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  1. Very Interesting list. Exploiting ghoul patrol battalion for less drops, extra command, and double maw re-rolls and the extra artifact of the Brooch so these 3 CP you have first turn are coming back for more Feeding Frenzy, offsetting the loss of Feast Day which seems like the most popular way to play FEC right now. The ability to summon either 6 horrors or 6 flayers is nice to be able to decide what is best, plus a Vargulf. I don't know if you would even use Ghoul Patrol as sending groups of 10 ghouls off to die does not seem beneficial unless you can claim an objective.
  2. The new box set has a special card for Mymourn Banshees. I don't need this set as I have all the models already, but I would love to know what the Banshees stats are.
  3. yeah legion of grief i mean. what is that? I don't know context someone said they heard this stuff but doesn't remember source
  4. I've heard rumors of things: - Duradin "Harvest Queen" - New legion of Nagash; "legion of despair". Anyone know what this is about?
  5. 40 ghouls is my second favorite FEC unit (after an Abhorrent on TG). They are amazing. Your experience is anecdotal - you should have a GK near them not a Vargulf, so they re-roll hits of 1. Better would be a GK on ZD with the spell so they are re-rolling all wound rolls too. A great way to protect them is to give them the 5++ from a GK on TG, then your opponent will either ignore them or commit way to much to killing them. The thing about ghouls is they can spread out across several units. Then they get picked first and attack several units at once. In order to achieve this you have to be good (and fast) with movement and rolling all the attacks. I can understand the frustration at moving, charging and piling in 40 models, then rolling 120+ attacks, but that is an issue with the player, not with the unit. I have my ghouls on 10-man unit trays and I have 60 dice with easy to read colored blips, and I can resolve 60 attacks (with re-rolls) in about 45 seconds. Even though I love my monsters, they fall super flat on 4++ ethereal units and get stuck in large hordes. In contrast, ghouls are especially good against these units with their mass attacks. Against some of the nastiest meta units like Reapers, Witch Aelves and Plague Monks - if you surround them and attack first with 40 ghouls, these units are toast. The trick with ghouls is getting that long charge to fully surround a unit and maximize attacks. a 25mm base is under 1" so they can fight in two ranks, so if you can get two ranks of 20 across the enemy units, they are going to put a hurt on your opponent. Now with +D3 attacks and immediate second attack (not to mention the whole unit can come back from death on a 4+) Ghouls might just be the most devastating unit in the FEC arsenal.
  6. Thank you for critiquing my video, I appreciate the feedback. You are saying the music was too quiet? I need to play around with the volumes a bit. Not sure about my voice I may just be flat lol. The thing at 4:50 is just a technical thing with recording my voice, I should have re-recorded that line. Still getting used to narrating. The different model issue is because I forgot to take a couple pics. the pics are in order. I maybe should have switched back to the older picture of the units I'm talking about. If I take enough pictures it should look good. The issue with LVO is nobody has been playing skaven I took hundreds of pics at LVO and I can only find one shot of skaven. I used to go over army lists at the start (you can see that in my older videos) but decided to cut that part for time. You think its worth it to leave that part in? Taking 'end of turn' board state shots is a great idea. Also I was thinking it would be cool to take a picture of the board before movement and immediately after movement to see the exact moves. I also sometimes take short videos instead of just pictures and can get more into that. I also love the idea of showing the actual stats in the warscrolls (kind of like what I did at the start - showing the battleplan). Another major thing is i need to get stuff to at least tabletop standard if I'm going to make more of these videos. My Skaven are barely touched in the last 4 years. The Slaanesh player is actually a really good painter and has a ton of painted armies, but he just got into Slaanesh a few weeks ago so most are still unpainted. There is a lot of good painters in the area. I'm also working on some really cool terrain pieces for my home table which will look cool in future videos. My goal here is to be able to check out how armies work without having to watch 1-2+ hour full battle reports. I don't like to watch dice rolls, there are a few that are exciting but most aren't. I wan't to focus on the basics; how cool the models look + a quick rundown of how the game played out.
