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  1. I played in that 15 man tournie in Auckland this weekend. I was off my A game a bit as work commitments got in the way, I managed 1 major win, 1 minor win and 3 major losses. Think I finished about 10th overall after painting and hobby scores were applied. That brings my NZ run to an end as I head back to the UK on Wednesday. I'll be taking my Pestilens to WHW for GT heat 2 and SCGT so if you see me there come say hi. Other news I started a midweek gaming club on Monday nights @ The Roxy cinema in Miramar, Wellington with my friend Tim Kings Lynne. We play boardgames RPG's and tabletop wargames. The cinema is part owned by Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop) and Jamie Selkirk (Producer LOTR) and is just around the corner from the movie studios, so it's a pretty awesome art deco venue to have a gaming club in, with a great bar too , and we're very lucky the staff there have been supportive and allowed us to pitch up there on Mondays and roll some dice. Will post up some pics when I get a chance. Am flying home to the UK on Weds for 3 months for a break.. tbc..
  2. Nice, have you ever tried running your Shar'tor as a counts as Taur'uk Ben? So that you can have two on the table I mean? I want to try that when I get my stuff built up. Maybe we should organise some kind of official petition or contact to GW from all of us here on this thread and everyone on the Fbook group to petition to have the LOA keywords added to all the substitute warscrolls. We're over 300 members now on facebook , would be great if we could all mobilise that into some action as a community. *EDIT have started a post on the fbook group about this
  3. I've got a 16 man tournament in Auckland in 2 weeks time so will take photos/report on my progress. Then I've got GT heat 2 @ WHW and SCGT in April which I'm looking forward to, will be using the same list.
  4. I rarely come up against any shooting lists. Infact only one army I've played has been gunline.
  5. the only way to get a verminlord corruptor's and glottkin's c.ability working together is to take Archaon, I've thought about it in the past, it's a good call, you could get your monks with woe staves up to 8 attacks on. I just havent tried it out yet as my Glottkin is in the UK, but he'll be coming back to NZ with me in July I expect. The thing with Plaguemonks is you dont need to add fleshy abundance to them or make them -1 to hit, "why not?" I hear you cry! It's simple, you WANT them to die in combat. This is the point I was trying to make - if you buff them the right way and put 'Rabid Fever' on them from the Plague Furnace, and +1 attack from the VLCorruptor, they get to make an extra attack AND pile in move with one of their weapons when they die in combat (if they charged that turn that's x4 attacks each with their Foetid Blades with a re-roll to hit) , so for a unit of 10 getting wiped out, you are looking at 1 or 2 sixes for the mortal wound splashback, then 40 attacks back with re-rolls to hit. That's after they already did 40 attacks in their own combat phase. So that's 80 attacks in one turn if they all die. For a 70 points unit thats pretty good, I have learned to embrace them dying and look forward to it, infact I play for it now... I throw units into combat hoping they all die. I feel like its quite a fluffy way to play as well, that you have these fanatical suicidal monks chomping at the bit to die a glorious death for their religion! The only thing I don't like is when they die to shooting, that is the worst. Other than the 6+ ward save from the C.O.F formation, I still don't have an answer to that.
  6. some pics from a couple weeks ago @ OTT in Hamilton, NZ
  7. I came 2nd in a small narrative tournament a couple weeks ago with a 2k list. I've started using multiple small units now, and two furnaces. what I do is line up the small units of 10 monks in two layers to protect against the double turn, and keep 2 large units of 30 protected so they can't get charged. I then put inspiring presence and 'rabid fever' on the smaller units of 10, so if anyone attacks them, they get a free attack and pile in attack when they die (as well as causing mortal wounds back on a 6) . I find having two furnaces is insurance against one of them failing the 3+ roll. It's pretty rare both of them fail. It also helps to spam Crown of Conquest on some 12 wound heroes. I am doing this along with taking Virulent Procession, as I want to keep my Verminlord alive as long as possible, and I like having the extra artifacts I get with taking 3 formations and ward saves/re rolls to charge and my whole army is just 3 drops (I take 2x plague priests) . It allows me to dictate the game from early on which I like. I then keep back 260 points for summoning and try to summon some plague drones or a daemon prince of Nurgle and put mystic shield on it turn 1. its working quite well for me so far. I also experimented and tried using censer bearers screened by units of plaguebearers, but I think it's only worth it in a unit of 30 PB's , as the units of 10 die quite fast . It would be really good with the plaguesmog formation. The last thing I have to experiment with is using the compendium Skaven Chieftain with B. Standard along with some Plagueclaws, but for now I am going to stick with the winning formula. I am taking my Pestilens to SCGT & GT heat 2 @ WHW , and am hoping in the next few months we get an updated book, as we were one of the first ones to get released, so if they are doing it in order we should be right up there.
