Hello everyone. The Soulblight faction can choose the Swift Death bloodline that gives additional movement to all units and this little bonus... "In addition, Swift Death models can always move as if they can fly." How does this interact with things that prohibit flying, such as the Skaven vortex spell? There are two different aspects to this question. 1) Blood Knights and Vampire Lords on foot and on nightmares do not have the FLY keyword on their warscrolls, and the Swift Death bloodline does not give that keyword. As such they never actually fly, they only ever move as though they were flying. 2) All other Soulblight units have the FLY keyword native on their warscrolls. These are all actually flying when they move and follow all the normal rules for fliers. Does the "always" part of the Swift Death ability trump any attempts to stop any Swift Death models from flying? Or would it be only Blood Knights and Vampire Lords without FLY? Or are they all stopped from "flying", even the ones who never actually were flying?
  7. @Sartxac, look in the battletome. It is wrong on GW's page, it shows the old version of the Coven Throne from the first Death Grand Alliance book.
  8. Unfortunately, allied necromancers won't get to pick any of those awesome deathmage spells... not even the soulblight mortarchs get to do that even though they're deathlords, for some reason. Neferata's CA + ethereal VLoZD with transfix. There we go! Nice and cheap! But remember to only engage it on your own turn, or else transfix won't help you.
  9. I return with a new issue you might've encountered and have hopefully solved somehow. How do we deal with... The Gristlegore Ghoul King on Terrorgheist from Flesh-Eater Courts? I think it is a hard counter to our way of fighting: it will fight before you, twice, and spew out mortal wounds and rending attacks. Nothing we have will stand up to it in a fair fight and killing it with dragon breaths and spells is pretty clunky and unreliable. The doppelganger cloak would be cool if it didn't get trashed on the opponent's turn (due to both it and the TG going 'at the start of the combat phase'), making the strategy awfully narrow. The only thing I see for pure Soulblight to do is to manage to throw multiple heavy hitters in at once, with one them being an ethereal VLoZD to tank as much damage as possible. Easier said than done though, since the TG is only 400 points and there's going to be the rest of the army getting in the way. Maybe ally in Arkhan the Black and go for broke with Curse of Years?
  10. That would depend massively on what army you're playing yourself. As Soulblight I've got nothing that can stand up to the Gristlegore TG in a one-on-one fight and it'll happily eat its own points value several times over through a game if I don't stop it. About the only fighting chance I've got is to jump through hoops with things like the nerfed doppleganger cloak (which will only work on my own turn since the TG strikes at the same time as the cloak goes off, how swell) or landing a combined charge with 2+ really hard hitting units at once, at more than twice the points value, and hope that one of them lives in a good enough shape to still bring it down. And just pray for my opponent's bad luck with the dice, of course. The Gristlegore TG could probably cost twice as much as it does right now and it'd still be worth it against my army. That it's weak to shooting isn't any consolation when you don't have any. It's a real rock-paper-scissors moment.
  11. @Snowl, I'd go with the Gryph-Feather Charm on the Hag and the Glowy Howzit on the Troggboss, since he's really pretty squishy without it. Only 12 wounds with a 4+ armour save and no inherent modifiers to hit on him, he goes down really fast when anything substantial charges in. In previous games he's had the Howzit and that made him into a formidable roadblock, on top of his already deadly attacks. Giving him a double squeeze would also be potent though, no doubt about that.
  12. @Snowl, the Hag didn't have the Gryph-feather Charm, which I agree would be a great pick. The Dankhold Troggboss instead had the Ghyrstrike for his club, which I don't entirely agree with. The 4+ extra save scares me much more, like I said, and the Charm on the Hag would as well. I think running the Troggherd battalion to get access to a second artefact could be a good idea. The Hag got on the bad end of my Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, fully buffed up. The breath attack took away 6 wounds before charging in, and with the Lord's own Dread Knight command ability (re-rolling all misses for himself and the dragon - such a good command trait for the model to have for itself) the remaining wounds went away rather fast. Some lucky rolling was involved, of course, but the lack of an extra save is really noticeable when you compare Stoneguts (or that 4+ artefact) to other Trogs. Two chances to remove incoming wounds really is that good. As you can see below, it wasn't the nicest of situations for the Hag. Image of the Hag about to have a bad time. *Is there anyway to get this site to not shrink images you upload?
  13. I don't play Troggoths myself but have played against them a couple of times with my Soulblight (Legions of Nagash with only Blood Knights as battleline, so both armies are quite elite) at 1k and 2k. The trogs hit hard enough to scare me to not engage in more than one location at a time. Even if it would mean landing multiple big charges I would hold off, since I can only strike first in one place. Both Stoneguts and Fellwaters are dangerous in this regard, and the Dankholds and the Hag are as well but less so for their large points cost. Stoneguts and Fellwaters are both strong in groups of 6. It's a good size to be able to take a hit and still swing back with power. The Stoneguts are tough (6 of them took a charge from 10 Blood Knights and they held up) while I'd say the Fellwaters hit a bit harder, since they've got so many more attacks. The big Trogs are deadly too, but the low number of attacks make them more vulnerable to a few bad dice rolls. Both Dankholds and the Hag are also much less survivable than Stoneguts since they lack the second save, and it is very noticeable. The 4+ extra save Trog artefact is probably the one I fear the most as it turns the bearer into a huge roadblock, capable of stopping pretty much anything in place for atleast a turn. The biggest challenge I've seen for Troggoths is mobility. They must stay close enough to support each other and not spread out too much. In our games I had a big advantage in speed and could focus down on one part of the field while holding off elsewhere, coming back to strike when I was finished with the first target. I think Trogs should stay closer together so that when something gets stuck on a group of Stoneguts or Fellwaters there'll be reinforcements coming in immediately. The Hand of Gork spell is a great compliment but I don't know if Troggoths are able to cast that on their own, there's been a mushroom shaman in the Trog list everytime we've played.
  14. You can be safe in the knowledge that they're a proper army, indeed. Page 72 of the Legions of Nagash book has the allegiance abilities, traits and artefacts for soulblight armies. They're limited to only Blood Knights as battleline choices since all the ordinary ones for Legions of Nagash can only be taken as allies for soulblight. It's a very specialized elite army but the one I've found to be the most fun. Every character is a wizard and most units can do a load of damage, especially on the charge.
  15. The problem with Soulblight is that we don't have the numbers to really deal with big hordes of enemies and take objectives from them. This is the same issue that all elite armies have, and why horde armies are stronger. We can hit hard but usually not enough to kill everything, and then they attack back and cripple us. Elites are also weak to mortal wounds: Blood Knights are 15 wounds for 240p, Skeletons have 30 wounds for 240p (or 40 for 280p). And they regenerate. But if your local scene doesn't have these kind of armies then you might still be all right! Personally, I go with Soulblight because of theme, style and fluff. A band of vampire knights with wolves and bats is just awesome and the idea of Blood Knights moving unhindered through everything thanks to swift death is just so thematic and cool. In fluff I also prefer not being a slave to a mortarch by not being in one of the legions. The good part with all of this, though, is that you can use the exact same models for both Soulblight and Legions. Just change between Blood Knights and Dire Wolves as battleline and you're good to go! Play around with different options and find what you like best!
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