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  1. Aelfric

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh well. Knew it was too good to be true.
  2. Aelfric

    The Rumour Thread

    Just checking the Greenskinz out under the new listings at GW and noticed a Greenskinz army offer that includes 20 Moonclan Grots. Is this new and does it imply that generic Orruks might be in any new Grot battletome? I'm trying not to be excited. Also includes 3 Grot fanatics.
  3. They would have a lovely home with Wanderers, much more synergistic than Sylvaneth. Zoats were associated with the Wood Elves in the world-that-was (3rd edition page 233) and only Wood Elves could include them as allies ( Warhammer Armies book 3rd ed). They were seen as druidic in nature, as you said, and so would have more in common with the Wanderers who have retained a more druidic approach to life than the Sylvaneth. From a tabletop perspective, we lack a big centrepiece since they took the Dragons away and Sylvaneth have enough tools already, and a battletome. A Wizard, a Warrior hero and a hard-hitting tanky cavalry unit would fit nicely into a Wanderers battletome (though the Warrior hero wasn't available back then, only the other two). They never felt out of place with Wood Elves to me back then, and they wouldn't be out of place now. Wanderers are the perfect foil to Beasts of Chaos and Zoats would be the perfect foil to Dragon ogres.
  4. Aelfric

    The Rumour Thread

    Ah rmemba when ah was nee igh t' grasshopper them rumahs was like gold dust. All we ad were crumbs and stale crust and were grateful for aeach litl morsel. Nowadase, we get spoonfed all the fings we want to ear right as soon as we wants. It just ain't fair, the youf of today ave no idea, ...... mumble, mumble ...NURSE!
  5. Aelfric

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    Well, having looked at the pdf, it appears that GW aren't quite sure how an index is supposed to work. If you want something to appear in a certain chapter then you need to list it under that chapter. Nevertheless, I am still of the opinion that the warscroll does not override the core rule. It would appear that this will need to be resolved by GW as, if your interpretation is correct, then all warscrolls with this ability are unaffected by the core rule, which makes the core rule pointless. If someone I'm playing insists on using this interpretation, then I will go along with it so long as my 3 Waywatchers gain the same benefit.
  6. Aelfric

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    I'm not sure that it is a good idea to interpret rules by implication. The rules need to be interpreted based on the explicit wording given. The core book, in the section headed "Warscrolls" on page 238, states that "any extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls gained by the use of an ability cannot themselves generate extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls. This is explicit and is referring directly to the use of abilities. .According to the index, the core rules start on page 226 and end on 236 as the next heading is "Battleplan: First blood". The Warscroll section comes after this heading. In this case, this sets down rules on how to read and use warscrolls and are not part of the core rules. As such they cannot be overridden. Each ability that grants extra attacks on a roll of 6+ (or indeed through any other process) cannot override this rule unless there is explicit wording on the warscroll that says so. In this instance, there is no such wording. Indeed, every warscroll that has such an ability would by implication override this rule, which would lead to the question - to what does this rule refer? since it can automatically be overridden by all abilities it restricts.
  7. Aelfric

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    As far as I can see, there is nothing in the wording on the warscroll that overrides the core rule.
  8. Aelfric

    Citadel Sand Replacement?

    I use general building sand that I dry out. It may be a bit coarse, but if so you could sieve it with a fine sieve or mesh until it matches. It's certainly a lot cheaper.
  9. Aelfric

    Chameleon skinks summoning

    The text reads "Summoned units must be set up ...". The set-up is not part of the summoning as "summoned" is past tense, simply the the requirements for placing them on the battlefield once summoned. Chameleon Skinks have a Warscroll ability that grants an alternative to setting up, whereas the summoning ability gives the requirements for setting up. Therefore, you can choose to either set-up, in which case you follow the requirements laid down by the summoning rules, or you can use "Chameleon Ambush" if you choose not to set them up. "Chameleon Ambush" is an alternative, not a contradiction. I would also agree that as summoning occurs at the end of the movement phase, they could only be set up on the battlefield in the following movement phase.
  10. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to look at the 40K ork bosses next time I'm in the shop. It's really the size that counts. It won't feel right, to me, if my Warboss is smaller than my Brutes or even Warchanter. The Grimgor model is lovely, but alas he is just too small now for my tastes. I have done a bit of conversion work, on a minor scale. Perhaps I ought to challenge myself and convert a standard footboss to a different pose without the big skull. After all, what's the worst that can happen? By the way, nice looking photos. I can't help but be struck by the similarities between the Stormcast head and C3 PO, or is it just me.
  11. Aelfric

    Summoning and special unit members

    Well, logically, if you can summon a particular type of unit and the Warscroll for that unit allows for the inclusion of command models such as Leaders, standards and musicians, then a summoned unit can contain them - up to the number allowed, of course. I don't think there is an explicit sentence, but that's the way it's been played as far as I'm aware.
  12. Aelfric

    Shooting and the Meta

    Another difficulty, I think, is that some armies, such as Wanderers and KO, have decent to good shooting, but lack good melee units, especially survivable ones, or are weak in other aspects of the game.. Following the rules adjustments, building a competitive list is much harder. I have a Wanderers army which is predominantly shooty, but the faction lacks certain types of units that would allow for a more balanced or melee-focused one. For some inexplicable reason, our rules were also downgraded which makes being competitive even harder (not that we were T1 to begin with). In my opinion, the problems were not with shooting per se, but with a relatively few shooting units, such as Skyfires, that were creating an imbalance. Unfortunately, LOS and Wylwoods blocking are blanket changes that affect all shooting units, regardless of how powerful they may, or may not, have been. For those armies whose schtick is shooting, and I think there is a place for them, a battletome (or a new one in KO's case) is probably the best solution going forward. Hopefully, GW will work out how to incorporate such a battletome without breaking the system. By competitive, I don't meant from a tournament perspective, simply that it can, on the whole, give other armies a decent run for their money.
  13. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I agree. I have looked at other GW models, even 40k, but nothing seems to stand out as a good basis for conversion. I know there are other model ranges out there, but I'd rather keep the Aesthetic consistent throughout the army. I've painted just under 1000 points of Ironjaws thus far, so wasn't planning to get a Mawcrusha just yet, but when I do it seems I'll have to start learning how to magnetise.
  14. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I have just painted up a Megaboss on foot (lovely model!) and would like to paint up a second. However, when duplicating heroes, I like to try to kitbash an alternative build for variety (this was fine for my Wanderers, being Aelves). Does anyone have some good suggestions using other GW models? I considered using a Warchanter as a base, but that would probably be confusing on the table with real Warchanters around and it is a little smaller. The Megaboss model itself doesn't seem to lend itself to being altered much. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have ironjaws bits from the other kits to add on if required. It's the size that's the tricky bit.
  15. Aelfric

    Destruction Bases

    I've always put the PVA glue (neat) on the base first, then dipped it in dry building sand. Let it dry, then painting it helps to seal the sand on.