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  1. Mb. With this guy being a new model I don't know if they'd madlad and put him inside a 'discount' box - especially if they're releasing LRL 2.0 at the same time? The only thing I'd imagine is it might be a DoK scenario with some rules inside Teclis before being added to the LRL battletome later? All I know is that every scenario is going to lead to some discourse about having to buy books again like with Morathi and DoK? The only other scenario here is LRL get no rules in a book centered around them, inc. with a character that seems to be a key figure here, and awkwardly red headed step childed until the battletome
  2. Lyrior and Horek are definitely two characters from the BR book - possible Battlebox between the two? BR Morathi's release was teased as being consistent throughout BR, with a Battlebox and the Battalion Boxes inc. Wouldn't surprise me to see an Eltharion/Lumineth Release repackage and Arkhan repackaged in a OBR Battalion box with probably a Blightking-based Maggotkin box, a Horror based FEC based box and CoS getting something random - maybe Freeguild based?
  3. Starting to think Cursed City might be the framework for the Soulblight Gravrlords faction? LoN won't get scrapped and will keep as is, but having Gravelords be a specific more 'cities' faction of Death? The Wight King model doesn't seem to fit with this 'Renissance' death - so wonder if LoN will get a focus with a more 'medieval' Memento Mori style death with Gravelords being the more later Renaissance style ala. Cursed City w/ the Vampire Hussar etc.
  4. Tbf I like that we have two 'monogod' GAs and two 'pantheon' GAs. It makes a 'axis' between the four that's easily distinguishable. Death - Monogod, Authority (You're either with Nagash... Or ugh... Dead(?)) Destruction - Monogod, Freedom (Gorkamorka Is Da Biggest But Who Cares? WE KRUMPIN!) Chaos - Pantheon, Freedom (Pick A God, Any God. Now, Murder Everyone for your god! Yes, Everyone! Even Yourself!) Order - Pantheon, Authority. (This is Sigmar. He's in charge. Yes, He will send 8ft tall demigods down from the sky to murder you.) There is probably a political compass meme here somewhere?
  5. I wonder whether BR3 may include a small Chaos release? Possibly just boxing up the Chaos Warriors and Knights from the SC set but also potentially a few 'undivided' daemons for Bel'Akor akin to Furies? Maybe some larger fury-esque creature that was what rescued Van Brecht?
  6. There is at least the Vampire and the Wight King also for the SBGL release. The Cursed City book contains warscrolls for each of the new units, so it's going to likely end up with as a fairly sizeable army at launch
  7. The book teasing a mysterious '9th' hero for Cursed City feels like it's going to be our new SCE friend? Also BEL'AKOR IS BACK BOIS
  8. Ogor Cossack Wolf Vampire is a brilliantly insane combination
  9. This box is going to cost a fortune... WTT One Kidney for Cursed City
  10. Anyone wondering whether Gardus is potentially part of a dual box?
  11. Lords of the Mortal Realms... Lumineth and Soulblight it is then
  12. Will BR Teclis give us our first proper look at Ushoran in the way Morathi ended up giving us Slaanesh's baby? Is Teclis' plan to break Nagash's hold to use the only major death character not in league with Nagash against him and coax Ushoran out in the open, causing the inevitable death civil war which brings us to Vampires having more power?
  13. To the chat about 3.0, remember Lockdown 1 in the UK happened out of the blue, without any preparations, and 9th 40k still launched. This financial year was massive for GW - as it turns out when we're all locked indoors, we inevitably buy more dollies to keep us happy. They've been beating their targets every year for a while now. I don't see why they wouldn't want to keep that streak up, especially when last year absolutely smashed them. 3.0 will happen on schedule, and if that's the summer, it'll be here by summer to keep those financial year targets running, especially after they put a massive media focus on their success. Indomitus and 9th 40k's success meant they paid back their government loans way earlier than expected and got them some pretty good press from even the BBC to boot. This FAQ was a farce, let's be fair, but we got one. It fixed stuff - maybe not everything - but it did something and it happened. I'd hope it's due entirely down to the remote working situations that the staff handling the rules are dealing with and GW focusing towards 3.0. As the world is vaccinating and we begin to enter a 'post-pandemic' world, hopefully we'll enter it with a sweet new edition, and fingers crossed it'll be gucci when it happens. They've got a plan - they got this far, after all - and I trust that the company knows what they're doing. I just hope that a lot of the more 'toxic' areas of the fan base stop being such tools on the internet to GW staff over an FAQ. The staff members ain't to blame - they're just doing what they're told to put food on the table like the rest of us.
  14. Gimme Spooky COS rules that lemme take the forces of a corrupted city. Can take 1 in 4 units as Ossiarchs or something idk Will it be broken? Completely Do I want an excuse to convert Halloweentown? Yes.
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