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  1. Phoenix Temple are a warrior caste not mage, so would be more likely to connect with Tyrion. We may see that rule when/if the second half (Tyrionic nations) of Lumineth drop. I'm erring on the side of when, but it could be a while.
  2. The Sentinels will be my next unit to paint and, looking at them, they will be a nice change from the Dawnriders I've almost finished. Not that I don't love the models, but they are quite tricky to paint! (that's typical British understatement, by the way ).
  3. I looked at the list and thought how can it claim objectives? I suppose it depends what it's up against.
  4. My plan was always to buy one or two boxes at a time, as I cannot really afford to spend a large sum in one go on hobby. I bought a box of Sentinels, a Cathallar, the cards and dice (the latter two as they will be limited), which was expensive enough for now. When I have them painted, I will buy another box and so on. Anyway, if I bought them all in one go, they'd just sit there looking at me and that's unwanted pressure. They can just as easily sit at GW until I need them. To answer your question, I will end up buying the same number of Stoneguard kits as before, which is three. If I'd been thinking of a whole Stoneguard army, I probably would have altered my initial plans. I will, though, only be getting one Stonemage and will kitbash/convert the second.
  5. I would like to start by saying that a greater representation of women (and ethnicities by the way) in the model range would be a good thing. My two main forces have always been Aelves and Greenskins, and I could reasonably say that my elves are split fairly evenly between male and female sculpts and that is part of their attraction for me (Greenskins are there because sometimes you just want to have fun and smash things up). It is clear that GW has been introducing more female sculpts into non-Aelven factions in recent years, which is great. While following this thread, I have been wondering how GW can take it to the next level. Creating female heroes is not so much a problem as it is a single model and sold as such. But it doesn't seem so easy when talking about units. This is not a cheap hobby (see LRL, my new army), a box of models represents a unit and an army will be made up of many boxes. I would argue that having two versions of the same unit, one female; one male, for every faction is not a practical, or financially viable, solution, so how exactly, on a practical level, do GW increase the representation of women into the model range? Add to that that every existing unit they update to fulfil equality would require every model to be updated, not just the female ones. To introduce parity into every faction by having a box of models be half female half male would, counter-intuitively, be restrictive, in that anyone wanting a different split for whatever reason would be forced to buy more than one box for each unit in their army. If they pick certain factions to make 50/50, which factions do they pick and how many. If they go by race and only pick humans and Duardin, for example, that would still lead to a lot of factions requiring new models; CoS, KO, Fyreslayers, SCE, S2D, all Chaos mortal units (and probably more I can't think of). Creating alternative female heads is possible within some factions (probably not Khorne). However they do it , it will need to be in a way that that does not make people feel they are having to pay for the privilege. Basically, what I'm saying is that if we want greater representation of women in the model range, then we need to not just tell GW that (I'm sure they already know), but also give them some feedback on how that representation might be achieved in a way or ways that would be acceptable within the community and practically doable within the constraints of a plastic-figure-making company.
  6. If you use the Aetherquartz it's a 3+ rerollable save ignoring rend -2. Only once per game, but could make all the difference.
  7. At least the unit champions have some variation; for the troops it seems to be heads and shields, which doesn't lead to much variety. There may be some leeway in adjusting the arm positions or trying arms on other torsos than intended, but given the cost, it's not something you want to mess up. I wouldn't mind, but if GW are claiming customisation it would be nice if they would give a little detail as to the possibilities - perhaps even some photos showing alternative builds.
  8. I have to admit I was slightly puzzled, having built Wardens and Dawnriders, about the amount of customisation possible. Maybe with my next set of Wardens, I'll see if arm-swaps are possible. The claim does feel like a bit of a stretch at the moment, though.
  9. Will Gogmagog be making an appearance then?
  10. Yes, on the whole they don't seem too bad, it's the aesthetics that are more problematic. I have 2 Spire of Dawn boxes that I was saving to use with the reimagined High Elves (long term planning), but they really don't sit well next to the new sculpts for me; I'd rather now go for all new models. They will probably be repurposed for CoS: Dreadspears, General on Gryphon and Greatswords I expect. They will fit better there.
  11. Well, all I can say is that I have not been deterred by the prices, high as they are. I want this army and so that is the price I will pay (with a bit of discount from my LFGS of course). In a way it's all relative - I could easily spend more going down the pub in one night than on a box of Sentinels; A branded pair of trainers could get me 3 or 4 boxes (or the army). Fortunately for me, neither of these are a problem. On the positive side, these prices will probably not change over the next few years, so when Malerian's Aelves appear in 2023, these will seem cheap by comparison. I've recently bought 2 boxes of Brutes, which is £65 for 10 models. I don't think this has ever been a cheap hobby, but then very few are and many are much more expensive than this one.
