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  1. @Baron Klatz, I think blood knights at 200p for 5 are fairly priced but they really like the command abilities available in LoN to get some re-rolls. They're better than the typical cavalry at grinding past the charging turn and a hidden quality is that they get a 2+ save while in cover against enemies with no rend. Try them out!
  2. I've played Soulblight pretty much exclusively since summer 2018 and have had decent success. The allegiance makes blood knights into battleline, giving you a true cavalry army. I can recommend them as a niche pick.
  3. @Feinar, at 33 minutes the chaos sorcerer is killed by the impact hits from the steam tank but those impact hits should be distributed like shooting attacks, and not go all into only the sorcerer. Page 99 in the rulebook shows how this works. Love your reports!
  4. Indeed and, just speaking personally, figuring out a way to win through avoidance or some other trickery wouldn't be enough for me. There's supposed to be a war aspect to the game as well, with both sides rolling dice and removing miniatures.
  5. The long term enjoyment part of the game suffers the most when extreme armies like OBR and Fyreslayers come out. They're like deathballs that I can't even get close to or they'll melt me. I bank on superior mobility to try to win on objectives but if I can't fight them properly that gets old, fast. GW has created these armies where my offense isn't good enough to do anything, yet they also hit back unreasonably hard. Compare them to the staunch defender Sequitor block - similar defense but massively increased offense.
  6. I was surprised and delighted to see 2 submitted Soulblight lists for the upcoming LVO tournament and I finally got a look at them. Both include Neferata and some Nighthaunt allies. Both lists taken from This Document (just search for Soulblight) #1 Bloodline: Swift Death Mortal Realm: Shyish Neferata Mortarch of Blood (340) - Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference Vampire Lord (140) - Mount: Flying Horror - Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440) - General - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Trait: Mist Form - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine Pinions 10 x Blood Knights (400) 3 x Vargheists (150) 3 x Vargheists (150) 20 x Bladegheist Revenants (320) - Allies Extra Command Point (50) Malevolent Maelstrom (10) #2 Bloodline: Necromantic Mortal Realm: Shyish Neferata Mortarch of Blood (340) - Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb Prince Vhordrai (480) - Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine Pinions Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440) - General - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Trait: Mist Form - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference 5 x Blood Knights (200) 5 x Blood Knights (200) 3 x Vargheists (150) 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) - Allies Suffocating Gravetide (20) The Bladegheists in the first list are interesting to me. I assume they'll be used both for screening and for punching. Having 3 characters nearby will give them some decent resurrections too. The second list is going for the double ethereal dragon gambit, with some chainrasps for screening. I wish both players the best of luck and hope they'll gain much glory next week!
  7. Welcome, @Peter1990, to our world of darkness! I hadn't really considered just how far you could get with a pair of FEC starters, nice thinking! I think your list can work OK. I recommend setting up your Vargheists as three units of 6, 3 and 3. The bigger pack will be your power unit for when you really want to hit something. 9 Fell Bats are kind of expensive but can work as a makeshift screen at those numbers. Use them to block access to your important things, both in movement and during pile-in's, and to go and tag lonely objectives. Good luck!
  8. Like others I've got trouble getting into the ungroundedness of the mortal realms in the AoS novels. Contrast with WFB stories (Ulrika and Von Carstein trilogy for me, specifically) where I know the world they describe and I can follow along on a map as they travel between locations, with more bonus points for letting me imagine what my own TT characters are up to in the vicinity at the time of the novels' happenings. I hope that the realms will eventually create the same kind of familiarity for me as the old world has, although I'm biased with a long history of WFB behind me. The disparity has taught me that the fluff is more important to me than I thought it was.
  9. You're not forced to set the battalion up inside the keep. You pick the battlefield edge even if you won't be ambushing from it, so you'll still get the Shadow buff if you deploy on the field. It'll give you less deployment drops, too. I also like to have multiple transferences around. Together with pinions it does much for any VLoZD. I usually take pinions on the VLoZD and transference on the two following casters and try to keep the dragon within range of one of them. I rarely go with more casters than that but amaranthine orb would be the fourth pick. @Lorhan, for a VLoZD the mist form is the best command trait you can take, no doubt!
  10. Yes, there typically is. Imagine Soulblight as the blood dragons with lots of heavy cavalry, although you could go for vargheists instead now and have a bestial theme, while Legions is more classical with big units of undead and powerful characters and special units. Legions could also go for elite armies and monster mashes if you want to. Legions is the stronger army with more list variety. Consider Soulblight the army for vampire purists while Legions is the VC of old.
  11. With both that spell and her command ability yeah, I'd say she has more utility. With +2 to cast I think she'll be pretty strong, although she eats lots of CP. Give her a try!
  12. Glad to hear success, @Raptor_Jesues. Vhordrai is a real glass cannon but when he works, he really does. His own quickblood spell in particular really boosts the dragon's output. You know, with the necromantic bloodline you could go for an ethereal Vhordy through Neferata's spell. Just stack that casting bonus as high as you can and let it rip!
  13. Looking forward to following this, your necrarch vampire is perfectly gnarly! Soulblight was my first (and only) finished army and if I could do it, so can you! 👍
  14. @Thamalys Yeah, certainly Swift Death. This list wants to move fast! Just noticed in the numbers that I could switch out the Vampire Lord for 2x Bat Swarms. Dangerously low on characters but provides something small and cheap to get in the way and harass shooters.
  15. Happy new year everyone! May the coming year bring your army/armies much battle and glory! The first list I'm going to try this year I think will be one to celebrate my 6 new vargheists I got painted up. VLoZD Vampire Lord 4x5 Blood Knights 2x6 Vargheists 1980/2000 The list is lacking something cheap like bat swarms, doesn't have that very useful extra command point and I'm kinda screwed if one of the hero-only scenarios show up but there's a lot of scary things running around here. 🧛‍♀️
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