  7. @Pangu Its hard to judge battleline right now since seemingly everything can be battleline in AoS now, but if you really hate Knights and Ghouls you can play Gristlegore and take 3 dragons for battleline. Bullgors have a great offense for sure since they have rend, but that's their only benefit. Horrors have 10 bravery which can be a big deal. Horrors re-roll all failed hits so they produce more wounds. You also have to think about the unit in comparison to the army. Bullgors can have all kinds of crazy synergy from different lists to have super good offense, but I would say Horrors are better overall with the things the FEC book has to offer such as: a spell that could potentially double the units attacks, a spell that can make them move 11", a Court that can give them run+charge, and most importantly - courtiers to bring them back from death. Oh and don't forget the ability to fight twice in a row. Still, the lack of rend is a pain on an elite unit but Horrors can be a serious hammer and anvil unit in the new book. Bullgors are great though, and I've seen them taken in multiple lists. With the new Beasts of Chaos book I expect to see a ton more of them soon. Its hard to compare Plague Monks to Ghouls, Plague Monks were kind of written as one crazy unit to make Pestelins viable, but this is being exploited by sticking them in Nurgle lists. Its hard to comment on Plague Monks now because their scroll just changed, but its a crazy offense horde. Ghouls having double the bravery is a big deal. I would actually compare Ghouls to Monks now in terms of sheer destruction that can be caused. They have the same fast 6" move which is key. Monks will have a little bit more elite attacks but ghouls can make up for that with sheer number of attacks (esp considering attacking twice). I think its a bit moot, whether its 40 ghouls or 40 monks attack a unit first - that unit is super dead. Monks are cheaper but ghouls can come back from the dead in droves, so I'm going to vote Ghoul units as better. The meta is looking super risky for hordes right now though so I'm not sure if its a good idea to take either. The fact is that ghouls and Horrors are based on the original VC army concept for them; They can't be too good because they can come back to life easy. you pay a point tax to field them because they come back. Units like Bullgores and Plague Monks just die, where death is only a temporary issue for FEC. I agree about flayers I don't think they are a great unit that should be maxed.
  8. OK I took a closer look at the rules and came up with some highlights for list building with each Grand Court: Morgaunt: take a ton of ghouls. They are easily getting 3 attacks over 10 models instead of 20. So take like three Archregents and summon 3 more units of 20 ghouls. Then - if any of them are slain you can use a command point - on a 4+ the unit re-appears at the board edge. Then you have to take an artifact (give to general) - no battleshock for units wholly within 18" of the general. You have 3 Archrgents so you should be able to cast his spell easily. One nuance here is your ghouls have to be close to a courtier to get extra attacks on the 10+ models so you have to keep that in mind. Hollowmourne: Horrors/flayers and courtiers are re-rolling wounds of 1 when they make a charge. (Note that Horrors already re-roll all hits ww 18" if Abhorrent). Horrors are BL so that is more flexibility. You can take a GKoTG general who gets +1 to all attacks and damage within 3" of an enemy artifact of power (must take artifact, so I'd put it on a TG Abhorrent). The command is +1 to run and charge rolls, and you can run and charge!! combine that with the move spell, Horrors are moving 12+D6+1", flayers are moving 16+D6+1". Also there is no limit to the command so you could save 3CP and give a unit of ghouls +3 to run and +3 to charge (not 100% sure). Plus imagine with cogs.. Blisterskin, +2 to all move. This is a Flayer lovers court but it has some nice things; teleport flying units 9" from enemies for 1 CP, extra CP each turn on 4+, and an artifact that makes the general and everything ww 6" -1 to shoot. FLAYER RANT Their seems to be a lot of talk about Blisterskin and how good Flayers are. Personally I've never jumped on the 'mass flayer' bandwagon, and I don't think they are all that amazing still. The average roll on two dice is 7, that means outside of combat they aren't doing any mortals with their shooting unless the targets bravery is under 5 (sorry skaven). You could take the dual minus-bravery artifacts to get your average 7-8 bravery unit down to 4-5, then each Flayer is averaging 2-3 mortals which gets to be strong. Also around the Throne units have -1 bravery and several endless spells reduce bravery too. Unfortunately the potential to pinpoint all this stuff for maximum effect just sounds clunky. I like it for Terrorgheists however - take the trait for +1 shriek rolls and the pennant for -2 bravery. (the reviews haven't gone over the limitations on steed traits, so I'm assuming they are like Stormcast). That is reducing the average 8 bravery to 6, while the average Shriek roll is going to be 11 - were starting at a 5 mortal average before you factor in the Courtier artifact, the Sinister Throne or any number of endless spells! There is also a new spell to use the top of the damage table, so you can pull this out late game too. Don't get me wrong - bring a unit or two of Flayers to double down on these effects, I just personally wouldn't build a whole army around Flayers alone. Gristlegore: this one is crazy. monsters as battleline, and hero/monsters cause 2 hits instead of one on um 6s. If a monster dies before it was picked to attack you can use a CP to have it attack. But most importantly the general attacks BEFORE any unit is chosen to attack in the combat phase (then you can use Feeding Frenzy to attack again! On a mounted Abhorrent, this is nutso and probably what I'm most excited to try at launch. Here's a funny list ... 6 Archregents (120) around a throne, summon a ton of stuff for free. Then have a corpse cart and mortis ally for +2 to cast and take a ton of endless spells. now you have 12 spells at +2 to cast. You also know every spell from the lore, and your chance to roll a 10+ (to get bonus effects) is very high. You could do this with any Court, and maybe take less Archregents if you need more points in your main army.
