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  1. The battalion requires a Clawlord, not a CLAWLORD. The difference being that it requires the unit named 'Clawlord' and not a unit with the keyword CLAWLORD. It's not in capitals and bold, so it's referring to the unit rather than the keyword. So no, you cannot use the Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror in Claw-Horde.
  2. Best way to use the Deathmaster is to have the unit he pops out of base locking (2 or more models in base to base contact with) the target, then place the Deathmaster 2.9" away from the target. That way, you can (hopefully) wait until the target has activated and they will more than likely not be able to hit the Deathmaster, then activate ol' sneaky boi and have him pile in and bop the target.
  3. Yes you can cast Death Frenzy and Dreaded Death Frenzy on the same unit and each model can pile in and attack twice when they are slain. Pretty sure it's the Khorne FAQ that confirms this.
  4. No. You get a triumph if your points total is lower than your opponent's. You get a command point for every 50 points you don't spend on units. They are separate rules and both will be in effect. e.g. If your list is 1900 points and your opponent's in 1940, you will get 2 CP and roll on the triumph table, your opponent will get 1CP.
  5. Black Comet Radio Notorious AoS Doom and Darkness & AoS Coach on Youtube
  6. Correct. Only one unit can go through a gnawhole per turn.
  7. Warpseer and Deceiver should probably swap points. Warpseer would still be amazing at 300 points. Wouldn't surprise me if Plague Monks go up. Hopefully Stormvermin come down in cost to make them worth taking. I really hope there aren't many changes. Judging by the very small FAQ, GW seem to think they have gotten things right with this battletome. I am inclined to agree for the most part,
  8. He actually fits quite well on a 90mm once he is on there
  9. You would have to re-roll all four dice. It comes into play for spell casting too, whenever it refers to casting something on a visible unit. If your Verminlord is significantly shorter than the official model you can gain an unfair advantage by being able to hide behind things that a standard Verminlord could not. Doing this deliberately is called modelling for advantage. I'm not saying you're doing this deliberately, but some opponents may take issue with it.
  10. They are still really good, they've just lost their cheese factor. Personally I think that's better for the game on the whole. The key to using them (and most Skaven units) is target priority. Have them tunnel up near your opponent's weak point and they will have to do something about it.
  11. Just make sure he's about the same height as a current Verminlord for line of sight purposes and you're golden
  12. Stormfiends or Acolytes can be battleline if everything in the army is Clans Skryre (Clanrats are not Clans Skryre). The only exception is that the general can be Masterclan.
  13. It's over 50% off the NZ retail price. I think Dark Sphere are even cheaper, but I have heard Element Games are more reliable.
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