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  1. Hi all, So as @Myrdin requested, I've made the entire set of Cities of Sigmar cards. The following links to a high quality set of the cards, that I've 7zipped (you will need 7zip to unzip it) to compress them. Please let me know if there are any errors you find, but this is the complete set (including monsters), This was a fair amount of work as many of the Cities of Sigmar units don't have good quality round-based images, so I had to do a lot of photoshopping to convert them to rounds/ovals. Hope you all enjoy. https://www.mediafire.com/file/xi4iabzfikkem8f/Warcry-Cities-of-Sigmar.7z/file
  2. I mainly didn't buy one because to be honest, I barely used the stuff in Soul Wars. Just like the 100 man company of Space Marines, I'd at some point like to build a big force of Stormcast (to live alongside my Cities), but I think the reality is I just won't get around to it. I mainly got Soul Wars because of the Rulebook, which to be honest I've read through once, and referenced it maybe like a dozen times for battleplans and that's about it. It seemed like something you might need when AoS 2 was being hype up, but yeah, reality is you just don't. Most of the content are in the free rules. So while I like the models in the new starter, I just feel it's likely going to be another case of live in my stack of boxes for ever. I wish they did gamers editions of rulebooks, because I really don't want to carry big heavy tomes around with me to my games and I'd like to just have the rules and path to glory stuff without all the fluff and pictures. To an extent it feels like that's what they've tried to do with the Generals Handbook, by having the rules in it as well. But I feel a bit negative on that basically half the content in that book is something I can get in a free PDF (As of course, back in the day they didn't do free rules). So not only less original content, but the price has gone up. I ended up just purchasing the GHB and only because I'll need it to go out and play in tournaments.
  3. Other hobbies, although that's mainly due to WoW TBC Classic coming out. I think even if that were not the case, other modelling is likely. I haven't really been painting any Age of Sigmar specific stuff lately, but have been painting other stuff. Definitely in a holding pattern to see what happens with AoS3. Since I've not been playing as much Sigmar (preferring stuff like Warcry, faster games to play without painting 100 models), definitely waiting and seeing to see whether I feel like starting my Lumineth force, or perhaps selling them off and just adding bits to my existing army in 3.0. Will see what the edition has in store.
  4. Yeah, the book is not great for game play. Whenever I play, I'm always using cards. I'll see put a note in my TODO list to remake the cards with the official stats. I already have most of the infantry apart from the hero level characters and the cavalry options, so not necessarily a ton more work.
  5. I've been very remiss about replying to comments in this thread, so if you're still around... Basically the Ghast Courtiers are essentially Daemonette models with Ghoul arms and a bunch of green stuff. So underneath the dresses, there's basically a daemonette there. I just green stuffed the feet and dress.
  6. Actually, both the Sons of Behemat lists went 4-1 at SAGT (I'm one of the TOs). Just came down to tie-breakers, but Jemma finished 7th with this list: Jemma Shepherd - Sons of Behemat Allegiance: Sons of Behemat - Tribe: Breaker Tribe (Fierce Loathing: Idiots with Flags) Leaders Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (490) - General - Command Trait: Louder than Words - Artefact: The Great Wrecka Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant (490) Warstomper Mega-Gargant (480) Battleline 3 x Mancrusher Gargants (480) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 141
  7. It's cool that Warcry is the place of focus, but it just shows that Warcry is really the Age of Sigmar Skirmish game now. You can run a campaign wherever you want and have all the factions available at your disposal. Our next Warcry campaign is going to venture into our own little Duardin hold in the mortal realms.
  8. I won't be surprised if they're burdened with a Ulfenkarn cities keyword and there is a Ulfenkarn Cities of Sigmar allegiance in the warscroll rules (That allows you to play historical battles in Age of Sigmar during the time of the Necroquake and the take over by the Undead).
  9. Some points resonate well with me in this thread. As an adult in I guess a well paying job, it's not that I don't have the expendable income, it's just with the hikes over the years, it leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth to fork out $100AUD for 10 basically monopose (even if they are nicely posed) infantry models, or worse, 5! It was bad enough when everyone was hankering for elite infantry to be bought into plastic, and to be fair, the first ones were actually well priced, and then Goldswords came in at $70AUD when people were expecting them more like at $40-50 like with Temple Guard. Basically charging us the same price for plastic miniatures as they did for metal (When at the time, stuff going into plastic usually meant it was a fair amount cheaper and more affordable, not just that the material was easier to work with). The only reason I have a Lumineth army, is because I found some good deals on the army set which were a bit too hard to pass up. In some respects I regret it a bit, because I haven't found the time to actually start the army yet, and by the time I do I'll likely need/want to buy more new models with the Broken Realms update. So yeah, I have the money, but coupled with increasing prices, and a backlog of miniatures that in some respects I'll probably never finish it is a lot harder to justify purchasing new models (it's not just a price thing for me). At this point, I think the prices are beyond what I think are fair, and Lumineth will likely be the last 'army' I collect. I'm happy enough to pay a bit of a premium for nice models for stuff like Warcry where I only need a box or two, but when it comes to armies that premium quickly adds up.
