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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! New here on this forum but I also post on DakkaDakka as Bores. I'm looking at getting into AoS and figured the best way would be to dust off my old models, give them a new coat of paint and dive right into the game. I plan to use this as a motivational page for myself to keep posting updates on. First off are a test scheme Seeker, 2 Heralds of Slaanesh that are both converted from various kits. Also a Lord of Slaanesh and a Sorcerer with the mark of Slaanesh.
  2. Hi, Im thinking about a 1500 points competetive list for blades of khorne. The heart of the list should be murderhost battalion, since im focused on deamons and want to deploy the army in as few drops as possible. Heres my base lsit: Heroes: - Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (330) General - Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80) - Bloodsecrator (120) - Bloodstoker (80) Battleline - 30 x Bloodleteters (270) - 10 x Bloodletters (110) Troops - 3 x Bloodcrushers (160) - 3 x Bloodcrusher (160) Battalions - Murderhost (120) That would put me at 1430 point. I know that a Bloodsecrators buff is pretty good, but since all the demons would rush forward, they would be out of his skull portal reach from the first turn on. So I'm not sure about his effectiveness in this list. Maybe just from turn 2 on. The bloodstoker is pretty essential, because of his distance buff, helping me to crush in with the bloodletters in turn 1, also rerolling wounds. In total, that list would deploy in 4 drops. Do you have any ideas how i could minimize it further? Also, do you know the typical drop numbers to deploy other armies? Cheers
  3. Hi , I wanted to hear what you guys think of my 1000 pts list for blades of khorne. My focus is on demons with some mortal support units. Leaders Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (330) -> general Bloodsecrator (120) Blood stoker (80) Battlelines 30 x Bloodletters (270) 10xBlood Warriors (200) I know, that the bloodthirster is pretty expensive for 1000 pts, but i just got him and want to play him. Should I maybe drop the secrator or the stoker? Since i got the feeling, that some more battleline troops would come in handy, but i really like the buffs. Im curios what you guys think and if you have some good tips for me.
  4. Ok, I have looked but can't find the points for the exalted Daemons. Can anyone point me to them?
  5. First of the Lords of Change completed. I've got the lord of change finished that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Couple of small conversions to change angles on the arms and neck, but otherwise its stock. Basecoating all done with spray cans which was a fun little experiment - just had to be careful when doing the purple on the wings and the legs. After that it's a lot of drybrush work. Some Sharpie highlighting too on the golds so that I could work away from the hobby desk. Base again is just playbark all drybrushed up and then some desert ? diorama tufts added. Overall happy for a speedy (relatively speaking) job The wings take a dry brush really well which is great, so you can layer on a lot of different colours to give the model a real Tzeentch feel without being too over the top. I was quite conscious about not making it too much of a rainbow model, so the palette is fairly limited to the red with a lot of purple and blue/teal for the details. I also didn't go round picking out too many of the gems etc as I need the models done (the best colour of all, or so i've heard!)
  6. Hi all, I am curious what you think about how the Nurgle Demons play. Most of their units seem pretty slow, 4-5". Does this make them a problematic army to play? I've heard people make this comment about the Orruks before. Are they simply tough enough to weather the shooting? Are games long enough so they can make it into combat?
  7. Hi New to age of sigmar and received started box set for christmas. But have models from my Warhammer days as well chaso warriors, demons, skaven. Would like to know how or should that be the best way to combine my favourite models in an army. Is it workable to have Bloodbound, Khorne demons except a blood thirster andchaos knights and warriors into an effective army?
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