  9. I used an Arch-Warlock and 3 Stormfiends in my battle report. The Arch warlock is great as a 2 spell caster with casting re-rolls thanks to sparks. Hes pricey now which is appropriate as his has has 3+ save and 6 wounds. His spell is good but I'm worried its too random - you could try to boost it at great risk only to do a couple wounds to one unit. I like the kamikaze nature of it though - like you might be losing then all the sudden blast the table with like 12 mortal wounds. The Stormfiends I loved as a Warpfire-Ratling-Doomflayer. The ratling can be amazing on its own boosted by sparks, and i think you just need the utility of warpfire just in case you have to deal with hordes.
  10. First new Skaven Battle Report: Trying to get my channel going. Appreciate any feedback and tips.
  11. @RocketMan Nah, a 24" bubble is plenty, and you have a 24" range to place it. That is a matter of skill, which I can work with. If you are good you can summon it in just the right spot. Also notice the wholly within is only for the ghoul unit you want to heal with it - a monster could be just touching the edge. There is definitely a discussion of when to bring it - if you are not bringing enough ghouls then things are not likely to die enough to get the benefit. I've been playing FEC since the day the first tome came out so I can understand a lot of this stuff in context. I have all kinds of ideas for how to use the Chalice to maximum effect. It just depends on how you play and what type of list you want to bring.
  12. you can make a GK +2 so I don't see the point. GK won't lose the casting buff as he takes damage and can know the spells. Arkhan will learn the spells from others but that's a lot of points for a +2 you can already get, and there are no summonable units in FEC for him to heal, so there is a lot of waste. @RocketMan What is the point of quoting the whole thing just for a joke? lol. I edited my post to take out the mistakes, so there is still somethings that are not wrong.
  13. I watched the GMG review. Like I said without the book in my hands its hard. I didn't catch every nuance. Ghoul Patrol is 180 points now, and its just a limited ambush? That is garbage. A lot of people take GP without even using the ambush. Board edge ambush is really bad. People were so gung-ho about Legion of Night being so good but that didn't get very far. Tactically its incredibly easy to dictate how your opponent with ambush and control the game. Its also a very bad idea to throw a certain % of your army into 100% of theirs - if they are turtled up defensively then an ambush is likely very bad. People get excited for alpha strikes but the actual efficiency of them is usually low - unless you blow them out and win with your first attack you could end up in a bad spot. This looks like a classic GW over-nerf, that's why I didn't notice the change. They should have lowered the points if they are cutting half its abilities. If you are going to put a big gamble on alpha striking a bunch of ghouls, you are also going to want the opportunity to buff them, but since they just appear in the movement phase you can't. Also you probably aren't going to fit 3 units in the board edges, so you are probably only striking with 1 or 2 units. So you are working with a limited, un-buffed ambush of 1-2 units. There are better options in the book to get a unit of 40 ghouls across the table fast, such as using Royal Mordants - first cast cogs (and other buffs), then move ghouls 8", then 8" again in the movement phase, then charge with +2 (or more depending on your court).