  10. If you intend to really play small games, I think one of the dedicated games in Warcry or Warhammer Underworlds is for the better. Of the two, if your friends are only casually interested Warhammer Underworlds has a cheaper barrier to entry than Warcry as you don't need all the accompanying terrain. Picking up a starter set for Underworlds costs you less than 2 warbands, and you'll get all the dice and boards to go with it. This can easily be shared amongst friends. Underworlds is also great because there are generally only 3-7 models you need to assemble and paint, and all the models are push fit so even if your friends weren't interested in painting they can still enjoy the game. The flipside to it is, for non-miniature wargamers it might be a bit of a put off that to get more cards to spice up your deck you need to pay for a warband you might not want to use. Warcry is great as a skirmish game, super thematic, and the models are amazing. You can also use it as a stepping stone to assembling a larger Age of Sigmar army, as all armies have rules for Warcry. It does have more of an upfront cost compared to Underworlds though, as the starter set is not cheap. If your group already has a board and terrain, you can probably get away with picking up a copy of the rules and whichever grand alliance book you need. But if not, the starter set will set you back a decent amount and you may still need to buy the grand alliance books if you don't want to use the Warcry warbands (which come with the cards required to play them). That being said, it's probably my favourite Games Workshop game to play. It's light, it's casual, it's fun. I would not recommend Skirmish. It's basically adapting the Age of Sigmar rules to a smaller scale and doesn't work particularly well. Warcry is a game that has been built from the ground up for Skirmish battles, and now that all the factions have rules for Warcry with basically any model you'd want to run in Skirmish I have a very hard time recommending Skirmish. Path to Glory IMO is only if you want a way to effectively slow grow your army. It's great fun for a bunch of people looking to play Age of Sigmar while starting new armies. That being said it's not particularly balanced, and you can effectively achieve the same thing by suggesting to play certain matched play point sized games (especially since you can build your lists for free using Warscroll Builder). My groups always adapt the rules in certain ways, where we can use the Path to Glory upgrades but generally end up using points in some ways to balance the games.
  11. I think it works well for Kings of War, as part of the design of that game is speeding things up. I don't necessarily like Kings of War as a 28mm game, but I do think it works to what they're designing for. Kings of War also had the mechanic first, so I guess the Games Workshop designers didn't want to copy that system, otherwise it's possible we could've had a similar system. That being said, the way it is currently with 3 different rules to get damage through does mean Games Workshop have more things they can tweak. One of the things that people criticise Kings of War for is feeling bland, which is probably fair in some ways as it has less things you can tweak (and probably not as enjoyable to some people as you don't do anything in your opponents turn). The more things you can tweak, the more engaging and thematic you can make your game. So ultimately I think that's probably why Games Workshop chose the current system. It was simplified from needing to lookup a chart for hitting and wounding, but also gave them the extra nobs they could adjust to make things more thematic as there are of course, different rules that would impact your ability to hit as opposed to your strength of the blow.
  12. I voted 20-40% based on the description, but like above probably at the lower end of that. That being said, 0-20% is probably realistically what I should have voted for based on model count alone. I think if at the very end of the game, both players have a few units running around (potentially depleted) then it's fine and probably indicative of a good game. Even if one player gets wiped, if they also took down most of the opponents army at the same time they probably both enjoyed the game. I think it's too common currently in the game where one player gets tabled and doesn't have much to show for it, in particular getting tabled early. Tabled not necessarily meaning they lost all their units, but the game is over beyond a doubt.
