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  1. Its been confirmed on stream, no new mortals. Hellstriders have been split into two units.
  2. Ah, you're right I stand corrected. On the campaign I would've of liked that but it seems GW wants to draw that story out for a little longer.
  3. I think that I might be right that all models will have command abilities that can affect mortal and daemons since we might be lacking new mortals. The slaanesh daemon prince command ability, or it could just be him. I think it would be kinda cool if we could use the beastmen range without having to take the battalion.
  4. Yeah this is pretty much my view at the moment.
  5. Yup I didn't want to mention the clear lack of dice unlike the other chaos gods because that might have appeared...petty. ; / Hellstriders are likely going to be reboxed, but overall if mortals don't get anything we only have three mortal models. Still holding out that GW has got the mortals hidden away for week 2 or something.
  6. New article, warscrolls. Also I think the website is changing further with each update or is it just me? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/23/slaanesh-the-new-warscrolls/
  7. How can he do that when we most likely don't have any? 😜 You need actual corpses to make undead.
  8. Hey do you remember when krell was mentioned in the grand alliance death tome? Perhaps we will finally get to see him?
  9. Well one thing is obvious it's death. I think it's deathrattle, not tomb kings. Looks like GW are getting around to it.
  10. You have a good day as well, as a consumer I have the right to be disappointed with a company.
  11. Yeah unfornately they dont match the slaanesh aesthetic. The other three gods have their own unique mortal factions. I repeat again the other three got new mortals AND daemons. GW set the precedent.
  12. Er no, GW set the precedent. The other chaos gods got new Daemons AND mortals.
  13. I would trade out the mirror for some mortals.
  14. That's the weird thing about him, I think it fits that the slaanesh daemon prince appears "human". It's my favourite model of the bunch, anyway I've calmed down I will just play with my collection until war cry. I suspect one of the warbands are mortal slaanesh worshippers and they will bolt them onto our battletome. It looks like the models from warcry will be similar to necromunda in terms of weapon options going by the current revealed warband. *still hoping for new mortals this release.*
  15. Er, that's a daemon prince. It's not a mortal. Talking about the snake lord and the lord on foot.
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