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  1. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I am assuming you used the same list as for your practice game. if so, what did you use the 60pts left over for - was it an extra command point or some endless spells? Also what artefacts did you go for in the end? I would love a Wanderers spell lore too - maybe one day. With the 86 ( or thereabouts) realm relics, I think we have loads to choose from - but I still take Forget-me-knot and Viridescent Shawl. The good realm relics all seem geared for big wound melee beatsticks and we don't have any. It would be nice to have a few missile weapon relics in the mix, but it seems that GW are shying away from anything that enhances missile fire at the moment. At least they gave us missile appropriate traits - I'm favouring Masterful Hunter at the moment.
  2. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Are you using allies because those are the only models available or is it a thematic choice? I've used 10 Thralls plus a Soulscryer as part of a Mixed Order army as a reinforcement squad to come in mid-game and that works well. You would have to drop the Phoenix Guard to do it, though. With the 40 pts saved and the 20 from the Shackles, you could make both the Wayfinder and Waystrider into Waywatchers which are much better, as @adreal said.
  3. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Would it not be better then to target the Slann first. Squeeze a third Waywatcher in and gang up. With their range and small footprint you should be able to drop them all within range straight away.
  4. How about a minimum presence of units from three different factions within each Grand Alliance army to spread the love (and prevent, for example, an all Stormcast army using GA abilities).
  5. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I asked about the Battalion because you have 5 infantry units listed and the Battalion requires 4, no more no less, from the list of options - unless I'm reading it wrong. It's slightly frustrating as I would prefer 2 units of 10 EG, but I'm glad we have a Battalion at all. The charge re-rolls were on the first turn when I could drop the units and heroes together, otherwise I agree it's too difficult to arrange in later turns from a teleporting point of view. I have moved away from using Stalker with the change to Realm Wanderers and am trying out Masterful Hunter and using the teleport to move Waywatchers around without them losing their +1 to hit. If you are going to have Endless spells, then the SotT may still be useful as you can cast 2 in the same turn. I still like the Forget-me-knot. We lack any large beastie to go toe-to-toe with the larger Heroes, of which there seem to be more and more, so this is one way of being able to stand up to them. I put it on the Nomad Prince and keep him with the WWR. That's the reason I want the command points for the first turn charges. I'll happily trade them for most of the Big heroes in turn one - 220 points isn't so bad.
  6. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I have a similar list to yours. I've played it once and won, though against a Nurgle army that wasn't particularly optimised. The differences being I have one unit of 20 GG and one of 20 SotW, plus a 20 strong unit of EG instead of 10. the remaining 40pts went on a Pendulum ( it never hurt anything but did act as a bit of a road detour sign). Although I didn't one-drop, it's nice to know I have the option ( say against KO for example ). Alternatively, you could take the flying swords for some offensive spell damage, or drop the shackles and have an extra command point. I used both command points in the first turn re-rolling Charges ( successfully thank goodness ), but it would have been nice to have a third up my sleeve to counter battleshock in my opponent's turn. Just out of curiosity, which unit isn't in the battalion? I'm assuming SotW as they're listed last. Also, what trait and items are you using? If I wasn't painting Deepkin at the moment, I'd probably be painting another 20 SotW, though how I'd squeeze them in to the battalion I'm not too sure. I can - it's what to take out besides the GG and Pendulum without losing a Waywatcher.
  7. Aelfric

