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  1. Rich

    AngelCore 2018!


    I'm in!
  2. I am the proud owner of the worlds first warhammer 3d jigsaw puzzle. I'm actually really looking forward to getting started on the new army tonight, gives me a great excuse to get some hobby in and try to be a better painter! New army, new story
  3. I got my Fyreslayers out of the cupboard this weekend and long story short I have to do a new army! Have just done the form, now off to panic buy toy soliders! ?
  4. Are we including the points for battalions? I was going to use a narrative one which has no points...
  5. Thanks for a great day guys! Roll on Essex Fury 2!
  6. @Ollie Grimwood I think I am switching to Beastclaw Raiders for the event, as long as I can get them painted by the weekend! Still on for a grudge match?
  7. I am definitely up for this
  8. Rich

    London's Calling 2017


    I'd be interested in this if there are still places
  9. Hey both, I'm in Manningtree but always happy to travel on the weekend if we can get something together. Can start small if either of you guys have a free table
  10. Manningtree, Essex, UK Rich Taylor Pm or rjtaylor241@gmail
  11. I was holding off on Fyreslayers waiting for the steamhead but thought it could be ages. I hope there is some good fluff between the two, be nice to see some tension.
  12. Hey Gareth, I am also Essex based and looking to get back in to the hobby. I've been checking out the local stores and looking for a club in the area. There seem to be a few dotted about and GW stores have games on various days. Be good to hear from you if you find somewhere for a game. I'll let you know how I get on as well Cheers Rich
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