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  1. It doesn't seem fair to me that 40k and Fantasy Battles get all the video games. If you were to make an AoS video game what would it be like? I think a Dragon Age style game with the Order of Azyr would be fun. Or a Dynasty Warriors hack and slash style.
  2. It doesn't seem fair to me that 40k and Fantasy Battles get all the video games. If you were to make an AoS video game what would it be like? I think a Dragon Age style game with the Order of Azyr would be fun. Or a Dynasty Warriors hack and slash style game.
  3. I think I have about that much in Blades of Khorne/Slaves to Darkness
  4. Hey! I'm interested in your Vanguard minis + the arcanum on gryph charger. If you're willing to split
  5. I don't think it's just Nurgle, this is from the Bloodbound Battletome "Khorne’s dominion over the Mortal Realms is so great that any can fall to this Red Baptism, be they devoted worshipper of Khorne, simple tribesman or noble and pure-hearted knight. Even those who fought furiously against Khorne’s monstrous servants just hours before can find themselves suddenly transformed. Some say that the very blood shed by these chosen flows and congeals at that moment, scabbing into the thick, heavy plates of the Blood Warrior’s armour before becoming brass and iron. Others claim that, even after his Red Baptism, a Blood Warrior’s armour will continue to bleed when struck, as though it were a living part of his own body" Also, one could argue that Sigmar's choosing may be unwilling. Just because we assume that the Stormcast were all loyal Sigmarites before reforging doesn't necessarily mean they were. Tornus the Redeemed was most likely a devout of Alerielle as a human. What's to stop the storm god from taking the soul of a redeemable vampire? Or a cultist that grew up knowing only the dominion of tzeentch, but used his magic/blessings to improve the station of his people? These people didn't *choose* Sigmar at first.
  6. Hey all, looking at putting together a 1000 point list, starting with the start collecting box. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for me. Also, do Wanderers and/or Daughters of Khaine make for good allies? Thank you!
  7. Here are my ideas for rules to a Krell/Mortarch Kit conversion I'm thinking of. What do you guys think? OP? or Okay?
  8. So I'm looking to get into vampires and I had an idea for a list based on the thought of a vamp lord's hunting party 2 Vampire lords on Nightmare 2 units of five blood knights two units of five dire wolves 1 unit of either bat swarms or fell bats soulsnare shackles quicksilver swords 1000/1000 Any thoughts on whether I should take this list as soulblight or LoB? What artifacts/traits/spells? Fell bats or Bat swarms?
  9. This is wonderful, awesome conversions too, btw
  10. As the Kastellan drew closer his witch sight began to make out the arcane warding that pervaded the place, and had sealed the ancient tomb shut. There was the symbol of rest. There the glyph of containment. Nine runes of binding glowed faintly around the dais that the tomb rested upon. Senechal Konstantine reached out to the traces of magic, seeking to discover their creator. The weaving of magic was subtle, but had an unmistakable flair. Their author was not a humble spell weaver, no there was power there. There was confidence, pride. The vampire drew his conscious back with a start. Neferata, Queen of Lies and Mortarch of Blood. Whatever lay at rest in this box, the Tyrant of Nulahmia herself had sealed away. The Kastellan proceeded up the onyx steps of the dais with caution, his muscles taunt in expectation. Finally he stood over the Iron-Bound coffin. What could have been so terrible that Neferata herself had seen fit to seal it away? Why would Arkhan want it released? Konstitine shook his head, it did not matter. Arkhan had commanded Konstintine would obey. The Kastellan gathered himself, and set to work unbinding the myriad spells. The vampire's brow furrowed, he felt his mind strain to the breaking point at the extreme difficulty in unweaving such a masterful tapestry of magic. Finally he could take no more, Konstintine stumbled and caught himself on the edge of the tomb. A chill jolted up his arm, Konstintine tried to recoil and found himself stuck in place. The air in the crypt began to move, slowly at first but soon whipped into a fierce gale. The howling wind sounded like the screams of damned souls. The seals Konstintine had been working so hard to dispel flared in strain and the tomb beneath him began to shudder. The Vampire pulled back with all of his unnatural might in a desperate attempt to free himself from whatever trap he had fallen into but he could not. Pain erupted up his arm as a shock of black lightning ripped up his trapped limb, burning the flesh away. Beneath Konstintine the tomb exploded in a blast of magical energy, flinging the wounded vampire across across the barrow. The Kastellan crashed against the rough stone wall with a groan, weakly raising his head to gaze upon the terror he had unleashed. Gazing down back at him, framed in the unnatural glow of wraith fire was a towing wight clad in tarnished baroque maroon and gold plate armor emblazoned with the symbols of death. Upon the wight's skull sat a massive horned helm with a bristling red plume. I am Krell. Lord of Undeath and Mortarch of Despair. The skull of this Krell did not move yet his commanding voice echoed throughout the barrow mound, originating from nowhere and seemingly sounding from every corner of existence. Konstintine scrambled to his feet, and simply stood, mouth agape at the thing in front of him. Krell. He had never heard of any Krell. Then again, he had never paid much attention at all to the hundreds of thousands of deathrattle empires that the wight kings rule over. And yet this Krell had named himself a Mortarch, no mere petty potentate, an equal to Konstintine's master, and to his jailer Queen Neferata herself. Such a thing seemed impossible. That this Krell could be amongst the vaunted Deathlords and for a right hand of Arkhan the most foremost of their number to know nothing of him... It made no sense. Finally sense returned to the bewildered vampire. Konstintine was wounded, exhausted and