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  1. Yeah but it was a one off buy so not that bad Ahh thanks so some cool little tricks and combos to be had with them
  2. So are acolytes worth taking now in a big unit (I have 30 of the metal ones ) ?
  3. This is my deathriders that I'm taking over blood and glory in two weeks time I don't realy know how well I will do but I will try and remember to post how I did
  4. I run 2 furnaces in my list I find having 2 radbid fevers super useful I know some people think running 2 is not great but each to there own
  5. Just use the model as a priest that's what I've done with mine as he is a cool model
  6. I've been using brokk he's really good I've been very surprised with him
  7. What in your zilfin ironclad list I'm trying to come up with a duel clad list myself but can't settle on a list I like
  8. Spot on dude well said seeing the art work for this warband got me hyped to play and paint my ko
  9. I like it something a bit diffract magic like you say might be a issue but also like you say you hit hard so it might not be a issue
  10. Hey I would be interested in the following monunted knight of shrouds guardan of souls chainrasp horde if you wanted to split there the only bits I need I get paid on Friday
  11. Thanks for the imput semi competitive is kind of what I want
  12. Ahhh so it's not a great formation then shame
  13. This is list is illegal I'm sorry to say you need the caln skyre battalion to use the engine covens and arch warlock
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