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  1. I imagine they want their feed to be only their posts right? If you look at their feed, they don't have any content started by anyone except themselves? Standard social media marketing?
  2. yeah I do think they want it common knowledge, that's why they made an advert for it and released it! Shame it didn't have a release date though!
  3. I just asked someone on Facebook who owns the T&B set, they confirm the ad is in the Thunder & Blood book
  4. You're welcome Bro
  5. hi Mark I mentioned I had to drop out a while ago but never heard back from you, is it possible to get a refund? Had some family commitments that got in the way, I mentioned it about 6 weeks ago. Would really appreciate it if that's ok? Know you've been mega busy organising all this so probs missed my post or something, thanks , J
  6. I'm doing the same at the moment, I picked a couple sets up. Will post some pics when they are done
  7. he'd be good with a Foulrain Congregation, would more or less make it auto hit/wound every turn without breaking Nurgle allegiance. Big investment though that's like 900 pts.
  8. The new 40k starter set contains Nurgle Cultists & Drones, the cultists are featured in some videos on the 40 site, but no sighting of the drones yet. Maybe they will be dual AOS/40k kits like Tzaangors were. Would be nice. Even if they aren't will be some nice modelling possibilities there. I have a feeling there will be a Nurgle Tome, with Mortals/Slaves to Darkness, Rotbringers, Demons in it, same as Tzeentch & Khorne. Pestilens probably won't make it in.
  9. There are two instances when it's worth running woe staves I found, the main one is when you run a Pestilent Clawpack, this is a cool formation from the compendium skaven pdf which makes your units do DOUBLE DAMAGE on the to wound roll of a 6. What you do is make a large unit of say 30 with woe staves, give them lord of war (+1 to hit) and have a priest on hand with the +1 to wound prayer from Wither (meaning they do dbl damage on a 5+, or ideally stack it with 2 or 3 priests praying to wither to get it down even further to a 4+) also use the priests Plague Tome, to give re-rolls to wound. And also put the Verminlords command ability on them to give them +2 attacks. So they will be 6 attacks on the charge, so 180 attacks for 30, hitting on 3's and 4's, wounding on 2's with a re-roll and 4's do -1 rend and dbl damage. Also use the Contagion Banner at the same time, and you can roll an additional dice for every 4+ to wound you rolled and on another 4+ you can do a mortal wound. The wording is a bit grey , the second roll only says 'on the roll of another 6' but even if you play it as the lesser powered version it's still a really powerful way to get the most out of your units. The other instance is where you want to take a large unit is for a bit of lasting power whilst still optimising the amount that can get into combat with the 2" reach. I find the units of 20 can only last one round of combat or shooting before they loose all their combat output. Plague Monks are great, but if they get into a protracted combat they will loose pretty quick, also because they don't have a save they drop like flies. You only really want to charge something that you know you can wipe out in one turn or at the very least cripple beyond retaliation, so if you think there's going to be a protracted combat suddenly you have no tools to deal with it. having the larger units of Monks above the size of 20 are useful because they can last an extra turn or so against that, and still can take a few more casualties to shooting. It's fine to take the double handed swords for this large unit of 30-40, but I find sometimes the extra reach helps when you do get a big charge off with all 30 into combat, it makes the difference between half of the unit not being able to reach, and half of them being redundant, and with the +2 attacks on them from 'Gouge Tear their Eyes' (Verminlords command ability) they are pretty nice. The biggest drawback to the woe staves I find is speed of play, having to roll the attacks separately can add an extra 5-10 minutes to each combat phase, which over 5 turns is like 30min+ you are wasting.
