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  1. Yeah, I think your right. Ogors need it in a big way I'm more then happy to wait for my jawz. Looking forward to the waugh spells and some new units though eventually xD.
  2. Agreed with your thoughts @Overread. Though I still have no idea where the rumor for an orruk combined tome comes from. I just cannot see it. Bloodsplitta lore is predicated on the fact they are tripping so hard on Waugh juice that their too deranged to even fit into what you could even call society for orruks. Much more likely they are kept separate. With Bone's getting a small release of hopefully the spells, terrain, and a centre piece. With ironjawz getting a larger one assume the role of the major orruk faction in the vacuum greenskinz left behind. In a perfect world they all get fleshed out, but if there is a combo tome coming it's for sure for Ogors. Just hope they maintain the Everwinter flavor
  3. There is confirmed at least 1 destruction tome this year. Anyones guess which faction it will be though!
  4. Ironjawz here. Have a small smattering of dissposessed, gutbusters, slaves, and BCR on the shelves.
  5. Same here. Chaos warriors hooked me on this hobby. Personally I'm hoping the STD update brings new Chosen in all their glory. Not much for the conan aesthetic, but it's good enough that I'll deal with it so long as my commanders keep that look. I just cant wait for archeon to come back into the story. I dig his lore in a big way, and chaos undivided in general. Let me look like Sauron, bowing to a bigger Sauron, or let me die.
  6. Any good novels featuring Ironjawz? Haven't seen much destruction related things around.
  7. Agreed. Just looking at their view page combined with troggoths, they are one of the most discussed armies on here. The opposite is more likely. Gloomspite sold so well they want to pair them in another skew with Sylvaneth who are getting an update.
  8. Yeah, people seem to have combined tome fever lately. Ogors combining, Ironjawz and Bonesplittaz combining, dwarfs combining. Honestly, I cannot see Orruks combining. The themes are unique and strong, you have bone for your unhinged primal orruks, and Ironjawz for your more intellegent (relatively), larger orruks in armor. Given the fact we've seen orruks as basing material on stormcast and Ironjawz was a brand new range, I'd put my money on new sculpts coming for Ironjawz. Especially now that greenskinz are gone. All that remains of the old, butt stuck out, Orc line are ardboyz. They have all this free room to create something new for an iconic faction, and we've seen the modelers incorporating some into other models. An Orc refresh is due, and this sets the scene perfectly.
  9. It would really dilute the heavy winter theme for BCR honestly. I'd much prefer them to stay separate and Gutbusters to get a fleshed out tome to be the ogor's who populate the realms at large. With the BCR being the cursed, niche tribes so GW can really focus on the winter theme/ upgrade yeti and other winter beasties. Buuuut, If the fluff was written right and I wouldn't be against combining the ranges again. THey fit well together, but it would likely mean losing the heavy, heavy winter theme. As most Gutbuster units don't fit it at all without conversions. Would have to see BCR become Gutbusters, not the other way around.
  10. Could honestly just do one big, fat ogor and have some flavorful grots scuttling around him. Ala the troggoth warband!
  11. Voted for updates to outdated armies. No specifics, will be happy so long as its someone who's been waiting for a long time! Hoping for destruction though :P. Otherwise was a very in depth survey!
  12. Honestly, I'd be happy with just that basic treatment for Ironjawz. A book, terrain piece and spells would do a lot to spice things up for the limited, but quite functional, range. Destruction in general seems quite in theme with the idea of a terrain piece. Where some of the more recent ideas coming out don't make a ton of sense to pop up on the battlefield (ie; the FEC Throne or FS Forge), destruction doesn't build things. I'm fairly confident what we will get will be something that makes sense to move with the Waaghs, given the transient nature of orruks. Not to mention spells will be a good send. Big issue I have thematically is seeing things like the death magic that is so out of theme with the orruk army... Doesn't make a whole let of sense to use, ect. More then anything... just bring on the lore. I feel like destruction in general just has no place at the table. They get used as a token third party to complicate things for the other big three... never any fleshing out of them as a people. Ogor, Orruk and grot alike.
  13. I am a lover of guts, and I feel they are not going anywhere. So take heart good @Walrustaco! Unlike greenskinz and Gitmob, Ogre's arn't really redundant. Also, unlike Greenskinz the Gutbusters got a faction focus, something that our squatted rivals never received.
  14. I doubt they'd give away everything for AoS in a teaser before the panel. 40k just had a new release so its unlikely there will be another huge preroder so fast. Expect Sisters of battle teases and such. Slaneesh is for sure the big model event, and it doubly goes for my first point since the demon releases are for both 40k and AoS. Very likely we see more battle-tomes and such in addition to the slaneesh goodies. As well as probably Warcry, Forbidden power taste, and of course more boxed game stuff.
  15. Going to just say, everyone who is screaming elves must be coming... Temper your expectations a bit haha. The idea that Teclis and Malareon will ride out to meet a weakening in Slaneesh is mostly, from what i've seen, a community idea. We've got next to nothing to support elves are coming out. Sure, they absolutely are coming at some point, but all we know is Slaanesh release is up to bat. Elves could be later this year.... they could be next year... or the year after. Tons of excitement is great, but just be careful about drawing it as a definite conclusion. Seen so many people saying a Teclis release is gospel because of this trailer.
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