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  1. Aelfric

    Any Tipps/Advice for Eel-free Idoneth?

    This is the sort of list I am aiming for, though I am going to include 20 Eternal Guard as allies for 140 points as objective holders. Would probably reduce the 30 Thralls to 20 to accommodate them. Thinking of 3 Soulrenders or a Soulscryer. It's early days yet as only have 10 Thralls and 10 Reavers painted plus a Soulscryer and I'm a slow painter. Fortunately, I already have the EG painted as Wanderers is my main army.
  2. Aelfric

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    It had the addition of "carry on until a hit roll does not score a hit, then make any wound rolls". This wording was on a warscroll and warscrolls took precedent over core rules. The Warchanter warscroll has no such wording.
  3. Aelfric

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    The Warchanter's ability as worded only grants additional attacks on a role of 6. There is no other wording on the warscroll that contradicts the core rule that additional attacks do not themselves generate extra attacks. Therefore the core rule stands. You can generate a maximum of 4 additional attacks for a total of 8. The problem with the Ripperdactyls was that it's wording could be seen to countermand the core rules, whereas this does not.
  4. Aelfric

    Expanding on Death: Not Enough Flavour

    Regarding other Gods of Death, The Dread Solstice story "The Forgotten Dead" is all about another Death God (probably from the Age of Myth?) hiding from Nagash. There is nothing to say this was the only Death God in hiding and it is clear that Nagash is still on the look out. If Sigmar is on the hunt for alternative God of Death to join his Pantheon, then that could be a nice addition to the Lore and an interesting rival to Nagash.
  5. Aelfric

    High Elves in Blood and Glory AOS Championships - Help!

    If you split the Dragon Blades into two units of 5 and reduced the Swordmasters to 10, you could take the Dragonlord Host Battalion. This would give you an extra artifact and another command point. It also leaves you with 50 points for either yet another command point or an endless spell (or two). Theextra movement from the Dragonlord Host is great and a Dragonlord with a shield and the Ethereal Amulet (from Shyish) is very survivable. The Battalion is in the Grand Alliance:Order book. The Wraithbow from Shyish is one of the better ranged artifacts, so good for a second if none of the generic artifacts are to your liking.
  6. Aelfric

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    True, they are definitely quirky, but they also use 50mm round bases with bravery 10. Currently re-basing my Snotlings for a unit of 8 models for 160 pts to take up all the space in my backfield so no-one can teleport in; or as a speed bump for those few armies who still can't teleport ( ie Destruction ). Always liked Snotlings.
  7. Aelfric

    Were Jabberslythes considered too powerful?

    That's true, it's competing with a lot of alternatives for that 160 pts now. But, still, the fact that your opponent has to attack does put more onus on them now when deciding how to deal with it. It may not be the best option, but it's far from useless.
  8. Aelfric

    Were Jabberslythes considered too powerful?

    This is a big difference. Under the old system you could tie up a Jabberslythe with a small unit and simply not attack it, as most of it's damage output was dependant on it being wounded. Although it deals less damage now, half of a lot is still better than nothing.
  9. Aelfric

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    Well, wild horses and domesticated horses are both horses, but I get your point. They would have to add to the name (ie Wild Tzaangor) to avoid confusion, I suppose. I presume , then that you won't be able to give Tzaangor any other mark except Tzeentch. After all, keywords define a warscroll and if one warscroll has to work in two different battletomes, then it has to comply with the restrictions of both.
  10. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I have to admit that this is a big stumbling block.
  11. Aelfric

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    If one Tzaangor warscrol has the Beasts of Chaos keyword and the other does not, then surely they are two different warscrolls for different types of Tzaangor, not two versions of the same unit.
  12. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    That's the reason why the Battalion has become more important. It gives you that first round of ambush that the old ability gave you. Once they're down, though, it becomes a bit of a slogfest, with only one unit to zip around. We have to pick the right priorities and hope to do enough damage to blunt their offence enough. Make them spread their units out then concentrate on one or two units. Waywatchers are almost impossible to screen against along the back edge and with other units coming from the sides, they are less likely to charge them - nobody likes going backwards. If the enemy have missile troops, take them out first. It's Guerilla tactics all the way. Easy to say, but hard to do but it's part of what makes them fun. I tend to just park my EG on an objective and leave them there; they're hard enough to shift on their own. At 140 points for twenty, has anyone run multiple units of EG. I only have 20 painted, but have been considering whether several 20-strong units would work for board control and redundancy. Maybe multiple units of 10? After all, even 10 units of 10 only comes to 700 points. It would be hard for any enemy to chew through that.
  13. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I agree that it is a good defensive plan for wanderers, augmented by the Shawl to help get those spells off. Downside is it really only covers one objective and so many of the scenarios have far more than that. If an opponent just ignores that objective, those units are not going to see much action. A good strategy, though, if there are only 2 or 3 objectives. If they are part of the Battalion, you really only need to put the EG down separately, which still leaves you on two drops to get first turn.
  14. Aelfric

    Two Spell Wizards

    Stormcast can take anything with the Order keyword as allies. Both the Enchantress and Battlemage have the Order keyword, but they have lost the Free Peoples keyword. There's not a lot left in the compendium books anyway and any that are duplicates of those listed in the General's Handbook, such as Demons of Chaos, will be out of date as you have to use the most recent iteration of a Warscroll. Still, it does mean people can still field a Bretonnian army if they wish and that's a good thing. My main army is Wanderers and I still lament the loss of the Wanderers keyword from the compendium scrolls.
  15. Aelfric

    Two Spell Wizards

    I thought compendium units were still allowed as they still have Matched Play points, though only Stormcast can take the Enchantress and Battlemage as allies without having to go General Order allegiance due to keyword changes. As regards Tournaments, I suppose some will allow them and some won't, but otherwise it wouldn't bother me in a standard game.