  13. There is already that restriction for allies. It's just matched play imposes a point limit on it as well. I don't have too many complaints about the system, although I don't generally play too much nor at a high level. If you asked me, I think many of the issues could just be solved in the GHB rather than making a new edition. I'd personally like to see terrain be pushed a lot more. The mysterious landscape features as they are (even with 2 tables) are fine, but nobody tends to bother identifying terrain as garrisons, obstacles, etc. Part of the reason I guess is that they basically don't tend to do much. Some of the effects in the second terrain chart perhaps should just become generic terrain effects which can be applied to terrain (Such as entangling and overgrown) to make terrain more relevant to the game above "If I go over there am I going to get A) Cover or B) a benefit to my unit". Battleshock I agree needs to be tweaked somehow (and perhaps not something that really makes sense in the GHB - changing such a core rule of the game). Maybe part of what makes it a non-starter at the moment is there are a lot of armies with extremely high bravery, but also the fact that units tend to go in and wipe the floor with the enemy unit, and then if there are any left they tend to get inspired or the remainder flee. Double turn I can live with or without. It's definitely a talking point, there are definitely key initiative rolls in the game, but I don't play at a level whether I get too bothered by it. I think I'd prefer it gone, but wouldn't be fussed. Otherwise just stuff that should've been tidied up editions ago. In matched play, either detach artefacts/traits from battalions, or allow you to pay points to purchase extra ones in the same way you can command points. I've hated it since AoS1 (Where there was a HUGE imbalance between factions that had battalions and those who didn't) to even now that you're tied to taking a battalion if you want to get an extra cool artefact. Some armies just don't have very interesting battalions, and for the most part I don't really enjoy how battalions force you to take certain units (Like all the Cities ones force you down certain paths, and each city only has a single battalion). A lot of the other things ultimately come down to changes in battletomes, and well... they can print new battletomes and models for that. Basically, I think given the simplicity in the AoS core rules, there's not a huge need to 'a new edition'. Give us a new starter box for sure if that's what they want, but not necessarily sure a new edition is necessary at this point.
  14. So I bought into Lumineth Realmlords only last Christmas, as I found a place to buy them at an acceptable price to me. I think one of the big strengths of Age of Sigmar is the fact you can get a lot of stuff free of cost like warscrolls and points. If I have a battletome, Games Workshop should be able to make a new unit which I can add to my army. Now, maybe they'll include extra warscroll battalions and the like in a book which makes them better, but I find warscroll battalions very optional to running units. However, Lumineth work a little differently than a lot of other armies. Each of their temples have different battle traits and spell lores. So what I think is going to happen, is that Games Workshop are going to force me to buy this additional book to actually utilise these units in my army as they'll print the Wind and River temple allegiance rules within the book. Basically, it's just emphasizing that the book was incomplete on print as it doesn't have the rules for making use of all the Lumineth. I don't think I would've minded it if this was like 2 years after the Lumineth release, but coming so soon it makes me think "Well, am I going to have to buy another $80AUD book in another year to play with these other new units that they make". In particular I think there are a fair few other armies that could've used this second wave before Lumineth, so I think that is part of what makes it rub a little wrong as well. That being said, that is just based on what I think will happen. It could turn out to be wrong. Also, it doesn't upset me too much, as at the end of the day it looks like a lot of super cool models are going to come out and expand the range. So if I have to get another book and set of warscroll cards to use them, then so be it. As a Lumineth fan, excited for the new units. As a fan of the game in general, a little concerned over the path it may lead down (In the same way was concerning when Stormcast were getting an update every year)
  15. Almost none of the printed cards changed. The books mainly added new warriors and leaders, and/or converted the existing Monsters and Mercenaries characters into leaders for particular factions. So in general, you're probably fine with the card pack.
  16. This is under the Lumineth Great Nations rule: So basically, you can take Myari's Purifiers in a Syar nation, but they won't gain the Syar keyword and therefore won't benefit from any of the SYAR allegiance abilities.
  17. I wonder if it's just to show that just because you're from a particular great nation, doesn't mean all your units have to dress exactly the same. Just like in the old High Elves heraldry books, even from the same nation different units could have different trim, different shield design, different cloak colours, etc.
  18. I have picked up an army to start in the new year. I'm comfortable enough with all the more standard stuff (Pikes, Bows, Cavalry). I do like the old helmet designs, I think these are a bit more akin to the Lord of the Rings designs they have for Elves, but happy enough with how they look. The Stoneguard I dislike the helmets. The hammers I was initially not happy with, but feel like they've grown on me. But the helmets just look silly to me, far too top heavy (the fact that many people use the top part as the actual head just emphasizes that fact to me). I'm still thinking about what I want to do with mine. Funnily enough I don't mind the Stonemage. I think it's because it avoids the top-heaviness above by integrating the cow-face into the helm around the head. I don't have much an opinion either way on the rest. Teclis could look better, but I think what we have is fine. I think I'll have more of an opinion on the models once I have them built in the flesh rather than relying on 360's on the Games Workshop page.
