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  1. Anyway, here's my prediction for broken realms Teclis, Teclis' forces chop through the nighthaunts, they're in the trailer. The Lumineth partially or reverses the the effect of the Nadir within shyish restoring it to how it was but in the process this causes more chaos across the realms. Due to the bonereapers being wrapped up in the eight points and the routing of the nighthaunt, Nagash turns to the vampires, leading into their battletome.
  2. We've seen Mannfred do exactly that against Nagash by using reverse psychology. That's how I imagine the less loyal vampires get around Nagash sometimes.
  3. Oh yeah, Nighthaunt really do need an update. They do appear in the trailer afterall. Perhaps a loss on that front might get Nagash to turn to the vampires.
  4. I'm against removing Nagash in some form again, as I said in my last post they already did that story. Death characters have agency to a point. But there is a line, they forfitied their free will to become undead. The whole story between sigmar and nagash is the topic of free will. If mortals had no free will that means no chaos hence why they view Nagash as a threat. Sigmar feels otherwise. FEC who don't want to serve nagash don't fight him, they run away, why? Because he can just hijack the vampire king and insert himself into their madness. Nagash is the net negative to death, there should be a downside in becoming one of his creatures. In my opinion that's part of your agency.
  5. Yeah, but why repeat the same storyline again? We spent years on that, Nagash recovered. Death is the loss of agency, its part of the faction. It's the dark mirror to order.
  6. So, what do all of you think the "new thing" for vampires will be? Because I doubt it will just be the vampires we all know and love, so what do you think of the possibility of werewolves? Considering the poster and the rumour engine? This was mentioned on the last few pages.
  7. It's troublesome when you favourite armies are coming out rather close together. But you're right, vampires will be my second project for sure!
  8. I must...stay...strong...just think of slaanesh mortals....
  9. ..... OK GW, I'll do lumineth in the future.... the mounted lord looks great.
  10. If I recall correctly, in a white dwarf they wanted a common aesthetic for death in AOS, it was the designer talking about Nagash and how he went about making the mortarchs. Now, this is just my interpretation, Tomb Kings did not fit in that aesthetic they were aiming for which was dark souls/castlevania/gothic, so they weren't carried forward I guess.
  11. Yes exactly, they can still have all their plots and ways of getting around Nagash, but Nagash is the boss, if he wants your army he's taking it.
  12. The whole point of Death is the loss of agency, you take that away then there is no downside to becoming an undead abomination, there is a reason why the courts that are not under Nagash run so as they get a whiff of him, because soon as he gets to the ghoul king that's it. Undead characters have their own plots, their own plans, constantly fighting each other for power, but when Nagash says jump, they all say how high? That is the cost of becoming an undead monster. It's like chaos, yes you get personal power, but now you are at the whims of unknowable gods that can spawn you and you have the break down of society itself. Destruction is well, destruction. Order provides freedom and security, but all the factions have different plans and agendas, we see this clearly in broken realms morathi, when they shouldn't be fighting one another they come to blows anyway, allowing their enemies to gain strength. Remove Nagash, you remove the net-negative of becoming a undead.
  13. I think this is the case, the fact that they're called Gravelords makes me believe this is going to be a replacement for LON.
  14. I'm just going to say this, that's why you keep your expectations measured. People place way too much wishlisting on reveals when it's a common thing for GW to mainly preview what has been teased and then they cap off the reveal with something huge. Thinking like that is setting yourself up for disappointment, I'm might be sounding harsh here, but when this was pointed out people preferred to plug their ears.
  15. Well with the vampire design confirmed, vampires are going to be my second project once I'm done with Slaanesh.
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