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  1. Hey all, I took some photos of my Nurgle army today, the ones I hadn't already posted. I hope you guys like them.
  2. Oh man! I saw these in Twitter. Amazing conversions and kitbashing. Can’t wait to see them painted.
  3. Thank you for saying that! Your support helps me do these types of projects. 🙏
  4. Hey everyone, Here is an update on my Nurgle project, which do need more close up shots, which I know i need to take asap. 😅 (Army-list at the bottom) This was a big passion project of mine I wanted to do after my Stormcast. I tried a lot of new color combinations, kitbashing, green stuff sculpting, and story-telling which I felt much less confident in than NMM for army concept. I made a lot of trail and error with skin tones, blood bases, trying to cast my own skull bases (way to many under-bites to work). I feel proud of the project in the end and was so excited to get so many awesome compliments and feedback at NOVA Open this year. It means a lot to me when you all approve of my work. So thank you all again for the support you guys have shown me here and on social media over the years! Complete: - Glottkin - Great Unclean One - 20 plaguebearers - 15 Blightkins - Harbringer of Decay/Lord of Afflictions/Daemon Prince - Lord of Blights Still need paint: - 2 Blightkins - Great Unclean One - 10 Plaguebearers - Nurglings Thanks so much for looking
  5. I played prime for over a year in every Battle for that time. I felt he was very tricky to play which was fun. The most use i got out of him was so depending in what opponent ran and mission. For example, Sometimes I'd deploy him on the board turn one and just throw D3 Mortal wounds on an army that had to be lumped together and then counter charge in turn 3. Other times I put him on the board turn 3 with 7 attacks to take out something that needed to go. I also kept him off the board to make my opponent remain cautious of spreading himself too thin on the board, which made it much easier to have board control with an elite army.
  6. @PrimeElectrid I probably have two round shields from Dracoth Box. I am in US. But I don't charge for bits. The only thing I ask is that when someone else asks you for bits in the future, you pay it forward. Shipping is the only thing to pay. DM me at twitter or instagram @OscarLars to more easily get in contact with me. I check TGA every once in a while. ^^
  7. I have 5 skullreapers and one exalted deathbringer I can sell you. They are partially painted but can be continued upon or stripped. $50 plus shipping for the lot?
  8. Hi everyone! Next personal project has been started and I am super excited about it. I won't reveal the whole list but there will be some serious nurgle action! I hope you guys like it. There will be more to come very soon, so stay tuned.
  9. Man! These are very very cool. Super creative and well executed. Cant wait to see more.
  10. love it! the colors play really well with each other.
  11. They look awesome dude! I really like the small skull island in the blood pond ^^
  12. Hi guys, After a commission on spot in Sweden, finishing up tutorial and a 40k commission (eeeew), here is my first AoS (but actually warhammer fantasy), commission. It was a RENOVATION project were a bunch of models were already painted (he wanted me to paint over them) and budget was limited. It totals about 10 000 points. I hope you all like it: Thanks so much for looking! If you're interested in having your army painted, please don't hesitate to contact me here or email me at oscarlars.artist@gmail.com
  13. Thanks so much! Its a longer process but essentially it’s an airbrush foundation, then creating a pelt texture using short lines, then some glazed to enhance the depth, lastly I did the freehand pattern mixing black with the orange of the skin tone. This makes the pattern more natural to the skin instead of it being all too harsh. I used: firedragon bright, troll slayer orange, flayed one flesh, black, white, sepia glaze, purple glaze.
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