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  1. How do you find the story? I've been on the Broken Realms website, but can't find it (assume I'm a Luddite).
  2. Oh, I thought it was a new website they'd just created for the Broken Realms campaign.
  3. Some Cities have command traits that allow a non-wizard to cast a spell from the city spell lore. I am wondering if the wording of the Sons FAQ will also impact such traits and grant the general wizard status.
  4. Under Aelves on the Broken Realms site, they are showing Dragon Blades and a Loremaster (to buy!) - are these two units making a comeback? I do hope so! You can't actually buy them, at least not yet, but still.....
  5. Is anyone else interested in the upcoming FAQ for Sons of Behemat regarding the artifact that allows them to cast the standard spells? If they rule in favour of the artifact granting Wizard status, it may impact Cities in terms of certain Command Traits.
  6. You can paint your models any colour you like. The Mortal Realms are so vast that no lore, official or otherwise, will ever cover them. Choose a Realm that your army comes from and establish their own lore to fit their theme. The Living City is set in Ghyran, the Realm of Life, mainly from a game aspect, but you can always establish your own city away from the official one, perhaps a colonised city from the original if you want a connection. It doesn't even have to be in Ghyran - portals connecting Realms are the standard method of long distance travel. Blue skin can be as a result of anything from local diet to a reaction to the surrounding atmosphere to a by-product of the Necroquake; basically the choice is yours. It's as vast as the number of planets in 40k.
  7. The Fungoid Cave-shaman was a Harbinger from Malign Portents, but since Malign Portents is not on the list of valid publications I presume Harbingers are no longer a thing.
  8. Do you think there was any play-testing involved?
  9. Agree on both points. I haven't bought my Stoneguard yet, but will be giving unit champions the same weapon as the unit and maybe a banner in a unit of 10, when it may make a difference. If you go Iliatha, they'd be bravery 9, which could be good for an MSU build.
  10. I have painted each box of my Troggs differently, even though some are fielded in units of 6. As you say a Troggboss will gather a herd around them as they travel so it made sense to me that there would be a variety of colours as Troggs gathered from different locations along the way. It also meant I was never bored of painting the same scheme over and over again. I made all the bases the same, which is enough to tie them together. The beauty is there is no established norm for how a Trogg should look, so any colour scheme is possible.
  11. This is an interesting topic. On reflection, I realise that I am not organised when it comes to budgeting. I do not set aside a certain amount of money for hobbying, for example. I do have some self-imposed limitations, I suppose: I have (now) four main factions that I collect for; CoS, Warclans, Gitz and recently Lumineth and, with a few diversions, stick to purchasing for those factions. In Fantasy I collected Dark Elves and O&G and the same principle applied, although it took a few years to settle down into those two so I do have a slightly eclectic collection of early models. The recent addition of Lumineth was really to satisfy my desire for a pure Aelf faction, which is why I have a smattering of Idoneth and Sylvaneth. It soon became clear with both that, for various reasons, they were not filling the hole. AOS has turned two factions into four, but the method remains the same. It also means that much of what is released has no particular interest beyond admiration for the models and how they play in the game, should I chance to play against them. Also, I have always bought models from new, which may seem odd to some, but I like the only one owner feel (though I'm not averse to a good deal). This therefore means that hobby is more expensive than it could be, but I'm prepared to pay that extra cost. (Having thought about this, I realise I would probably buy unopened boxes or blister packs secondhand.) In the days of metal miniature, I did buy from other makes than GW, Grenadier or Ral Patha, but I generally preferred the GW aesthetic and, prices now being what they are, I tend to stick to GW to maintain a cohesive aesthetic for my armies. If I want to purchase hobby stuff, then it's a case of seeing how much money I have, what bills are coming up and is there enough left over to use some of it for hobby. For small amounts, it is relatively easy; for larger purchases I will tend to save for that particular item over several months. Like all good hobbyists, I am always in a plastic surplus, so a few months of no purchases (except paint, brushes, etc) is not really an issue - and in extremis, I can put more Grots or Dark Elves on round bases. Fortunately, I do not have any other particularly expensive hobbys, such as gaming, or habits like clothing, which tends to be worn to death, so my hobby doesn't have a lot of competition for what little is available. Not sure if my ramblings are particularly helpful, but it's a way that seems to suit me and doesn't add stress to my hobbying. Hobby is a way of reducing stress, at least for me. Finding a way to fund your hobby that is least stressful to you seems like a good thought to end on.
  12. It's an interesting list for sure. You already have more available than me and I wish you a fun tournament. It'll be good to hear your thoughts on how they play and what you might add or change going forward.
  13. You need a minimum of 2 units of Sentinels for an Auralan Legion. It looks a bit tricky to find the 140 points required. Have you considered not taking a Battalion in favour of another unit of Wardens or Stoneguard for the points?
  14. So, just finished the first 10 Sentinels and thought I'd share progress so far. The overall theme is beginning to take shape and it's been challenging, but very satisfying. They're such lovely models! Next up will be the first Cathallar, but I have to make a slight detour to do a Loonshrine for my Troggs (have to spread the love )
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