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  1. Alright I'll bite... I'm not seeing the similarities with these to Mononoke. What's the connection?
  2. I kinda think it looked like cat ears initially and my first thought was "if they made Tyrion into a cast member of 'CATS' I will quit this hobby.."
  3. Well if I remember correctly this invasion comes while Archaon is actually AWAY. So this is actually him returning to retake the all points. They say this in the Warhammer community post about Katakros I believe.
  4. I think if the new Giants are more like Titans. I would get them with the elves. Something like the Titans from heroes of might and magic 3 (for those of you who played that lmao)
  5. Well I started the mini hobby with LOTR minis so. Hahaha
  6. Those were so great. Especially the short animations showing off stuff during LoN and Nighthaunt drops
  7. Minor spoiler but a certain book has a part where the character sees into the ethereal. Another explains there are bigger beings out there that would make chaos gods look silly. Kinda implied their were boogie men out there floating in between realms. Shadespire is the book for those who care.
  8. Why does everyone keep saying LVO. it's not LVO it's Adepticon... As they have said multiple times on Warhammer community. Here's a literal quote. LVO reveals will be minimal and likely not full release of pointy. Especially since they have already said Spring 2020 for the elves... Which wouldn't you know is right after adepticon. "2020’s AdeptiCon Warhammer Preview is going to be the BIGGEST and BEST Warhammer preview EVER. In fact, it’s so massive that we’ve commandeered more space, so we can fit in as many Warhammer fans as possible to experience the sheer majesty of the reveals. Start bracing yourself now…" https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/08/warhammer-at-adepticon-2020gw-homepage-post-4/
  9. That's Adepticon though right? Which is in March. There may be some at LVO though.
  10. It's been a minute. My Sylvaneth army finished but not pictured in it's entirety. Why did I stop posting I don't know. But I do feel compelled to finish all my stuff and share it. A lot has changed for Sylvaneth in the last couple of years. Not as fun to play admittedly but still fun to paint! I've learned a great deal.
  11. Doubtful since they relegated most to Cities of sigmar
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