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  1. I'll pop in! This'll help light a fire under my bum. I'll be doing some Nurgle with light (poorly executed) conversions! I'll do a Lord of Plagues and a 5 man unit of Blightkings
  2. Also look at Russian Alternative Dwarves of Fire Canyon I think is the name of the range
  3. Exactly! A flotilla? Whatever, the wording isn't important.
  4. I think it'd be cool if there was a... fleet isn't quite the word... but group of piratical bonesplitterz that are out on the cove hunting monsters that every once in a while will attack the port.
  5. Also, Trident Lords, sounds awesome! Do we want a whole new storm host or maybe a chamber of the Astral Templars (I think they have purple armor) the astral templars already hunt monsters as their "thing" these guys could be a chamber thereof who are specifically hunting water beasties. They have a keep in the city, but are rather uninterested in the affairs of state, focusing on the monsters in the cove. Maybe they have respect for the scourge privateers and work with them which makes the dastardly self pirates almost "untouchable " in town as they are the only faction with the actual patronage of the stormcast
  6. Oooh, I like the hallucinogen wine The wine coated his tongue, the familiar taste of sour grapes and a metallic aftertaste coated his tongue. He took a long draught from the goblet. The wine had cost him his last few scales, but after the horrors he had seen the catacombs... he needed it. Vile mutants, gibbering wreck that had once been men. Rats that walked like man, great grotesque beasts and... and... the wine had begun to take hold. And soon the wounded mind of the freeguilder calmed and he was no longer squatting on a rickety stool in a rundown tavern, he was lounging in a green field beneath a blue sky.
  7. Read all the Hamilcar short stories and the book. In my opinion they are the best aos fiction. I also really like all of the hallowed knights saga. Mortarch of Night, plague Garden, and Black Pyramid. And the Nefferata books are really good too.
  8. Maybe! Could be the metal scales of certain fish are used as jewelry or "scale armor" as well as being tasty and nutritious.
  9. @JPjr I absolutely love the idea with the shifting realmgate, that is brilliant
  10. I like this,and would be totally good with this. Another possibility is that it's built in the skeleton, but the creature is not dead. Nor has it respawned. Perhaps the creature can't truly die, and the recent necroquake has expedited its previously almost imperceptible regeneration. Now the bones are mending at an alarming rate. Some more profit minded people rejoice that the precious bone is now seemingly endless greater imprecations be d****ned. Others, the nagashi, skaven and the like see it as their duty to allow the beast to regenerate so that they can control it later. And still others, maybe the sigmarites seek to find a way to keep the beast docile and comatose. Just a thought that came at me. Whatever we do, I'm excited.
  11. I don't know, I feel like mortal priests of nagash would exist as well. Seeing as how he is a god of death not just undeath. And the vampires tend to balk at nagash's rule. Trying to carve out their own influence and control separate to the bone king. All the while all to aware that they can never be free of his control. It could be as simple as the bones of this great beast are high in value. Perhaps they have magical alchemical qualities or are great conduits for enchantment. Obviously these bones are a non renewable resource and as such are hoarded and fought over. It would also serve as a great tradable resource. Obviously some farms would still have to exist. Maybe that certain members of the council might shuffle some homeless unfortunates into the catacombs once in a while and in return a crop of filling mushrooms might be delivered by the grotts. Could be that several farming communities from the surrounding area pay tithe to the city in return for protection. Could be a group of less fortunate are finding help and a better life in the service of a handsome nobleman and his philanthropic peers who are always able to provide a feast in in these troubling times (read: a fledgling flesh eater court)
  12. Most assuredly! Would be kinda neat if the khainites made a fighting pit place that they trained in but also other groups used as well. Like a gladiator ring for the ammusment of the city, and unbeknownst to them a cult of khorne has started to take root there.
  13. It would be neat if you had the Nagash Cult directly opposed in the shadow wars by the vampire cults who are loyal to Neferata. We know she has influence in nearly every city. So you have: Skaven (it being uglu one would assume eshin to be predominant) Vampires Nagashi Sigmarites Khainites Grotts in the catacombs The undead in the catacombs Various chaos cultists Free peoples just trying to live their lives Merchant guilds Maybe a "central park" kinda deal with allarielle devotees All inside the city before any external threats are accounted for.
  14. I would be happy with either, personally. Why not a little of both? Do a Neon island of our own within the archipelago. We still get to use polls to make it up, but we also get to help support the wonderful neon.
  15. Count me in! I'm all about it We should make a facebook page or discord or something to get polls and lay everything out easily accessible.
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