in no shape to duel with this Krell who may or may have been a mortarch, but whose aura of immense power was palpable in the air. With this in mind, the vampire knelt in the dirt before the massive skeleton. “Hail Krell,” he addressed the wight “Allow me to introduce myself, your lordship. I am Konstintine of House Tervyrn, Kastellan of the Knightly Order of the Blood Wolf. I am here on the orders of his holiness Arkhan, the Mortarch of the Sacrament.” I care little for you name. What is your purpose in releasing me? Speak. “I am afraid I do not know, your lordship. I know only that my master asked me to.” Take me to him, leech. “Pardon me?” Konstintine responded in surprise. Temporarily losing his veneer of polite obedience he stood definitely and sneered “One does not simply demand an audience with my master, wight.” The Kastellan realized his mistake immediately. The wind in the chamber began to howl again, wraith light blazed in Krell's eyes, black lightning cracked through the air blasting holes into the stone. The wight lifted a massive black bladed ax in one hand and began to walk towards Konstintine at a deathly slow pace. I am Krell the Lord of Undeath, and Mortarch of despair. I will be obeyed. Take me to Arkhan or I will destroy you and seek him out myself. “My apologies, your lordship. Please allow me to redeem myself.” Konstintine fell back to his knees “I can lead you to my master, your lordship. Please.” Krell's pace never faltered, the heavy clank of his antique plate heralded each deliberate step. “Your lordship, I swear to you, I will take you to Arkhan directly. Only I know of his location with any certainty, I beseech you, listen to me.” Krell continued his march all the way past the trembling Vampire and into the tunnel leading into the starless night. Come, miserable leech, lead me to Arkhan the Black. Konstintine sucked his teeth. Hate burned through every fiber of his being. Krell was too strong for him to duel outright, but perhaps he could lead the wight into ruin. Thus he is most the master when playing the slave. Yes. This is what he was doing. And it was a brave thing, surely, to plot and attempt the betrayal of such a mighty being. Yes. He was brave, and he was in control of the situation.
  11. I have been contemplating an all Skink Seraphon army. (This includes dinos with skinks on them) Strating at 1000 points and moving up from there to 2000. What do you guys think? Any list suggestions?
  12. Hello! I'm thinking about converting some stormcast to Chaos in order to proxy as chosen. Has anyone done this successfully? If so how/ What was your process? Will GW stores let me use them? Seeing as they are GW models. Just... Re-purposed. (This isn't a deal breaker for me, I rarely play at GW stores)
  13. Oh man, I love the idea of making a chaos ship. Any suggestions on where I should look at buying boats to convert?
  14. Okay, here is what my brother and I have so far, and feel free to give whatever feed back comes to mind. Let me know if something stinks in the state of DenMaw. Allegiance Abilities Gutbuster charge: when a GUTBUSTER unit completes a charge, roll a D6 for every enemy unit within 1". On a 4+ that unit suffers a Mortal Wound. If the enemy unit has 10+ models it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead. Hunger Driven Hordes In each of your Hero Phases roll a D6 1-2: Starving Masses, each GUTBUSTER unit in your army may move D6 inches towards the enemy as if it were the Movement Phase. This may not be used to Retreat or Run. 3-4: Savor Each Bite, when a Model in a GUTBUSTER unit kills a model in an enemy unit the GUTBUSTER unit does not have to take battleshock that turn, 5-6: Stuff it in Your Maw, when a model in a GUTBUSTER unit kills an enemy model roll a D6 on a roll of 6+ the GUTBUSTER unit heals D3 wounds Artifacts: Spoils of the Raids Leftovers Once per battle your GUTBUSTER HERO may choose to consume leftover food from its last raid. Roll a D6 6+ heal D6 wounds 3+ heal D3 wounds 2 your HERO forgot that it already ate all the food, nothing happens on a roll of 1 your HERO ate some bad meat and suffers a Mortal Wound Necklace of Shiny Things Often Gutbusters will loot the dead of those they've slain, many collect the shiny talismans around the necks of heroes they've slain. Chaos amulets, Sigmarite Pendents, Necromantic Sigals, and Amber figurines of the Lady of Life all jangle together about the wide neck of many an ogor hero. Unwittingly cobbling together a formidable shield against many magics. a GUTBUSTER HERO can unbind spells as if it were a Priest or Wizard, if it can already unbind a spell, add 2 the the Unbind roll. additionally: when this HERO is targeted by any spell (hostile or friendly) roll a D6 and on a 4+ the effects of the spell is negated. Enchanted Gut Plate subtract 1 to hit rolls targeting this model Tyrant Blade add 1 to rend characteristic of one of this models melee weapons Banner of the Over-Tyrant all DESTRUCTION models within 6" of this model may us its Bravery Characteristic rather than their own. the range of this ability is doubled to 12" if this model did not move in your previous movement phase Prized Cleaver choose one of this models melee weapons to be a prized cleaver on a to wound roll of 6+ deal a mortal wound in addition to any other wounds done Command Traits/Masters of the Nomadic Feasts A Finely Groomed Mustache you can reroll the Hungry Driven Hordes table Grott Collector add 1 to the to Hit and to Wound rolls of GUTBUSTER GROT units within 6" of this model Student of the GorkaMaw add 1 to the attacks and Bravery Characteristics of this model. Additionally any GUTBUSTER unit that fails a battleshock test within 6" of this model can reroll Student of the MorkaMaw add 2 to the result of Run and Charge rolls, also add two to the movement characteristic of this model when retreating. Additionally this model can retreat and charge in the same turn. Big Bellied Bully Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of this model Widely Renowned This model may roll on the Big Names table as if it were a Tyrant. If this model is a Tyrant, it may roll twice and take both names. Hope you guys like it! If not let me know what's wrong!
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