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  1. Don't know if this is the correct place to ask this or not, but how the hell do you transport skarrbrand and 2 bloodthirsters safely? Anyone got any recommendations so they don't break
  2. Need a good 1250 list for next week, throw your ideas my way
  3. The terrain piece for ogors is going to be a cauldron filled with meat, mark my words
  4. Should I get an Ironclad or 2 frigates? New to the army
  5. anyone have good ideas for Hag queen conversions as I don't fancy buying more cauldron kits just to get 3 of them?
  6. Are there actually any rumours for anything coming in Sigmar besides STD? Seems to have gotten quiet on the old Sigmar rumours! We know what's coming for 40K, got Imperial Fists basically confirmed for June/July (Online and been told from multiple sources in person who would know this info) So I guess the question is, whats next for Sigmar? Sylvaneth presumably since they're featuring in the new box set by the looks of it with gloomspite! I think Ironjawz or Ogors are extremely likely this year too
  7. So what should I build my first 20 Vulkites and my 10 Hearthguard with do you think?
  8. So is Runefather still going to be the dos suitable for the magmadroth or do you think one of the other two might be better now?
  9. so what weapon we thinking o hearth guard bezerkers now?
  10. I think Hearthguard are going to be the core of a lot of lists going forward they're ridiculous now
  11. Praying for that daemon keyword on our skullcrushers 🤞🏻
  12. A lot more durable too which helps a lot imo
  13. Considered maybe dropping 10 ghouls, geminids and cart for a Mortis Engine for a fast moving larger casting bonus and more mortal wounds?
  14. Hey, I have a Carrion Empire set, simply wanting to swap the FEC half for the Skaven half
  15. And here we all were saying they forgot all about us haha
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