  8. If you search for threads on here I've written quite a lot about Pestilens tactics and results and stuff . I've played them for coming up a year now at tournaments. I also keep a blog here. I would say they are competitive in the hands of someone who knows how to use them correctly, but they are harder to get good results with than one of the 'new school' armies like Sylvaneth or a no brainer/simple tactics option like Clan Skyre They are a horde army so be prepared to take upwards of 100 monks, thats a big commitment right there in painting time, transport, game time etc
  9. Its Dwarves!
  10. 2017 Kicked off with Valleycon in the greater Wellington area, a large mixed system gaming convention with everything from Historical, FOW, Bolt Action through to Infinity Wars, Warmachine, LOTR, and of course AOS. Wellington is split into two wargaming clubs, one with a more historical focus and one with a more modern/younger patronship. Valleycon is the large annual event for the former. There were around 120 players there which is the largest it's ever been I think. AOS was well represented with 22 players, making it the largest AOS tournament to date in NZ I think, with some guys making the trek all the way down from Auckland to the current capital of Age of Sigmar in NZ. Timothy Lind aka @Tronhammer NZ and @Primez were involved in organising things and the excellent local GW Wellington manager Nathan Smith supplied some terrain from his private collection. The boards looked great and it was a really well organised day of gaming. A more detailed report can be found here http://regimentnz.blogspot.co.nz/ In the end I took a mixed Skaven force with Skyre and Pestilens and lost every single game and came last. I won't bother going into the reasons why or posting any long bat reps, suffice to say I sucked really really badly and it was a frustrating weekend. I had fun though and got to play some games and get involved which is good enough for me. I have a curse currently at the larger events where I cannot break my duck, I still haven't won a game yet in the larger competitive tournaments, and this was the 3rd 20+ one I have attended so far. I took some photos though so at least I managed something useful! BCR won in the end, with Sylvaneth and STE placing high also. Second tournament of the year was OTT organised again by Timothy Lind @Tronhammer NZ and was a little bit different and special. It was a no restrictions narrative event, with no allegiance or battlefield role restrictions. Games were standard scenarios from the GHB but with extra narrative layers added. This event is a regular on the calendar and is held by the Hamilton Immortals Wargaming Club who are a great club based just south of Auckland. We had about 10 people attend over the course of the wknd ranging from the reigning NZ champ right through to new players playing their first games . It was a great laid back weekend of gaming. James Page, reigning NZ No.1 and Hamilton Immortal club member achieved a perfect score of 5 Majors and 2k kill points for all 5 games with his Tomb Kings army, the first time that's been done in NZ by anybody. I managed to steal a 2nd place somewhat undeservedly, and got some painting awards too which was a nice touch. Next tournament is Equinox in Auckland in March, then I'm flying back to the UK to visit my family for 3 months and will be going to GT heat 2 @ WHW and SCGT in April, Will keep using the pure Pestilens allegiance. I'm up to over 40 games now with them, since last May/June, almost a year and still enjoying it, I just find the games are hard to complete in the allotted time because you have such a large army, so I am currently looking at ways of streamlining my play whilst still playing to the maximum ability. We have a good group growing in Wellington and are thinking about starting a club night soon. A slow grow grass roots league started recently too in Welly with 20 or so players organising games around each others houses. I am also organising a small weekend event in August which I will blog, at the Call to Arms weekender in Wellington.
  11. Kaleb - "as it was in the Tamurkhan as a Chaos dwarf army list item" I stand corrected! Just saw it in there! My bad! =) Can anyone think of good ways to keep the Hellcannon crew alive longer? Maybe screened /LOS blocked by something large like an Iron Daemon or a Dreadquake?
  12. I was involved from about 2006 onwards but left it last yr because they refused to give AOS it's own section on the forum, so I went and started my own Facebook group which has about 320 members so far. I rarely go back to CDO now.
  13. It was never in the Tamurkhan book? Pretty sure it wasn't...that was FW stuff only
  14. Skaarac was just a recycle of the old K'daai Destroyer model for Chaos Dwarves that never got released as it was mid-way through a re-design. I don't know about this guy's background but I did meet the designer who made him at the AOS open day. He said it was fun to sculpt some organic material by hand and combine it with some CAD for the hard edges/hard lines, so what you are seeing is probably a hybrid sculpt of hand sculpted work and Zbrush/CG that is 3d printed for the armour and hard bits. That's probably why it's a bit confusing aesthetically. I think the designers are slowly trying out new techniques and learning new ways to make minis. I think you have to look further than the mini's appearance at face value. With HH dominating FW they don't get to make a lot of stuff, the best way to see more come from them is to support them with your wallet, the more they sell the more they will put resources into AOS.
  15. nope, not mentioned back them, just a new Khorgorath kit which was mentioned last summer coming from GW. I'd imagine they will go through all the existing ones and update them though, what was the first one out? Must've been STE right? Seraphon and Pestilens were pretty early on? Wasnt it something like this...correct me if I'm wrong Stormcast Khorne BB Seraphon Pestilens FLE Courts Everchosen Extremis Chambers BCR Sylvaneth