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  1. Since I only play Soulblight I feel the changes have been very generous to me. A bunch of characters down in points, Blood Knights dropping significantly, and Vargheists less so but at the same time they're now battleline again. The Dire Wolves coming up a little bit is a bummer, they were great for filling out those last spare points where Fell Bats or Bat Swarms wouldn't fit, although I think they can still do that. All in all I'm content and feel like my army's gotten a revitalizing shot. Edit: Most of all I get the feeling that GW still considers Soulblight to actually be a thing, which is a happy thought! @Sception, Vampire Lords have actually been 140p this entire time, making the poor Wight King even less desirable in comparison...
  2. 10 Blood Knights will do you proud as long as you make sure to charge with them. I've never tried 15 myself but I think it's going to run into issues with that 1'' range, for sure. I also heartily recommend trying out 6 Vargheists in a unit some time. With any kind of buff on them they're savage. The next time I play 2000 points I'm going to go with 2x10 Blood Knights and 1x6 Vargheists as my battleline for the intimidation factor, if nothing else. 🧛‍♂️
  3. Yeah, I think Vargheists as battleline will open things up a lot for the bloodlines that aren't Swift Death. Soulblight's playstyle around objectives requires speed and maneuverability that 10'' non-flying Blood Knights lack. They can still be a good punching unit but now you won't be forced to spend quite as much points on them to fill your battleline.
  4. I'm stoked about the 40p drop on Blood Knights, although I fear a raise on the VLoZD. For more Soulblight things, the Bloodseeker Palanquin is in pretty desperate need of help and could use a good discount.
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/the-generals-handbook-2019-major-points-changesgw-homepage-post-2/ So, GW comes out with a tease confirming that our Blood Knights will indeed get cheaper - 200p for 5! These are certainly good news. I hope the Bloodseeker Palanquin follows suit and that the VLoZD doesn't go up...
  6. That's a nice army, @Charlo! One of these days soon I'll get around to taking pictures of my own as well. The glowing green of your dragon does a really nice job of standing out, I've got to admit! I actually like the original bat swarms and fell bats for their old school charm... although I suppose since I grew up with them I could be partial. 🦇 I'm glad you found necromantic a good fit for you. I haven't been able to get myself away from swift death, the extra mobility always seem to play a deciding part in my games. You should try out an allied corpse cart some time. It's only 80 points and can hand out +1 to cast within 18''.
  7. Yes of course, I forgot to clarify that the investment in time and money is the big difference between the imbalances of both games. Blood Bowl markets certain teams as good or bad while AoS does not make it clear that some armies practically can't beat some others. The former is intentional and good, the latter is closer to a rip-off. And that's before you even consider the difference in cost.
  8. Intentional unbalancing can be fine. Blood Bowl is a good example where you've got teams that start out strong, late bloomers that can catch up after some time in league play and the designated underdogs. The game itself is very open about who these are and competitive tournaments come with rule packs that hand out bonuses depending on what tier one's team is in. It makes for a great game with plenty of different things to try out. Such imbalance suits that scale of game far better than it does AoS, though. 16 models vs ... well, an army.
  9. I've been getting less and less exacting on those, frankly, pointless little details. I had an epiphany about three years ago where I was struggling to finish a unit in time for a match we had scheduled. I kept ****** up the tiniest little things and it just went back and forth. When my mates rang on the door I forced myself to put down the brush and not say anything about it and just put the stupid things on the table, even though I wasn't happy with them. Surprise surprise, no-one remarked on it at all and as I was sitting by the table at those magical 3 feet away from the miniatures I thought to myself "hey, they actually do look kinda nice". On that day I learned how things actually worked. And if there's any doubt, give it a black wash. Black hides all sins.
  10. Yeah, the Archregent was the merc option that immediately stood out to me as well. I'm waiting to see what GHB19 has in store for us before I do much else but I think I'll also give this a shot if nothing else comes up!
  11. Mist Form has been able to do something cool for me in pretty much every match I've had it in. It really is one of the main draws for Soulblight, in my opinion. I hope you get the Sun to do something, @Charlo! Speaking of lists, I'll be playing as well this weekend. I wanted to play 2000p in order to try out Vhordrai and a VLoZD together. Unfortunately my friends voted me down in favour of 1500p instead but since we're going with Vanguard+500p (meaning only 2 battleline) I noticed I could get away with this... VLoZD Vhordrai 2x5 Blood Knights 1400/1500p Presto! Just need to hope for good scenario rolls. 🙂
  12. I currently only play Soulblight but voted for Legions of Nagash since they're in that book.
  13. That mammoth is such an awesome project but I can't shake the feeling that there's something simian and gorilla-like over it. Perhaps it's a bit slim around the belly?
  14. @Erdemo86, the brainchwraith also needs a wyldwood to summon dryads from. A treelord ancient can create new wyldwoods on a 4+ each turn, so that's possible.
  15. I love it! ...but you know that the Strigoi picked up their stuff and left to start the FEC, right? 😉 Are you planning anything in particular to theme your Blood Knights around? For your style I wish that we still had Vargheists as battleline...
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