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  1. If you want Zombies to be a tarpit unit, why not give them a rule that makes any model they kill rise as a zombie on a 4+ instead of the standard death rules, perhaps even allowing them to go beyond their starting numbers. That would make them unique and fit the zombie feel.
  2. Thank you! Yes, the Spiderswarm is a bit brab in comparison. I was having a dilemma over it because I want to use the endless spells with other variants of Gloomspite Gitz armies, or even with my Ironjaws , and was trying for something that would fit with a variety of colour schemes. I did wonder whether to get another set of the Endless spells, but felt it better for the moment (money being a finite source) to keep adding actual units to build up the army. When my Troggherd is more complete, I may do that and have a dedicated spiderswarm just for my Troggoths or simply give this one a proper makeover. As you say, it would be better to keep the overall effect. Thank you for the feedback, it's gratefully appreciated.
  3. Thank you everybody for the likes for the photos, I'm glad you enjoyed them. It has encouraged me to post some more in the painting section ( I didn't want to clog up this thread ). I like looking at other's hobby and gaining inspiration from it, and felt it was time I made a contribution.
  4. Hi, following my first posting of 2 photos in the Troggoth discussion and encouraged by the kind likes given (thankyou), I have decided to post some more photos from the same batch. I enjoy looking at other's hobby so why not offer some of my own. I will try for a better set up with more lighting in the future, but this is my first attempt so I hope you bear with me.
  5. Occasionally, a friend and I play a game where we write each other's lists going for the worst unit options based on models available. It's amazing how quickly you run out of poor units and are forced to give your opponent better and better ones. Have some parameters like, say, a minimum of 2 heroes or maximum of 2 of each warscroll for example and you're good to go. It can make for very interesting and challenging games - Ah, the Day my General was an Orruk Bully .
  6. So, I am taking my baby steps into the 21st century and uploading photos (or indeed anything) for the first time. Thought this would be the place to start with some Troggoths and a Giant. Will try and have more lighting next time. Going to climb that learning curve!
  7. Oh, I see, my mistake. Yes, it would all fit in nicely lorewise.
  8. The Spellweaver brings back Wanderer models only, so would not work on allies or mercenaries.
  9. It seems perfectly logical that Wanderers (being wanderers) would have as much contact with nomadic human tribes, barbarian or otherwise. as they do with city-dwelling humans, if not more so. I have always felt that Wanderers see the importance of balance to maintain the existence of the Realms more clearly than other factions within Order. Therefore, acceptance of a certain amount of unaligned Chaos may be necessary from time to time to realign that balance. Similarly, Destruction and Death are also necessary ingredients within an Holistic approach to the Realms. In short, go for it. After all, 40 wounds for 200 points is not to be sniffed at. Personally, I've been wondering whether it's possible to kitbash some Aelven skeletons and an Aelven Necromancer, so that the ancestors can be called upon to aid the living when the need is great. Does anyone know if there are Aelven skulls in the GW skulls kit?
  10. The issue may be importing goods made in China into America due to the trade war, and they don't want to release it until they can do so in all countries. Just surmising. Or it could be the container washed overboard and they're waiting for replacements. There are plenty of possibe causes. We really are in the dark and will just have to wait, however frustrating it may be.
  11. Yes, that's what first made me think of SotW. It would also apply to their "loose until the Last" ability when charged - you'd have to be pretty confident to charge into 40 arrows. On the other hand, is it better to make a weaker unit more effective or a stronger unit even stronger, and spreading your eggs over more than one basket? GG putting out 60 shots even without rend would be pretty amazing (at 20" range) and would give your opponent more thought about which should be the priority target - 30 GG or 20 SotW. Put it on the Sisters and they are definitely the no 1 target.
  12. The Warscroll for Scrapscuttle's Arachnacauldron endless spell states that it can only be cast by a Gloomspite Gitz Wizard - Fungoids have these keywords. Endless spell warscrolls have no allegiance keywords, therefore the only restriction is who is allowed to cast it. So long as you have a wizard who can cast it in your army and you pay the points for the endless spell, you are fine. In addition, because endless spells have no allegiance keyword they do not count towards your Allies points allowance. You can take any endless spell you like, but without the right wizard to cast it, it would be useless. Fortunately, 1 or 2 Fungoids in an Ironjawz army are pretty useful for CP generation anyway, so its really only a 50 point outlay.
  13. Hopefully the FAQ and points changes for the latest Battletomes, incl FEC, coming in July will resolve this issue. The only other way I can think of is to take a Fungoid and the Arachnacauldron Endless Spell, which will give you access to "Itchy Nuisance" - this makes whoever you cast it on strike last regardless of when they're supposed to strike. It's 140 points for both and spells aren't automatic, but at least it gives you a shot. The cauldron gives a +1 to casting and also grants access to the other spells in the Moonclan lore, so it has other options.
  14. After looking through the "Regiments of Renown" tables, specifically the "Marksman" table, I've been wondering which would best benefit from the "Stand and Shoot" ability. At first, the obvious choice was SotW, but I'm now wondering whether GG with 2 attacks each might not be better overall. Obviously this is a Narrative Play addition, but the options look pretty nice if that's what you play.
  15. Too right - I should start saving now ( once I have enough Troggoths, oh and Ardboyz .... and more Sisters of the Watch and ..and ..and ).
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