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  1. skip to 1.31.15 Summary - 6 Great Plagues in total Master of Rot or Ruin command trait - If your general is a priest, he can re-roll his prayer rolls.
  2. Its still there, it's a compendium formation in the old Skaven PDF, all that stuff has stayed the same and isn't included in the new GHB. Whether it will be outlawed at tournaments or allowed remains to be seen.
  3. This is interesting - if you put the artifact Liber Bubonicus onto the Plague Furnace, it states that your Priest can use the Plague Priests Pestilent Prayers ability twice, and one would assume that's on top of the Priests Noxious Prayers ability. So you are potentially getting off 3 prayers per turn with one model.
  4. 460 is quite a lot, it used to be 200. That's your allies chunk gone right there. I loved that formation it was awesome. Foulrain is now 820 for everything. I guess you can offset it with the Massive Regiments rule, by saving 3x40pts on your 3 battleline units, but playing with 120 plague monks is a challenge in terms of time management and logistics etc. Not sure what to make of it all at the moment, a bit perplexed why the battalions have gone up so much. Allies with Nurgle Daemons is really good though. And a lot of the other Skaven abilities work with anything with the Skaven keyword, Grey Seer, Thanquol, Verminking, Corruptor etc
  5. The formations have increased in price so much, seems a bit crazy, not sure what to think at first glance. -20 pts for the Corruptor and Furnace. I think it should have been more like -40. Evey list I've ever made for Pestilens has had about 2 or 3 formations in, not sure how I can build one now at these points costs. This is going to change things massively for me.
  6. yeah I'm not sure how much in the spirit of the game that is either. I probably wouldn't. I see your point, turn one can only get off 3 prayers max with 2 furnaces if you use the 2 prayers per turn artifact on one of the furnaces. Then by turn two you need to be within 13". I think if you go second its possible to get 5 off , unless they are trying to avoid you. But that's when you just hammer them with Plague Claws. I think it's a cool deterrent for coming too close, and the Plagueclaws deter you from sitting back, so either way you are screwed. I understand it doesn't sound great on paper, but I think all these little 1% things will help to add up to something good. I think we need new prayers though for it to really work well. EDIT - you cant put the book artifact on the Furnace, so turn one you are only ever going to get off 2 prayers if you are lucky. EDIT - You can put the book on the Furnace, it allows you to use the Priests Pestilent Prayers abilty, so that's one Prayer , then if you are a plague priest (the furnace has that keyword) then you can use that ability twice, then finally you can use Noxious Prayers as well, so you get 3 prayers. That on top of your other 3 or 4 priests' prayers suddenly means you are up to about 6-7 prayers a turn. credit - Kiblam on YT
  7. Does anyone know if Prayers are now subject to rule of one in GHB17? That is going to affect Pestilens massively. Otherwise the 13" range thing won't really be a problem as you can spam the Furnace ones. We've already seen 5 rules of one, is that all there is? Or was it 6 or 7? As most of the Pestilens Battle Traits and artifacts seem to revolve around prayers, logic would dictate we will get some new ones, but that's pure speculation at this point. Edit* think I answered my own question, only two new rules of one supposedly, and we know both of these to be I think the Pestilens ones are quite good if this is the case, means you can get off 5-6 prayers a turn, so that 6 should be coming up at least 2-3 times a game hopefully, and the +1 to prayer is pretty good as it effects your whole army. Suddenly spamming Wither is going to become a thing, and Lord Skrolk is going to be even better, at 100pts he is pretty good for his d6 mortal wounds output already. It's easy to look at a little snippet and say meh, but once you see the whole picture with Allies, and Massive Regiments, and see the rest of the artifacts (and hopefully prayers) then it might be pretty good. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.
