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  1. It does seem to have a starting handle, which isn't particularly high tech. Perhaps a Clockwork army?
  2. Good thought. Perhaps only for the generic Mystic Sield and Arcane Bolt, though. You might also need to increase the amount of dispels available if you go down this route. Then you would also have to consider Prayers in the same way, which is a bit more complicated as there are no generic versions. But then a large point game will most likely have a narrative flavour, so these thing should be able to be woven into (and add to) that narrative quite easily.
  3. Not quite on point ( but relevant), but it seems to me that at 5000 points the number of Command Points gained automatically each round should rise from one to two at least. This can be reflected by the General being great enough to lead such a large army, for instance, and would reduce the imbalance for armies that have less capacity to generate CP in other ways. At high points levels, such discrepancy could have an eggagerated effect.
  4. It would also be cool to have a foot hero suddenly summon a Dragon -mount (or similar) down from the skies midway through the battle, perhaps by using an item or prayer on a roll.
  5. It's clearly a matter for the FAQ team to address. But there will be players with the COS battletome who have probably never seen a copy of the Grand Alliance:Order book, let alone looked at its FAQ. This case isn't a question of sloppy wording to be interpreted in two different ways. They have taken the old wording and cleaned it up in a re-write for the new tome. At the end of the day, if the wording is clear, then you can only follow it until it has been addressed. In this case it's a matter of choice, so you can choose not to do it, but I would not have an issue with an opponent using it multiple times or using it myself. I would say, though, it is one of those things that ought to be pointed out at the start to avoid a gotcha moment later on.
  6. The rule is to use the latest published version of a warscroll. This wording was added in 2018, though. As the COS Runelord warscroll is a later date wouldn't this latest version supersede the previous version and as the most up-to-date version does not have a limit on it, it can thus be used multiple times on the same unit.
  7. What I found myself wondering was does the Pendulum have to be set up again facing the same direction?
  8. On the plus side a spell like "Cage of Thorns" from Living City would make it easier to get the D6 wounds - it works both ways.
  9. Yea, it was sad to see the Greenskins go (I have quite a few) and the Grots ( though mine are now Gitz), but they were whole factions retired with no book. As far as I'm aware, the only Skaven models stopped were those only available in Spire of Dawn, which were mixed in with High Aelves. Not sure why Slaanesh models went, but it seems to me that there are different reasons each time rather than a trend and only as a necessity. I think GW have been making an effort to keep models where possible, which, despite the fact that I now have many minis consigned to boxes, is a laudable thing. I suppose the next test for model replacement or removal will be the Slaan.
  10. CoS was about condensing several factions into one and removing duplicates of unit types. It was a fairly unique situation that required a cull not really necessary for other Battletomes. Going forward, it will probably be mostly a case of a gradual replacement of new for old as they retire old sculpts ( At least, that's what I hope ).
  11. What I'd like is a proper God (or Gods) made from the Realms themselves, not just the leftovers we have at the moment. Perhaps there will be a kingdom whose people are numerous enough and with enough strength of faith to will their God(s) into existence. Then we could have some proper God wars. The new to usurp the old and complete the cycle.
  12. I'm looking at running an Anointed on Flamespyre Phoenix in Anvilguard with the Drakescale Cloak artefact. This would give him a save of 4+ , 4++, 5+++; 3+ if spell cast. Not sure if it's better or worse than a 2+, 4++, but then it is Anvilguard
  13. Welcome to AOS! I'm currently rebasing some of my old metal Dark Elf minis ( Darkling Covens 60 done - 30 to go) to add to my Cities forces; mainly my Wanderers army . The Cities book is, in my opinion, great - you can fit units into any of the 7 cities really; they mainly offer different play-styles. Many people regard Anvilgard as one of the weaker cities, but I'm going to give it a go, it speaks to me of the old days. Certainly the Battletome gives us the capacity to compete with other factions on a level playing field now. I don't know much about Fyreslayers, unfortunately. They're strong rules-wise as a faction, but I'm not sure how strong they are taken as allies without their faction abilities. They are cool models though. You could always collect both and have two armies.
  14. Well, I have a Troggoth army and that all comes from 3 kits plus a Hag, with enough diversity in the kits to give a fair bit of variation. A standard Troggoth is a giant compared to a human, so there's no reason why new Gargants couldn't follow the same size and type range with only 4 new kits ( though, naturally, I'd want more).
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