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  1. So, this is just a fun thread for you to grade the freeguild units on a A - F scale based on your experiences. Would be great if you could give a rationale to go along with it (such as with hallowheart this unit does such and such). Freeguild general: General on griffon: Hurricanum: Luminark: Battlemage: Battlemage on griffon: Freeguild guard: Greatswords: Freeguild handgunners: Freeguild crossbowmen: Demigryph knights: Outriders: Pistoliers: Flagellants:
  2. So, what are the chances we are going to get a new battletome? Also, when do you think it might be? Have their been any leaks, rumblings, or rumors that point to one coming out, or is it just blind speculation at this point? Any indication that GW cares about how weak stormcast are at the moment?
  3. The raptors range is now set at 24 inches in the herophase when using anvilguard ability as opposed to what it used to be because they don't count as having not moved any longer. It's right there in the errata. It's a nerf that wasn't needed. Stormcast don't need ANY nerfs at this point. They are straight trash for the most part. Gav bomb is not viable anymore, and hasn't been for awhile. Ballista spam doesn't get the job done either anymore. The one list that worked was anvilguard with raptors, and even that wasn't doing so hot anymore, although better than the rest. Now that is nerfed slightly with nothing to show for it barring dracolines dropping a bit cuz gw wants to sell battle boxes. So yeah, I'm disappointed. Stormcast got shafted. AGAIN.
  4. As a stormcast player, I'm quite disappointed. The one viable list got nerfed, and we got 3 drops total on units that are terrible and still terrible even after the drops, barring the dracolines. It's honestly kinda crazy. Stormcast are trash currently and STILL get a bit of a nerf. It's unbelievable.
  5. So a slight nerf to raptors to go along with only 3 units getting points drops...lol. Oh GW. You really do have it out for stormcast don't you? Also, I know that the stardrake got a points cut, but in what world is it worth 500 points with that warscroll, especially given what other units that cost around the same in other armies can do? The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that GW really is trying to just appease the loud complainers about stormcast.
  6. Why does the anti stormcast sentiment exist though? They haven't been truly strong in a long time. It really does seem as if gw is caving, at least a bit, to anti stormcast sentiment, so it kinda sucks that people seem to be hating on them for no good reason.
  7. It really, really just seems intentional at this point. I mean, How can they not realize how poor everything is? They themselves admitted that the sequitors and evocators nerfs were out of date right? Why would they change them back then and then in this faq leave slaanesh, of all things, the way it is? What could the reason be? Is it really just being completely out of touch with the reality of the army?
  8. If those are the only changes...then is GW keeping stormcast kinda bad on purpose? Or do they honestly and seriously not see what the problem is? The only reason I could see for doing it on purpose would be to appease all the loud complainers that hate the fact that stormcasts exist period.
  9. Oh man, how terrible would it be if the only points changes we got were point hikes for raptors and aetherwings? lol......now I'm kinda worried about that. Could totally see it happening. lol.
  10. When are stormcast likely to get a new tome do you think? I gotta believe it's low on the priority list, due to the tome situations of other armies.
  11. ...a little weak on the table top to anyone else? Barring a few shoot cast lists, we just don't seem to have the ability to hang with other armies. For how powerful and important the stormcast are presented as, they kinda get steam rolled unless we they are shooting, which doesn't really match up with fluff. At all. So why is that do you think, and do you think it might change in the future? Just looking at the new chaos warriors and they are flatly superior to liberators, which is fine because slaves to darkness really needed help, but it just really drives home how weak much of our army actually is.
  12. Hey everyone, how would you rank the cities in the cities of sigmar as far as how competitive they are? I have a large stormcast collection and I'm just starting collecting cities of Sigmar. I've had one game so far as Hammerhal and I'm curious as to where they stand compared to other cities.
  13. Hey guys, what would your take be on a AOS tier list currently and why would you rank armies where you rank them? This is just a fun though exercise, and I'm curious as to what people's opinions are on the current standings of armies.
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