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  1. My take on the mount traits and evo's: I can see the triple mount traits, surely not intended but yeah, not explicitly disallowed by the rules. The evo's on the other hand have a warscroll that says they can cast one spell full stop. Nothing in the FAQ says they can cast an additional spell, just that they can cast from lore of invigoration. No text to break the one spell limit, where there is text to break the part about only being able to cast empower. Its simply one step too far for me. Fill your boots for the next couple weeks I guess, is my take. If TO allows it, and it is definitely worth an ask before turning up, have at it.
  2. I didn't hear that rumor about Dracothian guard(it would be a good start to improve them) but I hope these new ones are much better or the OG dragon cav get much much better. I have twelve of them and at their 3.0 point cost using the soon to be outdated book they are not great. Defense wise the FAQ to the shields makes them very tanky, unless of course MW are thrown at them(which they will be). I just find they have too few attacks and unless the mounts spike some 6's on wound rolls the damage is very lackluster. I've been a broken record on this for a while but if they just went back to the old breath weapon of 6" d3 3+ 1MW or 2MW if within 3" it would make them much more grindy in combat as they should be. Mostly I hope that the dragon army they talk about includes all the dragon models, new and old. Given the higher points cost of such units it will be a small army for sure and hopefully you can get some numbers in there with dracoths being the smallest of the bunch therefore the most numerous. My guess on the new dragons: Move 12", 10 wounds and I think you nailed the rest. Maybe 400 points because I expect no consistency on 3.0 points cost once new battletomes hit the streets. Old stuff will be pointed higher than it should be, but I'll one happy sigmarine if wrong
  3. This would be a dream come true for me. I have been wanting this since the dracothian guard came out and I'm still waiting. New dragons are awesome! I will certainly pick up a couple to add to the collection. I will, however, riot if GW gives us a way to make the new dragons battleline but continues to disappoint me on the dracoth battle line. Come on, it will only take one line of text in the new battletome lol
  4. Unpopular opinion for some but while I am happy for those excited by the TOW news, I myself have no interest in the game at all now. The potential for cool models is always welcome but thats where the hype ends for me. I don't have many fond memories of 7th-8th edition warhammer and for previous editions I was just a kid pushing models around the kitchen floor(which was awesome lol) Having said that, a good buddy that left wargaming after AoS is super pumped and I'm happy for him. I do wonder how GW is going to overcome the problems with oldhammer? While I was really into 7th and 8th almost nobody in my group bought models from GW, virtually all were second hand or alternative minis. Newer ideas like start collecting boxes and the like would be a big help I guess. Consistent releases and attention would also go a long way and how well supported is this thing going to be as a specialist game? Designing it to allow old armies sounds like new releases could be few and far between, which was always an issue with fantasy. Could new production capabilities help? Then again it seems like there are already production issues so how is that going to get better with a whole new game and model range to support? For me though the biggest issue was that the game itself always seemed like it was on rails once deployment was over. I hated the nitpicky angles of blocks for things like fleeing and movement in general. The 1/2" shuffle that resulted from no premeasuring is not something I ever want to experience again. Same for guessing ranges. Who knows though, it could be a great game with consistent releases and fantastic models. Then again, I already have that with AoS so.....
  5. I think I actually like the coherency rules provided we see 40k style attacking in ranks. Should help me out on all the wholly within bubbles and would help explain the 1” reach spears on skellys. Maybe the weapon range refers to how far from an attacking model you can be to still strike in combat?🧐
  6. I'm a little baffled by the hand wringing and teeth gnashing over this. How is the double whammy of covid lockdowns and brexit not the obvious issues at work here? Unless folks really think GW just didn't want them, specifically, to have a copy. Pretty sure if they could have sold every single person that wanted one a copy they would have. There was the note on the warscrolls provided in the box about being updated for November. So clearly production is behind. Thats not just cursed city, all production is behind and with AoS 3 coming up I'm sure time on the production line is at a premium. Now that is not an excuse for poor communication, but maybe its just a matter of fitting in another production run to the jam packed schedule. Maybe they don't even know when that will be. Maybe they do and it's a couple months off, who knows. After 20+ years in this hobby, I know that for some folks, a big part of the hobby is crapping on GW. Lord knows they've not helped themselves over the years, I just don't think, given the state of the world and operating during lockdowns etc.. this is entirely warranted.
  7. Well, I think I want a horde of skeletons and zombies, new bat/dragon/vampire thing and the rest blood knights☺️
  8. I'm wholly undecided how I'm going to build my SG. I put in for one of everything going up for preorder. Once the tome is out I can hone in on what I'm doing. I like the idea of a big blob of skellytons, a big blob of zombies, blood knights, bats, wolves, and that new bat/dragon/vampire lord to lead the way. I could see myself doubling up on the blood knights depending on rules. I am really not a fan of the zombie dragon/terrorgheist model so looking to avoid those. Might be tempted to convert a vamp lord on zombie dragon but not sure what to use....
  9. My prediction is that oldcast has warscrolls combined like one for older paladins, one for dracoths, difference will be in load out, etc with minimal changes to both scroll and points. Nothing is getting squatted, just not really updated. They said on stream that the new armor allows Sigmar to send the thunder strike force to where the battle is heaviest because they can reforge and oldcast can’t make it back to azyr because of be’lakor. Seems pretty clear that’s the direction the faction is going. GW aren’t trying to sell more retributors lol. And for the record it’s fine. This kind of churn is what you are in for with marines or stormcast, old stuff will be playable, just not cutting edge.
