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  1. Honestly, the queue is probably in place more to stop people from unintentionally DDOSing the website than to stop scalpers/bots. If implementing such a limited control puts more boxes in the hands of “legitimate” customers versus the secondary market, it’s a happy side-effect. I waited in queue for maybe 20 minutes, and had no trouble getting my two boxes, it was a pretty minimal time investment for me.
  2. For folks in other US Timezones, the whole US goes up at 10AM PST, so 11 Mountain, Noon Central, and 1 Eastern. If you live in Hawaii, you should be on the beach and not inside painting toy soldiers.
  3. Only a matter of time before GW starts running spectral chromatography on our models to make sure we're only using Citadel paints.
  4. Maybe they’ve added him to all the destruction army rosters in the GHB.
  5. Core book has its own Matched Play battlepack, plus the new narrative play rules.
  6. Yndrasta, the Anihilators, and the Knight-Vexillor are all on one sprue, as are the Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, Murknob, and Boltboyz. These will probably be dropped from the starter sets and sold as Webstore-exclusive sets at a big markup, like the command frames from Indomitus. I’d bet on the following starters: $40 Starter with the Knight-Incantor, 5 Vindictors, Killaboss with Stab-grot, and 10 Gutrippaz. $90 Starter with the Lord-Imperatant, 5 Vindictors, 3 Praetors, Swampcalla Shaman with Pot-Grot, 10 Gutrippaz, and 10 Hobgrots. $160 Starter with the same minis as th
  7. Most factions would have a hard time making lists that don't fit inside 1-3 battalions. Sons of Behemat might have trouble, because they don't have non-behemoth commanders. The only other lists I can think of that don't easily fit in Battalions are lists that spam big mounted commanders (good riddance, tbh).
  8. I don’t think anyone was using tripcodes or anything in the verified leak. I’d take the massive 3-year plan leak with a grain of salt.
  9. No time to game right now, because I'm preparing for a professional certification exam, but I'll have a couple weeks before the new edition to put some work into my Necrons project. Mostly taking a casual approach so I don't burn out before the Dominion box comes out.
  10. Commanders don't have to be 10+, sub commanders just can't be 10+. Just so you can't stuff three Ghoul Kings on Beasties into one battalion.
  11. Two artillery and a commander is a pretty significant tax to pay for that.
  12. I mean we only just got the new Flayed Ones and Heavy Intercessors outside of the overpriced Kill Team expansion.
  13. He's got the same save as the Killaboss on Foot with Skareshield, who's similarly moderately armored. They have the same save as the much better armored Megaboss, but the Megaboss doesn't have a shield. I'm fine with chalking it up to +1 for Orkiness.
  14. GW preorders go up on the 19th, the release date is July 3rd.
  15. I'm not super worried about the Swampcaller. I think his Boggy Mist spell is really only going to be run in a Kruelboyz allegiance army, while a Big Waagh army is probably going to mostly use him to pass poison to ranged units. I guess, even in Kruelboyz, the Boggy Mist would hurt Hobgrots and any other non-Orruk units the faction gets, which could be a factor if we get rumored Hobgrot Cavalry or any standalone Troggoth units. Still, the player should be able to tell pretty well if they're going to have any important charges with units that would be negatively affected, and can choose to use t
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