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  1. These are fantastic dude! I can’t believe you don’t have more people commenting on these. im gonna try out your light wood tutorial first on something.
  2. As a mega sucker for ogors this faction gets some extra treatment with another tutorial. I’m really excited about the response these videos have gotten of late. Kramer is working his ass off to make these videos as good looking as they are. I hope you like this one!
  3. Here is my new tutorial! More to come too i hope you guys like it.
  4. Hey y’all, Here is a tutorial just for you all amazing ogor players! I hope you find it useful
  5. Thank you both so much! I very much appreciate you guys liking them 😁
  6. Thanks so much, dude! Oh man, thanks so much! I'm excited you like them. I'd love to have them featured on there. Hopefully they reach out! ^^🤞
  7. Hi everyone, Here is the rest of part 2 of the Highlander Fyreslayer army from Ghyran. This was a super fun project and I am really happy with how they came out. For the curious: There are totaling over 100 custom sculpted and freehanded kilts in this army. Each kilt as between 20-30 squares, each square has an upside down highlighted L shape. I hope you guys like them!
  8. Thanks so much! I did, there were a few places I needed to greenstuff to make him work. Luckily it’s nurgle so it benefits from a little wonkyness.
  9. Hey guys, here is another gotrek I painted for a client. I hope you like him.
  10. Thank you so much! On another note, here is a WIP picture of Gotrek:
  11. Hey all, I took some photos of my Nurgle army today, the ones I hadn't already posted. I hope you guys like them.
  12. Oh man! I saw these in Twitter. Amazing conversions and kitbashing. Can’t wait to see them painted.
  13. Thank you for saying that! Your support helps me do these types of projects. 🙏
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