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  1. The dilemma I have is that Sylvaneth are not an Aelf faction - they are now a distinct faction in their own right, both in lore and for gaming purposes. If I want to scratch my (Wanderers) Aelf itch, then playing Sylvaneth will not work, even though I have some Sylvaneth painted up as allies and may well expand this into an army later. If Cities can provide a workable and thematic way to play Wanderers, then that's fine. If I need to create Aelven soup within cities to scratch the itch, then I can also live with that quite happily. The Aelves in general seem to be going through a root and branch (if you'll pardon the expression) transformation and evolving into races that are no longer Aelves, though they have Aelven ancestry. For those of use who have been immersed in Aelves for any length of time this is a difficult transition to cope with. I am glad that the cities book is giving a lifeline to those of us who would like to continue to play in the spirit of Elder Aelves. It seems that they are aiming for a place where tomes should be playable for years without becoming outdated playwise, so the Cities tome, hopefully, should out-survive us old codgers while introducing the new breed of Aelfs to players unencumbered by entrenched views. I'm hoping, of course, that the Cities book will be amazing, but however it turns out I know I will have to make it work if I want to scratch that Traditional Aelf itch.
  2. The Cities book will be out soon and then we'll have a better idea of the more immediate future for Wanderers. Kurnothi may or may not become a fully-fledged army, but if they do it's a long way off. Whether eventually they are Sylvaneth, Wanderers or the whole lot are wrapped up together really makes no difference at the moment. The Cities book will be around for several years to come and if Wanderers have a good home there, then I'll be happy enough.
  3. We should know technically when their AOS warscroll is released and they have the Aelf keyword or not. I suspect that, like the Melusai, Khinerai and Tree-Revenants, they will be not. Which probably means that, like them, they are descended from Aelves ( in this case Wanderers) in some way, biologically or by soul, but no longer full Aelves.
  4. There are enough similarities in the armour and designs that it's perfectly possible. This is what happened to those Wanderers who didn't retreat to Azyr in the Age of Chaos (and survived Nurgle's rot).
  5. Perhaps each city will have a specific Stormhost attached to it, as many cities do in the lore, and any SCE units you use will use their Stormhost allegiance abilities rather than those pertaining to the city itself. They could also restrict use of SCE to certain Chambers, such as Vanguard for The Living City.
  6. It would be nice if we still have our battalion in the Cities book, but on a smaller scale - say a hero and 3 - 5 units - to act as an ambushing force.
  7. The thing is, I'm still spending money on their models just not Cities of Sigmar models.
  8. It's fine, I know it's frustrating, especially as we are left dangling until the book actually comes out. It took me a long time to actually paint many of my models, as once I've painted 10 of something I have to wait a while before I can bring myself to paint the next 10. I have two Spire of Dawn sets that have been waiting for a Battletome that is unlikely (never say never) to appear. I have painted 5 Reavers out of one of them, but still hoping I can use some of the others in some way. It appears my Dragonblades, among others, are doomed for the shelf. Yet, I am still looking forward to getting the Cities tome. I have no issue with representing units with non standard models, so long as they are fairly representing that unit visually. I am more relaxed about facing it than I am about doing it, which is purely down to my own self-imposed requirements about how my army looks. I am going to go with the flow. I enjoy this hobby and I would rather go with it than lose the enjoyment. There's enough stress in the real world. I hobby in part to get away from it.
  9. Absolutely nothing. Mixing the races in a single unit is a great idea and one I have been considering myself since the tome was announced (or at least since the idea was first mooted). My only worry is the unit not been obviously one thing or another, which is why I'm rather glad they are winnowing out similar types of unit (though it will be sad for my figures that become obsolete). If there is only one type of two-handed sword, then mixing in, say, Swordmasters with Greatswords could work quite easily as there would be no Swordmaster warscroll for them to be confused with. If there is also a warscroll for two-handed axes, however, then mixing axes and swords in the same unit might lead to confusion, especially if you have both types of unit on the field at the same time. This is why I am waiting for the book before making any decisions, as it's impossible to do so without that information. It's likely, though, that the units will continue to be aligned according to race as they have been up to now, which will mean that using one one race to represent another will ultimately depend on being comfortable with it yourself from an aesthetics perspective and the acceptance of those you play with. Personally, I would prefer to keep to the warscroll description, but adding one or two Aelves and Duardin into a Free peoples unit, for example, for added flavour would be great. I would be pretty relaxed about it, however, if my opponent wanted to field Aelves to represent a Free Peoples unit. assuming they represented the other main criteria of the unit fairly closely. I enjoy the visual aspect of playing the game as much as the game itself, and therefore I feel that this ought to be given careful consideration, especially as the visual panorama is being provided by two (or more) players and the game will be more fun if it appeals to both (or all). When AOS started, I was a dark Elf player ( and Orcs and Goblins ). I loved the fact that I could now mix all the different types of Aelves together. I now have a nice mix of Aelves, especially Wanderers which has built into an army in its own right. Before Allegiance abilities were a thing, it made very little difference. The Cities tome is getting me excited for the very same reason. I may have to shelve some models (possibly quite a lot). but it will open up two other races for me to start collecting without having to commit to making whole armies out of each one.
  10. It's a matter of how much confusion is avoided on the tabletop for players and nothing to do with racism, which incidentally is a scourge of reality and not a fantasy setting. Otherwise, Duarden would not be able to hate Grots, for example and so on.
  11. Good luck with Papa Nurgle! I've been building up my Troggoth army while waiting - nearly complete, 3 more Rockguts to go. As far as my Wanderers are concerned, they are all boxed up waiting to see if Cities has some inspiration. Otherwise, they will wait for their time to come again at some point in the future, just like my Greenskins. I won't sell any painted minis; once a mini is painted it joins the collection and that is its home. Occasionally, one or two will be given a new home, but I could never sell them - its part of the hobby for me. I think it's good to invest in a range of armies. It gives you variety in play and hobby, and it means you'll almost always have an army that's right for the moment. Having said that, I do seem to gravitate towards either Aelves or Orruks most of the time - perhaps it might be time to branch out into say - Death?
  12. How about 4 pistol repeating crossbows?
  13. That would be sweet - 6 little Sphinx running around hissing!
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