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  1. My guess is based off what Pete said, 'for more than one reason' so I am holding out for the long rumoured allegiances of the realms pdf update to give all the other existing factions their updates. Stormcast & Khorne Bloodbound both got their shiny newschool battletomes, but I can't see them re-doing Seraphon, Pestilens, Everchosen, Bonesplitters & Beastclaw, so I am hoping all those factions will get an updated set of artifacts, allegiance abilities, spells etc in a Ravening Hordes style pdf . A new core rules update pdf is also a good call based off the Kharadron tome missing them in the back pages. It'll most likely just be the new 40k though I expect!
  2. Think I may have to drop out of this one, finding it hard to juggle commitments, apologies
  3. Yeah I enjoyed it too @Cowboy Boots Matt thanks for the fb. I listened to it today, a buddy who listens in NZ gave me a tip off. Consider me a groupie I'll tune in for more! I'll be up there at the weekend popping my SCGT cherry, looking forward to seeing this display board! (And some new Blades of Khorne armies!)
  4. The Ironjawz ones bro
  5. The Miramar Freebooters in Wellington, NZ are registered and in!
  6. Looks great!
  7. thanks Mr Tomlin, was super intense! Was good to be up there with you all. I played Matt L. after that who smashed me back down to reality! It came up in a tournie in Auckland I played at recently. I'll add it to my ever growing list of dumb ****** I did in a game of AOS that I probably shouldn't of done! At least I know for next time!
  8. Yeah it does, was just wondering if there was something I was missing as he was convinced. thankyou for clarifying.
  9. I know this has been asked before, but a friend I was playing seems to think he can retreat with his RD move and then charge again in the charge phase with his Piggies, he says it's in the FAQ, but I can't see that anywhere, in the GHB one that came out at Xmas it mentions RD twice but doesn't say you can do that. It just says you can use it to retreat, and also that it doesn't count as having moved in the movement phase. Am I missing something?
  10. I stand corrected! So what were they then? I can only remember as far back as the sky pike I think and the Tzaangor disc.
  11. Not seen any top secret prototypes yet on the rumour mill , would be exciting if it was!
  12. it looks finecast whatever it is
  13. Yeah I've been playing it a lot in NZ over the last 6 months and learning slowly how to get the best out of it. I've probably hit about 50 games or so by now I think in the year I've been playing. I still suck, but I am slowly getting better. I still remember our game man it was fun (except for those arcane bodkins!) ! This was my first win @ whw so it felt pretty sweet to finally get one after 3 whole events! For some reason I always play badly up there. I'm so tempted to come back for a holiday in October and go to the finals
  14. oh cool yeah Austins a good bud of mine!
  15. yeah sure, I actually fucked my list up a bit , the one I handed in had some mistakes on it which was why Rob was getting stuff muddled at the start, which was totally my fault & I apologise for! here's what I ran Corruptor (General) Cunning Deceiver, Chaos Talisman Plague Furnace , Crown of Conquest Plague Furnace, Crown of Conquest Plague Priest with Plague Censer, Crown of Conquest Plague Priest with Plague Censer 10 Monks Foetid Blades 10 Monks Foetid Blades 10 Monks Foetid Blades 20 Monks Foetid Blades 30 Monks Woe Staves Plagueclaw Catapult Congregation of Filth Congregation of filth Virulent Procession 220pts for reinforcements/summoning