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  1. shinros

    The Rumour Thread

    Even so due to this picture who bets that tomorrow or the day after GW are going to post an article about this?
  2. shinros

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Can't wait for wrath and rapture, Slaanesh was my first love for warhammer before undead. If the kit has plastic fiends? Oh boy.
  3. shinros

    The Rumour Thread

    It's a box vince has said it contains new models. edit:The box is coming out SOON. I am doing a daemon army.
  4. shinros

    The Rumour Thread

  5. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    Well I have some sad news, I am discontinuing this story. Due to the fact that...I like writing stories while collecting my army. I love the story and character of the Idoneth. But there is a problem on the hobby side, specifically this unit. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/catalog/product/920x950/99120219008_IdonethMorrsarrGuard01.jpg Beautiful models, but then comes the flying stands. How they did them, does not exactly make it fun to put together, I pinned the first set but then I look at the fact I want a lviadon, Allopex etc. Then comes the storage issues as well. So I am terrible sorry if you were enjoying this story. But the hobby aspect...is not exactly....fun so to speak. But I do guarntee an AOS slaanesh story whenever they get updated. The main character has already been revealed. psst....GW do a chariot hero.... Again I am sorry.
  6. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    Chapter 7 Lviam the Gilded King lashed his horse. “Faster!” The chariot increased in speed, he was eager to get to grips with the enemy and show his splendor. His golden armour shone even under the sea, he will bring light and excess to the aelves. His seekers whooped and cheered, the paladins of his kingdom of Bariheim. His knights barely wore armour anymore, their flesh is now used as a vector in receiving pain. What little armour they wore also held a strange glow, but it was not greater than his, because to stand above him would be heresy of the highest order. But the greatest prize of this warband is the keeper of secrets and it’s cohort, N’Varis the gorger of aelves spoke in the voices of all he devoured. +We are close…+ he shivered with pleasure. +I need to finish the collection!+ his bovine head roared in a thousand voices. Lviam knew that the daemon specifically hunted aelf souls since to him they were the sweetest. But what troubled him slightly is how they are moving in water, he could also breathe normally as well. +It’s the magic of the aelves who live here….have your sorcerer corrupt it...it’s far too cold.+ As the daemon spoke he could not help but agree, despite the joy of taking possible aelf slaves not being able to feel the warmth of the dark prince as he kills would be aggravating. He flicked his head. “Baris!” His sorcerer's chariot moved up to his. “Yes my lord?” he smiled with golden teeth, his face and ears also had piercings. “Baris...I want you to make this…sea more pleasing for us.” The sorcerer chuckled “Aye...I wonder when you were going to ask.” He raised his staff that is shaped like a snake, a pink light erupted from it. A great darkness then covered their warband. Oddly enough he could see right through it, but right away he felt the change. The water was now warm, the bubble pops are now loud and for some reason he could now smell them...the aelves they are going to hunt. Their bodies cling with the dark prince’s glorious essence. Then an idea fell upon him Perhaps they might have an answer? They might know of his location, if he was the one who freed their patron what wonders would slaanesh bestow upon him? He smiled “Faster!” he shouted, all of his seekers upped their speed. “For slaanesh my brothers and sisters! We ride to war!” Pimorr sat on Torlor at the edge of the city, makeshift cover made through coral’s have been made and harpoon guns have been set along the perimeter. The host of Akhelian’s were ready and even the elders were out ready to fight. They all saw what was coming, which has made his recent order even harder, more harder than the disturbance of the dead. He looked down to Myr-Tan. “Have the apprentice Ishraan left along with the civilians?” “Yes, the Soulrenders also carry the remainder of our reef of souls within their lurelights. Gwytthar and his thralls are with them, escorting them away from the city.” “Good.” His eyes did not leave the strange tide of darkness. He faced the line of thralls and reavers standing behind them. “I don’t think this will be enough…” his eyes moved to the darkness again. “It’s not.” Bann-roch said calmly. “I can feel their corrupted souls from here...this warband is in the thousands. Almost a whole kingdom worth of people. Along with that…” the Soulscryer trailed off slightly. “Along with what?” “Daemons…” Lilaar shook her head. “They