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  1. The more I look and think about grandma wolf, the more I love her lol. I think she's now my favourite 200ish point hero in the game. Her wolf spawning spell is seriously cool and thematic, and has the potential to tie up/stick enemy units for a round (particularly 1 wounders), spawning a wolf or two into combat with them. On the flip side, depending which model your opponent decides to kill, you could even spawn a dire wolf outside of combat (2.9 inches from the model that will die if he's on the corner of the unit or whatever) then threatened to run back and cap objectives as a nuisance
  2. I'll be using them a lot, nice buff to their attacks and deep strike baked in is great
  3. What are peoples thoughts on the big boy himself being 975... updated warscroll surely?
  4. Yea but it has kinda been that way for while with necros and low casters having poor match ups. I think +3 with rerolls is better than the LOC ability but I'm not great at maths... average would be 10+? Probably higher with the reroll. Not sure what the LOC average is. But so far the only way I can think to get +3 is with wolf grandma and some buffs like a cart, mortis, magic scenery etc. Maybe we get an item like the claw from legions of nagash where you stay still but have an aura of +2 to cast. Who knows. I'd find it strange if there were no magic-based artefacts for sure.
  5. Yeah teclis and tzeentch were the ones I was thinking, correct me if im wrong but Loc can only auto dispel dispel endless within 18, and teclis only has a single auto unbind which yes is blooming irritating, but also could be out of range or need it for a different spell if we bring a magic heavy list. Either way going magic heavy vs lumineth with teclis is a pretty bad idea and rightly so, at least we have options to get at him now and disrupt his annoying archer /spear lines easier. I actually play against all three of the factions you mention regularly, and I think if we can get +
  6. I can only think of a couple of units I the game off the top of my head that have regular auto unbinds/dispels. An extra bonus to cast would be great with the ready easy to get buffs from carts/mortis etc. And rerolls.
  7. Seeing as vyrkos seems to be our 'magic' subfaction, I'm hoping for some artefacts that bonus casts/unbinds/dispels as well
  8. Remember vampire lords still have the invocation ability to heal the grave guard, so might mean he doesn't have to cast invigorating aura that much and opens up another spell option. I think grave guard are going to be pretty damn deadly now, especially in vyrkos. Vlozd with the wounds count as models for objectives was also top on my list to try out.
  9. Yea I used that as a sort of 'best case scenario in battle' and 'worst case scenario in terms of distance'. The point is they have a huge threat range, and if your enemy comes within that range they can be great - take my example and then change the distance from 15.9 to 13.9 for example, only 2 inches closer and suddenly its incredibly easy even with scenery etc. A 115 point battleline unit with movement 4 having mortal output threat range of 16 inches is great. If they get targeted and whittled down beforehand - great - better than targeting our support heroes and heavy hitters, and the
  10. Zombies are on small bases. So long as you get the front rank into base-to-base then the second rank can also attack if you have them base-to-base with the front rank. That's 2 ranks easily fighting even if you only just reach their base with the 6 inch pile in. Let's say you have the battalion for +1 attack and van hels up - two very easy buffs, and are 15.9 inches away from a unit of 10-20 guys. You get a lucky run of 6 or use a command to run 6. You are now 5.9 inches away. You pile in 6 and have 2 ranks eligible to fight, assuming it was head on obviously. That is 40 attacks.
  11. Yea avengori with 3 items all 1 use only is a bit odd, im hopeful we have a table or tables of generic items that anyone can use otherwise avengori looks a bit poop on the artefact front.
  12. How do wolves get it? I've seen a few mentions of that now.
  13. No as they are only eligible to fight if they are within 6 inches still. That ability only adds 3 to pile in, not to eligibility. Would be funny though lol.
  14. Im torn... definitely the tome (obviously)... but I need so much stuff for the armies I want to run and I'll likely spread out my order over the coming months so I don't overwhelm myself with gluing/painting. Also gonna cost a lot lol. Off the top of my head I 100% want: Multiple zombie boxes (2 minimum) Blood knights (possible multiple but I already have a cool converted unit from chaos knights) Skeletons (to run as grave guard) 2x dire wolf boxes Grandma wolf Radukar Lauka Vai Mounted wight That's just minimum/off the top of my head, I'm sure
  15. The speed of zombies really comes from their lack of need to charge... imagine you have 20 grave guard 14 inches from the enemy, they move 4 inches and then need a 10 inch charge. Put zombies in the same situation and you can run them (use command to guarantee 6 if needed) but for this example let's say you run 6, so they move 10 inches - this puts them 4 inches from the enemy, during combat they can pile in because they are within 6 inches for their rule. They could be crazy fast with lucky rolls like that, makes it hard for the enemy to stay safe, and small support heroes are at a big r
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