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About this blog

OK so this has been a massive project for me and I'm starting to feel confident enough to share it. 

The Many Eyed is a dark entity, dwelling in the deepest corners of the Deepwood and the sole corrupter of Arygyl the Sheppard. 

Sitting between the realms of Ghur and Ghyran, the Deepwood is a dark place, foetid swamps and cesspools dot the expanse, so dark it is as if light itself has been dragged away and devoured by the creatures dwelling within... 

I'm no author so excuse the poor writing, this blog is dedicated to the minions I'd the Many Eyed and the denizens of the Deepwood. 

Entries in this blog

Arygyl the Sheppard

Arygyl was a Sheppard, an ancient tradition of the old gargants. Herding and maintaining the food beasts his tribe depended on, but they never gave him and respect or thanks.  Until he heard a voice, at the edge of the Deepwood, both a whisper and a scream it called to him. All day and all night he heard the voice, calling him into the dark. He gave in and went searching for the voice, determined to give it a good thumping.  What he found changed him, more than he could have ever known. The great entity he calls the Many Eyed began to bargain with him, promising him greatness in the forms of physical strength and dark magics. Never being one of station the opportunity to rule over his own kingdom was too much to pass up and he accepted.  As herald of the Many Eyed he began his reign of terror, those first victims were his former tribe, all perished in a night of darkness and slaughter.  Arygyl the Sheppard is a Grot shaman for my spiderfang army Paint job still needs some work but he's getting there