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  1. I am hoping the flaw will be more subtle than Idoneth, possibly something like the old High Elf way of looking at the other races turned up to 11 - narcisistic conceit on a grand scale with allegience abilities to match (not giving any examples - I'm sure you can find your own ).
  2. I hope they have fun and interesting rules that allow them to be distinct as a faction that can hold it's own, but without being so overpowered that they are neither fun to play or play against. I hope that's not too much to ask.
  3. Well, if you'd asked me what the best Demon army is in a couple of weeks time - I would have said Seraphon.
  4. Well, you're half-right - a Satyr's half-goat.
  5. Let's not also forget the Daughters of Khaine Temple of Khelt Nar, which is in the book but has not yet been given rules ( I predict their appearance when Slaanesh finally escapes). There are plenty of snippets of lore involving sections of existing factions to keep GW going for years - plenty more Cities for example. It will still be nice to see the odd new army now and again, though.
  6. I'd like some form of winged cavalry beast, maybe akin to quetzacoatl, the winged snake.
  7. I think that, once we're up-to-date, the rate of the addition of new armies going forward will slow down and there will be more replacement of older existing models and the introduction of new models for existing armies. There is also the possibility of new Battalions and Sub-factions for existing armies being released, perhaps in WD or on line. 2.0 should remain relatively stable for a few years with minor annual tweaks to keep it fresh, so the armies should continue to be relatively viable during this time.
  8. Aelfric

    Tilting Models

    B is fine if you are making use of terrain. C just seems like gaming to avoid line of sight - I can think of no other reason to do it. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  9. So does the meat in all the other realms - if you use a shotgun.
  10. So, if there is a named character Pointy elf Hero (besides Teclis or Tyrion, of course) who would you like to see reclaimed from the belly of Slaanesh?
  11. You deal one Mortal Wound for each save roll of six. If it was just one MW regardless of the number of sixes, then the wording would have been "any", as per the Nurgle Daemon Prince FAQ in S2D.
  12. I think the point is the Core Rules don't allow you to make a charge after having retreated, but with Mighty Destroyers the charge has happened before the retreat. Therefore you are not breaking the Core Rules.
  13. Perhaps the mirrors are there so He doesn't have to turn His head.
  14. And, of course, the use of the word "Likely" at the beginning means that it can be considered only one of many possible explanations, which is one of the strengths of GW lore-writing. I like the fact that there are often varying versions of the "truth" and that nothing is set in stone (not even Realmgates).
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