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  1. The lack of communication is one of the problems because people can get mad about they can see. I understand some post are more agressive than should be, but if you see that a big number of players are unhappy with your decissions the best way is to make an AMA or even make a post giving some context, explaying what's behind the changes. If you don't say anything people will tend to think that you did random stuff instead of a good playtest, even if is not the case.
  2. Alariths nuked Hurakans nuked Ballistas nuked Eltarion nuked Twins nuked Even the damm Calligrave has a no sense 15 points hike. But sents +10
  3. My alarith, illiatha, hurakan and mixed variants are all destroyed, but if i make a Teclis syar list seems almost the same for me. What a damm joke
  4. Because they are not clever enought to make the unit unique but with the option to have enchancements so first we had the "no, is named, so no artifacts" and now we have the "now, is nothing, put everything you want with any enchancement"
  5. You are not. Transcribe as you want, don’t show photos.
  6. "reportedly the core battalions are free and the warscroll battalions aren’t used in the matched play battlepack"
  7. Yes, was pretty obvious for me, but I know some players that said that if pinks don’t split in battleshock they don’t play
  8. Slain and flee is different now. Bye Pink horrors splitting in battleshock
  9. You can tell me, maybe they have made all those new battalions and remade every battalion in the game or maybe just took off old battalions from matched play like every leaker has already said.
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/05/08/warhammer-fest-online-day-6-warhammer-age-of-sigmars-new-edition/ Interview video 3:34
  11. Devs already said that on the frist video about 3rd
  12. Interesting starting point if it's real. Sisters +20, so I guess wardens up 10-15 points aswell, stalkers +30, same with sentinels and if Morathi is going up 60 Teclis will be up in 80-100 points.
  13. To clarify, the rules leaker and the story leaker are different.
  14. Watching Morruk and Stormcast's warscrolls i would say they are more balanced than I tought
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