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  1. Hmm... maybe ogors? Stitching is similar to ogor pants, plus Gargants wear pants quite similar to these.
  2. Are yhetee models really that bad? What is so awful about them? They don’t seem too bad online in photos. Maybe I’m missing something, or just have poor taste lol.
  3. Interesting... haven’t heard anything about a sylvaneth battletome in the rumour mill. When you say gutbusters you don’t mean a unified ogor battletome (with BCR included) right? I agree, it is nice to be able to display and play with them all together without creating a disjointed looking force!
  4. Awesome! I kinda like the idea of fielding them within my Gutbuster army as captured war beasts from a raid against a BCR force. How did you paint the fur on the stonehorn/mournfang?
  5. Thanks for the input everyone! Sounds like for the most part people are suggesting I build up and paint the SC box in the swamp theme (with maybe a touch of snow on the bases) so that they fit with my ogor army. This idea gets a lot more tantalizing if they actually release a unified ogor battletome, but who knows what will happen this year. Heres a photo of an irongut from my army. As you can see, definitely not the typical BCR paint scheme, but then again this is fantasy land so who really decides what an “ogor” looks like...
  6. Hey guys. I got into age of Sigmar last year, and my first army was Gutbusters. So far, I’ve built 2200 points and painted around 1750. I love the army, they are very fun to play with, and I enjoy the models. They are painted in a swamp theme, with tanned/orange flesh shade skin, green camo pants, and muddy swamp bases. Pretty slick looking force in my opinion. The thing is, I’ve always had a thing for the beastclaw raider models. I recently bought a Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders box thinking I could build up the mournfang and stonehorn and use them in my Gutbuster army for some speed. Now I’m not so sure what to do. Option A is to build and paint the BCR box to be used with my Gutbuster army, and call it a day. Move on to a different army after, maybe even a different grand alliance (but I am quite partial to destruction). In that case, I’d like to paint the stonehorn/mournfang swamp themed. I’d adopt the story that my swamp ogor tribe raided a BCR warband, and captured a stonehorn/some mournfang for their own uses. Option B is to commit to building a winter themed BCR army, leaving me with two pretty distinct looking (thematically at least) ogor armies... but still, similar in many respects. Perhaps too similar. I want variety, and maybe I would get bored playing ogors every time I played. I know the only person who can make this decision is me, but I really am conflicted about what to do here. I truly like both options and can’t decide, and because of it I haven’t built up the BCR box yet because I don’t know how to load out/paint the units. I guess I’m hoping chatting about it out loud will help me come to a conclusion. Anyone else out there have multiples of very similar armies? Does it get boring? Put yourself in my shoes... is it “too much ogor” to build two separate ogor armies without even trying a different faction?
  7. This is true. Yhetees will allow you to pick the initiative in battle, it’s one of their skills. You can also retreat with them out of combat into within 6 inches of a different enemy unit, and pile in, making them able to jump around between engagements. Speaking of yhetees, does anyone know if the yhetee box comes with square or round bases?
  8. Thank you! I have a question for you guys about yhetee unit size. Since yetis don’t get any specific point reductions or stat bonuses for larger unit sizes, is it better to run them in fast hit squads of 3 instead of 6? Also, I feel like since they can really dictate the order of combat with their pile in rules, it actually makes sense to have smaller units jumping in and out of combat all over the map. Thoughts?
  9. I'm super excited, I picked up my first start collecting Beastclaw Raiders box yesterday! It looks like a fun box to build. My other army is a 2000 point gang of swamp themed Gutbusters, so I have some cool new options for allying as well. As you can tell, I really like Ogors lol. I posted a hypothetical 2k list in this thread recently, and modified it ever so slightly based on the comments. My new goal BCR list is: 1x Frostlord on Stonehorn 1x Huskard on Thundertusk w/ blood vulture 4x Mournfang w/ Gargant hackers 4x Mournfang w/ gargant hackers 6x Icefall Yhetees 6x Icefall Yhetees 2x Frost sabres 2x Frost sabres I think it will give me enough bodies to hopefully contest some objectives, but should still hit pretty damn hard. Will keep the thread updated as I paint up the army!
  10. I actually really like Leadbelchers and try to take at least a 9 man unit in a 2000 point game. They are only 20 points more than regular ogors, but they have a great shooting attack and they have rend in both shooting and combat. The rend is so important, and has really delivered for me as regular ogors without rend can get tarpitted really easily by 4+ save units. The shooting is the icing on the cake, and on occasion can be really devastating. 9 of them eliminated an entire unit of 20 witch elves for me in one go for me once (they didn't move, and got off 34 shots).
  11. Thanks for the input. He definitely will have the objective advantage, the board control of the BoC army is just insane. Unfortunately I only own 12 ogors, so I figured I should separate them into two groups to try and grab different objectives. Is a unit of 12 not very unwieldly? Never played them that large before. doubling up on the leadbelchers is a possibility though - but I think I may need grots to shield a gun line of that size. My original thought on the gorger and the maneaters was the added speed could help me keep up with the BoC. But now I think maybe I should just load up on heavy hitters and try and table him.
  12. Thank you, I’ll look into that primer going forward. Do you know if it is possible to cover the models that I have painted with a clear coat of some sort to harden them up?
  13. Thanks for the helpful comment! I’ll totally consider that!! You’re a genius!
  14. Really? It lists that it can be used for resin on the bottle. Unfortunately it’s the dead of winter here, and I can’t spray prime until the weather gets better.
  15. Hey guys, I’ve got a game coming up this weekend. Playing 1500 vs beasts of chaos. 2x bray shaman 1x cygor 1x gorghon 20x bestigors 20x ungors 2 units of tzaangor enlighrened 1 tzaangor shaman 3x bullgors Or something very close to this. It’s going to be much faster than me, with lots of deep strike capabilities. I’ve attached my list, wondering what you guys think? I’m worried I’m not going to be mobile enough, but I don’t have anything fast in my army. We will play an objective based game, so his speed, summoning and deep striking will be hard to deal with. Any general strategies or list comments? I also have more leadbelchers, Grots, and a giant at home I can sub in.
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