  10. I was meant to be at SCGT yeah, had my display board and terrain all made up and all ready to leave but I had to stay behind at the last minute and look after a sick parent, so missed it in the end which I was pretty gutted about. I'm taking them to the Warhammer Fest Open so will be up there then. I registered for Bristol Smash too, but not sure If I can go yet. I'm working on a new build at the moment with Plaguesmog (-1 to hit from shooting) and cunning deciever (-1 to hit first turn) and Skrolks command ability (-1 to hit in combat) and Foulrain. It follows on from Thomas Lyon's 'inverse' alpha strike list. Just trying to optimise it so it has enough Plague Monks in it still to kill stuff. The general idea is to always try to take turn one to surprise your opponent, the 2 large units of Plague Censers can run forward with inspiring presence in large units of 20 swamping board space and providing a screen, put Rabid fever on at least one of them and keep a small unit of Monks close by in a second layer to get the bonuses. You almost want your opponent to double turn you, so you set yourself up for a double turn on turn 3/4. You may roll low for your run rolls, but the furnace should always get quite far ahead if it has enough monks around it, and with the -2 to hit on the first turn should survive long enough for the rest of the army to catch up. Getting the best out of the Foulrain Formation The thing with Foulrain is you really need a Skaven Chieftain BSB (Compendium) nearby which allows all units in a bubble to re-roll 1's to hit. because even with Lord of War on your general stood nearby, the first Plagueclaw shooting (so hits on a 2+) you still roll a surprising amount of 1's over the course of a 5 game tournament. The problem with doing that is he costs 140pts, and also breaks your Pestilens allegiance, so then you have to take a minimum 180pts core tax of Clanrats (not to mention paint 30 clanrats in matching pestilens colors!) . The other way around this is Epidemius, who also buffs your save and wound rolls. The Skaven BSB cheiftain makes all skaven nearby immune to battleshock so buffs your Plague Monks as well which is nice. Epidemius buffs anything with the Nurgle keyword, and no range restrictions, which is also good. So really either one of these is essential, both which means you break your Pestilens allegiance. The formation means you wound on a 2+ but you also roll a surprising amount of 1's to wound as well. But this is where you can fix this issue inside Pestilens without breaking allegiance. You need the Plague Scrolls from the Plague Monks (once per game, you can pick a target within 13 and re-roll 1's to wound on that target unit for 1 turn) and you need the Plague Priests Plague Tome (once per game you can pick a target within 13 and re-roll ALL WOUNDS against them for 1 turn), Both of these have the drawback you need to be up close to use them, within 13, so they are best made use of with multiples , ideally multiple small units of plague monks, say 3 or 4 units of 10, spread out and multiple plague priests also spread out. Because of the short range, in the early turns one and two you might be better off putting the Furnace's prayer Bless with Filth onto one of the plagueclaws instead, although it's a bit of a waste compare to the defensive strength of Rabid Fever and only applies to one friendly unit and you have x3 plagueclaws, whereas the Plague Scroll and Plague Tomes apply to everything in your army for one turn. In short, you want to use those Plague Scrolls and Plague Tomes as auto targeting, think of them as requests for calling in an artillery strike, get them in close, set them off and boom, watch the Foulrain come down. Other than that it's about deploying them so they are all within 13" of the plague priest and trying to keep him in cover somewhere ideally where he can't be sniped. The biggest drawback with taking the formation is the points sink, I find I don't have enough points left to really take what I want to go and capture objectives, but I plan to keep playing it at 2k with full Pestilens allegiance for a while longer and see if I can work out a way to optimise it.
  11. looks like it's deathguard vs ultramarines. June 17th . could bode well for a Nurgle dual release for AOS
  12. dwarves look like they are getting the earth wind fire water treatment.
  13. I think the new 40k starter box might be death guard/nurgle vs space marines. Epidemius has been marked as sold out for a while now on the web store, and the rumour pic a while ago looked a bit nurgley. It's all pointing towards a dual AOS & 40k Nurgle month (hopefully). if it's not i'll eat my hat
  14. ah all good, found some pine bark nuggets =)
  15. a cheap way to buff them is put 3 plague priests behind them casting the Wither prayer. It's +1 to wound against a unit for an entire round of combat, and it stacks because it's a prayer. You can also use the Priests plague tome to get re-rolls to wound once per game against a unit. So with a Deamon hero of Nurgle nearby you can get them doing mortal wounds on a 3+ with re-rolls to wound. That turns them into a nasty little pain train. but its cheesey as, and I expect the stack with prayers will be outlawed or subject to rule of 1 when the next GHB drops.