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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. My Flamespyre is just as sad.
  2. Unfortunately, it does not grant the Wizard keyword which means he is not a Wizard, just a hero that can cast a spell. Thus he would not trigger the +1 save ability.
  3. Great, thanks! Should have thought of checking the FAQs - duh. That's nice to know. Haven't delved into Big Waaagh yet, so still finding my way. May be a while before I'll get a game in the current circumstances, but that leaves plenty of time to prepare.
  4. It does seem to encapsulate a spiritual essence like no other model has so far, doesn't it.
  5. I have a question: Am I correct in saying that no Realm Artefacts are allowed in a Big Waaagh Allegience? It says "Any artefacts of power taken for an Ironjawz hero must come from the Ironjawz Artefacts of Power tables (pg 57)" and likewise for Bonesplitterz - my underlining. Just wanting a second opinion, thanks.
  6. Teclis is accompanied by Celennar, Avatar of the Moon Spirit of Hysh, who, I presume, will have some special powers of their own. GW have said they are are not rider and mount, but companions. It would be odd if such a powerful spirit didn't have some good abilities.
  7. In many factions, the choice of General opens up Elite units for that army as Battleline. I like this direction that GW has taken. I don't find it makes listbuilding dull, but adds to the diversity and challenge. For many armies choice of General makes a big difference in the way your army will function and allowing elites to be battleline helps to create the type of army you wish to field. Of course, there are some armies like Ironjawz, where all troop units are battleline, but they are in the minority (possibly of one?). I like this system.
  8. That may be so, but whatever their role might be, they are not points efficient for the task. Both of the other Troggoth units, Fellwater and Rockgut, are better at these tasks than Dankhold Troggoths and for far fewer points. I'd be happy with a points drop, which would at least put them in contention. I would love to field a unit of 3, but it's just not viable at the moment.
  9. I suspect he's been mothballed until Devoted are brought back as the next Chamber.
  10. Yes, it would be great. It is a lovely model, not that old, and, I think, stands up well with the new range. Also. I haven't got one.
  11. We could still see the return of Sky-cutters, Dragon Princes, et al, to flesh out the faction. They can all fit one of the aspects.
  12. Well, apart from Thunderers, but I'm not really expecting any warscroll changes in the GHB. I'm sure they have other things to put in the blank pages where the Allegience Abilities used to be.
  13. I'd prefer a warscroll change, but a points drop would be welcome, esp a horde discount.
  14. Well, there are plenty of choices for Slaanesh masks already available from certain discreet retailers.
  15. They are also susceptable to Shadow Warriors - anything that can deepstrike with a shooting attack, really. Maybe we'll see them again in a future city with a single profile, but until then I shall leave them in the drawer.
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