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  1. Wouldn't mind seeing Alarielle's Sylvaneth going against Beastmen too. Harken back to the old Wood Elf vs Beastmen rivalry
  2. hehe I was the guy who shouted out Kharadron Overlords in the chat So your welcome for that few minutes of Dwarf talk
  3. I think Aenarion if he sticks around would be more interesting with the Malekith faction of Elves and being opposed to Morathi.
  4. Cant wait till the inevitable "Warhammer Preview Online: Axes and Grudges" Sorry guys, I got 109 versions of the same joke that I keep reusing.
  5. Could I get an invite? The current one expired. Thanks!
  6. I completely agree with your first part and was quoting (from a distant memory) a GW interview. Old GW was held back mostly out of fear of moving the setting along in any compacity (both IPs) and I am glad that new GW has embraced ongoing narrative, it makes each new release more exciting, to me at least.
  7. Having spent a good chunk of the day reading this new release, my mind goes back to an interview that someone at GW did sometime around "Storm of Chaos" (aging my self a bit) where they said Fantasy was a lot harder to write sweeping large scale stories because in 40k losing a planet is a Tuesday while in Fantasy losing a city would have massive consequences to their setting. Now with Broken Realms (and also Soul Wars before this) I can see why they built the setting of Age of Sigmar to be what it is. In this book we have Morathi gaining godhood, betraying all of her old allies, allying with the Idoneth, taking over one of the most fleshed out cities in the story and oh yeah, Slannesh gave birth. This is all in the first part of what will probably be a 4 or 5 part long story arc. After playing Fantasy for well over a decade where the setting never change, its so crazy to me to see such story progression here. Kudo to GW and I hope the next chapters of the Broken Realms will be equally as enjoyable. P.S Broken Realms: Grungi release date when?
  8. Being completely honest, when Cities of Sigmar first came out I thought it was a temporary bandaid and would go away of the dodo in an edition or two. But now I think @MarkK has the right idea. I think they will eventually rotate some new units in and expand the theme to other cities not listed in the 2.0 tome. I guess we will have to wait and see what their long-term goals are for expanding CoS
  9. Super excited, finally convinced one of my D&D groups to give Soulbound a try after we finish our current campaign. It will be interesting cause none of them know pretty much anything about AoS. I sold it to them as high fantasy turned up to 11. We will probably use one of the modules at first then see where it goes. Now back to the age old question if I will play a Kharadron or a Fyreslayer
  10. I speak for all Dwarfs everywhere. "Great just what we needed....more Elf Gods"
  11. This sounds exactly like what I wanted. Everything PA was supposed to be but never was. Big set pieces with old and new characters, major lore ramifications and lots of factions having roles to play.
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