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  1. The bloodthirster of unfettered fury command ability allows them to pile in an extra 3" AND be eligible to fight within 6" instead of the usual 3.
  2. The 6+ legion save is 'when allocating wounds', whereas the shrug onto a nearby unit is 'before allocating wounds'. This means he would roll to shrug the mortal wounds first, then any that do not pass to a nearby unit he would roll to save with his 'ward' save. The ones that do pass to a nearby unit would also get their 'ward' save, assuming they have one.
  3. Yes it works, counts as slain means you follow rules for slain models and the model is 'slain', it doesnt 'flee'. See above comment for explanation.
  4. But they didnt errata the battalion, so as per the current rules, you can use mounted kings. The fact the battalion already calls out mounted ghoul king for the first part means that, unless you use an AAR, you MUST have a mounted one in addition to any other kings to qualify for the battalion, it doesnt mean battalion rules are ignored. Whether it is their intention or not I dunno, seems weird that they FAQ'd the throne and have had well over a year to faq the battalion and still haven't done it if it was their intention.
  5. Yeah it would be 1mw for each roll of a 6, but gotrek specifically states each attack can only cause 1 wound, so the ones that got 6s and did mortal wounds will NOT do any normal damage on top, seeing as the mortal wound is from the same attack and is 'in addition to any normal damage', this would mean those 6s were causing 2 damage from 1 attack, which gotrek changes to 1. So he takes the mortal wounds and ignores the normal wounds caused by those 5 attacks that got 6s to wound.
  6. I used to think this too, but under battalion organisation rules page 13 of rules, it states that any sub-headers under the unit title are ignored unless specifically stated in the battalion, and any unit with the unit title ('abhorrant ghoul king' in this case) can be used. So going by the rules, you need the AAR or the AGKoT/dragon for the first part as it specifically states so on the battalion, but the second part is 2-6 abhorrant ghoul kings, so any unit with the title 'abhorrant ghoul king', ignoring subheaders (which would be on royal terrorgheist or dragon) can be used. In either case it was my opponent that pointed it out and suggested it a while ago so I'll be able to use it as is for friendly games. I do love gruesome bite and will probably go with it tbh especially with gristlegore for the d6 wounds on top! I'll check out kings ghouls again as tbh my only use for the current battalion is the extra command and faster deployment anyway! Killing coherencey is the plan here, as I usually give the shard to my regent who sits back and never uses it so this time I'm hoping to actually get a use from it haha! Edit - definitely gonna use the kings ghouls instead, I was under the impression I hadn't qualified for it with my units!
  7. Doing my first game with fully painted minis this weekend. It's not my ideal list but it's legal and includes all my fully painted FEC... I prefer blisterskin with more flayers and maybe 2x 40 ghouls, but I'm not quite there yet with painting! What do people think? Gristlegore AAR with monstrous vigour GKoT, gristlegore trait, devastating scream/heal 3 per turn or reroll jaw attacks, not quite decided yet, probably blood feast for added mortals and healing potential but might go with the run and shoot spell. Grim Garland artefact. GK on foot, add wounds to movement spell, gristlegore artefact. Crypt ghast courtier 40x ghouls 10x ghouls GRZD 3x horrors... Battalion is the 3x ghoul king/archregent one cant remember name. Chalice of ushoran and the barricade. 1980/2000 Summonwise itll likely be a varghulf, 3x flayers and 10x ghouls coming on.
  8. The rules say you can create your own unique hero - as in a hero that doesnt exist, but nowhere does it say they must be a named character. It is also made up, for open play, so people can do whatever they want really, with the only way to use them in matched play with permission from your opponent, and it only says that they have the 'leader' role, with no mention of any 'unique' notes to them like named characters have. If they can't take traits or artefacts it would state that they have he leader role and count as unique on their pitched battle profile. I can quite easily create my own hero that is simply a leader, not a named character and take items and traits so long as I have my opponents permission.
  9. I play it as yes, it affects the fly high rule. Fly high is still moving, even if it is not a 'normal move'. Belakors ability simply says if they try to move, and taking a ship and putting it somewhere else counts as moving it. I understand it may not count as 'moving' as per game rules, but that's how I play it. Also belakors ability just says when they move, not 'make a normal move' like most abilities/spells mention - if it was when a unit makes a normal move, then I would argue that it does not work, seeing as fly high is instead of a normal move. fly high is still a type of movement even if it is not a 'normal move', it is a movement rule replacing 'normal moves'. So instead of making a normal move, they can fly high (where they still move) thus triggering belakors ability.
  10. Definitely looks cool with two hammers! I think they will likely get changed with an faq as it seems a very odd decision... either way I'd be happy to play against you with a model using a pair of hammers and you can say what hes using, whether it be a pick, pair of hammers or a mallet, doesnt matter in most games, just for super nit picky tournaments and stuff.
  11. It's like they were a wizard but then they decided to remove it and forgot they were ****** without it.
  12. They get rerolls on worse attacks though. 3 attacks with rerolls at 3s 4s no rend damage 1 vs 2 attacks 3s 3s rend 1 and the ability to either do mortals or damage 2 on 6s. The champion on average is worse in every scenario except against a unit with no save at all. That is also including his rerolls but not including the units special rules of 6s doing mortal or damage 2. Compare him to any other lumineth champion and it's crazy.
  13. Bit lame for a champion to be the same as the rest of the unit still, when all others are usually something better like +1 attack or something.
  14. That's the trouble (which is what makes me think they're just gonna outright redo legions sooner rather than later)... they have multiple things like that, that dont make sense anymore. See nagashs battalion for instance, it gives him something for an ability which he no longer has. Lots of outdated points that they could easily have updated in an faq like the rest as well.
  15. Yeah let's hope so, as now both morghasts are also more expensive for legions (210) than for bonereapers (190) as per the bonereaper faq. Let me know if they get back to you!
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