  14. Stumbling with rules without the book in my hands .. but there are still so many crazy options. Take 4 TG for 1200 and you have 440 points more than I said, so take 2 Archregents and summon 2 extra units. Now you save CP by doing it for free with the throne. that leaves 160 points under 2000 but you don't need to have extra CP anymore, so add in a unit of Horrors. That is 2000 point even that summons two units of any kind for a max of 2400 points you'll have after summoning. Nobody would want to ally a VL anyway. I don't really see a point in taking any allies since you want to use all the internal FEC synergy, but I might take Neferata because she is just fun. The chalice is uniquely interesting in the way that it turns your slain models into healing. With the ability to have hordes of ghouls that turns half your dead ghouls into healing your heroes/monsters or just bring back the dead ghouls. When you combine that with courtiers and the ability to have well over 2000 points worth of models, things can get crazy. I can't wait to try it out on the table. A good mix list .. maybe 2 GK on RTG, a RTG and an Archregent (1300) A unit of 40 ghouls and a unit of 30 ghouls, chalice. Would have to be Gristlegore to cover battleline, can summon 20 more ghouls and 2 units of flayers for a total of 2540 points with a good mix of ghouls and 3 monsters. 6 drops though, not sure how essential going first is going to be yet.
  15. Oh right so no +2 to cast. they don't say that if a GK is on the monster it cant be battleline, but they probably say only non-mount monsters in the book Oh right I was thinking a VL was a deathlord but its a Soulblight. With the ability to bring back entire units, LoN has the best ability to undo damage - but that stuff is first in the nerf line currently. Both LoN and FEC are really good at this, its hard to say but I would say LoN wins at the moment.
  16. This book is absolutely insane. Lets say you take the grand court that makes Horrors battleline, take two units of 6 and a unit of 3 (750) and then take 6 Archregents. 6 Archregents means you'll know all 6 spells from the lore. Throw in the mandatory Chalice to turn half the wounds you take each turn into healing. Make one of your Archregents +2 to cast to make sure it goes off, as well as the +D3 attacks spell. Put all the Archregents around the Throne at the start and summon four units of 20 ghouls and 2 Vargulf to support the Horror units. Your army is now 3110 points to start the game, if you get the chalice then half your wounds are being restored and if your opponent doesn't fully destroy any Horror unit, you have two Vargulf just bringing back any dead models. Of course FEC often relies on its big monsters, so take Gristlegore and take 4 Abhorrents, 3 on TG and one on a Dragon. Throw in an Archregent and the chalice for 1880 (+2 CP) First turn summon 4 units of Flayers (680) and turn two summon a Vargulf to back them up for a total of 2,720. Or any mix in between. I love my TG but I also love my ghoul hordes. TG are amazing at killing elite units like Stormcast by the dozens. Actually they are great against most things .. except ethereal units. They a small number of powerful attacks which fall short very quickly with some good 4+ saves. This is where ghouls come in, the volume of attacks will eat through 4+ quickly, and now with the ability to get up to 7 attacks each (8 if you want to get crazy and ally a Vampire Lord) they will tear through anything. The great thing about a ghoul horde is you can spread out across several units. I was already killing half an army in one turn easy when I only had 120 attacks, now were talking 210 attacks or more?? I don't usually bring a GK on foot but the one time I did and buffed the ghouls to 4 attacks each - the game was such a one sided blowout that it was ridiculous. Even if you don't buff the ghouls attacks, you can immediately attack a second time for 1CP, so basically that is double the attacks. If you can get a full unit of ghouls across a front line - that entire line is just dead. You will be able to do crazy things like spread across two units of 30 reapers and just delete or nearly delete both of them in one go. Even 5++ Witch Aelf units will die very fast. Ghouls and Witch Aelves are similar. Most of you will know the insanity that is Witch Aelves. Ghouls are going to be able to far exceed the number of attacks, albeit with less efficient attacks. While witches can be burnt down and taken care of, ghouls are coming back via the Chalice, Courtiers and Ghoul Patrol, and they have the bonus of being 40 strong instead of 30. Both units are 6" move 6+ save and typically have 6++ save as well. Witches have much more efficient offense when paired with Mindrazor but that is unreliable. The 5++ (especially re-rolling) makes them very difficult to deal with. Witches have a greater alpha strike potential, if all the things go right for them a lot of armies are just dead on impact. FEC is not going to be so reliant on things going super well, and are going to have much greater ability to sustain without needing to win early on. Also FEC now have a way to counter Witch Elves by sticking an Abhorrent on a monster out in front with the ability to always attack first then double down and attack a second time .. even if the witches kill him they will likely have suffered a great loss getting there which will deflate a lot of their power and put you in a great position to counter strike. My only problem with this book is not enough models! Every one of the new models is amazing! The terrain looks kind of like basic old terrain but that bone throne is amazing. The Archregent is beautifully detailed. But FEC desperately needs a GK clampack and a plastic Vargulf. Making a cool custom Vargulf is kind of the rite of passage for FEC players. I thought with how cool they made the Vargulf in Total War that we would see a new one when the book was updated. The Archregent was probably an attempt at a GK clampack but it was so damn awesome they had to make new rules for it, lol. Anyway - I would get out there and enjoy it as much as possible because the nerf hammers are likely coming fast for this one. It has great answers for everything, has probably the most powerful summoning, probably the most devastating combat potential of any army and the greatest ability to shrug off and undo all the damage caused to it!!
