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  1. I wouldnt' count on Lumineth getting a new Battletome any time soon.
  2. Thanks. Really appreciate your help.
  3. Can someone tell me where I can find the warscroll for the underworlds warband, I can't find it anywhere - Thanks.
  4. Also glad they are variant sculpts to mix with my 6 dominion Boltboyz
  5. Hi, am currently painting up some Kruelboyz and already have an Ironjawz army. I've been wondering whether two Killabosses on Vulcha would be better than one Mawcrusha in a Big Waaagh army and would appreciate your opinions. I feel that Big Waaagh is less Alpha and more a slow-build to victory and therefore having two lesser monsters would provide more utility, but that will mean having no really big hitter and loss of 3 Mighty Destroyers. I'm aiming for a roughly equal mix of Ironjawz and Kruelboyz, mainly shooting, with a Megaboss on foot for the 2 Mighty Destroyers. One Prophet for the Waaagh points and mask. One Warchanter and one Swampcalla Shaman and that is a full roster of Heroes for 990. The rest will be some mix of Brutes, Aardboyz and Boltboyz (prob 6). Thanks.
  6. Ah. Still in 2.0 mode, sorry about that. What a shame. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. You could take the Arachnacauldron Endless Spell for another 50 pts. Gives him an extra cast and unbind each turn and access to the whole Moonclan spell lore. It does do D3 MW automatic damage to a unit within 3" when set-up and start of your hero phase, but, as you say, Fungoid does have a 4+ ward and you can apply it to another friendly unit or an enemy unit if within reach.
  8. I'm just building my Gutrippas from Dominion (x2) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about converting two to musicians. The 2 banners are not so bad as you can add a flag to a spear, but instruments are a bit harder. The standard box of 10 has options for 2 musicians, but I'm not sure if you can build both options from one box, or if they use the same model. I wasn't planning on having more than 20 of them and £31.50 seems a lot for 2 musicians; and I'd still be one short anyway. Any suggestions would be great, Thanks.
  9. I think I'm just going to take a Fungoid Cave-Shaman for Mystic Shield- better defense, chance of a CP each turn, 2 spells for one turn, all for 5 points more.
  10. That's true. Also remembered you can take a Mega-Gargant as well. Not sure how viable either of them are though. The Mega-Gargant is a Hero as well, so could be worth a look. I believe it's Bundo Whalebiter, a Kraken-eater.
  11. I see what you mean. The rule inside says "the charge phase"; on the back "Enemy charge phase". If the latter, then charging in their charge phase would by-pass it. I think I'll err on the side of caution until it's either faq'd or the new Battletome turns out to no longer contain that ability. Either solution may be some time coming. More time to paint Kruleboyz, I suppose.
  12. That's a shame. That leaves Teclis or Mountain Spirits then I suppose for Monster options. We may get more in the future, but that won't be any time soon.
  13. So long as the Endless Spell warscroll itself has no restrictions on who can cast it, then the Twins can cast it. In Cities, however, they would not get the +1 bonus to cast as that is an Allegiance Ability.
  14. Sharks are monsters. I've been considering them. At 125 pts, you can take 3 (and there's less trim!).
  15. It is listed in the Charge Phase section 11.2 along with "Forward to Victory". The first sentance of this section says " You can use these Command Abilities in the Charge Phase (see 6.1).". 6.1 says "Each Command Ability will say when it can be used". So "Unleash Hell" is restricted to use in the Charge Phase only.
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