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  1. I think they have a nice concept to them, mixing WHFB dancers with a more feral design. Execution I think is so so. If they make AoS miniatures, might be a really good one if well executed.
  2. Slaanesh looks like 99% like a big release. Greater daemon? Check. Announced with a lot of time? Check. Building hype on teasers and trailers? Check. Many models? Check. Space and time for surprises? Very likely. Since they revealed the triple organization of Slaanesh hordes, it has been plainly obvious that the major Slaanesh release would not be tied to his/her being freed.
  3. Well corrupted slaanesh elves has always been part of WH universe. You know, the cult of pleasure. It was never really made into an army, but the mortal realms are rife with opportunities...
  4. Tzaangor is the tzeentchian solution to the mortal question, yes. For Slaanesh, daemons seem to be part of it, but slaanesh aelfs would be the mindblowing solution!
  5. I am assuming they will simply compensate through new daemons, which seem to be more numerous than Tzeentch. I'd be happy with just one type of mortals. We do not have many ways to make them cool, except....make them elven!
  6. Tzeentch is really low on humanoid mortals as well. I hope that ghey will at least have one aesthetic type of mortals, like acolytes.
  7. Slaanesh looks awesome. I wish though that KoS would have a version with bull head. It probably will! FS is kinda dissapointing. The book looks great and the magma golem is the best looking endless spell ever. But why couldnt yhey make it a unit! It s not like we have too many!
  8. That's wishful thinking. They made it explicit that Warcry is about chaos warbanda fighting at the Allpoints. They could of course change that in the future to add.other warbands. But with all certainty not at launch (nor for a while, I would add). This is Necromunda. It is an excuse yo have parallel aesthetics from the main game. I am surprised that they limited thar power through the Chaos decision. But I do not think they mean to move closer to representing all factions and GAs.
  9. All Chaos is a no go for me. But am I the only one to also find that the models look terrible? Perhaps the "darkoath" are salvageable. But the bearded warband, the beasts warband and the full helmet one all look very bad IMO. And this is something I almost never say of GW miniatures.
  10. Just show how much damage false rumours do.
  11. Realmgate wars are really bad. AllGates is the only half decent book.
  12. I find it very unlikely that we will have news at this point of Malerion aelfs. But if true... that would be beyond awesome.
  13. Not again this. If I claimed that new Dispossesed with a Grugni on anvil are.coming in June, would that make it equal to a SadPanda/H&H/LVO, etc piece of information? Rumours are not all equal. It is only natural to cross check other data, look for info on source, etc. If Chickout then comes out and says that the apparently new user is actually a dakka user with proven record, that is great. I dont see the problem with looking for that kind of info.
  14. In all GW games there is a similar cycle of meta that competitive players have to get used to. It has never been about chess like balanced competition. It is about playing the meta and adapting to the cycle. That being said, that ranking with 13 summoning armies on the tip 15 is cheesy. Comparing SCE summoning (or recycling) abilities to reliable LoN recycle, never mind the likes of Slaanesh, is ridicoulous. SCE (or Deepkin or DoK) are strong because of other factors, so you are stretching the argument.
  15. I am often at awe at the communicational skills of Phil Kelly. Such a talented guy both for lore building and then to communicate about it. He is really in another league when you compare it with the communication skills of all other GW designers. Appart from the Stormhosts part, there is this talk of a project with Jervis Johnson. Anyone caught/guessed more about it?
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