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  1. The Rumour Thread

    I hope a huge Nurgle release is coming with a new Great Unclean one and unified army book for rotbringers, demons and slaves 2 d. Pestigors too ideally. That would be just purrty.
  2. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    it'll be alright to start with if thts all he's got. just experiment with different sized blocks. remember different sized units can all perform slightly different tasks. like you dont want your 240points of 40 monks sitting on an objective in your back field, they need to be up in your enemies grill. whereas units of 10 are great for that or bubble wrapping or other types of board control. units of 20 are useful too and can easily take out a large monster or elite unit with the right buffs on them but are a glass cannon and will be gone after a round or two of shooting or combat , units of 40 have some mileage and staying power.
  3. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Yeah its probably the best bit about the new allegiance ability . The great plagues are good too mind. I saw my friend kill off 17 models in one turn with Undulant Scourge at the weekend! The hardest thing I faced all weekend that scared me was Dark Elf Medusa's, two of them deleted a unit of 40 Plague Monks in one turn
  4. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Well you need 40 to get them up to bravery 13 so they don't run away. A unit of 20 will only be bravery 7, so if you loose any more than 1 in a turn there's a chance some will run. I would spam 2 priests over a second furnace as they are cheaper , but that's just me, there's not a lot in it though to be honest, and you may find the second furnace comes in really handy. Nobody likes pushing 120 Monks around a table I hear you, or painting them for that fact. I'm about to start painting soon. I think units of 20 work fine to be honest as well. Just means they will disappear quicker. 20 is enough to kill a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon though or another big monster as I've done it before. the thing I'll say about the prayers is they are useless unless you are within 13" of stuff, so keep that in mind. I usually protect my furnace at the back, as I rely on keeping it alive to use Rabid Fever. It's not right or wrong, just different play styles, something to be aware of though. I want to experiment with a list where I run 5 priests and throw them forward into an army one at a time with Skitterleap from a Verminlord Deciever (as an ally) I think it could be really random and fun. Also the spell that the Warpgnaw Verminlord has which gives 6 to movement is really useful, add it in with Blistrevious and thats a 14" move, enough to get onto an objective or within 13" of your enemy on turn 1.
  5. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I would say its fine, you might find 2 furnaces is overkill, in the long run I would probably buy more monks with the 200pts. maybe take one unit of 40, one 20, two 10's. either way I think you will find you are running out of monks too quickly to hold objectives in some games like Scorched Earth or Battle for the Pass. You'll do ok though at Duality of Death.
  6. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Not great, i kept putting them next to mystical or damned to get the bonuses, or I allied in Epidemius but I found they missed a lot or I rolled low damage. They are a nice threat to have and take the enemies mind off your heroes though which is good. I will always take 2 if I can, but I probably won't build a list around taking 3 or 4 & using Architect of death. I was thinking about it, but the way I see it is the army is already an anti horde army so doesn't need too many. They were most useful at helping a block of 40 Monks shift a block of 30 dark elf spearmen buffed up to the max. Think I cleared about 11 out in one shot which was nice. The best technique for me at the moment as I've said is stacking wither/contagion banner/rabid fever. if you wanted to get even more sick add in 3 plague drones and a Corruptor or a deamon prince and you can be doing mortal wounds from the plague drones on a wound roll of a 2+
  7. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    well as I said it had a 500pts sideboard, so I changed it up a bit each game. also changed artifacts and abilities. I had most success with this variation Furnace, 3x Priests 3x40 Plague Monks w/foetid blades 20 Plague Monks w/foetid blades 12 Plague Toads 2 catapults I was just browsing the destruction FAQ and came across this so now it's got me wondering about Rabid Fever, I've always played it as giving them their full attacks quota each (ie 3 attacks if they charged) but I'm wondering if I've been playing it overpowered and it should just be 1 attack each now looking at the FAQ for a Great Moonclan. what is peoples take on this?
  8. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    the grand alliances aren't factions, they apply to any of the sub factions within them. so you choose whether to go with your sub faction's allegiance abilities or grand alliance allegiance abilities.
  9. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I placed 4th at a tournament at the weekend, If I had won my first game (duality of death vs Slaanesh (my only loss of the day) I could've taken it out in 1st place, but for reasons I won't go into I didn't quite manage it, though through no fault of my own. I got an easier round draw as it was, for loosing my first game, so maybe that had something to do with it. I tried out a few different things for the first time as there was a 500pt sideboard, and it was my first outing with the GHB'17. Overall though it felt much more solid. The only thing I struggled with was the 13" reach on the prayers never being in range. I tried out massive regiments, taking 3 blocks of 40, and experimented with Allies using Epidemius and Plague Toads. I also played for the first time ever without a Verminlord Corruptor. The list variation which had the most success was the one I ran with 12 Plague Toads @ 320pts. They were pretty solid. Among some other stuff the best things my plague monks killed were a unit of 10 Brutes (in one round of combat), a Magma Dragon and the Glottkin. The Great Plagues feel really good, combo them with Pestilent Breath, and Contagion Banner and you can get a decent amount of mortal wounds off in a turn now. Best technique of the weekend was using Rabid Fever, and Contagion Banner and stacking Wither 3x with a Plague Tome. Meant I was getting re-rolls to hit and wound, wounding on a 2+ and a chance to do mortal wounds on a 3+, and doing that all twice in a turn. Nothing much can stand up to that much damage in the game, not when you throw in the mortal wounds as well. To give you an idea, with a unit of 20 in combat (140pts), you are probably looking at an output of about 50 wounds, 40 or so of them @ -1 rend, and then probably another 7 or 8 mortal wounds. And then they will do that twice per turn. Plus a few mortal wounds extra from the splashback when they die. I think I'm going to run something similar at the NZ masters in December, not sure yet though.
  10. Tzaangor Skyfires & Shaman

    they look good man! 12 plague toads next!
  11. GT Finals - The Smack talk begins

    I was thinking of taking 12 plague toads to a NZ tournament called Inepticon this weekend. they are pretty boss
  12. The Church of Contagion: My dip in the Pestilens Pool (some WIP pics 9/26)

    oh yeah you can't my bad. I've been too busy to read the GHB much properly yet. Sat down last night and had my first proper look and came up with a list.
  13. The Church of Contagion: My dip in the Pestilens Pool (some WIP pics 9/26)

    yeah I'm planning on allying mine with deamon plague toads of nurgle from the tamurkhan book, it's a bit hazy but I'm sure it's ok
  14. Skaven army building help

    warp grinder team only surfaces on a 3+, warpseer verminlord can choose whenever to come up
  15. Skaven army building help

    if you add the FW Verminlord he can tunnel your 40 unit of stormvermin into some good areas.