  12. The only way I can think of is if the model becomes the last model from the unit left, at which point you are still retaining the abilities of both Banner and musician. If a unit has two Banner options (such as Ardboyz), you could technically have one model carrying two Banners and playing an instrument - a feat best left to Chaos, I think.
  13. That's a very Luminethy (?) way of assembling an army. I have a goal to replicate a mass phalanx of pikes with a Cathallar behind, so I'm planning my army around a core of 30 Wardens in one big block with Sentinels in support; Dawnriders for harassing. Alarith and Mountain spirits as my hammers (no pun intended). I'd love to field two blocks, but I just can't see myself painting 60 of them.
  14. You forgot to factor in the cost of the Dawnrider Lance battalion, which is 120 points - coincidentally the cost of the CP and Endless spell. I would leave out Endless spells at 1000 points and wait til 2000. All Wizards can select one spell from their respective Spell Lore, including the unit Champions.
  15. I think they intended to, but alas were forced to delay.
  16. I completely agree. Have spent a lot of time cleaning models. Also, one broken rein and a rather shorter Standard pole for the Dawnriders. They are lovely models once built, but very time-consuming. Please don't let there be mold-lines on the Sentinels' bowstrings.
  17. You can always take Eels as allies and have the best of both worlds.
  18. It seems to me that all those who survived the World-that-was and became Gods are fused with the essence of one of the Realms through the winds of magic. Morathi is not bonded with a wind of magic and rules part of Ulgu on her son's sufference. Becoming one of the new Gods seems impossible, so taking on the mantle of an Elder God looks to be a more feasible goal. The question I have is will she take that final step and become Khaine? When/if she does, which personality will emerge - her's or Khaine's? Or perhaps it'll be like Allarielle, a fusion of mortal and God, but without a Realm. I'm hoping the coming book will give some answers.
  19. Thankyou. Love to see the result when you're done. I was aiming for a Yin-Yang feel as it seemed to fit the theme. Of course I didn't realise what I was getting myself into on the actually painting it front . Yours are looking great, nice and clean. Both you and @LuminethMage have lovely colour schemes well executed. It's just nice to see the diversity. I have two main passions in this hobby Aelves and Greenskins (of all kinds) and it always seems to take longer painting Aelves, even though I'm sure my Ironjawz have just as much detail on the models!
  20. Thanks! I prefer finding my own scheme - I don't want to get tied down to one sub-faction. I do have my own lore. It is becoming more elaborate as time passes, but I'll try to give a short synopsis. There were some devoured by Slaanesh who, through that experience, endured those torments and in their suffering came to know themselves, their faults and weaknesses. When reborn by Teclis, they turned away from the old ways, seeking instead a life of moderation and harmony with the Realm. At first pitied by others of their race, then, as generations passed, scorned and often persecuted. Still they refused what society offered and sought out the wild places for solitude. With each passing year, some few others with disquiet in their hearts sought to join them. One such group dwelt deep in the bowels of a great mountain, living quiet simple lives, and as their numbers grew, they delved ever deeper. Phylosophical thinking and meditation were key cornerstones to their way of life and there was one who came to believe that as symmetry was a key component of Hysh, it stood to reason that true symmetry should mean that there would be another land on the counter side of the Realm and a gateway may reside in the very depths of the mountain. If so, they would be finally free from the hostility of their own kind. Many years and decades, they sought but eventually, at the height of the Age of Myth when their race were becoming ever more arrogant, the way through was revealed to them. They found a land unsullied by Aelves, or indeed any of the intelligent races. They named it Elysia and themselves Elysians. Vowing to keep it undisturbed they make no structures or alterations, and take only of what it gives. They also take great care to ensure that others not like them cannot find the way.
  21. First Lumineth unit done. Took me a while to decide on colour scheme, but I'm happy with my choice. Next stop Dawnriders. Thought I'd share a few photos of progress so far. Hope you like them. Apologies for the duplications - I'm a luddite with technology!
  22. Or that you could end up with more Sylvaneth units in a Living City army than Cties units, for example.
  23. How about using Command Abilities on any unit with the Cities keyword if you spend 2 CP instead of one? It would give greater flexibility, but at a price - so tactical without being abusable.
  24. Does it have to be a Norwegian Blue?
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