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  1. Same here, if the releases have told me anything is that even a retreading of familiar ground will get turned up to 11 when AoS is involved. Personally hoping for a nice, familiar core with a healthy dose of the weird.
  2. If cruel boyz are true, it's exactly what I'm looking for in an army, theme wise. Greasy, shifty green skins in rusted and jagged armor. Swamps and Mires, which just happens to fit so snugly in with my Ogor army lore as well. Lanky and bigger then moonclan grots. I was a little worried that they would be very similar to the rippa's warband, which I didn't completely love the aesthetic of. Even if the interest was still there. The lore connection to Chaos Dwarves is just icing on the cake. Gives them a grounded, more civilized setting to spin little mercenary and trade stories with.
  3. I wouldn't change elves for the world. It would be a much darker world if they were any lesser.. and much less funny when they get rochambeau'd by a goblin wearing trash.
  4. I just can't wait for the next chapter of AoS Alarielle: Step-Mother of Nature Destruction: yOu'Re nOt mY REaL mOM! *THrows chair out the window*
  5. Never thought about it being the direwolves. You're prob right!
  6. I can't not see Soulblight getting their full release revealed next week xD. No more speculating on the full scoop of the range. I think the Bitey Boys time has come, when they'll release is another question entirely xD.
  7. Really looking for just military hobgoblins in general. Underhanded, dirty tricks, making up for some of their size disparity with numbers and crude warmachines. Nomadic raiders with a tribe like civilization. More martial skill then say a night goblin, but obviously less then an ork. Pack tactics, and a play style of looking to set up unfair fights would be cool. Bonuses for outnumbering, or maybe charging/ flanking a unit that is already charged. Some ability to disengage from a fight, to wheel and hit into another one. Quick, but by no means speedy like Slaneesh or elves. Would prefer to
  8. Good catch! Though the ice like bits under the arch still have me wondering
  9. Can't wait to get that sweet, sweet destruction lore! I'm hankering for it.
  10. All I know, is that i;m hyped for next week xD. Lots of goodies to come
  11. What cryptic messaging has hinted that? I thought the idea of hobgoblins was fairly well founded atm!
  12. Do we have confirmation that this one will be in Kragnos? Or that BR is ending with Kragnos? Could be for a new one we haven't seen yet.
  13. 100% Sylvaneth. Life in ascension has been mentioned in the BR's series, the Base is detritus and vines. Pose yells elven, as do the ears and iconography on the shoulder mantle. Love the inclusion of bugs and the little parts of nature. I predict it's some kind of buffer, a hearld of nature waking. The blow horn looks fairly ornate and elf like as well, and the model seems to be grasping it very elegantly. No intention to ever collect elves myself, but can't wait to see the pantheon fleshed out even more. Get hype wood elf and nature lovers!
  14. Im all for a new dwarf faction encouraging or enabling allies from all the dwarven pantheon. Having options when creating your force, and weaving your armies story is great. Right now the old Disspossed, Ko and Fyreslayers all have a good narrative home. I wouldn't want to upset that. Plus, it's very on theme for Grugni's/ Valaya (hope they both pop up as leaders) faction to want to extend olive branchs to the other dwarven peoples. For me that's the key difference between elves and dwarves. The dwarves are far more collective and community based, well the elves are far more specialist in w
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