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  1. I know, but hellstriders at the moment are basically bolted onto a clearly daemon battletome. Slaanesh doesn't have a mortal army like the other gods. The hellstriders likely come from the same tribe. Hence the similar apperance. GW also tried to use the warcry warbands to placate the people who were asking where is Slaanesh's mortal army. (I remeber the salt on facebook) Then it came out that they aren't even battleline like marauders. Slaves to darkness do not match the Hosts of slaanesh in terms of aesthetic. Their gameplay and points value as you clearly said screams buy more daemons/keepers. Issue is if you go the host facebook group guess what you mainly see? Daemons.
  2. It could be a nod or a hint, but slaanesh has no mortals at the moment. Kinda strange for a warband to have almost the exact same aesthetics as hellstriders. This is the rumour thread after all.
  3. Found it. Here it is. They talked about the rest of the warbands in general terms but they dropped this on the end of splintered fang.
  4. I am not at home at the moment but I will dig it up. I made a post in this very thread. Here is the page. The image is gone due to the age of the post.
  5. It was in the white dwarf when they were discussing the warcry warbands. They said slaanesh will be in their future.
  6. The mistake GW made was releasing a daemon tome instead of a mortal/daemon tome. The point values and abilities basically scream buy more keepers please! It's glaring when slaanesh mortal wizards get only three spells to choose from (they all suck compared to daemons.) and some of command abilties and artifacts don't even work if you have a mortal hero since they can't use locus. To go back to rumours at least GW hinted they are going to do something with the splintered fang.
  7. Actually in the white dwarf they said the Splintered fang might have Slaanesh in their future when they were discussing the warbands. I do agree with you on the Slaanesh battletome though, it's why their topic on the forum has barely moved because all of the lists are largely the same with no variance.
  8. So apparently we are getting two AOS rts games? One from gasket and one from Frontier.
  9. Bloody hell, I thought I was the grouch. I think the new Aelves look pretty great, always felt they were going to put an AOS spin on them when it came to the elites and HQ's. To me that was obvious hence I was telling people around the net to curb their expectations since it's not going to be a 1 to 1 copy. Anyway, I'm ready to MOOOO for Teclis!
  10. Nice a coloured version of ashqy, can't wait to see the rest of the maps updated in time. Chamon looks pretty nuts in the tzeentch battletome.
  11. Yup that's my view on it as well, WHFB is a great RPG/video game setting but as an expanding wargame? It just doesn't work, when they want to add new things it's normally arbitrary and weird. Aka varghiests, they went with they were always there! Line of storytelling
  12. An AOS rts game is being worked on by the devs of dawn of war 1 and 2.
  13. Those on the total war forum are upset at the time period since they have to buy new models. I'm suprised they didn't expect this GW weren't planning to just do 9th edition. At the moment people are waking up to the fact that it's not set in Karl Franz's time.
  14. I recommend not using that book for lore, It's inconsistent, stick to the tome in my opinion. David didn't even read two pages from the tome from the look of things.
  15. Just going to say in light of the article I think the Idoneth are going to be interested in the souls of the Lumineth. The quality of the soul largely determines the life-span of a namtiri, how long would they live for if they have souls that are apprently perfect? I sense possible conflict.
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