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  1. I'm curious to know if it's possible to leave off the head plate and have a proper fox head.
  2. I will sart by saying I am more a painter/collector than player; in normal times I may play once or twice a month. Also, I don't buy a large no of model kits up front, only enough to be slightly ahead of painting by a couple of kits. I bought into Lumineth from the beginning and I have to say that I don't feel cheated. It was clear from the start that there were going to be four Temples and we were only starting with models for one of them. It was pretty clear that the other 3 Temples, with models, would be introduced over time, so I don't feel misled about the release. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting the next release so soon, but that will now mean I won't buy a mountain spirit for a while as Fox spirit is more appealing. They'll still be getting my money, just no faster than normal. The initial release was enough to get a workable army with enough battleline and a decent range of models without being overwhelming, and GW gave clear indications of future releases. Actually, I'm quite happy with this system going forward. Lumineth are, as far as I'm aware, the first faction where different subfactions required seperate models. I'm not sure if this will be repeated in the future, so Lumineth may be an outlier. If they do repeat this style, then so long as they make it as clear as they have done with Lumineth, It should be fine.
  3. All we need is the Lumineth Mystic of Moderation on a well-crafted, but slightly understated, carriage pulled by two horned badgers and the set will be complete.
  4. I haven't read it. Is it actually worth reading? Does it have redeeming features such as about the lore in terms of society or the Temples, or even the flora and fauna?
  5. I agree with @LuminethMage. I think the main point is to differentiate between Faction and Battletome. The Faction, together with its models, is here to stay within the game for many years to come. Battletomes will come and go, providing changes and updates to the way the Faction plays. No faction, especially in the new era, will go more than 2-3 years without a Battletome change and twice yearly erratas bring other changes, but the faction itself will continue to exist. It's part of the cycle of the hobby. Personally, I prefer the slightly faster cycle in AOS than was in WHFB. Once all the current range is out, the cycle will settle down into a standard rhythm.
  6. I'd just like to say that on a day when so much has been revealed and people will be saying lots of good things - I have run out of likes! The worlds gone mad!
  7. As @Aloth_Corfiser says, there's no evidence that Swordmasters are linked to the River Temple. I would be surprised if they release River Temple models without a Spirit model to accompany them. It appears, though, that nothing is impossible any more. It seems each release is a mix of traditional Aelves and more esoteric Aelves, perhaps to appeal to a broader base of hobbyists. Fortunately I love them all. This faction alone is going to keep me occupied for years!
  8. No River Temple models revealed yet, though. They are meant to be the most numerous of the Spirit Temples as well.
  9. I hope they follow the Ymetrica pattern of giving each Temple a Realm where they are more established, If only to allow a wider range of "Battleline if" units. I agree Illiatha feels the most likely. I hope the Regent gets a choice of command traits and access to artifacts - It would be slightly annoying if they couldn't be a General in their home Realm.
  10. Vince Venturella makes a lot of great painting tutorials on his YouTube channel and has an extensive back catalogue. He's a competition painter, but does cater for us lesser mortals. I find it good for tips, even if I don't take them to the same level and I appreciate that he explains why and not just how. He also has a Wednesday AOS-focused show called "Warhammer Weekly" with Tom Lyons that is well worth following. Hope that helps.
  11. I don't think Teclis is intending to destroy Nagash; I'm going to place my bet that He intends to split off an Aspect of Death consumed by Nagash in the Age of Myth. Teclis will help bring back one of the Old Gods of Death to rival Nagash and sunder his hold on Shyish. This will open the way for many undead, such as Vampyres, to rebel with a reasonable chance of success. If successful, perhaps more Old Gods will splinter from Nagash as his hold weakens. The Realm of Death is not working as it should and Teclis intends to return it to balance to help stabilise the Realms.
  12. I really love the Roo Riders and the new Mounted Lord. If we're also getting Swordmasters at the same time plus a cloud mage and a fox Spirit, my wallet is going to run dry. I'm going to have to put the Wind Temple first and put Swordmasters on hold. I do have 20 of the Spire of Dawn Swordmasters unpainted, so I may use them instead. Hopefully, they won't look too out of place with the new sculpts once painted in the same scheme. They're not as detailed and in similar poses, but it seems a shame to let them just sit in their boxes unused.
  13. I'd be happy enough if they brought back the old Reaver rules for the Hurakan. Using the power of the wind to move again fits the theme. One would also presume they would use the wind for accuracy and power. No MW though, as they won't be wizards or Vanari. Any of your other suggestions would also be great. They'll probably be fairly fragile, but that could be offset with a debuff to being hit with missile weapons. That would help them fulfill the skirmish role which is what mounted archers usually are.
  14. I've finished my first 5 Dawnriders and intend at some point to get 5 more. My plan though is to get some Wild Riders and use their deer as mounts instead of horses. In the Skulls box, there appear to be some long tusks and the plan is to use them as long horns instead of the Reindeer ones and give them an Antelope feel - I have a bit of an African influence going on with my army scheme. Not sure if this is what you're thinking of, but if it is I hope this helps. It's going to be a while before I've completed the core of Wardens and Sentinels, so this a plan on the back burner. Whatever conversion you end up doing, I'd love to see some pics of the result.
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