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  1. I think some perspective is needed on all sides of this. Everyone knows that there are a lot of factions worse off. If you are playing a game vs. a non-battletome army, sure everything in the book is competitive. But is that the baseline for comparison? I think the rub is that no army has had as many revisits as the Stormcast and to still have so many easily fixed issues with points and overlapping roles is kinda frustrating.
  2. As others have said, internal balance is abysmal. The new chamber pretty much replaces everything that came before, doing the same job better and for the same points or marginally more in the case of sequitors. Nerfs to units that didn’t warrant any like tempestors and the foot celestant. Storm hosts that add flavor and not much else. Battalions that are really non starters in competitive play outside of the phalanx which really just features the two best units out of the whole book. Two center piece models in the Celestant Prime and Tauralon that are junk for the points, seriously I want to use those models but 8 and 10 wounds for 340 points? I know some folks are touting the immortal Stardrake but having taken that to Nova recently myself it really doesn’t do the damage you need from a quarter of your points and with the plethora of Nagashs out there toting HoD, it is a giant spell and mortal wound magnet. Will it tank stuff and survive? Sure, but if you are chewing through 60 witch elves or 30 tzaangor over 3 turns you may be just winning the battle but losing the war for objectives as I did in a few games, and it still died in 3 of the 6 games even with the 4 up MW save. Much was made of the S.C. list that came 6th at Nova while glossing over the fact that it used 20 sequitors and 2 units of 10 Evocators, not exactly a showcase for unit diversity. Now because I want to throw some positives in there to balance things out a bit and matched play isn’t everything I do still like a lot of stuff. The lore has improved by leaps and bounds. The addition of storm hosts is really cool and fits the narrative well even if the execution is poor. The Relictor and Azyros are great support characters and cheap enough to drop in any list and provide utility. And of course the models are top notch and get better with every release, which they get regularly as another plus. I love the Stormcast, have since AoS dropped I just think the new book took away as much as it added in a competitive environment, but if you play narrative games or lots of non battletome armies that’s not really an issue. That’s my two pennies worth anyway.
  3. Mikosan

    Balancing the Stormcast

    Pretty much this^ I don't even think sequitors need a points increase, just less of a discount at the max unit size. Points cost internally are slightly out of whack. Paladins to Evos being the biggest example. Fix the costs of older units and the options for top builds increase dramatically imo.
  4. I love tempestors, ran 2x2 for a long while and have to say they are pretty bad now. No real reason to take them over the fulmis without the targeted -1 to hit debuff. The nerf was unnecessary imo. Breath attack? Sure. The debuff is just one nerf too many. I attended Nova with this list: Lord Celestant on Star-Drake -General, Staunch, Ignax Scales Azyros 2x Incantors with azyrite halo and stormcaller Relictor with Translocation 2x5 Libbys 2x5 Judis 10 Evocators with 5 sword and staves, 5 grandstaves, and reroll charge spell Quicksilver Swords This was my first big event and have to say I had an amazing time, played some awesome armies, and met some great people. I am not that good at playing but managed to get into the final round of 10 armies for paint judging so I consider that a win. Finished 48 with soft scores added. I plan on doing better each year (at least i hope too)
  5. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    And Mr. Souza was the only one I am aware of that had dope list art lol Good luck with ETC Bill!
  6. I played Mr. Urban game 1 and have to say for my first game at a big tournament he was a great guy and a pleasure to play! He won it with a 10” charge onto an objective in final turn. He has my thanks and hearty congratulations on the placing, well earned!
  7. Mikosan

