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  1. Oh fair enough! No issues waiting until Christmas even if that1. Gives me time to get my Ogors painted in time for the book
  2. Worth the wait! Those start collecting are great, and Cities is shaping up to be pretty awesome for the lore and setting. I'm happy that Mawtribes wasn't sandwiched in honestly! Best case scenario we get out book sometime in October, and then the boneboyz come out for early/mid November!
  3. Everyone seems to think so, but I still dont buy a looncurse box. At least not yet. Given Ironjawz and Bone's were combined, I think the chances of BCR and Guts remaining seperate factions are next to nil. I have to imagine they'll both be in the mawtribes book. Figured most of the resin would go, but then they go ahead and rebase the Gorger so who knows lol. Ogors have, honestly, a pretty bright future as far as niche army goes. Dont expect new models, but we have a decent range if we draw ourselves back together, so I can take some cav with my bulls without eating into ally points. I really hope the book is good. I dont expect to see another one for years, and years given that not many people play Ogors. Will be sad if somehow they make grot spam the way to play lol
  4. I'm more inclined to agree with @Mutton, Gorger alongside the Yeti are maybe the worst looking sculpt in GW's current catalog. I was hoping they would take the book as a means of cutting that old fat to focus on the better looking plastics. I will not be a super happy camper if the book expects me to pick them up as important, tactical pieces lol.
  5. Wolf riders are cool, would be very ok with them joining the mawtribes if they intend to keep the grots alive there Agreed also that not every new sculpt or faction has to be AoS'afied. The aesthetic could use a little, more traditional, fantasy footing for me! Only issue I have really is this yoyoing of factions. Oh its gone, deleted from the store... off to legends... hey look its back! It makes me unsure when I want to get into an army. Its like GW's on and off again fling. This is why we have people railing still the tombkings are coming back
  6. Thaaaat kinda sucks xD. Admittedly, if we're keeping any resin stuff the gorger would be right at the very, very bottom for what I would want to see stick around
  7. Vince did note on a Warhammer Weekly that Mawtribes, the battletome, is coming. It was brought up at an event in a Q/A, and GW said they thought they had confirmed it, but affirmed it to them there. But with the release packed its anyones guess when. Could be stuffed in with CoS and Warclans, or closer to christmas. Though I have not heard anything concrete about BCR being included. Its heavily speculated they are folding the factions back together, but any confirmation its happening would be welcome haha.
  8. Looking at the slate of big releases, with the two tomes, sisters, bone boyz, and for sure a ton more astartes packs, I imagine we won't be seeing Mawtribes until closer to Christmas. I had hoped it might squeak in alongside CoS and Warclans, but that seems like too dense a schedule for so many books. Oh well. Had hoped to get more clarity on the force organization well building up my guys, but I may as well Hobby what I have and hope it turns on to not be bad! haha
  9. Would be crazy if Mawtribes doesn't end up coming out until after the Bone boyz! Guess will have to see!
  10. True. But that also was a big line to usher in AoS 2.0 as a brand new edition. Big story tie ins, aimed at beginners, ect. I generally see people refer to this Tithe box more along the lines of Skaven vs. FEC or Looncurse. 1 brand new model, and a bundle of faction units facing off. Ogors definitely don't fall under the former's design. They're a generally niche faction with a smaller playerbase, and not really big players when you think of a narrative driving force. Not like will see a brand new line of easy build miniatures for them! Also fair! I suppose the sisters box is certainly a diverging way of doing things. Maybe we will see a shackup, with Ossiarch coming with a brand new start collecting/ collectors box with a tome. But it seems GW generally likes to sell the miniatures first at no discount, and bring in a discount later in the form of start collecting/ a vs. box/ or as an army bundle.
  11. I honestly doubt there will be this "Bone Tithe" bundle box I keep seeing brought up. When, ever, has Games Workshop released a brand new faction directly into a discounted bundle? Looncurse came well after the grots were released, Sure, maybe we could say that such a box might come next year, but I still think its us assuming a trend will continue. Look at Terrain and endless spells. We all assumed every release would have them going forwards, but they confirmed the CoS wont have any kind of new endless spells. Why would they spoil and show off the new tyrant ages ago, when those new models were revealed generally just before the box. As they are one of the main selling points. I staking my guess in the ground, that there will be no box set. The line about the Feast of Bones, and Pact of Bones, is just a marketing tie in as Ossiarch and the Mawtribes are releasing around the same time. Also totally agree with @sandlemad, looks like the Ogors from the short story are just a tie in to Forbidden Power. Same thing happened with the cannons and we all thought that meant they were sticking around. I'd still wager on most, if not all Resin going Last Chance to Buy in ogors.
  12. Oh good point, it does doesn't it. Just the maneaters, firebelly with a tyrant added on. Plus the added battleplan even confirms it.
  13. Hard to say. They brought up a good point on the rumor thread, that the lore and writing department might not be communicating with the Battletome/development team. So just because they are noted doesn't mean they are for sure sticking around. Could always end up shuffled to legends and last chance to buy. I'd still prefer the latter, rip it off like a bandaid and purge the resin. We have enough plastic with a merge to be a healthy faction after all. I'd still keep forging ahead assuming the tyrant is the only new ogor miniature. With it just being him and a book for our release. Anything more will be a bonus.
  14. Very true about departments not communicating. Suppose I hadn't considered that, even if I wasn't really hedging on the resin sticking around regardless. More in the opposite camp. Would prefer to rip the finecast off like a bandaid. If we combine the BCR plastic and gutbusters, and the rules still support Winter themed monstermash, then I'm sold. Also agreed on the intelligence. One of my biggest fears building up to Mawtribes, as I didn't want Ogors to just be fat orruks. Really happy for the distinction, and having the Ogors be smarter then other factions might give them credit.
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/02/tales-of-forbidden-power-blood-tendergw-homepage-post-4/ Not sure if its been linked here yet with all the CoS discussion, but we got our first Ogor story today! Interestingly enough it also makes specific mention of some of the Maneater and Firebelly, resin sculpts. Might point to more of the resin line sticking around then at first predicted/speculated.
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