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  1. GW is such trolls. Peter Foley had a board behind him during the interview with Squats crossed out for a new Codex
  2. With all these rumor engines featuring very unique looking weapons, I really think a new Warhammer Quest is on its way.
  3. Totally agreed. I remember in 8th edition Fantasy, GW had not discovered the internet or social media. Communication was non-existent and the only way you could learn about new armies is some sketchy rumors on Warseer or literally the month the army was released in White Dwarf. Now we got previews, presence in all social medias and a freaking army builder app. On top of all that Age of Sigmar has risen from the ashes to become a great setting. I am glad I returned to the hobby (although my wife and bank account probably preferred I didn't)
  4. Interested about this, as my End Times lore is limited to wiki articles. Did they say what the safe places were? Could it have been the Mortal Realms or am I thinking too much into it?
  5. Very excited for the new Novel. Really enjoyed the new Gotrek series and the Kharadron Iron Dragon series. Hungry for new novels. Also with that cover I'll be bold and say Hysh has a very Ulthuan feel to it aesthetically
  6. @BrownDog was excited to see her too! and also the art of the Female Kharadron. Hoping we get miniatures of female Dwarfs for all factions in the future.
  7. On reddit someone posted a screencap of the next WD with some points revealed for Lumineth Realmlords. Teclis - 660 Eltharion - 220 Stonemage - 130 10 Wardens - 120 10 Sentinels - 140 5 Dawnriders - 130 5 Stoneguard - 100
  8. Pretty excited for this. Only experience with pen & paper RPG is a few drunk sessions of D&D back in college many years ago. Going to participate in a learning session Sunday and hopefully I can find a dedicated group shortly after. Skyrigger will be my first character and damn it was hard to choose.
  9. Your questions is understandable. The main goal of the hobby is to have fun and while for some the only fun is winning, for many people like ourselves it can get pretty boring if its one sided. One personal example I had is back in 8th Edition Fantasy I built an anti-Magic/Gun Line Dwarf army. It was awesome at first to lock down the other army and just disintegrate these big bad monsters and elite troops from a distance but it wore out quick. Neither myself or my opponents were having much fun. Eventually started playing less powerful but more unique play-style armies like Wood Elves and Tomb Kings. Anyway for AoS I don't have as much experience but I would say Kharadron Overlords is a fun but nowhere near overpowered army.
  10. GOTREK...I mean THE FORUM LIVES!!! Glad its back up
  11. Slowly making way though the Soulbound core book and saw on Pg 85 a female Fyreslayer. I believe this is the first one we have seen pictures of.
  12. @WathLab love it, especially the Bear! Reminds me of my WoW Hunter (think backs fondly). Also saw your post on Reddit it and gave it an upvote
  13. Interesting choice to have Grungi's Dwarfs riding giant crabs
  14. I would love to see what you come up with. Brainstormed a number of mixed-Duardin lists but with only Grand Alliance abilities, know I would never actually build one.
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