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  1. Although I like the Bladelord models, I have 20 Spire of Dawn Swordmasters still on sprue who have been waiting patiently for many years and I am not a millionaire. So, they will be my new Bladelords. I am assuming they are on 32mm bases, but could someone confirm this before I actually put them together. Thanks. (Now waiting for a Vanari Regent on Gryphon to be released )
  2. I agree. In fact, I find it irksome. It's just sloppy. I've started to just think in terms that they're not from whichever Nation I'm using (1st choice Illiatha) rather than that they're from somewhere in particular.
  3. I reckon that should work. Gold and siver are the standard go-to, so maybe a brass, bronze or copper would stand out in an overall theme. It wouldn't have to be much, just enough to show through when the units are all together. This is a really interesting concept you have. Would love to see the results, if that's ok.
  4. This is a bit of a tricky one. As you say, Ymetrica for Alarith and Helon is the obvious one for Hurakan units. After that it's not so straightforward since the Vanari are the standard troops for all the Nations. You could have the Scinari from Zaitrec, as that is the wizardy one, and any Bladelords as bodyguards. Perhaps Vanari Wardens and foot Heroes from Syar, since that seems to be the more melee killy one judging from it's abilities. Sentinels and Ballistae (and foot Heroes) from Illiatha, as the abilities seem to encourage units to be close to each other and both can do that relatively easily. Dawnriders and Lord Regents from Alumnia as that makes use of movement abilities and Cavalry are all about movement. Unifying them all with matching bases is a good idea. Each Nation is large enough that there will be commonalities among all of them. As for a unifying colour, I'm not sure. White is already taken, perhaps black? Or use the two main colours for each Nation on cloth, but have the same armour scheme throughout. Anyway, hope that helps in some way.
  5. I like to think that not all the Wanderers retreated to Azyr during the Age of Chaos and that some tribes (perhaps those dedicated to Kurnoth) remained to fight with Allarielle. The Kurnothi could be their descendants, kin to modern day Wanderers but distinct from them. There is no canon for this that I know of, but it would make a plausible explanation. I live in hope (as does my Wanderers army )
  6. They can, but they are only allies. I mean in the same way that 1 in 4 units in a Living City army can be Sylvaneth; gaining the CoS and Living City keywords and so gaining the abilities associated with the army. They wouldn't just be allies, but an intrinsic part of the faction.
  7. The last model I painted was a Sentinel, so I reckon I'll be fine.
  8. The artifacts and command traits have been updated. The thing is,if something is missing from BR: Teclis how am I supposed to know it's missing? So, I am reliant on those who have both to see any discrepancies. Also, if an opponent wants to see a rule, what do you say - "well, it's not in either of these books, but I am reliably informed that the rule exists"? It really means I will have to buy the new battletome anyway, if only for peace of mind.
  9. So, basically, what your saying is that having the first battletome and BR: Teclis doesn't give you all the rules to play LRL. I do not have the new battletome and now I'm wondering if there's anything else I'm missing.
  10. Having tried the Twins with 5 Bladelords, do you think there is value in increasing them to a unit of 10. I feel that with 10, you can have more tactical choices than holding an objective, that it could allow you to take on larger parts of your opponent's forces. It would be good to hear from somebody who has some practical experience of using them. Was 5 a bit limiting or is 10 a bit overkill and the points better invested elsewhere?
  11. There is always the possibility that they will teleport out after combat, but that is not necessarily a weakness. If you have eliminated your foe during the combat, then they can reappear in the same space. If it happens in your opponent's combat phase, then you could return to that spot in your turn. This is also probably happening during mid to late game, so there will likely be other places where they could be beneficial if they can't return there. I also think there is an element of mind-games here. Your opponent will know that they may teleport away to somewhere else; if they have an unguarded or lightly guarded objective elsewhere it may give them pause before attacking, and it's only right and proper after all to remind them of this ability just in case they've forgotten in the heat of battle. It will also require a fairly large commitment to take out the Twins and 10 Bladelords on a 5++. Thats an extra 20 wounds for the Twins, a third of which will be mitigated by the DPR and the combined output of the two units is not shabby either, especially from turn 3 onwards. No strategem is without risk, but then isn't that part of the enjoyment - to make plans and savour the satisfation of seeing it work or the anguish of seeing those carefully laid plans going awry. At least in this instance you have the opportunity of turning the forced teleport to your advantage, so all is not necessarily lost.
  12. I think there's a good chance that Wanderers may be allowed in a Kurnothi army on a 1 in 4 basis - it would be the simplest way to do it. It would encourage those who already own them to start another army and give more people a reason to buy them if they don't. We get more choices and GW get more money. It would be a win- win (-win?).
  13. I think all the named characters are keyworded Ymetrica to prevent them benefitting from the other Great Nation abilities. Ymetrica only benefits Alarith so they get no benefit there either. Basically they live or die on their warscroll and any synergy with other units. Perhaps play-testing showed they were just too powerful when combined with sub-faction rules.
  14. The downsides are can't take an artifact or command trait and keyworded to Ymetrica. Personally , I would take the generic Lord Regent for these reasons and the lower points cost.
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