    Wanders help

    Welcome to Wanderers! Check out the Wanderers discussion thread for plenty of ideas and help. At 1000 pts, it is a little tricky. I'm assuming that the models you list are all the Wanderers you have. Given that, and depending on whether you are allowed to proxy, 20 Sisters of the Watch are 360 points; you could field 2 20 woman units, with a Waywatcher as general to make them Battleline. That would be 840 points. Add the Spellweaver and you are left with 60 points for either an extra command point or an endless spell or two - maybe some Soulsnare Shackles to slow your opponent down. Although Sisters have no rend, they hit and wound on 3s ( wound on 2's vs Chaos) shoot twice if they do not make a standard move ( which means they shoot twice after teleporting) and they have a stand and shoot when being charged. The Waywatcher (required for Battleline) is our best hero and with many scenarios requiring heroes, having two is not a bad thing. Our best unit for holding objectives are Eternal Guard using Fortress of Boughs at 70pts for 10. As I said, this would require proxying what you have, but all of that is doable - just don't take Glade Guard and SotW using the same models, it would be too confusing. There are more options at higher points levels, the main one being our only battalion ( which is possible to fit in at 1500pts - just!). Don't forget to pick a General trait and an artefact - Wanderers have allegiance abilities listed in the GHB. Hope that helps - good luck.
  8. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Waywatchers are much better and still worth their points despite the 20 pt increase. I take 3 in the battalion and it's fairly easy to kitbash a couple for variety. With the change only allowing one unit to use realm wanderers each turn, they are perfect for this as they don't lose their +1 to hit in the shooting phase and can fit in most places being a single model and are hard for your opponent to screen them out when they first arrive on the board. Make one your General (SotW become battleline) with Masterful Hunter and you'll be hitting on 2s, even heroes with the -1 "look out sir", and generating extra hits on a 4+ each time - well on a 5+ against LOS which is standard anyway. Let's just say I like them.
  9. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Me too and my 20 Eternal Guard are welcome to join in as objective holders - same price as 10 Namarti Thralls.
  10. Aelfric

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    What about a Slaves to Darkness chaos knights army. Plenty of other cavalry units also available: Marauder horsemen, lord on demonic mount; even a chaos sorcerer can take a mount. Demigryphs could stand for Varanguard. Lots of foot options for your peasantry. Wouldn't be the first time Nobility has turned to the Dark side. Slaves to Darkness have their own allegiance abilities, but give them marks and you can take them with one of the other Chaos allegiances.
  11. Aelfric

    2 units of 30 or 3 units of 20 glade guard

    Yep, Sisters are the way to go in 20's.
  12. Aelfric

    Realm-Specific Artefacts Rundown?

    Only if you have access to battalions.
  13. Aelfric

    Army composition and allegiance

    If you choose Ironjawz as your Allegiance, then Brutes are counted as battleline units. If you choose General Destruction as your allegiance, then Brutes would not count as battleline units. In a Grand Alliance army, you can only choose your battleline from units marked battleline that have no other prerequisites.
  14. Aelfric

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    The problem I have with Allariele is that, as the Everqueen, she merged with Isha, Aelven Goddess of Nature, during the End Times which ensured she would survive as the Incarnate of Life in the new reality. But she rejected her Aelven heritage and her people without explanation. The old Wood Elves worshipped Isha in the Old World and she cared for them, but in her new form she has abandoned the descendants of her followers. (Allariele doesn't even have the Aelf keyword) One of the silver linings to having little official lore is that we are less constrained when creating our own. The lore I created for my Wanderers gives great importance to the restoring and strengthening of the Ley-lines (to tie in with what little lore we have). Unfortunately, this can only be achieved on land and those Ley-lines under the sea were always annoyingly out of reach. However, since the arrival of the Deepkin out of obscurity, the possibility of caring for these Ley-lines can now be realised. By working with the Idoneth, perhaps they can help us in our appointed task and perhaps, with our knowledge of the flora and fauna of the land which they lack, we may be able to help them find a better solution to their Soul-sickness. To that end my tribe are at the beginning of developing a relationship with a small Idoneth enclave for our mutual Aelven benefit and to the benefit of the Realms as a whole. Of course the numbers of wandering tribes are many and not all will agree with this view. I agree with you completely that creating a backstory and lore is so important and really helps bring your forces to life ( no pun intended ).
  15. Aelfric

    Witcher themed skirmish army, which faction?

    Doomfire Warlocks are good, esp in skirmish.