  17. Hot dammmm they did it! The new warscrolls are hot! And the point changes are minimal. I mean they had to increase the Corruptor after all his buffs, so that is fair. Thanquol is finally worth is 400 now. Some things like the bell and the warpseer look to deserve point hikes yet remained the same!! Key scrolls like the Doomwheel are much better. I am very happy with the Stormfiend treatment. now you really only need one warpfre gun. The setup looks to be Warpfire - ratling - doomflayer for a nice rounded unit for a cheaper 260pt. The WLC i am not overly impressed with, I don't like the mechanic. its like a couple mortals per shooting for 180 points. But if you like the unit you can commit with an engineer for a couple more. its very random but you could roll a 1 and cause like 11 mortals which is fun but its not going to happen a lot. Love the new shields, 5+ Clanrats and 4+ Stormvermin is very nice. I suuuuuuuper love the Verminlord changes. they are insane monsters for discount points costs. Can't wait to try them out on the table. I'm blown away by how well they combed through and actually made complete updates to the scrolls and the rule themes. They took out the cheese, which is to say the over-reliance on like 2 good scrolls in a sea of garbage. In exchange we get a massive box of fun toys and units that just work now and can all be fielded together. Honestly its all too much, its such a massive change that I can't process all this info.
  18. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/04/feb4-this-week-at-the-lvogw-homepage-post-3/ "We can’t reveal anything about this year’s LVO preview yet, save that it’s going to blow you away, whatever you collect." Then, on the page before they revealed the preview, it said they think this preview was going to be the best ever. I'm not trying to nitpick, GW is going to release tons of great stuff this year for sure, but they hyped it up like they were about to drop a bomb, and many of us were expecting a new range of Darkoath or Slaanesh to be previewed, instead its a couple Khorne models and some vague announcements. I think they could have given us more to go on with this new expansion and skirmish game. Khorne is also probably the least needed new tome in all of AoS .. Khorne is one of the most updated model ranges, and their rules are super solid right now, they just got updates in Wrath & Rapture and were one of the most solid armies post 2.0. That's a big disappointment for people who have large collections of models which have never seen a tome in AoS at all yet. Speaking of 5 years ago, if they had announced the 3rd Khorne tome in 3 years the community would be irate, each army got a new book on a 5-15 year schedule back then. I'm just really surprised, with the two new tome announcements last week, I thought for sure they were like revving up to some head-exploding announcements. They are probably holding a lot back for a big Adepticon preview. It looks like for AoS we can expect a steady stream of new tomes with a few new models which is nice. Lots of rumors of stuff like Seraphon & Fyreslayers.
  19. Ive been playing for over 5 years. The preview was lackluster. They marketed it as game changing for whatever you play, and the best preview ever. The only people who are going to be excited about it are Khorne fans and Underworlds fans. Forbidden Power/Warcry might end up being a big deal, but their announcement was a super teaser which we have nothing to go off other than the name. Personally I would have held back the FEC/Skaven stuff and announced them as going on pre-order in 2 days - that would have been mind blowing and exciting. I don't have a problem with the products they are turning out, but the way they did this preview was way underwhelming compared to what I expected and what they have done in the past.