are also tainting the ethersea.” “Well then...we have no choice but to win. Is the Eidolon primed?” “Yes, soon as the enemy comes within range...the rage of Mathlaan with awaken.” “Good...that is good.” He gripped the reins of his deepmare. But from some reason the grip on his blade was light, his heart began beating rapidly. He thought to himself why is this happening? His people were enjoying a resurgence, now their possible destruction is coming. The darkness crept closer and closer until it suddenly dissipated to reveal a whole army of slaaneshi warriors mounted on horses, chariots and daemons. But oddly his eyes were drawn to the keeper of secrets, he felt his lungs tightening, he shuddered in fear but then the daemon roared out in a voice he did not expect to hear. +So weak! So pitiful as always! You are not the leader our people needs!” Pimorr shook his head. “No...it can’t be…” +You were lucky! Everyone died! Why do you live!?+ this time it was the voice of his mother. He found his hands shaking on the reins, despair crept into his heart again and all around him he could only hear muffled shouts. Darkness danced around his eyes I...failed? Maybe I should of asked for help? The High king would of aided me… +See? Always needing the help of others…+ his father spoke coldly. Pimorr was about to speak, but a blue light washed over his eyes. A screech of anger and fury greeted his ears. He blinked to see the cavalry have suddenly smashed through their lines, he could see the great Eidolon streaking through the sea like a comet, the Eidolon of Mathlann was in the aspect of the storm. It fell among the daemonettes stabbing with it’s spear and slashing with it’s crulhook. It then moved to the keeper of secrets. The greater daemon began almost dancing around the eidolon, dodging his blows. The sea life around it sought out and hunted the chaos riders, but despite what is happening before him their lines were broken, the Akhelians were doing all they can to salvage the battle. He searched around for Myr-Tan, he was pulling off riders with his talunhook and his rakerdart removed heads. “We need to form up!” he shouted over the din of battle, but the Soulrender was consumed with fighting for his life. He searched the sea for the Lviadon but it seemed Tolriu was busy with avoiding the magical blasts of the sorcerer. +Useless! Your people view you as a failure!+ His eyes strangely returned to the keeper of secrets, it’s visage caused his mind to swirl slightly. The eidolon of mathlaan came to attack the keeper again, but it’s blade moved like a blur and impaled the aspect. It gave a silent yell as the greater daemon began guzzling on the souls leaking from it’s frame. Despite eating, his father spoke in his mind. +Come...prove that you are the best my boy…+ Pimorr shot towards the keeper of secrets, anger consuming his whole body. “You always put me down!” he roared. “What did I do to deserve your scorn!?” he shouted at his deperated father. He needed to silence him. To prove he is the best, his father knows nothing, his mother knows nothing. Darkness closed around him, no one mattered. He drew his falchion, he ground his teeth as his blade fell upon his dead father Tal-Ram. He saw the Eidolon falling from his father sputtering away to nothing, he sat proudly on the deepmare. His white hair flowed in the water, his frown tore into him. He casually raised his blade to block his strike. After that multiple voices began to pass through his mind +I have you…+ Pimorr did not care if he did, he needed to prove himself, he need to prove him wrong. “You are weak, always have been. Crying for your mother...but I am glad she scorned your need for succor…” his father said cooly. He kept attacking viciously “I don’t need your words! I am better than you! I saved the enclave!” Tal-Ram laughed as he continued to block and deflect his strikes. “Is that what you tell yourself boy? On the beach you allowed the ishraan to do what they wanted…” “It was n-” “you are weak. Could not even stand up to them...this paltry defense is nothing. You will lose here and I will take my rightful place as king of the phalanx.” At the mention of becoming king again he panicked. His father then parried his attack leaving him wide open, he then did a great slash bringing his greatsword down across the right side of his body. He felt the sword taking his right eye, tearing through his body. He screamed, his deepmare gave a shrill cry due to half its face being cut off. Blood poured from his mouth. He then toppled from his saddle, falling to the wayside as Torlor died. The darkness vanished, instead of his father he saw a greater daemon laughing with glee. +Finally! I wonder how your soul tastes!? Now the collection will be finished! Join your family in my stomach!