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  1. People forget this part, no matter if you're in the right if you don't have the funds to fight the issue it doesn't matter. GW know what they're doing with their new IP guidelines, it's to kill off competition/fan work for their new subscription service.
  2. Just going to say if they're keeping the scale the same and not dialling back how much you need for a full army, people better be ready to sell a kidney. Especially since it's going to be like Horus Heresy, so expect resin. Then the question remains if the armies get smaller is it really whfb? I don't think total war players will be ready to drop that kind of cash, I could be wrong. They still reacted badly to the current prices.
  3. So, here's my opinion. We're not really going to find out whether GW is happy with the sales of Dominion until we get to the financial report. That's the crux of the matter, no matter how GW spin it, people can easily read between the lines. The thing is with AOS at least in my opinion, people play a wider range of factions. It's not like 40k, where if GW makes a new space marine release, people will just buy it up. Stormcast players themselves, at least from my observation aren't like that either. For example, take it from GW themselves, look at one of their previous reports, GW outright essentially said AOS' wider range is doing well, than a singular faction. Overall though, again, my opinion. I don't think Dominion is a good box. I'll go into why I personally have no interest. First thing, I don't care about Hammers of Sigmar, they have too many characters, most barely know anything about them either. If you look at the net, guess which faction gets more traction and interest when it comes to stormcast? Hallowed Knights. Since this day, I think it has been a misfire to make Hammers of Sigmar the poster boy stormcast faction. Hallowed knights fit the paladin theme far more better, plus they're easier to paint on top of that. Also, I just don't like Yndrasta either. This was their chance to course correct and they didn't. Now, the destruction side of the box, another misfire. I like lord of the rings, just recently finished reading the book, so I like the look of the orcs, but here's the issue. It's more orcs, orcs that don't seem to mesh well with the orcs we have already. What I think GW should of done is introduce a whole new destruction faction, that aren't orcs or update an existing line. Like, I don't know, Ironjawz maybe? Then after that introduce the new orcs as their own standalone faction. In the end even if the box is selling poorly, I'm not bothered, why? Because if GW has any sense that would mean they would reassess what boxes they do and what factions they put in them. My hope is for both 40k and AOS, that they move away from the outlook that every starter box has to have the poster faction in it, or just continue to make boxes with two different factions facing one another.
  4. This is why I love the bloodline, the mystery around them. Here is my theory. In the white dwarf they mention that hrunspuul might just be nagash in another guise, it's more or less a mystery. To me it would be strange for Nagash to have control over Vyrkos vampires if they were completely unrelated to him. My personal theory that Nagash has bought hrunspuul to heel, possibly serves nagash as a sort of Cerberus figure or used his blood to make the Vyrkos. Honestly I sort of fancy the idea that if Vyrkos was an experiment by Nagash, they might be vampires as his envisions them to be, predators who dominate the living than dressing up and pretending they're mortal, like legion of blood and Night to some extent. Because in Age of Sigmar, technically Vyrkos is the only "new" bloodline, the rest of the vampires are children of Mannfred and Neferata, who all change or mutate depending on how they live, or where they live in the realms. Then these vampires form dynasties. Personally I don't think they have any relation to Ulric. Though the fact that they separated the vyrkos stuff in the FAQ tells me that GW aren't done with the bloodline anytime soon. Actually, I think they got the most new models out of the Soulblight release I think.
  5. Just have to say it's pretty nice to see all that all the Soulblight players are excited for the next edition, the cheers on the separation of the court on facebook was great to see, picked it up myself now. Personally, I wish that the future battletomes for 3.0 to be around Soulblight's level, for me, it hits the right spot of strong and not overbearing, flavourful and not boring. *coughslaaneshcough*
  6. As a Vyrkos player, I'm so happy right now. Got a reason to buy the court.
  7. Personally I find Vyrkos far more closer to classic Dracula than mannfred/von carsteins after reading bram stoker Dracula, it's what drew to the bloodline actually. The bloodline is far more shrouded in myth and mystery which makes it rather interesting, because you got the mix of both feral and regal. Some who either control the beast or those who don't. Dracula and his ilk, were far from regal monsters going by the book, they seemed more like creepy undead creatures that can manipulate the animals of the night, along with the dead. Plus he had a shaggy wolf form. I'm sure GW did not take any inspiration when making Radukar, The Beast, lol. Plus Annika's appearance, was literally lifted from the movies/book. Let's not forget the eastern euro influence on the bloodline.
  8. Who knows, I hope so at least, plus GW might have taken your messaging into account if they're going to revise things for the FAQ(so far they haven't made me hopeful), I hate saying this now, but we have to wait and see what happens and then react accordingly. In the case of keeping up the pressure if no changes are made. As been mentioned, communication would help a lot in this regard, a simple "I hear you," or "x faction hasn't been forgotten," would go a long way to alleviate concerns.
  9. Clearly slaanesh is well-pointed and well-designed, GW clearly know what they're doing. When even the play-testers and most youtubers can't defend the points, thanks, I'm sure you know best. Yes, I'm also playing something different, but if people are unsatisfied with a product they have the right to voice their complaint, for if they don't, GW won't know if something has gone wrong or not. Corporations aren't our friends. In my eyes there is clear favouritism going on with certain factions considering the glaring balance differences between books and pointing.
  10. So slaanesh players just need to be patient right? Don't worry, next faq will sort the book out, oh it didn't? Just wait for broken realms Kragnos! Oh wait, that didn't do anything either, don't worry just wait for AOS 3 and MSU, I'm sure our book was written for AOS 3, oh no, the points went up again in GHB, don't worry guys, just wait for the next faq, better yet, be patient and wait for the next GHB. In the past I said these exact things, now? I think it's a load of nonsense, customers dealing with a hobby like this should at least get decent rules, that even goes for the other bottom tier armies. Being "okay with it" or being patient won't get GW to change things, now I think being active in messaging them and more, will get the point across, because something is wrong in that design team. At least in my opinion.
  11. Or people are rightfully upset for good reason and in the very stream that detailed the points, no one can really defend what happened to Slaanesh, the narrative was the last nail for me, the points made me turn away from the faction period. GW basically shot them in the back of the head. I don't know whether it's incompetence or pure favouritism towards certain factions. Also, Enoby is one of the most positive people on the forum, knows a lot more about the game than I do, and if such a person is bowing out for awhile doesn't mean he/she is whining for no reason. Unless you truly think that way?
  12. I used to say this a lot, but honestly now that I look back, I think I was just going through the stages of grief. The phrase does ring hallow in light of the slaanesh points, worse, vampire grandma is still 200 points, so I'm still leaning on the theory that someone on the design team has it out for the faction. If they're a team and books are cross-checked, GW sent the handbook to the printers, which meant they thought this was okay. That's what bothers me so much.
  13. Considering how nice the models are I'm surprised with how they're handling the rules, that's the biggest shame in my eyes.
  14. I'm just going to say it, there is someone on the design team who hates the faction, maybe they got beaten too much or something, but what I'm seeing right now is something similar to what happened to the Tomb Kings army book when it came out. There is no way they could be that tone deaf and decided those points were okay.
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