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The Rumour Thread

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The sylvaneth aelfs look great! @mhsellwood I'm also a long time dwarf player that's had his head turned by the new aelfs. To be honest, if I was just getting into the hobby today, the fyreslayers wouldn't get a look in next to all of this aelf stuff. Outstanding! Imagine the stuff they could do with aelfs that are emerging from the forest! 

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11 hours ago, Araceae said:

Hope we don't have to wait too long till we get to see the new Sylvaneth models. Going off of the quality of GW's recent sculpts they will be awesome.

 Well, the next part of the story (and the summer campaign afaik) is set in the realm of life ?

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44 minutes ago, Atia said:

 Well, the next part of the story (and the summer campaign afaik) is set in the realm of life ?

Errmaghedd Atia is here! :P

Im actually hyped and already bought my knight questor from the interwebs :P

I hope the literal wood elves keep  their guerrila type of war 

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6 minutes ago, Veterannoob said:

Gotta step up the display board game. Lights and water not enough. I'll have worms and birds on those bases. Up your game!!

I don't know about worms, but as a Sylvaneth player I have about 30 Owl bits from the Dryad and Treelord sprues. I am sure I can put them to good use.

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11 hours ago, Araceae said:

This is good news. Time to start saving for my next big AoS purchase. 

Yeah, really looking forward to seeing the models. Already going to have to pass on The Silver Tower to save the money for the sylvaneth stuff.  Hard to choose which releases get my cash!  So much great stuff coming out so fast!

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Info from Warhammer Fest, C/- @Atia and their wonderful rumour blog:



Specialist Games: 

- Blood Bowl. The first 2 teams are finished. First six teams will be Humans, Orks, Dwarfs, Elfs, Skaven and Nurgle. 
- First expansion will have 7 new teams, Star Players and League Rules. 
- They may do 3D pits. 
- Adeptus Titanicus. 2nd SG. Set during the HH, Titans vs Titans. 8mm. Infantry, tanks, fliers will come later via expansions. Xenos too. 
- The Warlord is finished. 
- Necromunda and Mordheim confirmed. Keep in mind there is alot of stuff to do, they can't release all at once.


- They admit they have done errors with the AoS launch. They want to improve, and listen to feedback. 
- They are really motivated and already have new story arcs for the next 4-5 years. 
- Sylvaneth will get their battletome. Alarielle's beetle looks soooo cute. 
- Summer will focuse on the Realm of Life. 
- Sylvaneth, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Aelfs, Skaven, ... there is so much cool stuff to come!
- Forgeworld will support AoS, 40k and 30k. New Fimir character done. 
- The Khorne dragon is done, will get a lord as rider. Rivals Smaug!! 
- They want to give Chaos Dwarfs and Fimir a new spin and place in AoS. 
- More AoS Character series stuff one the way!
- Warhammer Quest is supposed to get future support, even more if it sells well. 
- From what I heard, people really really enjoyed the game there.


- The first bunch of releases is set around the third Hobbit Movie. Dwarfs with Dain on pig are already finished. 
- They will re-release older stuff alongside new stuff. 
- New awesome plastic buildings are done. You also can use them "for Mordheim or AoS". 
- They have no rights for the Silmarillion (sadly. yet?). 
- It may be rebranded to "Middle Earth SBG" later on, but for now, it will still be branded as Hobbit, but include both LotR and Hobbit ranges! 
- They are pretty enthusiastic. They got four years to prove they can do this. 
- All the movie stuff will get done. Can't wait for the Nâzghul!


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So I am really looking forward to the Sylvaneth. I love the Dryads and Treemen. New treekin that fit that aesthetic sounds great as do the Hybrids. There is just one problem. Beetle legs give me major heebie jeebies! I cant even look at picture without my skin crawling. I hope the new model is not too beetly as I really like the alarielle art.

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I'd like to see some more sylvaneth.  I love the dryads.  Not overly keen on the treelords.  I can see they're nice sculpts, they just done grab me.  Are they a bit too 'manga' and cool looking, when the lords of the forest should be ancient and bulky looking?  Anyway, we definitely need something treekin sized.  What, long ago, we might have called 'monstrous infantry'.  My dryads are just sitting on a shelf waiting for some friends.

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