  20. WOOOOW I am super duper surprised at how lackluster the studio preview was. I really was not expecting that. I mean it's all great stuff, but its mostly teasers and mostly stuff that doesn't really make me super excited. I'm shocked at GW's treatment of Slaanesh .. just continually ignored. Every chaos god got their due with awesome new tomes and models. Last two January's were dedicated to a chaos god. Slaanesh's turn comes around and .. NOPE. Ok, ok, maybe its a little delayed ... here it comes annnnnnnnnnnd KHORNE gets their third tome!!!! LOL. Anyway, something is coming for Slaanesh .. at some point .. but its hilarious how she always gets the short stick. The Underworlds warband is cute. I don't really play much but I'm sure someone is excited. The models are good but they do a really poor job of translating their warbands into playable AoS stuff. I appreciate all the gorgeous sculpts that have come from it though. Then we get two previews of something or other .. who knows. We get an announcement that there will be an announcement! Darkoath is getting delayed ... really thought we were going to hear something about that. Looks like the new endless spells were a clever way to milk new book releases. Hey I'm not complaining - it was kind of sad whenever 40k got new Codex that was nothing but 0-1 models and a slight rule update, but factions like Skaven and FEC are going to be revolutionized by new books... throwing in new spells and terrain just sweetens the deal. Also they have been doing a great job with the new endless spell rules lately. Then we get 40k. I've actually been super into 40k lately so I was hoping for some serious releases. I was thinking a mind blowing Sisters preview and some insane Slaanesh Chaos guys to go with the new Noise Marine. Instead they are releasing their obligatory new Space Marine models lol. The Chaos stuff looks fun but its a little silly how much is looks like Dark Vengeance. They look like the same set lol. The Dark vengeance guys were super detailed sculpts though so, i guess its all good. Also its cool that CSM are getting STORMFIENDS!!!! Then there is one kind of odd Sisters model. If this is their big highlight, it makes me worry how cool the release will actually be. Anyway, Skaven and FEC are two of my largest collections, and I am working on like 50 GSC infantry and 3 GSC tanks, plus I ordered a bunch of the new GSC chars, so I'm pretty much full up for the year starting next week. Can't wait for the FEC spells preview tomorrow!!!!
  21. I've been collecting Skaven since WHFB. They were an amazing force back then. They had wacky random rules but something about the sinister nature of Skaven made those rules especially powerful. Unfortunately they got gutted in AoS along with many other factions. Most of their power did not translate over. Seems now they are getting the Legions of Nagash treatment. One big issue with that is that the death rules were very strong and a super strong Allegiance Traits took them over the top. Unfortunately Skaven rules are mostly very bad, they need a lot more than just the LoN treatment, they need some serious re-thinking. Some scrolls like the Doomwheel & the Abomination got big point cuts, but they need good rules - not point cuts. The low 4+ to hit and 5+ saves, combined with the lowest bravery in the game really makes their lists fall flat right now. I have tried all kinds of lists with them in AoS, everything feels disjointed and weird. The Allegiance stuff they announced today is all good but its not enough info to go on yet. If most of the scrolls and points are the same albeit all the Skaven units can be fielded together, that is not enough to make a good army. Skaven is a big enough faction that you'll be able to figure out the most optimal list and make something strong on the table-top, but I'm hoping for rules that see a resurgence in Iconic units like the Grey Seer, the Doomwheel, the Warp Lightning Cannons, Abominations, hordes of Clanrats/Slaves, Stormvermin, the Screaming Bell and especially Verminlords. The other thing is Skaven lore. Its was very much tied to the Old World and the Empire, neither of which exists anymore. The End Times - Thanquol was my favorite book in the series. But a lot has changed - instead of stealing the power of chaos (via warpstone) and using it for their own clever and nefarious needs, they have now joined Chaos as like a form of beastmen. The shadowy and mysterious Great Horned rat turned into some kind of wannabe Chaos god. Its been just kind of off but they haven't gotten official lore yet. I'm hoping a lot of their deep history is reformed for the new world within the new lore. For now I'm going to stay positive and assume that GW knows what they are doing and we will see a lot of great warscroll updates in the new tome. The new stuff they announced today has a lot of potential to be good. The Endless Spells and terrain has had great rules in the last sets. So far they have done a great job reinventing factions for the new world. Legions of Nagash and Beasts of Chaos did great work to modernize their factions and I expect the same for Skaven. Meanwhile perhaps my my most played army in AoS is FEC .... FEC have great rules and are in an awesome position since 2.0. Even with minimal scroll updates, adding a new spell lore and more cohesion to their army is going to make them a force for sure. The new Archregent spell is bonkers and those spells are awesome looking. Cant wait for the new releases!
