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  1. Aiden's Thoughts: Maggotkin of Nurgle

    yh the arch warlock on BW is a very good shout
  2. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Yeah you're probably right, looking at Virulent Procession the d3 mortal wounds only goes off on a 4+ , but it's to every unit around it, which is quite nice. If you did that + the Demon spell which subtracts -1 from saves, to hits and to wounds you could really wear down something quite well. Putting Gift of Contagion on the Corruptor to let him heal back wounds on a 4+ is good too. Can def see a more survivable Corruptor based list in there, but to be honest I think the best lists probably lie in Generic Nurgle with Pestilens allied in. The biggest problem for me with Pestilens before was dealing with the support characters and the movement and lack of save, but if you can keep the dial ticking over on 6 using the Foul Regen spell , those anti horde support characters or teleporters would be gone in a turn or two hopefully. If you could add in Bloab to a list, it would really help, but he's not got the demon keyword. Lord of Afflictions has though which could be useful with Plague Drones. PLague Drones dropping to 200 for 3 would probably replace my Plague Toads in the list, taking 6 as allies to fill up the 400pts slot. You just really need to get Blades of Putrefaction in there somewhere, but sadly it's only available to Mortal Nurgle Wizards & Rotbringers. It's not reliable enough to try and take out the support characters with the d3 Corruption Wheel wounds per turn just on it's own, you really need something like a Rotbringers Sorceror on a BW vortex doing the Buboes spell + Arcane bolt + the d3 wounds from the Wheel of Corruption to get off in one turn to really guarantee something like a Gaunt Summoner dies. The strength of the book so far for me has been in the multiple small AOE spells, and the debuffs, things like the -4 bravery stack, or the -4 to hit with shooting stack and you can get up to a -4 to save stack as well I think though it's pretty hard / improbable. Nurgles Nail is also one of the coolest artifacts, I absolutely LOVE it.
  3. rolling for random number of attacks generated, and prayers stacking

    thanks mate, yeah I'm not talking about the Great Plagues as they technically aren't prayers, I'm talking about the 2 -3 Prayers you choose from to cast from the Priest's or Furnace's to trigger them. It wouldn't make sense if you could only roll two or three prayers per turn as you'd never get a GP off. It was just someone said Prayers had been FAQ'd, but they haven't to my knowledge.
  4. rolling for random number of attacks generated, and prayers stacking