  8. So yesterday/today we had our first real look at Pestilens in the GHB'17 - This is what we know so far.... Strength in Numbers - this is probably one of the best things we could've asked for, (now that you can't spam multiple items) It will be a vital mechanism without which our army would be almost unplayable. This strikes me as one of the best things they could have done to fix the issue, barring some kind of immune to battleshock giving ability from a hero/new unit ala a Stormcast Lord Celestant. So this is going to mean you probably want to load up on at least one or two big units of 40 to make the most of that. So say you take a unit of Bravery 5 monks, at 40 full strength, put them next to a plague furnace for +1 then suddenly you are at 14 bravery, which is pretty good. It will also help against Mournghuls and any other fear inducing type opponents you might come up against. Echoes of the Great Plagues - Perhaps at first this isn't the greatest, it relies on you having to roll a 6 without modifiers, and only triggers when you cast a prayer. At first when I looked at this I thought - "the biggest caveat about this is, are prayers going to be subjected to the Rule of One with the 5 new rules of one?" Then I began to think about it - We have 4 prayers per turn available to us in the battletome + 1 extra if you take Lord Skrolk from the Skaven compendium warscrolls (who has the Plague Priest keywords) , we have 2 with the Plague Priest on foot's Pestilent Prayers and 2 with the Plague Priest on the Furnace's Noxious Prayers . So 5 in total. Now here's the thing, even if the rule of One does count towards praying, you are probably never going to fit more than 4 or 5 priests in your army at 2k, which means each hero phase, you will probably be averaging 4-5 different prayers or if no rule of one, 4-5 of the same prayers. So it wont really effect it much. So if you max out your Priests hero slots to 4 or 5 it means suddenly there's a bit of a better chance of hitting that '6' you need. So lets say you do get lucky, and look at what happens - Red Maw Plague - This would be way better if you could get the model to attack itself, it would make a useful defensive threat against big Alpha Strike hero's like the Skaarbrand/Sayle combo or the Treeman popping up behind your lines. As it is, you have to get pretty close, within 13" and not have your troops within 3" of the enemy, and have some of theirs close to it for it to work. Only time I can see this really working is either just before you get off a charge, or as they edge closer to you or charge you. Its very situational and will work best on tightly packed or close bubbled synergy armies with lots of troops/heroes like BOK. In general I'd say it's probably a turn 2-3 onwards type thing as you footslog it across the table and line up charges or get charged, and only triggering on a 6 it's not something you can rely on, but is a good threat for the enemy to think about. Most useful as a deterrent or opportunistic use. The Neverplague - +1 to casting prayers for all your priests for the rest of the game, so does that then mean you can never roll a one and inflict a mortal wound on yourself? Would seem a pretty good to put on Skrolk, who then casts D6 mortal wounds on a 2+ . This would possibly be my first pick out of the 3 if there's no rule of one affecting prayers, allowing you to spam Wither or one of the Furnace's two prayers more reliably. Bubonic Blight Plague - This is reminds me of a cross between Lord Skrolks Death Plague prayer and the Verminlord Corruptors Plague spell, it's pretty good and it spreads which is nice also. Combo it with Lord Skrolk to inflict 2d6 +d3 +1 (I think that's what happens next but the text is cut off) mortal wounds in one hero phase! This would be my top pick if you are within 13" and there's the rule of one affecting prayers, and you can't get Red Maw off which is very situational. So all in all you have one very situational one which has the potential to be devastating , one very buff one to make your army reliable and dependent and one very aggressive one. Not sure of the math and how many times a game you will roll a 6, but i'll probably choose my army to take as many plague priests and furnaces as possible, with at least 4 or 5, and Lord Skrolk just got even better now. Artifacts So if you are taking all these extra 5 priests , and your squishy Corruptor as your usual general, I guess you want some decent artifacts to give them. Blistrevous the Living Cyst - I'm not 100% sure but I think I saw it written somewhere that artifacts don't effect the mount now, I'm not sure if it was just to hit/wound rolls ie weapons or all artifacts , if that's the case, then you won't be able to give your plague furnace an extra 2" to it's move characteristic, which is a shame as it's base movement is only 4, and you could get it up to movement 17" with 33 monks surrounding it with the 'Pushed into Battle' ability. This is probably well placed on the Furnace though still as the re-roll 1's to hit will make it a bit more reliable in combat. The Corruptor already gets re-rolls to hit so that part is wasted on him, but the extra 2" would be very helpful. Liber Bubonicus - The usefullness of this will largely depend on if prayers are subject to the rules of one, if they aren't then suddenly stacking wither, becomes a very very powerful way to auto wound your opponent (and trigger those sweet -1 rends on your plague monks). Imagine casting Wither 4 times for +4 to wound on an opponent, then using an allied block of plague drones to swoop in with your Corruptor nearby to unlock their Locus of Contagion rule, they would be doing mortal wounds on a 2+ then. Summary The biggest question hanging over all this is are prayers subject to the rule of one? I would