  22. It could be a lot of things, but if unsolved its easily Skaven. Just look at Spiteclaw’s Swarm - they have a ton of chainmail and cloth. A lot of the NH had cloth under chainmail like this though, so it for sure looks like NH too. Do we think there is going to be a big Skaven release? What about FEC? A lot of boxsets seem to lead to new models, but some just don't. For example Blightwar seemed to lead up to the new Nurgle releases, but the stormcast side, despite having a new character was simply a reboxing of the Vanguard chamber, and did not lead to any new releases. Similarly, Wrath and Rapture is not likely to lead to a new Khorne release. Maybe a Slaanesh release, but that trail has gone suspiciously cold - the last two years saw January dedicated to a chaos god .. this year we got gitz. A Slaanesh release seems inevitable but it looks like Slaanesh is getting the short stick once again. In 40k, the Tooth and Claw box quickly led to a Space Wolf book .. with no new models. It seems GSC was delayed but they are getting a full on release in the next couple weeks for sure. So what does this mean for the Carrion Empire box set? Is it just a way to boost sales on unpopular models, or are we actually getting releases? It seems pretty clear that the next weeks are going to be dominated by GSC releases, then something for Chaos Space Marines, though it might just be a couple models with another Vigilus book. Somewhere in that time the new box set will drop, and its unlikely it will quickly be followed by new models (b/c then people would just buy the new models instead of the old models in the box set). It could however be followed by a book without models, which either army could greatly benefit from, especially Skaven.
  23. An incredibly major point when comparing to Alarielle is she is a Named Char, which means no command trait, and no artifact goodness. Stardrakes have been kicking it and taking names on the table since their release. Once I lost a tournament with my damn Nagash stuck toe to toe with a 0+ re-roll 1s Stardrake that passed two Hand of Dust tests. Stardrake is easily 2+ re-rolling 1s causing mortals while being -2 to shoot. The combat is not great but when you factor the dragon eating things its incredibly efficient against units with 2-4 wounds per model. Alarielle is an expensive distraction carnifex which has never made a significant mark in tournament results, whereas the stardrake has appeared in winning stormcast lists since its release.
  24. @Lucky Snake Eyes The dice roll thing is just an opinion. I find hiding the dice much more fun. Of course your opponent is going to want to kill Nagash. For enemy spellcasters, they have to get through a +3 unbind, then if they get mortal wounds off, every mortal has to go through 6++/4++. Things like Vordrai and Thundertusks are brutal but there are many ways to prepare and mitigate them, then over half their mortals are canceled anyway. If your Nagash gets charged you are not playing Nagash correctly Nagash can heal up what little wounds he takes with spells I agree that Nagash does not have 800 points of combat (that is because you are paying for other features). You need at least a couple more hammers in your list if you take Nagash. I have played many games with Nagash since LoN, and I have yet to lose him once. (The last time I lost him was to 9 Dracoth shooting, but that was before the new tome). This is including many local games and tournaments - maybe 20 games so far. In addition to what I said above, he has some of the best debuffs in the game. At a tournament I was 88-2 for getting my spells off. Nagash lists are some of the strongest in the game right now. Regardless, if you don't know what you are doing, your Nagash will die and you will lose. Currently I like to take Neferata and Nagash, because this makes Nagash immune to rend, and Neferata is a potent hammer.
  25. The tome is good. The NH coming in second reinforces what I've been saying. People saying that the NH tome is garbage are just internet trolls. I think there will be a change coming to reapers, but I don't think they will get a huge nerf.
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