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  1. Yup that's my view on it as well, WHFB is a great RPG/video game setting but as an expanding wargame? It just doesn't work, when they want to add new things it's normally arbitrary and weird. Aka varghiests, they went with they were always there! Line of storytelling
  2. An AOS rts game is being worked on by the devs of dawn of war 1 and 2.
  3. Those on the total war forum are upset at the time period since they have to buy new models. I'm suprised they didn't expect this GW weren't planning to just do 9th edition. At the moment people are waking up to the fact that it's not set in Karl Franz's time.
  4. I recommend not using that book for lore, It's inconsistent, stick to the tome in my opinion. David didn't even read two pages from the tome from the look of things.
  5. Just going to say in light of the article I think the Idoneth are going to be interested in the souls of the Lumineth. The quality of the soul largely determines the life-span of a namtiri, how long would they live for if they have souls that are apprently perfect? I sense possible conflict.
  6. They're not getting new models, they gave a similar response when people asked where is the Slaanesh mortals when people slowly realised the release was only daemons. In my opinion I think Seraphon players should lower their expectations, that way if there is new models you will get a nice surprise.
  7. Hmm, I'm actually quite interested to see what the Lumineth think of the Idoneth. Quite excited for this army.
  8. Strangely, I thought the same at first but the more I look at him, I am starting to get on board with it. I actually quite like the model.
  9. I also expect an elite unit that is similar to Elatharion. Overall they look great, they pay homage and have an AOS flair.
  10. So you finished the book then? Your opinions mirror my own, couldn't get invested in his quest at all.
  11. Yup as whitefang said here I think you should give dark harvest a read.
  12. I'm not saying the sky is falling. (It may have come across that way as Xking said) But I have personally noticed a trend where GW makes off-handed comments that their BL publications slumping somewhat. Just wanted to make a feedback thread, you know put forward what readers may want to see so that area can boom like every other part. But I'll change the title, make it less... dramatic. Overall I do think GW can handle BL better.
  13. Wow a rare case I can agree with Icegoat on some level. But I will echo what World Tree has said, BL are sleeping on Peter Fehervari. His stories has substance, he writes xenos great and truly captures the terror of the alien and heretic. Going through his goodreads reviews his books have a broad appeal that other stories tend to lack. Thinking about it why haven't we got a book that does a nosedive into the culture of the daughters of khaine? Court of the blind king is also the kind of book where the writer chose to go a more pulpy route for his story instead of something that is more heavy and I keep using this word, substance. Dark Harvest should of been advertised harder in hindsight in comparison to court of the blind king.
  14. I generally agree with you, ironically it's the novels with greater substance that appeal outside of the normal warhammer fandom like Eisenhorn and from the looks of things Requiem Infernal and Dark Harvest, a part of me feels overall they need to step up their game and take a step back from pulpy books. They should also advertise said books more.
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