+ He watched the keeper of secrets reach out in slow motion. He could hear the screams of his phalanx reverberating in his mind, now he realised what he allowed the daemon to do. The weight of what has just happened now came crashing upon his body. He closed his eye I am a poor king. Suddenly he felt himself moving. The daemon cried out in anger, Pimorr struggled to open his eye but he could hear a horn. He looked up slightly to see the blurred visage high king, Pimorr found himself slung over his saddle. Blinking a few more times he could see Volturnos was blowing a horn. Across the battlefield those still alive fell in behind the high king’s own phalanx, and the Ionarch Akehlian guard picked up those without mounts. Pimorr tried to speak but all he gave is a small rasp before darkness crawled across his vision. Pimorr saw flashes, scenes of father’s death. He raced towards his father on his fangmora eel, the daemon held him in it’s clutches. He reached out, but his father shouted. “Stay back!” He ignored his warning, Pimorr drew his helsabre, he attacked the daemon but with a flick from its arm he was sent hurtling towards nearby houses, flying off his Fangmora eel. He staggered to his feet, coughing up blood. Then he saw it, he saw the daemon tearing off his father’s head, it then stuffed him into its mouth. Pimorr roared in anger, but before he could even take a step, someone grabbed him. “We have to flee!” Tolriu shouted. The lower Akhelian held him tightly while he rode his fangmora eel. “Let me go! I am not a coward! Let me go!” he screamed. His eye slowly opened, he gasped as the Tru’heas bright blue light washed over him. His body still ached, but he needed to get up. He grit his teeth as he sat up. Gwytthar was kneeling over him along with Myr-Tan. “You need your rest my king.” said his retainer “No!” he barked back. “What of the enclave!?” He forced himself to his feet, he looked around to see Akhelians shaking their heads while sitting on their mounts, some Namtri just by their body language looked devastated. The Ishraan as always looked calm but he could see it. They were furious. Pimorr looked ahead to see the high king standing over at a ridge next to his deepmare. Pimorr staggered over. “W-what happened?” In silence he pointed forward, his heart shattered to see what is before him. In the distance he could see the followers of chaos rasnacking his home, pillaging it and hunting those who could not escape. “W-why did this happen?” “Because you did not ask for help.” said the high king. Pimorr flicked to Volturnos “What did you expect me to do!?” His one eye fell upon him, his gaze was dark almost cold, the look he gave him was far more harsher than the Soulscryer. “You bent to the will of the nobles, you should of put the safety of the enclave over what they wanted.” “But I ne- “You need nothing!” he shouted. “You...need….nothing.” he said firmly. Pimorr almost flinched back slightly, now he saw his age, his whole form now showed truly why he earned the title of high king. Volturnos now began to speak coldly, but his voice was still smooth “Your role as king is to ensure the safety of your enclave. To ensure that they prosper and have enough souls. The politics of nobles...should be secondary to all of that. When you refused to ask for my aid due to appearances, you cared more about how you look to the Akhelian’s than your duty. You failed...completely and utterly.” His words crushed him, the wave of despair washed over him again. His right eye started to hurt, he placed his hand upon it but all he felt is scar tissue, but it wouldn’t stop hurting. He saw the flashes of his father’s death, him sitting idle as the warband destroyed their lines and the keeper dispatching the Eidolon easily. The despair he felt was choking him, but he began to ground his teeth the despair giving way to anger and frustration. “They….will pay…” His hand over his right eye turned into a fist. “I will destroy them for this…” “How will you do that?” Pimorr lowered his hand and faced the high king. He stared at him. “First thing we must do is rebuild.” “No! No! You will not lead us!” Rach-Gab approached with a group of elder Akhelian’s, along with the members of the Ishraan caste. Bann-Roch and Lilaar were among them. “You sat on your deepmare like an idiot while our lines were overrun! We have spoken and a new king will be chosen!” Pimorr shook his head “fine.” He tore of his black cloak and threw it on the ground. He removed his ruined chestplate and chucked it on the ground along with it. Everyone save the high king looked at him in confusion, he closed his eye for a moment and then opened it. “I will be founding a new enclave, an enclave where our people come first...” He began to walk past the confused nobles, he faced the tattered remains of Vosilar. “The enclave I want will also be a place where we will hound the followers of chaos! they are our enemies forevermore! We will ring their souls from their bodies and place their broken souls within our new reef!” The Akhelians stared at him in shock, Rach-Gab began to stammer behind him. “Y-Yo-” “I