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  1. I may have missed talking about it so excuse me if I have... I'm deeply curious how this command point change will effect Ossiarchs since they're unable currently to use CP. It seems like a pretty significant advantage not to be able to use a very important buff to the rest of the factions. Thoughts? Likely if a change occurs it will be with errata for them. Although I think the more hopeful among us would say we get a new book for OBR with archers and such haha.
  2. there does seem to be a sylvaneth warband on the way later this year.
  3. Please people let the vampirates meme die already. Thought this died 3 years ago when malign portents was coming and LON
  4. I agree. Nagash is still the boss. That being said they seem to be at varying levels of obedience. Vampires being the least. Neferata basically does crazy mental gymnastics to allow herself to disobey Nagash. I'm sure these guys will be like Manfred and Neferata.
  5. Please PLEASE a new blood knight kit. All of the new cavalry kits have been so amazing I'm sure a new blood knight one would be too. Oh god what if we got blood knights on foot?!
  6. Oh boy am I going to read way too much into "And more! If that’s not got you excited, you just might need to report to Nagash." Hahaha
  7. Oh man Im already planning out how I paint the new Vampires as we speak
  8. He doesn't have absolute control. He still rules through fear since he's all powerful. Undying King has good examples of it. Sometimes though he seems to let people disobey. Partly because his mind has faded so much.
  9. Alright I'll bite... I'm not seeing the similarities with these to Mononoke. What's the connection?
  10. I kinda think it looked like cat ears initially and my first thought was "if they made Tyrion into a cast member of 'CATS' I will quit this hobby.."
  11. I think if the new Giants are more like Titans. I would get them with the elves. Something like the Titans from heroes of might and magic 3 (for those of you who played that lmao)
  12. Well I started the mini hobby with LOTR minis so. Hahaha
  13. Those were so great. Especially the short animations showing off stuff during LoN and Nighthaunt drops
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