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  1. August Malerion Alves released Boxed set vs Lumineth September Start of next Campaign Arc "War of the Aelves" War of the Aelves: Tyrion October Third wave of Lumineth November War of the Aelves: Alith Anar December Christmas themed Lumineth set Fyreslayers get one new Model...looks the same as the other's My prediction! : p
  2. hahaha they really signed off like that, kudos GW. Overall a better preview although I was disappointed with the first half.
  3. If they sell these separate I will buy them all instantly for my future Gravelord army.
  4. Holy ****** those Zombies are amazing! I hope the Gravelords have similar looking zombies.
  5. The necromancers are hard at work as we speak, preparing the legions of the undead to march to war later in the year." Think that is about the most we will see of the Gravelords today....maybe next month.
  6. Not a fan at all of Lumineth getting another battletome so soon after their last one...
  7. HYPE IS BACK ON THE MENU Please new Blood Knights, dont cost over $100 for 5 models.
  8. I do think its funny that Gravelords got so many votes for an army that we know almost next to nothing about. The hype is real. Might have to rename myself "Count under the Crypt"
  9. Because GW was very conservative with the original miniature design. Add some more unique characters, some female Dwarfs and more creatures/war machines and I guarantee it would sell better. Also I believe GW strayed too far from what made Slayers so beloved by the Fantasy Community.
  10. Honestly I find many of the short story teaser kind of a chore to get through but not this one, really enjoyed it in its simplicity. I read it as a Vampire Lord originally, since I have had Vampires on my mind but re-reading it I could see it being Belakor as well. Off-topic but I someone else mentioned it a few posts back. Really hoping the new Gravelords release pushes more Inter-Death conflict.
  11. During these COVID times things are a bit different then "usual". Pre-COVID GW would usually reveal their big release's during various conventions all at once instead of drip feeding us. Also it might feel like we are having more stuff because we currently have 3 game systems in the setting (AoS, Warcry and Underworlds) plus we have the new Warhammer Quest game.
  12. I'd say the Broken Realms: Alarielle would be a fitting time for it
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