don’t care what you have to say! Pick your new king! I am no longer part of your enclave!” He took a deep breath and exhaled. Bubbles left his mouth. “We will show those dogs who we truly are….” He swept his eyes over them. “Even if this has to be my own personal crusade.” Myr-Tan walked over to him. “I will follow you.” Then came Gwytthar along with what he assumed to be his wife, they said nothing. Soon as they came to his side the rest of the surviving Namtri followed. He could see the novice Akhelian’s hesitating, but Leirisha came to his side with her fangmora eel along with her squad. “What are you doing!?” Rach-Gab shouted. Leirisha looked over to the old noble for a moment but then her eyes fell back on him. She said nothing at all. After that people trickled to his side until there was only a small amount of nobles left. The naysayers who desired a new king. But then Bann-roch shook his head wearily and came over to his side, then after that it was Lilaar until Rach-Gab was by himself. He trembled with fury “You spit on your father’s legacy!” “My father is dead Rach-Gab. Devoured by the daemon that is now tearing apart our old home.” The noble shook his head and drew his blade “I call for an honour duel!” Pimorr was not surprised, he desired to rule, even through his adopted daughter. Leirisha offered him her helsabre, he took it and strode towards the old Akhelian. “Why do you wish to die?” said Pimorr. “I will not follow a weak king!” “Yes I am weak now, but I will get stronger. Strong enough to crush all our enemies.” He clutched the handle of the blade tightly. He could see the high king still standing on the ridge, looking at what is unfolding with interest. Rach-Gab charged, despite having a peg leg he was still swift on his feet. Pimorr waited, the noble raised his blade and bought it down. But as the blade moved through the water, he could feel it, something was different. There was cold anger gripping his body, it was like a tide rising slowly. Pimorr parried the attack that was coming down to him, then in a swift blade flick he removed the elder Akehlian’s head, it toppled to the ground and then his body with it. A red mist left the stump of his head and body. He faced his new enclave. “We will be of the Pros-Mineth, the sea that swallows all.” he said firmly. There was no cheers, just grim nods. From here things will be hard, but he looked over to the high king, just by his smile it’s clear that he will aid him and this time he will accept it.
  7. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    A certain character that appears in this chapter might have a completely different characterisation once he is actually written about. I just want to make that point, soo he is subject to change. Chapter 6 The council hall was bustling due to the celebration, that is only due to the fact over the past few weeks raids have been going well. The choirrleum would last for years as he hoped. He looked at the elder Akhelians who were no longer fit for war they celebrated among themselves. The Ishraan also talk amongst each other and the Namtri served small refreshments. But he could see everyone was holding back, he was also doing the same as well. What some would call small idle conversation, they call it a celebration. But he could also see that the various houses were making agreements amongst themselves, it’s clear enough that some would want to place their progeny in the ripe position to take over once he dies. Pimorr guessed that many in the hall wanted to lead, but due to losing limbs that makes it impossible. He imagined if the elders were hearty and strong one of them would quickly be named King to lead the phalanx after his father died. One Akhelian approached him, he wore his armour but his peg leg and missing eye are evident. His face was also covered in scars. “Rach-Gab.” Pimorr said cooly. “King Pimorr.” he answered back. He knew he is not exactly a monarch in a sense, people are judged by merit in the Idoneth and a council decides things within the enclave, it’s just that he has the most say on things. “I see you promoted by daughter, she is now princess.” “She deserved it.” he answered back. The old aelf chuckled he gave a sharp smile “My Leirisha is a strong, when I saw her during the asydrazor the teachers there said she was attentive, alert and…” His voice trailed off. Pimorr knew his wife was part of the raid that saw his own parents killed, going by the information he dug up is that they kept spawning Namtri. In the worst case scenario many houses look to adoption. He nodded “I agree she has a bright future.” “I am glad you agree, but I wonder when she will look for a husband.” He noted he said husband firmly and let it hang in the air for a moment. He then shrugged “But I assume that won’t happen anytime soon.” He wondered if he should be up front, but decided otherwise. In the past he had little interest in political intrigue, but back