  19. All my existing armies (Slaves to Darkness, Cities, FEC) are all armies that I've been able to pick up for 'cheap'er due to having models carry over from the old world. I feel like in particular with my last few armies as well (Cities and FEC) that I've been happy enough to paint them to a good standard, but I've definitely been lazy in certain areas. So late last year I decided to put some money down on an exclusive AoS faction for new year new army. I had originally written off this army due to the high cost, but managed to find a way to get it a lot cheaper from overseas. So for my New Year New Army, I'll be building.... Lumineth Realm Lords. I also want to start figuring out a storage solution for my armies. A lot of my newer painted stuff sits on my shelves and I don't really have dedicated cases or a proper spot for them. So I need to figure out how to store them, so I can put newer stuff on my shelves!
  20. I feel like the thing stopping them from becoming an interesting army is mainly the lack of diversity in their troops. If the Vulkites didn't have helmets (or different style helmets), this would go some way in diversifying how the infantry look. Then they really need something that sits between the infantry and the magmadroths. Mini-magma cavalry, fire elementals, something to break up the monotony of just painting 100 dudes that all look the same on foot. It's also not a very interesting play experience to have essentially dudes that all move at the same speed and are either just tougher, shooty or killy. Basically I feel, they just need a second wave of models that gives them interesting alternatives to fill out the army. That being said, I definitely do agree that the models do lack the character the old slayers have. But some of that is just part of the conversion into plastic and trying to make multiple builds out of a single kit. It forces the bodies into certain poses, and leaves less room on the sprues for alternative faces/heads/etc as they end up being taken up by weapon options. Some of the Vulkite poses just don't look very good either. Overall though, I do want to see what Games Workshop can do to refresh the army. I think the Fyreslayers are really one of the armies most in need of a 2nd wave with a new book to go with it.
  21. All the Warcry books are softcover. I don't know if eBooks will come or not for this latest range.
  22. Most heroes in Age of Sigmar fall into this category, and have been down-scaled into Warcry to be warband leaders (Basically every non-Culist warband includes a hero from Age of Sigmar). The easiest way to use her would be to just use her model and use the rules for the Darking Covens sorceress. Otherwise as mentioned above, you can create your own with the card creator. I would probably put her at something like: Which is effectively the Darkling Covens Sorcereress +1 move, -1 range on combat, -1 crit on combat, +1 attack on combat. (+10 points, move is generally +5, attacks is generally +10, but I subtracted 5 for losing the range and a point of crit. Maybe it should be 180, who knows). And then yeah, if you want to give her an ability you can. I think you could do something like: Illusory Assault - Triple/Quad? - Pick a number of enemy models up to the <ABILITY> within 12" and roll a dice for each. On a 4+ they take 1 point of damage, on a 6 they take 3 points of damage.
  23. Destruction have the Gobbapalooza as allies I think. I guess they're basically just future proofing the books so you have the rules for allies no matter what grand alliance book(s) you pick up.
  24. If you buy a terrain set you'll pretty much be good to go. They all contain a board, the terrain layout cards appropriate to that terrain set, all the tokens and counters in addition to the terrain. The rulebook will also contain terrain layout cards (but for the original warcry terrain), deployment, victory and twist cards. So between the terrain set and the core rulebook, you'll have everything bar your fighter profiles to play the game. So at that point, you just need to get the fighter cards for whatever warband you wish to play. Some sets like the Warcry boxes will come with the cards, otherwise you'll want to pick up whichever of the new Warcry Grand Alliance books you need for the warband you wish to play. In summary. I think a Ravaged Lands terrain set will be an excellent way to get into Warcry if you already have a rulebook. The Defiled Ruins will likely give you more of a core Warcry experience as it has some multi-level platforms (in particular if you're happy to convert up some ladders/bridges/etc), but the Shattered Stormvault is also very fun when I've played on it at a friends house. I think the Souldrain Forest is probably least appealing to me as it's basically just a bunch of rubble, and tree's you're unlikely to go up.
  25. You might want to start by looking at the Cities of Sigmar Duardin. They all come with 12 health basic, which is used to distinguish them from the Humans And Aelves. At the moment your basic troopers look a bit all over the place, with the shield guy having 10, while the great weapon and handgun guy having 15.
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