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Speculation: Steamhead Duardins


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So I'am dying for Steamhead Duardins rumours but in order to avoid such death, I though we could rather speculate about them.

Assumptions for the speculation:

-They will be released soon

-It is a whole faction made up of duardin

-It centres around metal and steampunk

What do you think will be included in them?

Let's see first the current range of Duardin miniatures, since some may be integrated into them. 

-Sure integration: Cogsmith (formerly: Grimlock), Ironwardens (metal + steampunk), Ironbreakers (same box after all!)

-Likely integration: Gyrocopter/Gyrobomber (steampunk); Warden King (formerly Belegar: very metal); Organ Gun and Cannon 

-Unlikely but possible integration: Hammerers/Longbeards (as old dwarf as it gets, but they are rather new boxes!), quarellers/handgunners

So let`s say only the "sure integration" and "likely integration" categoris fall there. We then have a faction with two battleline units (under faction, not GA), two characters and two machines. 

What is it missing?

-New super expensive center model. GRUGNI IN A GOLEM! Rumoured for a while now and though it may be just wishful thinking, seems plausible.

-New elite units. I would go with two: super though infantry (like even more elite Ironbreakers, just like Brutes are even more elite Black Orcs); and super steampunky shooters. Rumour (from Natfka and BOLS): there will be dwarfs with something that looks like Jetpacks and more modern looking guns. 

There you have three new boxes. Not counting smaller characters, both Sylvaneth and Ironjaws had the same. Which makes a big, cool new faction if you just add two or three small box/clampack generic heroes.  

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4 minutes ago, Nico said:

There could be a Duardin equivalent of the Stormfiend - multi-weapon options.

Oh, that could be quite cool! Not without cold but nice irony: so the dwarfs lost most of the war against the skaven because of those ******, look what we have now!

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Yeah, the golem rumour is as old as it gets. It was however supported by accurate rumourmongers (Harry and Hastings) and even confirmed after WHFB died. So it is a good (but not completely sure) bet. 

Still, if it is indeed Grugni in a golem, you cannot make it believable if it is an old kit which was not released. This means that if Grugni does indeed get released and he does indeed ride a golem, either the design is newer (at least it was adapted), or AoS design has been going on since like 2011.

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If this follows the current patterns, we'll see one of two things.


1: New faction. Should be a lot of new models, big centerpiece etc. Might incorporate some of the older kits (Bloodbound/Sylvaneth style)

2: Repossessed faction. Rebase boxes, tons of new fluff, maybe using the box sets in ways they weren't before. Similar to how Flesh-Eater Courts and Bonesplitta's.


We haven't seen the Steamhead name anywhere but rumours. Might be we'll get a "dispossessed" book.

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This is an entirely new faction so it might be like fyreslayers, however there are a few units that are very steam-punk and are kind of floating around - mainly the gyrocop/bomb and the cogsmith (both nice plastic models). Steamtank as well, but this could be re-imagined by a new thing

Re-imagined Models
Fireslayers - Fyreslayers
Branchwraith - Branchwytch
Treekin - Kurnoth Hunters
Chaos Warriors (Khorne) - Blood Warriors
Orcs - Ironjaw Brutes
Boar Riders - Gore-Gruntas

So, we can assume they follow the same trend. What are staples for Dwarves that need to be re-imagined for Duradin?
- Cannon/War Machine
- Engineer
- Infantry
- Ranged Infatry

I could see them absorbing the high quality kits already in existence like they did with Treelords and Ardboys, but this is unlikely unless they somehow match the new art design. More than likely it will be its own small faction and I expect it to have

- New HQ golem/monster thing, possibly a duradin "steamtank", likey driven/riden by leader
- New HQ war machine with 2+ options
- New melee infantry with shield/weapon options
- New ranged infantry with different weapon options
- New engineer char
- New leader char or basic hero.

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I hope it doesn't look like that drawing, Lord of Skulls pt 2. 

I'm starting to love the idea of Dwarven Sky Pirates, with all sorts of mixed in factions. Skaven Skallywags, Goblin Deck Swabber, Seraphon First Mate...so many crazy army ideas!

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I'm interested to see where and what these duardin are.  Could they be some sort of rock/robot creations left behind during the age of chaos?  Or actual living beings that didnt make it through the gates?  

I for one would welcome our new rock robot overlords (small chance as that may be)

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I think we're going to see cyber bear mounted cavalry. Bears with pistons or harpoon launchers on.

I think we're going to see explosives as ranged - think the miners extra stuff - magic steamy versions of grenades, dynamite, and mortar shot.

Imagine if the rumoured jetpack dwarves (I'm going to guess they have more a long hop rather than a hover) can drop explosives as they bound over enemy units.

We might see the true AoS Sigmarines. Steam powered exoskeletal armoured dwarves. Return of the squats!

I think that image of the 'golem' looks more like a crazy warmachine - A large tracked Dwarf statue with arms that smack down with mighty hammers as it drives forward. Kind of like those kids toys but large scale. In that sense they might do a steam tank equivalent. That might be their big model instead of something mounted.

I wouldn't rule out the shield bearer types as elite cavalry (think dracothian guard). Maybe steam piston exoskeleton dwarves bearing an elite dwarf hero. Units of 2 or 3.

Then again, cyber bears.

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