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  1. Did we find out if there are points for the new Ironscale? I have a feeling like the app is going to update and there will be be new errata but no word yet.
  2. Very Interesting list. Exploiting ghoul patrol battalion for less drops, extra command, and double maw re-rolls and the extra artifact of the Brooch so these 3 CP you have first turn are coming back for more Feeding Frenzy, offsetting the loss of Feast Day which seems like the most popular way to play FEC right now. The ability to summon either 6 horrors or 6 flayers is nice to be able to decide what is best, plus a Vargulf. I don't know if you would even use Ghoul Patrol as sending groups of 10 ghouls off to die does not seem beneficial unless you can claim an objective.
  3. The new box set has a special card for Mymourn Banshees. I don't need this set as I have all the models already, but I would love to know what the Banshees stats are.
  4. yeah legion of grief i mean. what is that? I don't know context someone said they heard this stuff but doesn't remember source
  5. I've heard rumors of things: - Duradin "Harvest Queen" - New legion of Nagash; "legion of despair". Anyone know what this is about?
  6. 40 ghouls is my second favorite FEC unit (after an Abhorrent on TG). They are amazing. Your experience is anecdotal - you should have a GK near them not a Vargulf, so they re-roll hits of 1. Better would be a GK on ZD with the spell so they are re-rolling all wound rolls too. A great way to protect them is to give them the 5++ from a GK on TG, then your opponent will either ignore them or commit way to much to killing them. The thing about ghouls is they can spread out across several units. Then they get picked first and attack several units at once. In order to achieve this you have to be
  7. Thank you for critiquing my video, I appreciate the feedback. You are saying the music was too quiet? I need to play around with the volumes a bit. Not sure about my voice I may just be flat lol. The thing at 4:50 is just a technical thing with recording my voice, I should have re-recorded that line. Still getting used to narrating. The different model issue is because I forgot to take a couple pics. the pics are in order. I maybe should have switched back to the older picture of the units I'm talking about. If I take enough pictures it should look good. The issue with LVO is nobody has
  8. @Pangu Its hard to judge battleline right now since seemingly everything can be battleline in AoS now, but if you really hate Knights and Ghouls you can play Gristlegore and take 3 dragons for battleline. Bullgors have a great offense for sure since they have rend, but that's their only benefit. Horrors have 10 bravery which can be a big deal. Horrors re-roll all failed hits so they produce more wounds. You also have to think about the unit in comparison to the army. Bullgors can have all kinds of crazy synergy from different lists to have super good offense, but I would say Horrors are bet
  9. OK I took a closer look at the rules and came up with some highlights for list building with each Grand Court: Morgaunt: take a ton of ghouls. They are easily getting 3 attacks over 10 models instead of 20. So take like three Archregents and summon 3 more units of 20 ghouls. Then - if any of them are slain you can use a command point - on a 4+ the unit re-appears at the board edge. Then you have to take an artifact (give to general) - no battleshock for units wholly within 18" of the general. You have 3 Archrgents so you should be able to cast his spell easily. One nuance here is your ghoul
  10. I used an Arch-Warlock and 3 Stormfiends in my battle report. The Arch warlock is great as a 2 spell caster with casting re-rolls thanks to sparks. Hes pricey now which is appropriate as his has has 3+ save and 6 wounds. His spell is good but I'm worried its too random - you could try to boost it at great risk only to do a couple wounds to one unit. I like the kamikaze nature of it though - like you might be losing then all the sudden blast the table with like 12 mortal wounds. The Stormfiends I loved as a Warpfire-Ratling-Doomflayer. The ratling can be amazing on its own boosted by sparks, an
  11. First new Skaven Battle Report: Trying to get my channel going. Appreciate any feedback and tips.
  12. @RocketMan Nah, a 24" bubble is plenty, and you have a 24" range to place it. That is a matter of skill, which I can work with. If you are good you can summon it in just the right spot. Also notice the wholly within is only for the ghoul unit you want to heal with it - a monster could be just touching the edge. There is definitely a discussion of when to bring it - if you are not bringing enough ghouls then things are not likely to die enough to get the benefit. I've been playing FEC since the day the first tome came out so I can understand a lot of this stuff in context. I have all kind
  13. you can make a GK +2 so I don't see the point. GK won't lose the casting buff as he takes damage and can know the spells. Arkhan will learn the spells from others but that's a lot of points for a +2 you can already get, and there are no summonable units in FEC for him to heal, so there is a lot of waste. @RocketMan What is the point of quoting the whole thing just for a joke? lol. I edited my post to take out the mistakes, so there is still somethings that are not wrong.
  14. I watched the GMG review. Like I said without the book in my hands its hard. I didn't catch every nuance. Ghoul Patrol is 180 points now, and its just a limited ambush? That is garbage. A lot of people take GP without even using the ambush. Board edge ambush is really bad. People were so gung-ho about Legion of Night being so good but that didn't get very far. Tactically its incredibly easy to dictate how your opponent with ambush and control the game. Its also a very bad idea to throw a certain % of your army into 100% of theirs - if they are turtled up defensively then an ambush is likely
  15. Stumbling with rules without the book in my hands .. but there are still so many crazy options. Take 4 TG for 1200 and you have 440 points more than I said, so take 2 Archregents and summon 2 extra units. Now you save CP by doing it for free with the throne. that leaves 160 points under 2000 but you don't need to have extra CP anymore, so add in a unit of Horrors. That is 2000 point even that summons two units of any kind for a max of 2400 points you'll have after summoning. Nobody would want to ally a VL anyway. I don't really see a point in taking any allies since you want to use all
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