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  1. I’m glad the Bonegrinder got an update but you’d never take him over Mancrushers or a secondary Mega, shame
  2. Honestly, super disappointed with some of these rules, hopefully the actual allegiance abilities etc help
  3. Yeah this is what i mean, something a bit more than a typical army list that you usually have as army lists will usually just have the names of spells and stuff but not their casting costs and what they do etc. So just allowing for your opponent to always be knowing what exactly is going on and not just hearing names of stuff being spoken and having to 100% remember it all
  4. I would actually be all for a basic cheat sheet being mandatory to give to your opponent on the basic stuff in your list like spells you have given, command traits etc and honestly its what I plan to do. I won't put the entire warscroll on them because at the end of the day it is up to them to learn what stuff does at a basic level but I will always answer questions they have on units
  5. I agree from what I’ve seen so far on there maybe being too much going on, you only need to look at all the warscrolls to see that. I’m playing against them soon so hopefully that will help me decide if it’s an army I want to play with friends or not
  6. In fairness the main two people I’ve heard this from I sat and witnessed the games myself and the main problem was Teclis and the Sentinels, also the veil lady, forget her name. They felt the army was a tad uninteractive?
  7. Do you guys think it’s a good time to start Lumineth or wait a little bit for FAQs and future point changes? I’ve seen a significant amount of people saying Lumineth aren’t a fun army to face, kinda scared my opponents won’t have fun, what have been your experiences so far with opponents?
  8. How do you guys feel about the play experience of Lumineth so far? Myself and a couple friends have had a game or two against them and they honestly are kinda just super unfun to play against, they just seem to perhaps have a bit too much going on and so many ways to shut stuff down
  9. Ok, can confirm the points are true, we got done dirty
  10. Don’t lose hope yet, the “leaked” list is missing Skullreapers from them, so either GW didn’t check or it’s fake
  11. Anyone got a good 1K list they could recommend?
  12. Hi guys, new to BoC! What are the best units to summon with Primordial Call?
  13. I always find these fun to do and get insight from other players and their local metas, the title says it all, what armies would you rank in each tier?
  14. In a pyrofane Cult with the Kairic battalion what unit sizes would you use for it in your opinion?
  15. Big haha to the guy who called me an idiot when I said they’d change Chaos warriors to one weapon option in the FAQ 😅
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