    Disturbing News from NOVA

    I was there, sports scores did seem to be all top marks so maybe that system can use improvement.
  8. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I initially struggled with this rule as well close to the beginning of this very thread and changed my mind about it being useless when I started thinking about it negating one wound a turn per LA that triggers when a model is slain. One less sequitor will die or one less wound on the sequitors that remain. It's not game breaking but it is annoying for your opponent to have to dedicate more resources in another turn as Richelieu said, where you can just do it again. 2 LA's make it even better. All that said, the characters to make it happen are not cheap so I doubt you will see many lists spamming the LA models, but who knows, negating 3 or 4 wounds would be fun!
  9. Honestly most of the realm effects are fine, but the ones that aren't couldn't have seriously been developed with matched play in mind, at least not how I understand the intent of matched play which says right on the tin is about a balanced game experience. I am a big fan of each of the 3 ways to play, so not sure why GW would want to push narrative content onto matched play or vice versa. They all scratch an itch to my mind and require slightly different parameters to work well, which I believe was the whole point of the 3 ways to play. I will happily play in a narrative event running the full on realm rules, just slightly less happily if it was a matched play tournament using them I also agree that all these layers add a lot of book keeping and time to games if they are actually used by the players and not just forgotten about once the dice start rolling.
  10. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I would much rather they drop the points of the older units than increase the points for sacrosanct units. Libs to 90 and pallys to the old elite price of 180 maybe? I don't feel like SC get many breaks on unit costs, a couple units may be 20pts undercosted but so many more are over by 20+, so I really don't want to see increases to new/good stuff. I already struggle to make effective balanced lists with enough bodies to cover objectives, grave sites, gnarl maws, etc... Which brings me to this: What does a balanced army look like with new book? Previously I tried to get a nice mix of shooting and melee power. Now with magic thrown in the mix I am having a hard time balancing everything to my liking. It's very likely it is just me as I am not a great list designer, lol. What do you guys think, can an effective army be had with a bit of everything(magic, combat, shooting) or is skewing to do one or two things well at the expense of the other the most effective way to go?
  11. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    One-I always thought it was pretty clear, all shots had to be targeted at the same unit. Two- it said how long it lasted, whether the tempestors were alive or not after was irrelevant. Three-yeah it was nice , four-I still engaged the enemy, the dracoths were still doing possible D6 dmg and the old breath weapon was the bees knees while in combat so I always wanted them there! Now you will most likely eat a screen of chaff in front while the shooting unit pulls out of the aura range. If the new ability was a 12" bubble that made friendly units -1 to hit I would agree completely with your last statement. Sorry for being a negative nancy over here, I really do love the new book and a lot of the new stuff like scions allegiance, the spell lores and stormhosts , all the new models are fantastic. Just not thrilled about some of the warscroll changes, tempestors were my fav unit in the old book and as a slow painter, replacing my 4 tempestors before Nova at the end of August is going to be a scramble.
  12. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Yeah, thats what I was getting at. I guess I just don't get why they changed it, I doubt it was tearing up anyones meta, just a useful, cool ability that worked well in a Dracoth heavy list. Oh well, new edition-new army build, now what should take the place of those 440 points that just got freed up in my list🤔
  13. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I didn't think that is how the rule works though. I read it as you have to be within 12" of the enemy unit that is shooting, which means that a unit 13" away suffers no penalty. It reads to me like a passive debuff to enemy units not a passive buff to your own. I would love to be wrong though.
  14. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I would add Tempestors to the list of units that lost out. They were a relatively under rated unit that I always found a use for, now I just don't see the point. Taking the breath attack was OK but losing the targeted -1 to hit against melee was just too much. 12" aura that only works against shooting...just why? How are Evocators not better than old paladins? I still like protectors and they are arguably better in certain circumstances, but Evo's seem better than both Retris and Decimators at current points cost. Overall I think the book is fantastic in isolation, in the context of new NH though..... it really feels like they were pulling back on the reins for stormcast(spells that require a casting roll then another dice roll to do one mw comes to mind) while at the same time letting loose on the NH. Still can't wait to get games in. Also waiting for better players than me to figure out some stealth combos that I can shamelessly steal
  15. Mikosan

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Good ole' tempestos hammer (almost)never lets me down!