    ah ok cool thanks, got it Yeah the prayer thing was weird, because they just released a whole Battle Trait of prayers in GHB'17 for Pestilens that rely on spamming them. I've not seen it written anywhere that you can't.
  5. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    But on all the other warscrolls in AoS for all the other units who can appear, it specifically states, this counts as their move for this turn. On these abilities it doesn't. So I'd assume they can based off that. Bringing them on at the end of the phase just means you have to do all your other moves first. That's how I perceive it anyway.
  6. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    One thing I've noticed in quite a few places, it says ' at the end of the movement phase , you can set this unit up ....blah blah... " but it doesnt actually say, this counts as it's move for the turn. So I'm then assuming it gets a move and charge. Its on the Gutrot Spume ability and also the Affliction Cyst Battalion. Pretty cool if so, especially with a run + charge tree nearby and the +2 movement nurgle trait.
  7. A couple of people said this had been FAQ'd at the weekend, but I couldn't find it anywhere, they were saying you roll once for all the models in the unit, and use that as a multiplier. ie Skyfire's Discs attacks do d3 attacks each, so roll once for the whole unit. Can anyone show me where it's written? Also someone was saying Prayers have been FAQ'd so they can't stack, but It's the first I've heard of it? And again can't see it in the FAQ? thanks in advance =)
  8. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Yeah so the idea I had was to use the Verminlord, and possibly use the big formation Virulent Procession as a 1 drop army, and make the scenery do d3 mortal wounds, and then put it on the nurgle tree's, so they are doing d3+1 mortal wounds a turn to anything that comes near them, obviously put them over objectives etc, and then summon a lot of stuff in too late game. I think it could work quite well as you can keep healing wounds back on the Verminlord and make him more or less unkillable and take some large blocks of PM's with the 6+ ward save, and it's a one drop army.
  9. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I did pretty rubbish in the end at the GT heat one at the weekend, two major wins and three losses. I also forgot my general / plague furnace but one of the guys up there lent me one. I had two games against Tzeentch I almost threw away because I didn't know what the army did well enough, and also just played really badly. I've not played much over the last year so was a bit out of practice and out of the loop on what the latest armies do and stuff. And my list was really broken too which didn't help. I took 12 plague toads as I wanted a big unit that could hold stuff up, but in the end it was way overkill, 6 would've probably been enough I think. I also changed my list at the last minute from 7 drops, to 12, and then the first 3 games I played were all 8 drop armies. Looking at the current Stormcast pew pew and Tzeentch / Gaunt Summoner meta, I think I missed the 6+ ward save from the Congregation of Filth pretty badly. If I'd had that, then my army would've been 7 or less drops and I think I would've done better. I changed it because I heard an interview with someone saying 'if your army isn't 2 or 3 drops, then it doesn't matter how many you take" in hindsight I would tend to disagree with this idea, I think anywhere between 1-7 is still worth doing if you can. The main thing I came away with was that the army needed a way to deal with the small 5 wound support characters like the Gaunt Summoner etc from range as he was just deleting my large units of 40 in one go and having a field day. Either a warlock on a BW Vortex or some Jezzails or something like that. I'm looking at combining some Nurgle stuff in now that the book is out. I'm still working out combo's but a sorceror on a BW Vortex is looking like an auto include. The Lord of Blights can make a unit of more than 20 Plague Monks -2 to hit with shooting and -1 to hit in combat which is really good anti shooting, if you want to just sit a large block ontop of an objective in one of those scenarios where you only need a unit of 20+ within 6 inches to score. The spell Blades of Putrefaction will be absolutely devastating on a unit, it allows you to do mortal wounds when you roll 6's to hit on a unit. so imagine it on a unit of 20 foetid blade plague monks, (with +2 attacks )one for charging and one for the corruptor's or glottkin's command ability, and with rabid fever on them, you're looking at something like 25 mortal wounds done for 140pts. Glottkin's command ability is also really good. The trouble is trying to fit it all into a 1 or 2 drop list, it's almost impossible, and without that, you are always going to get the odd bad matchup against one drop lists. Question here for you, I'm also wondering if you can keep Pestilens keyword allegiance, so that your plague monks stay as battleline but choose Nurgle allegiance for the command traits and battle traits/artifacts and spells? Anyone know if (when your entire army is Pestilens keyword), will Plague Monks loose battleline if you choose Nurgle Allegiance? I'm guessing they don't right? As with the Grand alliances you can choose allegiances?
  10. Pusgoyle Blightlords: Round up or down for bell weapon?

    I thought it was 220 for 2?
  11. Pusgoyle Blightlords: Round up or down for bell weapon?

    they come in units of 2, so you wouldn't ever get a situation where you have 3 anyway, unless you were fielding an under strength unit
  12. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    Here's a rules question for people, can Plague Wind resurrect dead models from a unit? So could it be used on a unit of plague monks to bring back dead models? Or is it just for healing multi wound models like behemoths and heroes etc?
  13. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    and thanks Chris, that was awesome to read, best review I've seen so far
  14. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    yeah but what Grandfather taketh with one hand, he giveth with the t'other. It seems you can still rock Pestilens and get some great buffs via allies... The Bell on the new GUO solves all Pestilens movement problems by giving +3 to move, and he can keep up with them for a few turns too (as it works on himself I'd imagine). And he gives Pestilens some much needed extra magic and healing boosts (plague winds works on anything Nurgle Keyword). So that's your allies slot taken up right there...not sure you'd need to summon stuff anymore to be honest. With either Plague Toads or a GUO as your two best allies options, I really don't see the need to summon anything anymore except for cheeky situational objective grabs, which will become less necessary now anyway. I think allying in a GUO to Pestilens is going to become so so powerful now, it turns your battleline into movement 9, bravery 14, 40 wounds for 240pts, yes pls.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    not judging by the NZ site we aren't