like to think what they giveth with one claw, they do not taketh away with the other, but we shall see. It also forces you to choose if you want to play to the strengths of the Great Plagues and the Battle Trait and start taking 4-5 Plague Priests. The Plague Priests carry a really useful bit of kit, the Plague Tome, it allows you to re-roll all wounds inflicted by any of your army against an enemy for one whole turn, shooting and combat, but it has to be within 13". If you are taking 5 Priests, suddenly that's one for every turn. It's great for helping your Plague Claws hit home. I think we will start to see a lot of armies with 5 Priests in, probably 1 or 2 Furnaces and the rest on foot. There is almost no reason to take the Warpstone Tipped Staff priest over the Plague Censer priest, as one comes with the Plague Tome and one comes with a Plague Censer that only works if you are within 6" of a wizard (which never happens) . Battle Traits - This looks like they revealed the whole thing, but the paragraph for Bubonic Blight Plague continues on after the crop, so maybe there is more. I'm not a math hammer guy so I can't tell you what the chances are of rolling a 6 per game but I would imagine, with at least 5 prayers going off per hero phase and that happening 5 times per game , I'd say on average you will probably be getting 2 or 3 off per game. When you compare it with something like Deathless Minions, or Rampaging Destroyers it possibly doesn't seem as good, but I like that it gives you a versatile hand to play for different situations, and your opponent will have to worry about all three as a threat coming into play. The +1 to pray buff is pretty handy too as it is army wide for all priests. My play style is to use the furnaces prayers as offense or defense, and without those going off , everything falls apart, so to have those cast more reliably for the whole game, for me is massive. Artifacts - Not bad, but keen to see what the others are like. As I said we really need to know about prayer spam before we can comment on the Liber Bubonicus. The Pustule one seems ok, keen to see the others though. What do we need? I would like to see a warscroll change to Plague Monks to get a 7+ save so it goes to a 6up when they are in cover at a minimum, or preferably a 6up save. I would like to see some more prayers added, some that can help with battleshock, and some that can help with movement. I would like to see some more protective artifacts similar to the talisman, none of our stuff has great saves and the heros die so easily, especially the Corruptor. Nurgle Demons as allies as well as all Skaven clans. I think we really need some new Plague Priest models so they aren't all the same looking, I am hoping we get some later down the line given the emphasis placed on Prayers and Priests by these abilities. What am I most excited about? In one word, Allies. I want to be able to use a Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Horseback or a Skaven Cheiftain with Battle Standard , along with Epidemius as allies, without breaking allegiance and keeping my Plague Monks as battleline to ensure my Foulrain formation hits on a 2+ re-rolling 1's and wounds on a 2+ re-rolling 1's. With that and a few blocks of 40 monks and priests, I think it would be pretty solid, especially as this is the age of large units approaching. I could never quite make a list work before when trying to shoehorn all that in, but the Foulrain really needs that reliability added to it, you roll 1's to wound or hit quite often when you have 3 of them and you really need the re-rolls to make it worth spending 700pts on. I get the feeling they might only allow other Skaven allies, but we shall see..... I'd love to hear all your thoughts on it as well, and if you see any leaks or anything share them, I am dying to see the points and the rest of it. thanks James
  9. Any more leaks on reddit or anywhere? keen to see more of the Pestilens stuff like points etc
  10. and just to add something positive, this forum is part of what got me into AOS , back when I couldn't find anyone to connect with, and long may it continue.
  11. It would be great if negative texts were flagged with a red color (for negative) and keep them black for positive. Why? That way people can just filter out the red ****** as it makes it faster to skip over reading replies that are toxic/a waste of time. Maybe as punishment you get all your posts made 'red' for a week or X amount of days when someone complains or flags your post to a moderator, so it puts you off posting and gives you a cool off period. Hopefully that would prevent the forum getting spammed from negative posters as it kinda discredits your posts and shows you look like a negative person with a history of complaining needlessly all the time.
  12. I ran my first ever tournament this last weekend gone. Here's a bunch of pics of all the scenery I built, and the event I organised out in NZ in Welly. Probably sunk about 1000hrs or so of my time into it over the last 3 or 4 months . I had a little bit of help from Nathan Smith the manager of GW Wellington, but I did most of it myself. I started the scenery build in the Uk and shipped it over to Welly and finished it off. You can hear me talking about it on Bad Dice Daily here : http://baddice.co.uk/jim-mcphearson-talks-aos-events-new-zealand-aos-daily-129/
  13. I've seen Pestigors on the soon-to-be new Nurgle team Bloodbowl roster as well
  14. I imagine they want their feed to be only their posts right? If you look at their feed, they don't have any content started by anyone except themselves? Standard social media marketing?
  15. yeah I do think they want it common knowledge, that's why they made an advert for it and released it! Shame it didn't have a release date though!