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  1. Agreed. Something with a more stocky, healthier build would be great. Would let the gargants be the degenerate off shoot. But still fit.
  2. Love the hints for the giants coming in. I want this giant army to be great, will look amazing on the table across from my ogors haha
  3. Obviously it's fantasy and could be anything, but that looks like a succulent to me. Thick leaves, spines. Usually I associate them with arid climates and deserts more then anything.
  4. Really agree. Soup and combined arms forces can be really fluffy and fun, but I much prefer having a strong, thematic faction as the norm. I do think though we will start seeing lots of narrative flavored fluff books, with new allegiance abilities though. Gordraks great Waagh providing a way too play most of destruction together. Maybe an updated LoN book too pick and pluck from more of the alliance. Maybe more cities that fold even more factions into the fold with one another. Wrath of the Everchosen seems the first of many of the style of book.
  5. That'd be cool, but I'd have too wonder if he could fight that war on two fronts. With Katakros marching on the all points, i'd imagine marching on Hyish would have to strain even his hosts thin. Would love it if we saw geographical changes too the power maps. Perhaps Death will take the All-points, but I suppose it's unlikely considering how warcry is set.
  6. Echo the sentiments above. We don't need space wolves for a stormcast host. If you love the aesthetic this would be a crazy easy army to kitbash. 40k Space wolves have some great viking-esc bits. I say go nuts and create a super unique army from all that, I'm sure it'll look awesome! I'd much prefer new castes go to new units, and other factions that need it a lot more then stormcast do.
  7. I think the open day is on the 4th. But don't quote me on that! Remember reading that the other day
  8. Mhmm! I feel that would be the coolest way to reintroduce them. Having their ruins and pyramids popping up around the realms. Keeps some of the mystery they used to have, and they can work in some powerful magics. Perhaps lean on them travelling between realms without using the gates. Dunno how i'd feel if they did space fleets of space pyramids. Seems a little too techy for me lol
  9. New Vampires, Seraphon, and a giants faction get my vote. Admittedly I've had a desire to play all three factions, but that doesn't change the fact they do deserve some love. Especially Seraphon. A great deal of pruning of old models, and introduction of new, thematic sculpts are needed. Lizardmen really lost a lot of their identity with the destruction of the old world. Being absent from the narrative hasn't helped at all either.
  10. Mhmm. I wouldn't mind them developing more of a stake in the mortal realms as well. Being celestial space travelers is cool and all, but I'd hate to see them only exist during times of battle, or only materializing to fight chaos. Would be cool to perhaps have them landing their pyramids to recreate their warding/ ley lines. Perhaps trying to continue the great plan, or to enact the old ones plan on new territory. Would be a neat twist for their ancient ruins to be more revitalized in this new setting!
  11. Really new to liking the lizard boys, so not really sure. Still on the fence about jumping into them until I hear about new models. I would like a big release to update the faction, as I'd say they are in a similar state as Gloomspite (Then Moonclan) used to be. Skaven could have used it too, but a lot of the resin skaven do still hold up after all this time. Not so much for the Lizardmen. They're first book really built them up to be a celestial force, but I can't remember the last time I've heard them referenced at all in the greater narrative. Almost to the point they seem absent from everything. Their celestial nature, and the fact they were originally billed as Order Deamons certainly opens the door for them to be a power house faction in the lore. But having them be a huge ally to the stormcast? Lizard men were always aloof despite being the good guys, so they aren't really ones to be shoulder to shoulder allies with anyone. That, and historically they are enemies of Chaos, not so much undeath. Would be a weird fit unless Archeaon and the chaos gods swing into narrative focus.
  12. Here's hoping the Seraphon get in in depth refresh. Of all the factions they seem to really need it, and have to hope GW has been saving the best for last haha. Will be interesting to see them more prominent in the lore though, given the inconstant backtracking, and retcons to their AoS lore. They have the potential to be big players on that scene.
  13. Totally third this. I have been on the edge of expanding my Harlequin kill team into a full clown army and trying out actual 40k. But awakening has just been a massive dud for me. I know marine bias is a thing, but it literally feels like primaris / marines is all there is. Imperium used to be humanity in decline, but now you have all this new technology, god tier human psykers, ect. KO look great though. New hero is pretty neat, and the prospect of ballon boys as battleline opens up a lot of interesting options. Nearly finished assembling my Ogors, but not quite sure if the sky dwarves peak my interest enough to be my second army.
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