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  1. So the Big winners of all of this in my opinion is Vyrkos in general, Prince V, Grave Guard and lore of deathmages. The rest? Is eeeeh, I also sort of feel bad for people who want to run Legion of Blood.
  2. It's kinda strange that you can sort of tell who is writing the book, looking at the rules it seems that the Slaanesh Book writer also did Soulblight Gravelords.
  3. I expect Nagash to be amazing if they're pricing him at 975......
  4. It was in the January white dwarf. "Hrunspuul the Hound of the Cairns "who folklore claims bestowed the curse of unlife upon the first of the ferocious Vyrkos vampires. Though maybe Hrunspuul is just another of Nagash's many guises"
  5. In the white dwarf they talk about this, the god-beast might of also been Nagash in a guise, it's up in the air really. But it does lend some mystery to the bloodline.
  6. I know how you feel, the reveal of Lauka Vai has made me open another fund to get myself some new vampires! The vampires of the Vyrkos also look really cool.
  7. I don't think it's a battering ram, it's Kragnos, so I'm throwing my hat into that camp, GW also outright reveals the twins in another BR short story and we didn't even realise it. I think it's the same here. That thrashing immensity took on a sinuous shape: a two-headed serpent, one visage sleek and refined, the other an angular mass of shining horns and fangs. As the latter head moved to tear at the duardin corpses, mangling them into more twisted forms, the former cast its lidless gaze about the chamber before focusing on the two champions. Geld-Prince. Lord of Gluttony. Enough.
  8. Just want to point out we likely saw the twins in Sigvald's Broken Realms story, the twins are in BR Kragnos, which is taking place in ghur. Then we have the twin snakes. It seems Synessa is the clear talker of the duo considering the title it bears, but you know what, I think Dexcessa is kinda fun to read about now that we know that the daemon is the angry boi/girl of the duo lol. That thrashing immensity took on a sinuous shape: a two-headed serpent, one visage sleek and refined, the other an angular mass of shining horns and fangs. As the latter head moved to tear at the duardin corp
  9. Sort of have a query, thanks to a poster discovered the trailer music for the hedonites video, the twins? It's far more difficult to pin-point the track, I honestly wish the community team would at least mention the track they used...
  10. Technically the slaanesh battletome was meant to come out last year, of course, covid happened, also rules are temporary, models are forever.
  11. Don't forget, technically our battletome came out last year, it got delayed due to covid, I highly suspect we're getting warscrolls rewrites for Kragnos. Let us all pray for the Slaangors, they might become good! On the gender of the twins? In my mind it doesn't matter, despite Slaanesh being gendered as a he, it's been a thing where Slaanesh appears as the thing the person wants most, so if you really only care about hamburgers, Slaanesh would be a hamburger, literally, if you are into dudes, Slaanesh would appear to you as a dude, if you are into women? Well, slaanesh would be a woman.
  12. As an old WHFB vampire counts player this post wounds me in ways beyond description. 🤣
  13. @Sception Agreed, it seems like to me they just wanted to write cool moments for the Lumineth over actually putting together a compelling narrative. GW tends to do this a lot in other game settings and Morathi made me hopeful that they broke out of that type of writing. A trap they fell into is that in their head all of this sounded cool, but what they forgot is that if they wanted to write a compelling hero story they must struggle against the villian. Someone made a good comparison with LOTR we all know the good guys are going to win, but what made the story great was the trials th
  14. Funny enough I'm reading LOTR for the first time and I think that is why the summary is bothering me so much.
  15. No because you reduced people's concerns to the point that they're only mad because Nagash lost. It's not about him losing it's how he lost and my concern is that people find it compelling that GW are repating a story told at the start of AOS. Compared to Morathi people were singing its praises, here? I'm seeing the writing tier of space marine supplements. Still, I have to read it for myself.
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