then he had no idea that he would be leader. He held his glass tightly, he made sure the others in the chamber heard him. But he did not speak too loudly. “My love for my people eclipses any personal love. My mind...and my heart is dedicated to this enclave. If it was not for this love I would of not tirelessly worked with the Ishraan to ensure this enclave survives. If someone harms this love...I will remove it.” His response caused the noble’s eye to widen slightly. He did not expect that response, after all he is his father’s son.”I wonder what Tal-ram would of think of those words.” Rach-Gab said in surprise. His father’s name passed through his mind, he has not heard his name for months, but he knew that the Akhelian felt rebuffed by his words. “Yes he would call those words of weakness, but I will tell you something.” His retainers words bounced within his mind. “He would say that is not the marking of a leader, that what I say is weakness.” He looked down into his wine for a moment he smiled he faced Rach-Gab, all the Akehlian’s and Isahraan’s eyes were slightly directed to him also. “It is not weakness. My father...Tal-ram was wrong. If he was here...faced with the situation we had in the past he would throw all your children at the problem without thinking. He would focus on his own personal glory, he wants to be the king to save the enclave, he wants your praises. But what I do…” he made sure to say I firmly. “I do it for the love of my people. For you and everyone else in this hall. Even the Namtri within this chamber who are serving us at the moment. That is the purpose of the phalanx, we are not of the Fuethan and never will be. Not while I am king. What I do is for love not glory.” He finished speaking, there was now a silence in the hall. But he heard a clap, everyone looked to the door, who was standing there caused his heart to almost jump out of his chest. Bann-Roch and Lilaar stood next to the visitor clearly concerned. The Ishraan approached him. “We tried to stop him.” said Bann-Roch. “Be careful what you say Pimorr.” Lilaar whispered. But his eyes were locked on the pale face and eye patch. Also the bluish armour was at odds with everyone else's. He stopped clapping and approached while picking a glass of a tray. He smiled but strangely to Pimorr he was huge, his presence took up the whole hall. When he stood in front him Rach-Gab slinked away. Pimorr forced himself not to gulp he decided to speak first. “High king Volturnos. This is a surprise.” “Well yes, my phalanx was passing by and I thought it would be good to meet with the new king of Vosilar. After all we live in the same realm.” His voice was firm, strong and clear. He carried himself like an aelven noble of the past. “I see, so what is the nature of your visit?” Pimorr wanted to get straight to the point. He had a feeling that since his father died he wants to gain a new ally for the assembral, where all the enclaves gather to discuss matters that is important to all of them. “Your speech moved me, I thought you would be like you late father but I guess I was wrong.” Pimorr gestured to Lilaar and Bann-Roch. He wanted to talk with Volturnos king to king, after all this is a celebration not a diplomatic meeting. The both got his meaning and mingled with the rest of the nobles, but all eyes were on them. There were whispers in the air, others judging him, some saying to remove the high king. “Thank you, but I truly believe those words.” “It’s good because many forget what we are meant to be and focus on the darkness that holds sway over us.” He swirled the wine in the glass. “I am surprised you haven’t lost an eye yet.” “Excuse me?” “Well for one love can make you commit to rash decisions it’s good to care but not everyone feels the same.” he looked around the hall. “What we do...is a necessity and at least you understand that part.” He could sense there was something else. “But what?” “Gathering too many souls can bring unwanted attention. I understand your choice considering...the predicament you faced but your enclave is not exactly hidden.” “So you are criticizing me High king?” Pimorr said firmly. “Considering you are a guest and your words I could have you expelled from the enclave.” The High king chuckled “Strong willed as well. This is good but I am not cristicing. I am offering you some advice. I could not help but notice the many empty coastal cities filled with sleepers and the dead. I assume it’s your work also?” “What of it?” “Perhaps taking more essence than necessary has allowed an orruk warband to rampage through the smaller settlements uncontested. Which in turn means they will destroy any major city they come across due to their momentum and size.” He narrowed his eyes at Volturnos. “It’s not the enclave’s problem. The Ionarch seem more concerned in the affairs of those above why don’t you deal with it?” “Here I am offering advice..fine I will be blunt.” “A great slaaneshi warhost