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  1. I've re-added link to the original topic. It's still all there and working here
  2. Added both. Is there a way to contact the club? I can add that in the details
  3. Always appreciate the showing of my Super Xmas jumper... Just sad it's now at the back of the cupboard until next Christmas!
  4. I should note, that I'm only playing other inexperienced guys... I'm definitely not saying I'm super awesome, just that I don't see Petitioners as being Glory farms. I rarely attack models if I'm honest. I always play my objectives and ignore the other player. I leave my harder hiting stuff up front so I can res back to Inspired mode, Esepcially the Prince, who seems useless as normal. Petitioners I use t oblock charges, and keep one at back to sit on an objective with the Warden. In my last game against Orruks, I didn't attack any of them, Only the Warden attacks their Leader twice, after he had charged in... So i knew I could remove before ed of turn and not have him inspired. What I have found, is that most models have a hard time hitting and wounding without upgrades etc. So I tend to ignore them unless they are interfering with my own plans. I have a small beginner tournament on Sunday, we shall see if my style of play works or not
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