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  1. I have found he differences between the two warscrolls in the new book to be quite intriguing. The narrative part of me likes to think that it's because the Trogboss in the lore is seen by other Troggoths instinctually as the leader and therefore does not need to fight for their position at the head of the Herd. Dankhold Troggoths, though are more likely to fight for their position within the Herd. The cynical part of me, on the other hand, thinks that the divergence of the warscrolls is intended to curtail the use of either model build to represent either warscroll and so increase the overall sales of the kit. Of course, both can be true.
  2. Of course, wasn't thinking. Thanks for pointing that out. Just so eager to see it had returned, Isuppose. Oh well, back to Glowy Howzit and rolling ones again. It is more durable now, so maybe less frustrating. ( other artifacts are available ).
  3. Skraggrot now is really good and worth trying. An alternative would be to split the Fellwaters into 2 units of 3, which would give you more board control. You could have a Fungoid and a Webspinner on foot ( using the Madcap model ) and asign 1 to each unit. If you take the Scuttletide endless spell via your General, the Webspinner can cast it with a +1. Both spell lists have nice spells in them too.
  4. Well, I wasn't really expecting that! I'm now wondering if they would make good distraction pieces as 2 singles rather than a unit of 2. They can't be wittled down due to the healing, so will need concentration of fire and if they are ignored are still strong enough to do some damage. The added bonus of the new battalion giving an extra artifact is also nice.
  5. I have 12 Rockguts and 9 Fellwaters painted and all but 3 Fellwaters in the list at the moment. I have 3 Dankholds painted and would like to put them on the table - 1 as the General, but wondering whether the other two should be Bosses or Troggoths, or 1 of each.
  6. I totally agree about the General Trogboss. Make him as defensive as possible and take a free Mork's Mushroom ( I'll also take the Scuttletide and a Webspinner to cast it ). I'm leaning towards the Gryph Feather Charm as I've been bitten by the Glowy Howzit once too often. It's whether to take more Trogbosses or Troggoths that I am considering. I have been using 2 Trogbosses before and have just painted up a 3rd hoping the Dankhold Troggoths would be worth taking over the Boss. I feel like they are on first impression, but not completely sold at the moment. I'll try them out in a game or two and see how they go.
  7. Given that the Dankhold Troggoth now has 4 attacks with damage 3+D3 wounding on 2s and the the Trogboss 4 attacks damage D6 wounding on 3s, I'm beginning to think that they are going to be more reliable than the Boss. In units of 2, they can be buffed by Snufflers or Gobbapalloza or CAs more efficiently and even have a (albeit 1 in 6) chance of rallying. Yes, the Boss has 2 more wounds and better regeneration, but its damage is still so swingy and we've lost the reroll trait to boot. With Galatian Heroes, I can have cheap heroes with every Trogg unit fairly easily. I'd appreciate thoughts, since the book hasn't even been released yet and I may be jumping the gun. Thanks.
  8. I'd like the ability to take Dankholds in units of 3 again - within reason pointswise of course. Straight 4 damage would also be nice. Oh and maybe an extra attack?
  9. Troggoth unit champions would be nice for using Command Abilities. For the Bad Moon, I'm hoping there's a little more consistancy; I don't mind a little bit of randomness - perhaps a roll to see how much of the battlefield is influenced or a Big Waaagh version of influencing the Moon. Just so long as it's not overly complicated. Sweet and simple.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've done for sub-factions and how the Bad Moon works. Given that Troggs with 5 wounds or less can be brought back, I'm sort of expecting some Troggs to actually have 5 wounds, which would be nice. Really, all I hope is that there will be a variety of playable styles so I can use more of my models and have fun with them.
  11. I'm just starting on my 2nd Dankhold Troggoth to make a unit of two. Theoretically, you can have a unit of three but since they aren't Battleline this seems no longer possible. Is there any errata or rule change that I've missed that does allow for a three-Trogg unit? I don't hold out much hope, but thought I'd ask anyway, thanks.
  12. I do believe this may have given me the incentive to paint up the Griffon from my Spire of Dawn box.
  13. Yes, I would love to bring her into Warclans, but sadly no longer possible. I have a Troggoth army, so she does still have a home there at least and I can add the Mirebrute and Marshcrawler to them as well, so I can't really complain.
  14. Does a Drakeblood curse count as a mount trait in Anvilguard or can a Black Dragon take both?
  15. She's 405 points now, so is over the ally limit of 400.
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