is approaching your enclave they will take some time to get here which is fortunate. They are being drawn to the scent of your reef of souls.” “How!?” The High king nodded “Well according to Lotann who is graciously aiding your soulwarden at the moment your choirrleum’s are overtaxed. They should of been expanded to accommodate more souls. The essence is leaking out drawing your enemy to you. Now let’s say...you run you and set up a new enclave but since you allowed a orruk menace to go unchecked you would have no one to harvest. The land-dwellers are getting smashed aside along the coast due to you taking out the cities.” Volturnos began drinking. All of that information that has been planted on top of him caused Pimorr to bite his lip slightly. He worked through what he can do, it’s clear he is here to warn him. But he can’t ask for aid either, it would make him look weak. All of the nobles are here, the High king specifically chose this time to visit him unless….He is testing me. He is measuring his worth as a possible ally. His father would snub the High king, he knows he would. Volturnos would not come here if he wasn’t worth speaking to. “I thank you for the information King Volturnos. I will speak with my council on these matters.” He nodded “That is good. I think you will do well.” He then turned and walked away, he placed the glass on the platter before leaving the council hall. His eyes swept over the Akehlians and Ishraan. “The celebration is over! Bann-Roch! Lilaar!” Everyone began shuffling out, the Tidcaster and Soulscryer approached. “Is he speaking the truth?” said Lilaar. “He is” said Bann-Roch. Pimorr nodded in agreement. “He would not stop and “visit” to lie. But what concerns me is the fact he brings up running.” “No one will accept that.” said Lilaar. “I know but that point is important, it means the size of the slaaneshi host is too great to deal with.” “I agree, what are you thinking though?” said Bann-Roch. “Every Akhelian that is of age who are still doing their asydrazor must be given basic training in riding Fangmora eels.” The tidecaster looked shocked, almost horrified. “B-bu-” “We must!” he said firmly, she closed her mouth and nodded. “Every able bodied Namtri must be trained and those who are too weak have them set up minor fortifications with the Chorralus. Send out every builder and have harpoon guns set around the enclave.” Both ishraan said nothing they just listened, that’s how serious it is. “Also our healers Tru’heas should be on standby and finally….I want to vote to sanction the disturbance of the dead.” This time their eyes went wide. The Soulscryer coughed slightly “For one...that will take time but do you believe the threat to be that serious? We will undo all the hard work we have done in these past for weeks. Our departed is making up a great many of the reef of souls.” Bann-Roch spoke calmly but he could sense he was on edge which is rare. Yet he has to push on. “I am calling the vote to sanction the disturbance of the dead. Is anyone against it? Please raise your hand.” Both kept their hands lowered. “Right so we have a clear path. I also want all the Ishraan apprentices out on the field also.” “All of them?” said Lilaar. “I want all of them, we are possibly dealing with the death of our enclave. We must use everything at our disposal.” Pimorr took a deep breath “Go and relay my orders.” The Ishraan left the council hall, he started to pace the despair he felt in Darroot came crawling back but he pushed it down. That is not what his people needed, he needs to stand tall for them.
  8. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    No he did suck as king, he was a essentially a joke to everyone else because he did not actually act like a Nehekaran king and vied for peace etc. Nagash also used it as an excuse as well.
  9. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Yup Nagash was a mad cackling necromancer. When he made her undead she sort of just sat there. Then he killed her to break the covenant. He was bitter that he was forced to become a priest and the fact his brother sucked as king. He only developed naunce in times of legend sigmar when he has killed off most of his humanity and emotions. Honestly his origin book series was not all that good the author seemed like he prefered writing other characters. (After the first book he focused more on skaven.) One common compliant that there are not enough chapters dealing with the actual character and he made some lore mistakes.
  10. shinros

    The Rumour Thread

    Erm Tomb kings weren't popular. Next to bretonnia they were the worst selling fantasy army, even after the update. I personally think their rules were partly to blame. From my personal observation people only started to care about TK from a narrative standpoint after Settra said that one line that has now become a meme. Plus GW essentially gave the reason why they got the axe in the white dwarf.
