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  1. Lysandestolpe

    Warriors of Azhya

    Man! These are very very cool. Super creative and well executed. Cant wait to see more.
  2. Lysandestolpe

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    love it! the colors play really well with each other.
  3. Lysandestolpe

    Bloodthirsters of Khorne

    They look awesome dude! I really like the small skull island in the blood pond ^^
  4. Hi guys, After a commission on spot in Sweden, finishing up tutorial and a 40k commission (eeeew), here is my first AoS (but actually warhammer fantasy), commission. It was a RENOVATION project were a bunch of models were already painted (he wanted me to paint over them) and budget was limited. It totals about 10 000 points. I hope you all like it: Thanks so much for looking! If you're interested in having your army painted, please don't hesitate to contact me here or email me at oscarlars.artist@gmail.com
  5. Thanks so much! Its a longer process but essentially it’s an airbrush foundation, then creating a pelt texture using short lines, then some glazed to enhance the depth, lastly I did the freehand pattern mixing black with the orange of the skin tone. This makes the pattern more natural to the skin instead of it being all too harsh. I used: firedragon bright, troll slayer orange, flayed one flesh, black, white, sepia glaze, purple glaze.
  6. here is the new tutorial! Big thanks to @Kramer for the amazing editing. He’s been such a huge part of this tutorial and using his skills for free to bring this to you all to gain access to. I really hope you all like it and find it useful.
  7. Lysandestolpe

    H: HUGE Nurgle Daemon and Maggotkin army W: $UPDATED$

    Would you care to break off just the GUO's? if so, how much?
  8. Lysandestolpe

    Noob ironjawz question. need help

    you got it! Welcome
  9. Lysandestolpe

    The start of a new undead army

    cool retro ****** in here! Can't wait to see the army come together
  10. Lysandestolpe

    Noob ironjawz question. need help

    There is a part of this forum for only destruction army discussions. You want to post there. To answer your question. You want the Megaboss IMO
  11. haha well when I go I play in a tourney and I also like to play with some of the other people I'm acquainted with while there. I'm also not a heavy drinker anymore as it gives me migraines. ^^
  12. Lysandestolpe


    Fantastic!! I enjoyed scrolling through this very much
  13. Awesome! I'm glad to hear it Honestly, any black and greys would work. Just make sure you neither move too fast with the different value of greys or it'll look too stark, nor too little contrast and it wont give a punch! Yeah I'll try to send you a message next time I'll pop over! Would be fun to grab a game and a beer Thanks man. Not yet, he is my project list for this year. But there are several work things that comes in the way and progress is slow for this reason. But He will emerge, and soon! Promise ^^