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  1. I hope so, I have two Spire of Dawn sets in the drawer. Opened one and painted the Reavers, but then it became apparent that this was not leading to an Aelf resurgence after all, so plans went back on hold and I concentrated on my Wanderers (and now Gloomspite). One day their time will come.
  2. It doesn't make much sense lore-wise, though. Ironjawz and Greenskins I can understand and is logical since Ardboyz are recruited from the toughest Greenskins, but Bonesplitters and Ironjawz are worlds apart from a philosophical perspective.
  3. Because they are not technically saves, but rather negations, so they would still apply.
  4. I hope not. The thing is It would be important to me, if I wanted to paint my army to a certain Stormhost, to paint the correct colour scheme, but NOT important when facing someone else's army. That's up to them; I would just need to know which Stormhost I was playing against. Colour schemes are nice to have, but should be optional not compulsory.
  5. The "How to paint" tutorials on Warhammer TV are a good place to start for beginners; very simple processes that are good building blocks for improving and introducing new techniques over time. It's also true that some armies are easier to paint to a decent standard than others, so your army choice will have an impact too. I wish you luck on your journey to painting happiness.
  6. Unfortunately, you can't take Wardancers as allies either as they do not have a keyword that is relevant. So you would have to be under General Order Allegiance and lose Wanderers allegiance and abilities. Doesn't stop your combo, though (which also used to work with Sisters of Slaughter before their warscroll change).
  7. How about a gladitorial combat arena that they erect on the battlefield with rules for single combat between heroes (with some sort of compulsory element for enemy heroes within a certain range).
  8. Does a Webspinner Shaman go on a 25mm base or a 32mm? Only have a pre-gitz base size chart and can't find a newer one. Thanks
  9. I'm building a mainly Troggoth army, but possibly with some Stabbas (or Squigs if the new box set is good) and wizards. Beside one Fungoid, I've been considering the Webspinner Shaman with the "Curse of da Spider God" spell and Scuttletide. Just wondering whether anyone has tried it out in a non-spider army or has thoughts about it- it seems better than the Madcap with a 5+ extra save and +1 to cast Scuttletide (I know his own spell is useless but he can only cast one anyway).
  10. The problem is that Loonboss on Mangler does not make Boingrots battleline - only Squig Hoppers.
  11. I would say that Slaanesh would fit the bill perfectly and you'd be jumping in with a Battletome coming out soon. The new stunning Keeper of Secrets model (along with the other new models recently released and to come) are also a great incentive.
  12. I agree that the recent books have all been good and I have no issue with them, I'm working on my Gloomspites at the moment. I simply want them to continue in this vein, even if it means the roll out is a bit slower than we might want, that's all.
  13. I much prefer your first list and add a Loonboss and Snufflers to buff the Stabbas for 140 points, then possibly use the remaining 210 points to bring one Squig Herd up to 24, or take more spellcasters and an endless spell or two. To me, with regards the 2nd list, the Squigalanche is dependant on the Bad Moon and you end up with 3 artifacts and only one Hero to take one.
  14. I think you need to get two more battleline units.
  15. The tomes lasting longer is a good ambition, but that is why each tome needs to be thought through properly to begin with, as you will then have to live with it for a long time, for good or bad.
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