  11. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    Chapter 5 Garroot gave a keening wail as his warhost entered the city, the leaves screamed in uncertainty, the trees wailed in anguish and he could hear the everqueen’s song guiding him to battle. His clan left the shifting forest, the home of their glade to deliver justice to the interlopers. Dryads marched behind him and a throng of tree-reventas held weapons at the ready. Garrot gave a long grumble “The air is wrong…” The scion leading the revenants looked up to him, his white hair blowing in the wind. “This phenomenon has been happening across the coast..the leaves bring tales of raiders from the sea..” Garroot shook his frame, leaf whisper is well versed in reading the life in trees his words are normally sound. “Raiders from the sea? What are they here to take?” “I...I am not sure.” “It doesn’t matter...we will drive them from the everqueen’s city. Come.” They entered the plaza, he could see the holes across the battlefield and the corpses which were left behind. Leaf whisper approached one of the humans and knelt, examining their wounds. “These blade cuts are far too clean...it is not the great enemy that has done this.” Garroot looked around, he felt anger, rage at the ones who decided to end the lives of the everqueen’s followers. He remembered when this city was just a bud, they relinquished all forms of industry and blackpowder, living at one with the forest and their surroundings. To this day that has not changed, at times he hears the everqueen singing praises to this city. “Where is the enemy? I will tear them asunder..” The mist makes it hard to see, but even he could detect that this mist is magical nature. Then around him, dark magic engulfed the plaza, a black mist clouding certain areas. Once it vanished he saw a ship wreck, a wreck that now has sea life swimming around it. “On guard!” he called. The scion returned to his revenants, the dryads hands shifted to talons. A stillness fell around them, then from the mist pale malformed aelves charged out wielding blades and accursed axes. Garroot gave a great wail. “Kill them! For the everqueen!” Pimorr nodded “It’s time! Akhelians on me!” They gathered around him, he pointed at Myr-Tan and Lilaar. “You will move in with the reavers. Myr-Tan focus on harvesting souls and Lilaar you will disrupt the enemy formation with your spells.” He looked over to Bann-Roch who was standing back gazing at his cyfar compass, a smile is lining his features. He then faced forward. “What of me?” He looked up to see Tolriu standing on the Lviadon, he is frowning. “You know what I am going to say.” “To stay back?” “Yes, for I desire more Akhelian guard to cover you, we can’t afford to lose you. The sylvaneth can be unpredictable.” The master of reins resigned himself. “Very well. Don’t die Pimorr.” He smiled at him. “I won’t.” He flicked the reins, Torlor shot forward, the Akhelian guard were at his side. As they burst through the mist he saw them, the sylvaneth. Their souls are powerful and worth far more compared to many in the mortal realms. He pointed his weapon at the Treelord “We must take him down!” Pimorr raced towards the large sylvaneth. “Vortex formation!” he called out. Along with the Akhelian guard they swam around the treelord and attacked from all directions. He roared in anger, swinging his clawed arms, unfortunately one of the morsarr guard was caught he was smashed from his mount. He was sent flying to the ground, the dryads then fell upon him clawing him to pieces. His soul phased through the crowd of sylvaneth and entered the Soulrender’s lurelight. As he saw that happen a whirlpool was summoned in the middle of them. The dryads gave a keening scream that sounded like a hollow tree as they were twisted and broken in the air. After that the arrows fell upon the revenants with the Namtri Thrall’s shifting to attack them. They were swiftly cut down. All of this caused the treelord to rage further. Pimorr looked over to Leirisha he gave a signal, they will both aim for the head, She gave a curt nod in return. Pimorr shifted his mount with Leirisha, they both went towards the treelord’s head, his greatsword gave a great gash to one of the treelord’s eyes. Leirisha’s helsabre bit into his neck. The large sylvaneth bought it’s large hands to it’s face it gave an unnatural scream. Pimorr then detected the creatures within the gloomtide shipwreck’s are now waking up. “Pull back!” At his order his force pulled back from the broken sylvaneth, great tentacles shot out from the ship wrecks, grasping dying revenants and dyrads, most were crushed and others were dragged into the wrecks. The only mention of their passing is their soul leaving the ruined ship. The tendrils also reached for the treelord wrapping themselves around his arms, all it took was a swift tug for the tentacles to tear off his arms. The sylvaneth gave a long wail as it fell back and crushed upon the ground. The plaza was now silent again, all that was left were the souls being drawn into Myr-Tan’s lurelight. He looked down to his forces, all of them were relieved, he then scanned the thralls for Gwytthar, he spotted him resting the back of his blade on his shoulder. He looked up to him and gave a slight nod. Pimorr returned the gesture, he then went over to Myr-Tan, his lurelight shining with a great brilliance. “We have gained..far more than we bargain for.” “With their souls a great many of our people will live.” “Indeed they will.” He looked over the battlefield, he saw very few dead on their side but his eyes locked onto the dead Akhelian, he frowned. “We must take him back.” “Your father tended to leave