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  1. So the genuinely reliable rumours are the idk Vs fyreslayers box set and the underworlds schedule. The third rumour that is not as reliable but is lended credence by Underworlds is that we will see a campaign focused around Malerion next summer.
  2. Well if those rumours check out 2022 will be a cheap year but 2023 will be crazy. Malerion, Skaven, and Seraphon all arriving together will be require some difficult choices.
  3. New points for dragons. Faq aimed to boost weaker units coming in December.
  4. Those all look pretty good. I wonder what the prices will be.
  5. It's an interesting rumour especially as changing AoS and 40k to a 4 year cycle would be a good idea. Unfortunately it's probably not true. They say that the old world was the idea of the oldest members of the main studio. This isn't true. The old world is the baby of Andy Hoare who heads up the specialist games studio. If you look at the preview videos you only see specialist studio members. There's no sign of the likes of Phil Kelly. One thing that is possible is that gw are going to bring forgeworld back under the umbrella of the main studio. Either way I don't see any risk of staff being taken away from AoS. I really don't think that GW is going light on AoS. Sure there's a bit of a lull right now but that more to do with global shipping problems than GW's internal decisions . If you look at 2021 as a whole, the casual observer would think that AoS is the premier GW game. 40k had just 3 major range refreshes this year (sisters, orks and Black Templars) compared to 5 for AoS (Slaanesh, Lumineth, Soulblight, Stormcast and Kruleboyz). In terms of army books 40k edges it 9-7 thanks to the December dual release. On the side game front it's even with three Kill team boxes for 40k (they did a marine Necron box in May) and 3 boxes for AoS, but AoS edges this thanks to the numerous Underworlds warbands this year. Finally of course we got a new edition this year. If there's a worry, it's that AoS might mirror this year's 40k with a lot of Dual boxes with one mini for each faction and a smaller number of major releases.
  6. It's a totally different team so it should have no effect. I'm not sure if the AoS team have a replacement for Jervis yet. Even if they have, that team has probably gone through a lot of turmoil.
  7. From now on 40k is going to have quarterly rules updates. Will AoS follow suit? Should it? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/09/game-balance-is-at-the-heart-of-this-official-warhammer-40000-rules-update/
  8. New rumour engine. Looks Skaveny but the brickwork is a bit too clean.
  9. We just got pics of two Necron flyers for Aeronautica. That could be all we get this week.
  10. It's available in Japan too, but Japanese orders ship from the UK warehouse for some reason. My guess is the UK warehouse has a surplus of those start collecting sets but nowhere else does.
  11. Zero. It's Black Templars next weekend. Gw said so in a recent community article.
  12. That Nurgle bundle is in the UK store now. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/servants-of-the-plague-god-2021 £94.50
  13. It's the most expensive place to buy gw stuff in the world. I got a 40% discount on Dominion but still paid more than the standard UK price.
  14. Just a little heads up. In Japan GW has added a Nurgle bundle to the Warhammer day sale. It's both start collecting sets and an extra box of nurglings for ¥22,120. They cost ¥31,600 when bought individually. This deal might start appearing in other stores today. It does make me slightly worried that they might be phasing those start collecting boxes out.
  15. GW user to do sales all the time. They used to do 3 for the price of 2 on their plastic boxes at grand openings or anniversaries. I remember being very happy to get three of this Skaven box for £20. There's no doubt gw products are much more expensive now, but I can't understand why I thought those minis looked good. I wouldn't get them again if I was paid to. I think sales of slow moving stock is a good idea. I finally caved and bought Dominion so it worked on me.
  16. A solid stream. Looks like Gloomspite might be next after Nurgle. Aside from BoC, it's the army in most need of a battletome. The Darkoath are my second favourite warband so far and the scenery is great. The Ogor pirate is cool and confirms the schedule for Underworlds that was shared with us. I hate Nurgle but I'm happy for those who have been waiting.
  17. Well I caved and ordered Dominion. Here in Japan nobody ever does sales, not even flgs. With my Warhammer+ voucher I got it for ¥18000 instead of ¥28500. That's still the equivalent of £115 though. I also ordered the vampire. Since that's made to order, I was offered a choice of ordering things individually and paying ¥1500 postage for the vampire, or waiting. . . So now I'm waiting up to 120 days for Dominion. I guess I'll have time to clear my backlog first. Now that I've put down the money for something else, I hope tonight's big reveal is Nurgle.
  18. Warcry catacombs might be one of the worse priced products ever released by gw. They released a box with 12 fewer minis and much less scenery that the first box and then increased the price from £95 to £125. It's no wonder it sold poorly. I genuinely think the biggest problem with Dominion was AoS players running out of money. My AoS budget for the year was spent by April. With Cursed City, the Broken realms books the Soulblight battletome, and a couple of odds and ends, that's £250 gone in a flash. I still believe they should have delayed it and released it nowish.
  19. Almost certainly not Skaven or Beasts then. It probably is nurgle, my least favourite chaos faction. Oh well at least the warcry stuff looks cool.
  20. I think we might just see the traditional silhouettes today.
  21. This is just a mix of some decent guess work, gw bashing a couple of odd guesses. Literally everyone knows Dominion hasn't sold out, it doesn't take an insider to see that but GW announced in September that sales are still going up which is pretty impressive given that last year was GW's best ever. So Dominion hasn't affected their bottom line. I guessed Varanguard for Warcry a couple of days ago so that isn't much of a reach. There have been a bunch of rumours for Nighthaunt recently and they are lacking a monster so that isn't an unexpected release. The part which sounds particularly strange is the Khorne stuff. The lord is already available separately, and problem with the other heroes is that they are on a mixed sprue. It would make much more sense to make a new Khorgorath kit. It's always fun to speculate on rumours but I think this individual doesn't know any more about the future of AoS than I do.
  22. It's a difficult choice for GW. It seems clear that for whatever reason the Lumineth release got the creative juices of the studio flowing and they made a bunch of kits. The choice from gw is either, cut a bunch of kits, divide into more than one book or do the Stormcast strategy and release the kits gradually over a long period of time. While it's annoying to wait for the dragons, or even longer for the necron flayed ones, it's a better choice than book bloat. As for the future of the lumineth, I'm a bit torn. I'd rather see other armies get the attention but I really want a new Tyrion kit. I think the solution would be to do a book like Kragnos, which introduces new minis for a number of factions including Tyrion. People are much less likely to complain about new Lumineth, if they get new Saurus, man-eaters and a Shaggoth at the same time. In that book give him a warscroll and nothing more, then introduce the remaining minis in a new battletome in 2023. That would give 2 years between books.
  23. Couldn't the eightfold watcher just be Archaon? The whole theme of Warcry is everyone trying to impress him. Could the other warband be a small group of Varanguard on foot, looking to rise up the circles?
  24. I'm not sure if I like the broodmaster but they don't trigger my arachnophobia, which is a plus. Looks like there's some new scenery in that video, so we are almost certainly getting a new box set. I'm sure it will be fully revealed on the 30th.
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