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  1. Jasondarkelf

    Explain and Share Your Hobby

    @Strength_Hammer I am also one of the lucky ones because my wife knows how much I enjoy the hobby. While I don't always get every model or book that comes out, she understands that this is a stress relief for me (though I admit some of the models are stressful to put together and that's why I build those after she falls asleep!). I do believe that you're right about explaining to significant others: they won't understand the time, money, and storage space invested in hobby. Its not like they won't see the purchases anyways!!!
  2. Jasondarkelf

    Realmslayer (possible spoilers)

    @Turgol, @Double Misfire I loved Realmslayer too! I thought it was cool to have Gotrek back and see that he was affected by not having Felix guarding his left-side. Great storytelling and voice actors. I can't wait to hear what new adventures Gotrek gets himself into in the Mortal Realms!!!
  3. @paul7926 I completely feel you pain on this one. I just picked up Malign Sorcery, the General's Handbook 2019, and I'm also still trying to finish reading the Nighthaunt and Beasts of Chaos books!
  4. Jasondarkelf

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Nice and easy pledge: 1) Paint ten Plaguebearers, 2) Base Lord of Blights, and 3) Paint Beast of Nurgle, Hoping to do more once my grading for the semester is done!
  5. Jasondarkelf

    Ironjawz painting blog

    @Professor Clio Awesome job on the Ironjawz! Wow!!!
  6. Jasondarkelf

    OscarLars Painting Stuff [update: Pallador]

    @Lysandestolpe Holy ****** dude! This army is awesome!!!!
  7. Jasondarkelf

    Combating the Dreaded Hobby ADHD

    Hey Fulkes. Yeah I understand how you feel. I usually end up having a couple of units from different armies going. I try and only work on those until they're finished and then I allow myself to possibly work on something different. Right now I have some Maggottkin units going along with a unit of Myrmourn Banshees. If its a big unit or model, I usually work on that for a bit and slowly paint/build another unit when I start to get burned out. The struggle is real!
  8. Jasondarkelf

    Arygyl the Sheppard

    Looks awesome!
  9. Jasondarkelf

    The Darkwood Court

    KnaveOfScribes - this is an awesome project! You've done a spectacular job.
  10. Jasondarkelf

    Maggotkin Army WIP

    Here are some wips that I have on the table that I'm hoping to have done before the end of the year. Teaching seven classes this semester has really knocked out my hobby time! I've got a ton of work left to do on these guys, plus the numerous other Nurgle warriors and demons.
  11. Jasondarkelf


    Sorry for the poor quality of light!
  12. Jasondarkelf


    Hello everyone, I just wanted ot briefly introduce myself. My name is Jason and I have been collecting/playing/painting Warhammer miniatures since about 1999. I am slowly working myself back into the hobby after grad school (finally have some free time). Right now I'm working on a Maggotkin army, plus some Night Haunt units. Hoping to be able to post some stuff on here soon! Have a great week, Jasondarkelf