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  1. Better be the ogre battletome then, we need the extra seasoning!
  2. Short and dirty request, does anyone have any alternatives to corks for sticking pinned models to something for painting? Want to step up my base game, so I'm assembling and painting the base before attaching the model. But I want to paint and prime my models first well I wait for 40mm rounds to come into stock locally. I cant find any corks locally and I dont drink wine. Any tips?
  3. Interesting how much info they are releasing now, and promising to release over the coming week. That means a lot of time we had budgeted for warcry on the upcoming open day is now totally open. Hopefully that means more AoS stuff and a deluge of battletome stuff! Edit: a word
  4. All the warbands seem pretty cool. Glad they went with hyish, giving those with interest in the realm a bit more fat to chew! Still waiting to see how the non-chaos factions fit into the game before I buy in. But certainly interested to see how it pans out rules wise. Also, speaking of fat to chew, anyone got some of dat sweet, sweet battletome rumor dust? The mill is grinding on fumes here haha
  5. Hoping Hyish as well. Be a bit anticlimactic to have the last crew to be from one of the realms we know the most about haha.
  6. My thought as well. Fantasy had the strength of multiple viewpoints and interesting conflicts outside the human point of view. Dwarves and goblins, Vampires working themselves into places of power, skaven vs. literally everyone else, tribal ogres and bands of orcs on the March. Everyone had an interesting perspective to offer, and not everything was for everyone. But they all made one another stronger when taken as a whole. Stormcast are cool, and I do want to see more of them. But so are Kharadron overlords, dispossessed, soulblight, the ogre tribes, ect. More allies and more interesting enemies will elevate Stormcast more then a new chamber imo. But not be as good in the short term, but it will pay dividends in the long term for narrative health.
  7. Rank and file are the ogor bulls generally taken in groups of twelve and they are the workhorse of the army. Decent hitting power but it's their durability that makes them work. Iron guts are expensive but are a good deal more killy then the rank and file. Grots are the weedy chaff. Useful for the bodies, but don't expect them to do much beyond buying the big boys time to close in. Tyrant is the go to HQ. Usually I see him run with a great gut gouge and ghyr strike, which basically turns him into a missile who will swing over your lines with reach. Command ability let's him sock a unit and make them battle shock immune for a few mortal wounds. Works great on the grots, who become exceptionally more annoying to clear off when they arnt running on mass. Butchers are your support with a random buff you roll for on a D6. Taking wounds on 1. Really you're taking a few of these guys and fishing for a stackable +1 to hit rolls to make our guys a bit more accurate. About all I know! Hopefully someone else has a bit more relevant info. Gutbusters unfortunately are pretty shallow rules wise!
  8. Welp. I had put the ogors on the self, thinking I would wait until I got a bit more lore released on ogors future, annnnnd then I found an ogre kingdoms battalion box for 100 bucks cnd at a small hobby shop.
  9. This was always one of the biggest things that held me back from KO. With how broken their tome is, I cant imagine how they play now surviving. That, and having a pure shooting army tows the line between ineffective and weak, or being too dominant at ranged so people wont want to play you haha.
  10. Oh! Might be very interesting! Happen to have a link or saved picture?
  11. Been eyeing KO for sometime now, painting my other plastic until toys well I see what a new book brings. Well I dont dislike the aesthetic of their helmets, it can make the army seem kinda lifeless. Has anyone experimented with headswaps? Any good pictures and references with dwarf heads floating about?
  12. Overall the changes seem decent from a bandaid, meta perspective. Spell lore and a few quality of life changes were all I'd hoped for well we wait till last to get a proper 2.0 edition battletome. Where hopefully we get some more interesting allegiance abilities and some much needed lore love! I will say, I'm not super pumped about ard boyz getting even more cost efficient and dominant over brutes. Definitely solved a playability issue, but I've always hated the models haha. Those metal mittens just kinda clash with the whole new line of minis that are the ironjawz!
  13. Honestly... I'd be super on board for that wyvern being a model. Make it smaller then say a mawcrusha, meant to be taken in small packs with the option of a leader variant. Give it some neat lore where, in preparation for larger hunts, orruks will hunt and mount them. The implication being that these mounts dont survive the hunt. That they're either killed by the beast they were mounted to fight, or by the bonesplittaz themselves when the celebrations and post hunt festivities begin. Its backed up by rumor pics, this art, and would fit pretty nicely. Give them that, the terrain like some kind of bonepit, and spells, and holy cow is that army more appealing!
  14. Yup. Brightside, maybe it will have some tasty content and models when it comes around. Bit of a tinfoil hat moment, but if Bonespittaz and Guts have immenant battletomes, perhaps BCR will get their much needed release and Ironjawz will be last. To kick off the next big event which they've said will have a destruction focus. With the kit release to make them the proper orruk faction. Paint up da boyz. Its comin.
  15. Agreed. I'm very confident both these armies have a tome incoming. Guts dont even have allegiance abilities 1.0. I refuse to believe GW would ignore them again.
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