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  1. Re I think it's more likely they're just holding back for a bunch of articles next week leading up to a preorder on the 28th.
  2. I don't think the KB roster is small, but it's definitely lopsided toward (assumedly) expensive monster-mounted heroes that are going to be competing for limited roster slots and points. They're definitely missing roles in their army, which isn't uncommon in AoS, but the army as a whole feels like it's one unit shy of being a nice, complete force.
  3. Your system makes sense, but in America we start the week on Monday, because hundreds of bald eagles gave their lives to preserve our freedom to do so.
  4. I mean, I'm unironically in favor of the community ignoring copyright and seizing the means of rules production.
  5. Obviously, purely digital rules would be ideal for maintaining balance, but GW has been actively moving in the opposite direction, with none of the 3.0 warscrolls being available online for free yet. Since the alternative to rules updates in White Dwarf seems to be rules updates in Battletomes or Broken Realms-style supplements, I'd rather pay $9 for an update in White Dwarf than wait 3-4 years for a $40-50 hardback.
  6. I don't think it's unfair for OWC players to be disappointed by this week's article. It's supposed to be the first big preview of the battletome to get people excited, and they previewed a grab-bag of underwhelming filler abilities. We got a single-die reroll on ranged attacks, two different situational -1 to hit abilites, a very situational -1 to wound ability, and a Big Waaagh! ability that looks weaker than in 2.0 (though Waaagh! points have probably been changed, so it's impossible to say). The Stormcast article gave much more to be excited about by contrast. Like I've said, I think extrapolating from one disappointing article to say the whole battletome is bad is a little melodramatic, especially since we haven't really seen the core allegiance abilities for any of the OWC factions. But I understand the emotional arc that led people where they are. Honestly, I think the way GW rules previews work is extremely counterproductive. I'd appreciate it much more if they just showed whole allegiance abilities and warscrolls at once instead of handing out little snippets that provoke waves of premature nerd-rage when taken out of context. I don't know if they do things this way because they're afraid people will use full-context rules previews as bootleg battletomes, or if some marketing suit decided that it creates more "engagement", but every battletome preview causes the same cycle of drama, and it's gotten tiresome.
  7. It doesn't help that the rules previewed are completely different in scope. Kruleboyz got a couple subfaction abilities and a couple enhancements, while Stormcast got major allegiance abilities and what's probably the main ability of an expensive centerpiece unit. If they revealed the Sludgeraker's major poison buff, and some sort of shenanigans ambush deployment for the Kruleboyz, then revealed that Astral Templars get +1 to Wound vs. Monsters and a new mount trait for Stormcast, we'd likely be having the opposite conversation.
  8. I'm not sure I buy into the "sin guy/bin guy" meme anyway, but it seems absurdly premature to judge the whole battletome from the fragments that GW drops. Kruleboyz' mortal wounds on everything allegiance ability is strong, and there are probably allegiance abilities we haven't seen in addition to that, so it makes sense that their subfaction abilities might not be wildly powerful.
  9. I'm still holding out hope for multipart Vindictors, else I'm going to have to convert a whole lot of standard bearers.
  10. I was joking in that post, but honestly never knew that Europeans start their calendar weeks on Monday instead of Sunday.
  11. The GW article on TOW has a date marked on it's calendar. It shows a 30 day month that starts on a Tuesday with the 23rd marked. The only days through 2025 that fulfil these criteria are November 23rd, 2022, and April 23rd, 2025, giving us an optimistic release date and a pessimistic one. Unless one is silly enough to believe that GW would just create a stock asset showing a general release date with no deeper meaning.
  12. The spear is obviously Kruleboyz, but could just be an option in the multipart Gutrippaz we haven't seen yet. The bit of metal the vulture is perched on looks a lot like the spikes on the Boltboyz and vultures definitely follow given the new releases, but it's less certain than the spear by a good margin, could easily be Ogors, or a bit of scenery in Chaos or Death. They feel like scenery flourish on a big centerpiece model, which we already have two of for Kruleboyz, so I doubt there's another big monster waiting. Maybe we get a Kruleboyz falconer hero, or get the vultures as a gryphhound style beast, but I'm not as confident that these are Kruleboyz. The arrows feel like a big reach, and wouldn't be out of place in any number of factions. The binding on the arrows looks very destruction, but doesn't match the fletching on the Boltboyz. My first guess would be some kind of Ogor unit, but it could just as easily be some sort of Chaos unit. It could even be a wilder order unit, the pelt gives me WHFB White Lion vibes.
  13. This originates in an old 4chan post, and is almost certainly untrue given stuff that GW's revealed since. We've seen the Sludgeraker already, it's the mount for Swampboss Skumdrekk or the generic Snatchaboss, and GW mentioned a few of its rules (has kruleboyz poison on the beast attacks, plus an aura that improves poison damage), totally unlike the rules in that rumor. The teased flying beast is almost certainly a giant vulture called a Corpse-Rippa, which was featured in a Broken Realms fiction a couple weeks ago.
  14. To me, it looks like a spooky ornament on the top of a ghoul king’s throne.
  15. Wonder if we'll get multiparts for any of the other dominion units. I feel like Hobgrots are unlikely, but Vindictors and Praetors are a maybe.
  16. Looks more like a mechanical contraption to me. The Kruleboyz lore in the War at Amberstone Watch divides them into three moieties, the Badstabba warriors, Beast-Breaka hunters, and the Deffspiker engineers. We already have Killabosses and Breakabosses for the first two, maybe this is some kind of Spikaboss.
  17. I think there was a separate Codex Show on September 12th that showed off the full ranges, plus a more detailed look at the roadmap of future codices. I think we might get that later in July. GW ended up releasing some of the planned 40k codices several months later than their roadmap, so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't commit to dates this time around.
  18. Each command ability can be used once per phase, so your opponent only gets one unleash hell per turn, generally. Plus, a unit can only unleash hell if they aren't engaged by another enemy unit. I think a good strategy may end up being charging with a "forlorn hope" chaff unit to absorb the enemy fire, then sending in whatever wrecking ball you actually want to mess up the enemy.
  19. Unless there's a rule requiring all units to belong to a battalion, which I don't think there is, there's no reason to put any optional units in either the Warlord or the Command Entourage battalions. Adding optional units to the Battle Regiment has the obvious benefit of letting you save drops, and the other three at least give you another target you can use the free command ability on, so there's a valid use-case for those. Best I can tell, it's a weird oversight in the current version of the rules.
  20. I don't imagine they'll ever stop selling their $40+ books that go obsolete every 1-4 years, at least as long as they can find trees to cut down. Even then, I think they might try to press paper from rags and pensioners.
  21. Overall, I'm neither pleasantly surprised nor grievously offended by the offering. It's about what I expected. Basically just putting stuff that the community already does for free behind a paywall, but rent-seeking off of their largely captive audience is pretty much the norm for GW. The price is neither a truly good deal, nor outrageously extortionate. If masterclass and battle report are high quality, I could see it being vaguely worth the price of admission. Edit: With the apps included, I'll probably at least give it a month to check it out.
  22. I think the price and content is comparable to White Dwarf. There's obviously a difference in permanence between a subscription service and a tangible magazine, but the promo mini arguably helps make up the difference.
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