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  1. I always find these fun to do and get insight from other players and their local metas, the title says it all, what armies would you rank in each tier?
  2. In a pyrofane Cult with the Kairic battalion what unit sizes would you use for it in your opinion?
  3. Big haha to the guy who called me an idiot when I said they’d change Chaos warriors to one weapon option in the FAQ 😅
  4. my one complaint with the Slaves to Darkness book was that I found the magic side to be unreliable and it was the one playstyle I wanted to play, the more I look at this book the more I’m tempted just to play my Slaves army as a Tzeentch allegiance, maybe with a couple Disciples of Tzeentch units sprinkled in! there’s some serious magic power in the Slaves book and with the reliability of Tzeentch I think it could be a real power house army I’m still really unsure with how I want to play this book, Changehost will probably be the best pick but I think there’s quite a lot of viable fun options in the book
  5. Follow up, anyone going to experiment with any STD units in your army? Personally thinking of giving the Sorceror on Manticore a try as the spell is nuts on it, also will be taking the endless spell that does more mortal wounds with more sorcerers nearby on him
  6. Personally I think this is one of the more interesting battletomes we’ve had in a while, Tzeentch seems strong, not broken strong (Yes this is a good thing, shock!) Personally really excited to try out the Summoners at the some point when I have the spare cash to get another 2 LoC, but for now I’m looking forward to trying the Acolyte subfaction as any excuse to finally get more acolytes out is a good excuse
  7. People complaining that a book is not top tier without playing them yet? Yep, it's another battletome release 😂Pretty sure everyone who complains that a book is bad before playing has never seen a top table in their life anyways, at the end of the day, this hobby is supposed to be fun, it's a game of toy soldiers at the end of the day yet I see more salt than any other hobby
  8. Do all heroes gain access to the command abilities in the BOK factions, so could a non-general demon use the command ability from Reapers of Vengeance?
  9. I’m still stuck on whether I should run my marauders in 20s or 40s, what do you guys think?
  10. Getting back on topic... what do people think would make a good 1K list?
  11. Which weapon option do people think is the best for Varanguard?
  12. Don't know if this is the correct place to ask this or not, but how the hell do you transport skarrbrand and 2 bloodthirsters safely? Anyone got any recommendations so they don't break
  13. Need a good 1250 list for next week, throw your ideas my way
  14. The terrain piece for ogors is going to be a cauldron filled with meat, mark my words
  15. Should I get an Ironclad or 2 frigates? New to the army
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