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  1. Not getting on the hype train just yet, we're still in the "dealing-out-opinions-like-they-are-facts" stage. 😛
  2. Agreed! This thread is a trainwreck of unmanaged expectations. It is quite entertaining, but I have given up on the rumours long ago.
  3. Both the Ogor and Tithe reveals very clearly mention bones in specific ways. Cue the oriental theme, and it seems quite clear that those are linked. Ogors vs Death? I am willing to bet on that. Feel sorry for the ogors trying to feed on dusty bones though.
  4. Witch Aelves and Hag Queen bump in cost was expected, but Blood Stalkers are still not worth it. Meh.
  5. Hence the big push for specialist games like Warcry and Kill Team, which are much easier to get into.
  6. That's a pie-in-the-sky wish. If they keep on releasing brand new armies like they have been since the advent of AoS, there is a natural limit towards how much they can juggle around at once. And considering the amount of resources spent on the plethora of specialist games, it's a very different company compared to the GW of old. Furthermore, if you invested a lot in an old army, GW already have your money. If they think they can earn more from cutting old armies that already have been profitable and lose a few oldtimers in favour of new, shiny armies that will attract a new generation of players, then the choice is easy.
  7. Rumour Engine time! Those runes look aelven to me.
  8. Have a look at this Facebook post.
  9. Great to have you here! Query: are the actual trays magnetic as well? I have glued non-magnetic washers underneath my models to cut costs and hence I need a fully magnetic material underneath.
  10. The Devil (well, Slaanesh) will find work for idle hands to do. 😈
  11. New Tale of Forbidden Power, now featuring the Gloomspite Gitz! Very atmospheric, if you like your atmosphere laden with fungal spores and whatnot.
  12. New Tale of Forbidden Power, now featuring the Gloomspite Gitz! Very atmospheric, if you like your atmosphere laden with fungal spores and whatnot.
  13. We are seeing more and more spinoff and niche variants of both AoS and 40k, and they all have in common that they are far less time and money consuming than the base game. I think the message is pretty clear: GW thinks that there is money to be had in games that are easier on your time and wallet, and they are testing the waters. And rightly so, because that is where the future lies while the Oldhammers are slowly dwindling away.
  14. Indeed - for someone like me with inferior eyesight, shaky hands and a miniscule amount of time to paint (and forecast looking even worse), "mediocre" is the best I could ever hope for. Thus, for me these paints seem great if they work as advertised.
  15. If this is your first rodeo, maybe don't be in such a hurry getting on the hype train.
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