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  1. Hey! Oh man, this was a while ago. It's probably Averland sunset with some ilyanden yellow/white mix for gradient then highlight with off white with yellow in it.
  2. Lysandestolpe

    Brand. Spankin’. New.

    Yay! Sieto! This forum is gonna love your ****** dude!
  3. Lysandestolpe

    Shadespire done

    DUDE! These look amazing. Well done
  4. Lysandestolpe

    A little bit of this and that

    Man, Sweet table dude! First, I think you should invest in some yellow/brown static grass and flock some parts of the terrain pieces. Not a whole lot, since there isn't any on the table. But it would splash a little color in there. In addition, I'd add some masonite bases cut in organic oval and round shapes and sand them, paint them, grass them for your realm gates and other structures. That way you will always know when you are in cover and when you're not. Lastly, I'd paint the trees some funky color like that etherial ghost color (white primer with Nilax oxide (or however you spell it). That would also add some color to your table. Then paint the base the same way you painted the rest and add that yellow static grass. I hope that helps! Love the work so far
  5. Thanks so much dude! I hope I win... at least one game too haha ^^
  6. I airbrushed mine. Started from the bottom with purple and made my way thought the prismatic spectrum of colors, if that makes sense. I used highly saturated colors on top of white primer.
  7. Haha what am I missing? 🤣 Thanks dude! 😬
  8. Lysandestolpe

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    AMAZING!!!! 🤯
  9. Gencon Force done! Armylist for Gencon: Heroes: Celestant Prime Lord Relictor Knight Incantor Vandus Hammerhand Gavriella Sureheart Battleline: 5 Liberators 5 Liberators 5 Judicators Other Units: 5 Decimators 5 Protectors Endless Spells: Prismatic Palisade Everblaze Comet Thanks again for all your support. Super stoked to put this army on the board and lose with pride.
  10. Thanks my guy! Yeah but they aren’t as fresh as yours lol. ^^ and I’ve been working 14 hour days 7 days a week for the last month and half to get them done for Gencon. So it’s a lot of late nights in the auto ^^ my girlfriend is a saint for putting up with it haha
  11. Haha thanks dude, but I have one. And when I do use it I throw in into my photo booth This was more a WIP video to switch up from the endless wave of same pictures.
  12. Got the base and last few member knocked out I also got my Gavriella Sureheart done too. She's been sitting on my shelf for a while and I haven't found the right "count as" for her. But finally she landed on Sureheart and I'm super stoked to show her off. I still have some work left to do on her. But She was so much fun to paint I lost track of time.. whops. Thanks everyone for all the love here and on Twitter and Instagram. You guys rock so much! IMG_1082.MOV
  13. thanks man! Yeah I woke up this morning with a few more followers ^^
  14. Lysandestolpe

    [H} Khorne Army 2k [W] $$

    Mighty Lord of Khorne Blood Secrator 3 Priests 40 Bloodreavers 20 Blood Warriors 5 Wrath Mongers (will be finished for buyer to tabletop standard, to match). 5 Skulltakers (will be blooded) 3 Khorgoraths 10 Bloodletters (for summoning) (extra 10 bloodletters not based, not painted, can be thrown in to buyer upon fast deal) [All based and painted, Snow will be added to the Models shown in pics below.] $800 + shipping PICS: http://oscarlars.com/project/khorne-army/