  10. GW fanboy and Stormcast player from day one here. Against my better judgement I’m going to wade into the newcast vs old cast discussion. The fluff component about the armor is the give away, new guys reforge because of thunder strike armor old guys don’t thanks to Be’lakor. Sounds like Sigmar is retiring the oldcast from a fluff perspective to me. Feel free to disagree, I won’t argue. If that doesn’t happen I’ll happily keep on keeping on. It’s just this the point I get off the stormcast treadmill. I have essentially 3 different stormcast armies with warrior chamber, vanguard, and sacrosanct. Not even counting my favorite the extremis chamber. So 4. I really don’t need a 5th. Count me in the group that would prefer new weird stuff instead of buying a fourth iteration of battleline troops or newer heavier better paladins. I’m not even salty about it, folks that didn’t like stormcast before will surely jump in wallet first to take my place. I’m going full ham on soulblight and will continue painting my oldcast backlog for funsies. So really I’m the winner here and GW still gets a piece of my kids college fund lol
  11. I'd be kind of happy if that model is on the smaller side, likely means a smaller price tag. I'm thinking a little bit bigger than an Akhelian king/volturnos. If the price is under $70 US I'm getting two
  12. I am super pleased with all the new stuff. I absolutely get why the bat/dragon/vampire monstrosity is polarizing, but it is so dang weird that I love it. Skeletons, zombies, and wolves look fantastic and fit the image in my head of an old school vampire counts army. The vyrkos vamps look cool too. I like that the different bloodlines have their own look and style, just wish the feral wolf vamps had their own unique unit like the bloodborn from cursed city, that would have been ace. Still would like to see some endless spells and maybe a terrain piece. I really don't understand how GW decides who gets what on that front. I don't really see an issue mixing some of the old and new stuff together. I think the corpse cart looks fine with the new zombies, and black knights look fine with the new mounted wight king, new blood knights will look good with anything but I suppose new skeletons and grave guard could look wonky. I never liked the zombie dragon kit and probably won't include one in whatever I decide to do anyway, same with the vargheists. For me its going to be skelly blob, zombie blob, wolf blob, black knights, blood knights, bats, and one maybe two bat/dragon/vampire things. Plenty of foot vamps to choose from with the underworlds models and new sculpts. Can't wait to see prices, well actually I can, let me daydream a little longer before the reality of the financial hit sets in proper lol
  13. So after avoiding this for 12 pages I guess I'll go ahead and leave my thoughts. I've been around since 5th ed oldhammer and I have rarely if ever thought I was getting some kind of steal buying GW products. Which is why in leaner times I only buy what I want, when I can afford it and in not so lean times I only buy what I want, when I feel like it. For me, dropping a couple hundred US dollars on my hobby in one trip is never going to happen. Spending that same amount, or likely more, over the course of 6-12 months? Yeah sure, and not just because its easier to hide the receipts from my better half. I should say I don't really get into any of the side games. They just aren't worth it to me since if I have the time I am going to play AoS. I did however buy Silver Tower to introduce some board game friends to the IP and that has been worth every penny given the number of game nights it has seen. Some folks aren't going to like the hobby comparisons but I have friends that golf, and it amazes me how much they spend on a set of clubs, just to then buy more clubs. I know people that spend as much as a "cheap" army on a day at a fancy course to swing them clubs on. How about my other hobby, guitars? Well sure I could get a guitar cheap, but then I just have a cheap guitar. Fender strats, gibson LP's, Martin acoustics all cost over $1K and if electric you also need an amp that can run anywhere from $100-$1k on their own. Then you have the various gear, pedals, new strings, an upgraded pick up set etc.... You get where I'm going with this. It's not a cope out to say a lot of hobbies are expensive. That said it becomes a matter of what value you get from the hobby. I don't need to spend $1K on a guitar because I don't play as much as I used to. Just like I don't need to spend whatever they want for Warcry because I won't play it. Now if a new army comes out and it hits my hobby in the feels, cost will factor in to how quickly I get an army up and running, but between painting, playing, making lists, and talking with buddies about this points cost or that battalion, I get countless hours of return on my investment. So do I think GW costs are absurd? Yep. I also think the cost of a gaming console is crazy. New and even used cars? Outrageous. Hell even the craft beer I like is ridiculous. My point isn't that these are all comparable, just that as I get older the price of everything seems crazy. Just put a personal value on the item and spend accordingly. Obviously having insane prices makes it harder to jump in to a new hobby or new army and that can be bad for the game in general, but there are more points of entry at varying price points than at any time I have been involved with Warhammer.
  14. For me its got to be the Celestant Prime. He is simply nothing like what the model and lore would have you believe. I mean to get his points back you pretty much need to use him as a long range MW platform. I really am not into leaving him off the board to try and maximize his attack profile for what, one combat before he gets swatted down? I understand the theme behind the rule but seriously its just not good in the game and feels terrible leaving him off the board. If he costs 300 points turn 1 he should be worth 300 points on turn 1, not turn 3 when he gets to swoop down and hopefully not fluff too many attacks. Not to mention that with the rules they are putting out these days his profile feels very AoS 1 and not up to date. Some honorable mentions go to the dracoths, fulmis, concussors, tempestors and desolators. Just give them the old MW breath weapon, it would make them so much more grindy in combat, just as it should be. Don't even change the points, 2 models aren't going to control an objective very long and a lot of armies have the output to punch through the armor with rend or weight of attacks. Then there is all the MW through spells flying around. For my other army I will go with Lotann for the obvious reasons. Absolutely amazing model with no point or purpose in the game.
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