bodies behind but take their mounts back. We have what we need.” Myr-Tan pointed at the lurelight. “His soul will be stored in the choirrleum.” “I know but…” “But what?” Pimorr tore his eyes away. “Fine, retrieve his fangmora eel. We must leave.” The Soulrender then left to gather up the Namtri, they then marched away to ensnare the sea creature. Lilaar smiled at him. “This has gone well, your father would be proud.” He shook his head slowly “No..he would look for a flaw. That’s just how he was.” “But you are on the right path king Pimorr. I will let Bann-Roch know that we are leaving.” The Tidecaster walked away, he watched the rest of the surviving Akehlians celebrate amongst themselves, they even compared kills. He remembered when he was like them, without a single worry save his father’s comments. Even his mother pressured him and now they are both dead. His mind ran through all their lessons, all the harsh treatments but in the end they were torn apart and devoured by daemons. It’s not fair he told himself. He should feel happy that the raid has been salvaged but his shoulders now felt heavy, it’s like weights have been tied to his arms. “My lord.” He looked down to see Gwytthar is looking up to him, despite not having eyes his retainer making such a gesture looked strange now that he thought about it. “What is it?” “Do I...have permission to speak freely?” He then spoke in almost a whisper. “Before...I said you should be like your father. But after this? It’s fine to do things your own way.” He then bowed and ran after the rest of the thralls who were helping Myr-Tan. Those words caused the weight to drift away slightly. Throughout this raid his father’s mantra did not even cross his mind. Pimorr smiled. “Thank you Gywtthar…” he said under his breath. A great light greeted his eyes, he blinked and looked around. He found himself on a bed. He was also wearing a white garment. He sat up grunting at the movement, he can feel the stitching on his chest. “You should rest.” The voice was familiar he looked ahead of him to see the blind priestess. “W-where am I?” said Lamick. He looked around his room to see crystals hovering at the corners, they released a warm light that sometimes splits into multiple colours. Staring at it did not hurt his eyes either. “You are in a temple of the Lord of lumination.” his gaze fell right upon the priestess “W-what? What of Darroot?” She shook her head. “It’s miles away it would take weeks or perhaps months to get there. You are in the coastal city of Lithinar.” Lamick furrowed his brow. “How did I get here?” “You appeared outside the gates with a host of your free guild and some civilians. The ones I did not convince to leave. Many of those who listened to me were surprised to see you considering the distance.” The priestess introduced herself again. “If you don’t remember I am Saliria.” He nodded “Saliria..is this your temple?” “No, I am a travelling priestess remember? But I am friends with the head priest Elvus. He is an aelf.” At the mention of aelf he his heart skipped a beat, memories of the battle came back. “Aelves attacked us from the sea! They...They…” “You lost general, just like the blind-god said you would.” Lamick sank back onto his bed, he cursed. “By the everqueen’s teeth! I have to go back!” “You must stay! Another tide is coming to this city. It must be stopped here.” He sat up again, trying to stand. He gripped his chest, the priestess stopped him from rising fully. “This city needs you.” “I have a city to defend!” “Not anymore. It’s destitute...most likely the tide that is coming has rummaged through it already.” “What tide!?” “A green one.” Saliria said firmly. Lamick thought to push her aside, but he stopped for just a moment, it was like someone was watching him putting a small amount of pressure on his body. He frowned slightly, deep down he had to admit that she was right. If he listened to her before many of his men would still be alive. “What of Thornspike?” he sat back down on his bed. The priestess gave a soft smile. “He is well, the wanderer’s who pass by this city are good with animals. They have been taking care of him, Docreak is also with them.” “I see…” he got into bed again. “Maybe...the everqueen did hear my prayer? Perhaps...I am here for a reason?” Saliria nodded. “As I said Tyrion can sense things that others are blind to. Now relax and recover. You will need your strength for the future.” He sighed and relented, he had his chance to defend Darroot perhaps the everqueen is giving him a second chance here? His eyes then felt heavy, his body ached. He could see the priestess is still smiling as he shut his eyes.
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    Games Workshop Out of Stock Items.

    Well...I do recall that it has been mentioned that GW has production issues due to the extremely high demand. Hence why they have been investing money into it constantly. If your friend is able he should head down to a GW store, they might have a box.
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    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    The point is Sigmar will never gain ultimate victory. He will never achieve his dream for the realms. For his dream will forever keep chaos thriving until the end of the mortal realms.
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    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    New Idoneth player here! My thralls are ready to take some souls! It's nice to meet all of you!
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    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Now that you mention it I did. It had that same sort of feeling.