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  1. Hey Everyone, Weird times we live in. I'm even unsure how to begin this post. I hope you all are safe and keeping up the spirit. I've had a hit to my studio as the facility I work out of has closed down for at least a week. I currently work from home which is hard to manage moving from a very optimal setup to a small kitchen table digging paints out of a bucket. My apprentice was hired on two weeks ago and hes also working from home without getting much aid. I wanted to share my Archaon update. Despite my desire to have him done by Adepticon week, this will not happen as my studio closed down. So here's a WIP shot of how far I've gotten thus far. I will finish him. I have put in an estimated minimum of 100 hours on him so far. Thanks so much for checking him out and I hope you all are OK financially and medically, but also Mentally. If you need any aid in tutorials, find them FREE here: www.youtube.com/oscarlars Here is Archaon with the 10 chaos warriors that made up my Team list. Unfortunately I could not start my display board. This was gonna be built This week and next.
  2. Looking great dude. Can't wait to see more
  3. Thank you! I did all the bone first and then painted in the black.
  4. Hey everyone, here is my latest commission. It’s split into parts so this is part 1. I hope you all like it.
  5. Yeah it’s in the Pipelines. I just have to find a single chaos warrior haha ^^
  6. Thank you so much dude! You can find a lot more pictures on my instagram and twitter
  7. Thank you so much! I'm glad you found my Youtube as well Hey! I used Stegadon Scale Green with Black Wash yes. Oh thats odd. Lemme link it for you here https://www.patreon.com/Oscarlars Thanks for taking the time to ask about the Error you got!
  8. It depends on the human you are 😆 I'm looking for 2,999 USD. If you haven't commissioned an army before it's where you'll land if you're looking for higher quality. Since this is an army with units already painted I lowered the price point for what it would cost to have it done on request by a significant amount. Let me know if you have any further questions, friend!
  9. Thank you so much! I hope so too ^^ Oh thank you very much! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying my tutorials. I airbrushes my yellows and painted everything else around it. We listen first and foremost to our patreon who funds the video and equipment for recording these tutorials. If you want to help with that and get access to influence what tutorials we do you can become a patreon at www.oscarlars.com/patreon if you can’t, that’s fine, I’d start using a darker yellow brown tone and go over it with a brighter yellow to get some dimension and then highlight all of it. Best of luck!
  10. This NOVA Open and Adepticon award winning army was my first army project for AOS. It won both best in GT and Doubles NOVA Open 2017 and second best army in Doubles at Adepticon 2019. It also has nomination for best army from Warhammer World Heat One 2018. It’s been a blast to play but I need to sell it to make room for new projects and I’d rather have someone own and play it or display it rather than collecting dust at my studio. The army consists off: 1 Ironjawz Megaboss on Mawkrusher 1 Megaboss on foot 2 Warchanter 1 Weirdnob 10 Ardboys 25 Brutes 6 Gore Gruntas (custom sculpted snouts to look like pigs) 1 Fungoid Cave Shaman. - Custom made round display board. In addition you’d get these units that have been started or partially painted: 10 Ardboys 3 Gore Grunta NEW ASKING PRICE IS $3000.00 OBO Buyer pays shipping or pick up. more info about Ironsunz: (also Doug is great)
  11. Hey everyone. Been a while since I updated. But here are a few projects: The first project is a tabletop Flesh Eater Court army. I really enjoyed building and painting this project and how it is displayed makes me feel very proud of it. This project is part of a client’s private collection. The second project is my Slaves to Darkness chaos warriors. I’m currently working on these and you can follow this project on my Instagram or Twitter @oscarlars. The sculpts of pelts and skins inspired me to create a lore that each of these chaos warriors had to kill a beast as children and if they survived they earned the right to fight for the Everchosen‘s retinue. They are more aggressive than most other chaos warriors and wear these pelts proud. This next project is a Be’ Lakor conversion I started to try to reinvent the old sculpt into the new Era of figures. I used his rule “Shadow Form” to make him wingless and moves more like a Death Eater from the Harry Potter movies. This Ironjawz Ironsunz army is one of my first Age of Sigmar army. I finally got the chance to take some better professional photographs of them. This army is currently for SALE!
  12. Thanks man! Unfortunately I got a bit sidetracked with adepticon coming up ^^ but I did manage to record this:
  13. Here is a prototype for my next project. I’ve already gotten dozens of requests for a tutorial so we are in the making of it now. thanks for all the amazing support!
  14. Super fun to see your work! I really like the process of making the bases. Thanks for the video tutorial on that. really helps the community to make their work better!
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